Japanese Capsule Hotel

Two months ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Japan.


It was a company trip, so the whole group of us were supposed to be on an organized tour where everything was catered for. Me being me, I took the liberty to fly to Tokyo a few days earlier so I can have more time to explore The Land of Weird and Wonderful on my own.

Tokyo is easily the most expensive city in Japan. Here, a very simple and basic 3-star hotel room cost around RM500 a night. I knew if I didn’t budget properly, I could use up all my money and end up like one of these guys.


Which is why in order to play safe, I decided that on my first night in Tokyo, I should stay in the cheapest hotel accommodation available.

A capsule hotel.


Capsule hotels are relatively cheaper in Tokyo. I paid 4,000 yen, or RM140 a night to stay here.

While RM140 can easily get you a superior room at The Hilton in Sarawak, in Tokyo this is what it got me.


Yes. A morgue.

More specifically, my hotel room is one of those "capsules" I have to climb into.

Here, let me give you a tour of my hotel room.


Yep, that’s all. Thank you for coming to my hotel room.

Itโ€™s quite unbelievable really.


My "capsule" is only big enough to fit one person in. For RM140, I get a reasonably comfortable bed with pillow and blanket, and enough room to sit upright only.

To my left is a mirror. To my right are controls for the lights, air-conditioning, FM radio and TV.


Yes, surprisingly they managed to fit a small television in such a small space there. Even more surprising is that they deemed it necessary to fit a television there.

To get over the fact that I am essentially sleeping inside a human pigeon-hole, I closed my eyes and imagined I was sleeping inside The Hilton. Besides, once you close your eyes, it doesnโ€™t matter if youโ€™re staying in a 5-star hotel or a 1-star capsule, everything looks the same.

Despite the tiny little cramp space, I had a reasonably pleasant sleep on my first night in a capsule. My only complaint is that the walls aren’t exactly sound-proof, because I could hear my neighbour fart when he woke up.


I was given a set of keys when I checked in. These open up a locker where I was provided with amenities like toothbrush, towel and a Japanese yukata.



I took off my clothes, put on my yukata and got ready to go into the shower. And this is where it gets a little bit freaky.


According the a sign outside the communal bathroom, I’d have to take off my underwear before entering the shower.

Now, I have two problems with that:
1) I am not comfortable with other men seeing my pee pee.
2) I am not comfortable seeing other men’s pee pee!

Then again, I guess when in Rome, I must do as the Romans do.

Therefore when in Tokyo, I must take my underwear off too.


Besides, it’s not like I have never seen Japanese dicks before. Eh, I’ve seen the occasional Japanese porn on the Internet sometimes, so I know how Japanese pee pee look like.

Anyway, I entered the communal bathroom. And luckily no one was inside, so no one saw my naked pee pee, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, my excitement was short-lived.

Barely two minutes into scrubbing myself, a Japanese dude walked into the bathroom. And that’s when I got the ultimate shock of my life!


(According to Japanese comics, this is the stupid action people do when they got "a shock of their life")

How come the pee pee on that Japanese dude was nothing like what I saw in Japanese porn?





His pee pee got no square square thing covering it one!

If anyone is flying to Kuching for the Rainforest World Music Festival this 10-12 July and wants to stay at the (already fully-booked) Damai Puri Resort just next to the cultural village, please e-mail me at im@kennysia.com because I have a hotel room to let go. RWMF rate is RM 552 per nite.

107 Replies to “Japanese Capsule Hotel”

  1. The hotel is a nightmare for claustrophobic people…
    lol, don’t tell me u r staring on the man’s pee pee the whole time trying to find the mosaics… errr i mean square things. i don’t know what mosaic is!

  2. hahaha..funny…eh..square square things..izzit those square white cloth jap use to cover pee pee ? hahaha

  3. I can;t help laughing….especially the expression you have done..shocked.. ahahahx ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess you sure did enjoy the japan trip.. :))

  4. Lol! i laughed at ure last sentence Knny.. Wakakakaka maybe some of the japanese dude.. went for circumsice so that their Pee2x gotten bigger Bwahahaha

  5. hmmm … how come you can take photo in the common bath room ? ..anyway ..the sign outside the bathroom didn’t say u can’t take photo ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. aik? I thought for guys, its always a norm seeing other’s *** ***? =P Coz arent some male toilets designed to be such a way in Msia?? SOrry.. just thought it din really make sense… ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. Hey dude, that is a brilliant punch line. As a Kuchinglang, I was the dumb shit who showered in my underwear for a year while living in the dorm…like the Indon construction workers at the housing sites.

  8. what?? u think the japs pee pees are really pixel-ated in real life?? or was it larger than the average porno guys pee pee.. but he does look hot from the back!! any other shots from DIFFERENT angles?

  9. The capsule hotel is creepy! Clearly not for the claustrophobic. Or the bedtime flailers. Or the sleepwalkers. I fail on all three accounts. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good for you, for stepping intrepidly into the feared communal bathroom.

  10. I wonder how did u bathed with your camera along ….? Surprisingly, that guy didn’t even noticed ! haha… =P

  11. Here, let me give you a tour of my hotel room.
    Yep, that’s all. Thank you for coming to my hotel room.
    In Rove (an Australian TV show) two Aussies went to Japan and they said exactly the same thing! Plagiarism? -_-”

  12. I can’t believe you would go until the extent of taking the pic of a naked person without him knowing… Interesting posting on the capsule bed though…

  13. Enjoy reading ur experience in Japan trip…keep it coming…
    However some questions here..
    It there any possibility that the capsule can fit in 2 ppl – average size asean? will the capsule authority ‘saman’ if they happen to know one capsule is share btw 2 ppl?
    any idea on women bathroom? why is it underwear is not allowed?

  14. oh sorry that i misread.. is the bathtub u mention is the same meaning as bathroom?
    or the bathtub is refering to the ‘stool’ in your picture? silly me..

  15. well.. it’s kinda brave for u that u actually shoot the guy cleaning up himself..it’s prohibited in these areas though..

  16. i think you are really good in capturing “moments” without that person realizing it, if only i could be as skillful as you… hilarious as always, and ummm, since i have close space phobia, i don’t think i could stand sleeping in a capsule, RM500 room for me should do then..

  17. The small stool in the bathroom is used by everybody, who wants to sit in it where naked baterial buttocks have sat before? Gross…

  18. how the heck did you manage to get a camera in there?!
    i lived in japan last year.. and camera’s were a no go..
    its cos of ppl like you who take pics and makes things hard for others! :p

  19. Haha…
    This post is funny. BUT the cube inn is DAMN FREAKY. It’s certainly not for those who are claustrophobic.
    Imagine waking up and not being able to open the door and the air slowly runs out. God…the ultimate horror experience in Japan.

  20. wow~~ you really took the photo of that naked guy… omg~~ wat if he finds out? u both might be fighting naked…lolz..
    i seriously would like to try that out… sleeping inside the capsule, so small space…

  21. why in you left mind would you want to take picture of a naked guy in japan?
    and you bring a freaking camera into a bath room? without wearing cloth? where did you hide… nevermind..

  22. OH! capsules are definitely a no no. I’ll gasped and die! I can’t even sleep in ‘kelambus’.
    Great journey BTW ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Hey, those capsules look pretty cute! And comfortable…I sure wouldn’t mind sleeping in such a hotel. And you’d better hope that guy doesn’t come to your blog and recognise you…(and himself! lol)

  24. lmao! Funny la you!
    Then again, good exposure for people like who’ve never been in a capsule hotel and japanese common shower!

  25. HAhahaha…. this is by far one of the funniest post man!I need to literally pull myself off the floor before i could comment! And how did you get the camera in without your clothes on?!?!

  26. wow i’ve nv heard of the capsule inn b4 but it looks special and fun and interesting to me. Would like to try slping there when I have the chace to go Jap one day.

  27. Hahahah! Jap porn cannot “show” their pee pee cos it is illegal. That is y they mosiac men’s pee pee have and women have unshaven pussies… =p

  28. Does anyone else find it odd that the rainforest Sarawak hotel room is going for over 500 bucks, but complains that for 140 you could get amazing accommodation in the very same state? Hmm…

  29. Kenny has ninja-like photo taking skillz~!!!!
    Also, judging from the blurry quality of the photo taken it was probably from a cellphone.
    LOL I wonder if the poor guy will ever find out that his naked ass has been exposed to thousands of msians ! xD

  30. What will you say then??? I guess there’s nothing to plagiarize about because that would be what everyone would say! ?? duh?

  31. hahahaha~!!!! ^.^
    you take ppl naked pic~!!
    he dunno meh ?? hahahaha
    i want to see your naked pic too~!!!
    you need square square thing o not ? ๐Ÿ˜›

  32. no lo, its a completely different thing. the location is different, the hotel is different, and it is a completely seasonal thing.

  33. Hi, beware of those hidden cameras in japanese public bath house. They may end up in the cyberspace.

  34. Kenny u could be charge for intruding into the privacy of the man taking his bath w/o his permission.
    But who cares anyay. In Japan, communal baths are common things.

  35. I am baffled!!!
    Firstly, there are a number of readers asking about the square-square thing?? Are readers of Kenny Sia that innocent?? C’mon, we are in the 21st century.
    Secondly, this has been asked. Why the hell Kenny Sia brought a camera inside a communal bathroom?? Probably special type of interest ala Edison Chen!!! Can’t wait for Kenny Sia’s computer to go bust and took it to the computer shop for repair. Then I will be standing by youtube 24/7.

  36. oh em gee… you actually took a pic of men bathing…. damn gay… LOL
    well no square boxes but at least dont have the long black rectangle like one scene in Borat? lol

  37. “Besides, it’s not like I have never seen Japanese dicks before. Eh, I’ve seen the occasional Japanese porn on the Internet sometimes, so I know how Japanese pee pee look like.”
    LOL .. hahaha kenny next time when you going to other country or place like diz be more careful, perhaps there is many gay over there.

  38. Take a look at the instruction sign before entering the bathroom – enjoy bath with “man”ners LOL…how manly…

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