ADV: Big Cameras Vs Small Cameras

One question I get asked a lot as a blogger, is unfortunately not “Can I date you?”

Taken with an SLR

It is, “Eh Kenny, which camera you using har?”

Ever since I started blogging, has always been a blog that relies very heavily on photos. I like it that way.

Pictures tell a better story and contrary to popular belief, I’m not very good with words. So, my most valuable blogging arsenal is my digital camera.

Taken with a slim camera

When I heard Ben and Phat Fabes on the radio debating over which is the better camera between pro SLRs and compact slim cams, I felt compelled to give them my dua puluh sen.

Taken with a slim camera

Throughout these four years blogging, I have tried and tested many different digital cameras. It started with the ancient 3-megapix fatty I bought second-hand off eBay five years ago, to the big ass pro SLR that I use now.

I have used many different types of cameras, the one thing that never change is this love-hate relationship I have with them.

Taken with an SLR

Over the years, I kept abandoning them and getting new ones. If you asked me which one is my favourite, I can’t really tell because each of them their pros and cons.

These days, depending on the occasion, I could use up to three different types of cameras.

Taken with an SLR

If I have no cameras with me, then obviously I use my phone to take picture lah.

Taken with an SLR

If I’m moving around a lot I’ll slip a slim camera into my pocket before I go out – just in case something interesting happens.

If I’m travelling or going to places where I expect to be taking lots of photos, then I’ll have no choice but to lug the hideously fat pro cam with me.

Taken with a slim camera

I have no choice because my pro cam takes far better quality pictures than my slim cam anytime.

Lemme show you an example.

This is a photo taken using a compact camera, at the cliffs near Uluwatu, Bali.



This is the exact same scene taken using an SLR camera.

Taken using an SLR 

There’s no fight there, isn’t it?

Under the right conditions, it’s very possible to take really amazing photos using an SLR that literally jump out and scream at you.

Taken with an SLR

I especially enjoyed playing with the shutter speed during night time to produce effects like this.

Taken with an SLR

So, it doesn’t matter where I go. I knew I’d regret if I didn’t bring my SLR.

As much as I admit SLRs take fantastic photos, there is something I must confess.



Yes, SLR takes fantastic pictures. Its ugly and humungous size aside, there are many reasons why I think SLR cameras seriously suck.

1. SLR cams cannot do videos. How the heck is it that a RM500 cheap camera can take videos and a RM3,000 supposedly “professional” ones cannot even do the same?

2. SLR cams do not allow me to compose a shot using the LCD screen. My only choice is to see my picture through the ‘hole’.

Taken with an SLR

Sadly, many times what I see through the optical viewfinder is completely different from what I get when I hit the shutter button.

3. SLR cams are notoriously cumbersome to use for people who are not familiar with it. You’ll know what I mean when you ask a restaurant waiter to take a photo of you.

Taken with an SLR

Half the time they fumble looking at so many buttons on the machine. Another half the time they were staring at the blank LCD screen confusingly.

4. There is no way I could bring an SLR camera into a club or a stadium. I almost got my SLR permanently confiscated when I brought it to Old Trafford earlier this year. How silly is it that I pay so much money to attend an event, but only allowed to snap photos of it using a cheap cam?


I maxed out the zoom already still cannot see the player’s faces!

5. Have you seen people camwhoring using SLRs?


It’s ridiculous. And stupid.

For that reason, I much prefer to go out with my slim cam in my pants.

I leave my SLRs at home because there’s no way I could fit it in
my pocket without looking like an idiot.

Taken with an SLR

It’s a real pity I couldn’t have the best of both worlds.

Digital cameras are a bit like girls.

You know the heavy ones can do a great job, but it’s the skinny ones you really wanna bring out in public.


That’s why lah. After years of using an SLR for, I again flirted with the idea of going back exclusively to compact cameras.

Point-and-shoot compact cameras have come a long way. Image quality has improved. Pixel counts have gone up. Many also come with pre-programmed ‘scene modes’ to make it easier to take good photos without fiddling with manual settings.

Taken with prosumer

All these, and still they managed to go on a diet and slim down in size.

Of course, I’m gonna miss my 200mm zoom lens and the ability to snap brightly-coloured photos with awesome depth-of-field.

Taken with an SLR

But it’s a compromise I shall have to bear.

Besides, 99% of the pictures I take ended up downsized before they’re uploaded to the Internet anyway. I’m not working for National Geographic (yet). So all those effort lugging around an SLR ain’t gonna justify the end result.

For me, for now, it’s goodbye SLR, hello compact cameras.

Big Cameras vs Small Cameras, whose side are you on?

Music of the Week: ‘Sugarless Girl’ by Capsule, an electro-house collective from Japan.

Cheesie and I normally have vastly different tastes in music, but when she introduced this song to me recently I got hooked onto it right away. Psychedelic yet fun and cheerful, it’s the perfect soundtrack for a good run.

157 Replies to “ADV: Big Cameras Vs Small Cameras”

  1. Heylo kenny! I so agree to yr latest entry abt pro slr and digicams. Well, now u dun have to complain anymore because canon 500D has the screen view AND HD VIDEO REC… even tho its big.. its good for quality photos.
    The megapixel doesnt really relate to yr photo quality even when its the highest mp. what i mean is, if ure uploading to yr website, the 5.1 mp is good enough but 15.1 mp would be more for printings of photographs.
    just sharing thoughts. tkcr!!

  2. “You know the heavy ones can do a great job, but it’s the skinny ones you really wanna bring out in public.”
    Real offensive mate. Real offensive.

  3. viewfinder in LCD is available in SLR nowadays…
    no bias on both sides..
    the pro of one can overcome the cons of the other….
    good to have them both! =)

  4. Yeah, the new Nikon can shoot HD movie, but you’re right in terms of mobility. That’s why me still using a Powershot G9 and contemplating on getting a SLR.

  5. Well I’m certainly on the SLR side cause taking kickass photos sure does give a great feeling. And yeah I do the camwhoring thing using an SLR. Looks ridiculous but they look much better than the ones people are posting on facebook.
    Anyway iPhone 3GS just got announced yesterday, so Kenny are you gonna change your iPhone again this time? =P

  6. Kenny, you’re right, been toying with the idea of getting a DSLR vs my digicam. But now digicam also collect dust because I use handphone to shoot now! I using Sony Ericsson C905 the big buffalo!

  7. i like the effect taken with a DSLR. however is i still cant afford one yet =) im thinking of changing my old olympus mju camera. any recommendations or suggestions? im targeting on lumix….

  8. DSLR of cause … However, something, it is more convenient to have a point & shoot. Then, you may regret if you don’t get the best result you have anticipated. Hard decision ho? Lolz πŸ™‚

  9. I am into quality —> DSLR!!! I saw that yours is a Nikon! Good taste!
    But I have to agree that compact camera or even handphone (With silent mode when you snap photos secretly) is useful and convenient.
    Depends on situation and application I would say.
    “whose side are you on?” —> ME VOTE DSLR

  10. but kenny, you know that there are dlsr’s with video capabilities out now right! and also live view function!
    also, girls will always find a way to camwhore, even if the only camera available to camwhore with is the bigass dlsr. ;p

  11. Hey dude, compact camera rules.My Nikon DSLR has been sitting for months. Cigarette pack sized Canon SD1000 with very fast start up speed and DSLR grade processor is what I carry every weekend. As Rojak blogger with no particular genre ( photo blog, food blog etc) I don’t care much about the picture quality but the message it captured.
    If young readers are thinking about buying a DSLR,it is a waste of money unless you are into photography….like buying a Landcruiser and live in the city, you don’t really need it.

  12. sure slr~~~~~~
    but now got compact digicam got almost same function wf slr.
    introducing panasonic LX3 for u.
    it can replace all camera u have~~~

  13. i have an DSLR too! and i totally agreed with all what you had just said. nobody camwhores with a DSLR and it’s too huge to lug around!
    for a future upgrade, get one with a live view one though, you’ll be able to see the preview on the LCD screen instead of the viewfinder. there are also new ones that allow videos but the video quality is probably even worse than a
    but dslr are so versatile on the different stunts you can have so i’m still pro-dslr.

  14. hey Kenny…there’s the new Nikon models of SLR which is able to shoot videos. It was airing on advert in s’pore quite a few months back…The newer models of Canon and Sony also enables you see see through both the view finder and LCD screens….
    but i agree with one thing. its hard(and looks stupid, fumbling around with it) to use a SLR to camwhore. I’ll stick to the compact commercial cam…:P

  15. Yeah~ Each of camera has its pros and cons. So the best way is, like kenny sia, go buy one DSLR and one digital camera! Bring digital camera for daily outings…and bring DSLR camera for special events which requires to take lots of pictures! ^^

  16. Well, it depends… if you know u gonna take a lot of photos especially attending some events or travelling… dslr is the BEST choice…
    i dun hv dslr… but even if i own 1, i wouldnt bring out that often… i’ll use my multipurpose handphone!!! SE K810i.. only 3.2MP at least still can take photos. hehehe…

  17. should consider upgrading to a D5000 – it has video, LCD preview and flip-screen, thus eliminating a number of your grouses (even can cam-whore if you like, haha).
    no solution for the size/weight issue, though.

  18. but all the picture u posted on ur blog looks fantastic. Been wondering if u photoshoped them before u post them up, did u?

  19. Hehe…agreed with u, dilemmas does happen when comes in touch to technologies.
    Hey, Kenny, oh boy, thanks for the link on video from ur previous post (short talk)…man oh man, it make me laughed till stomach pecah while watching it (for few round) oh…

  20. Kenny! Since you’ve decided to make the switch, switch to a good compact so that you can maintain the quality pics on the blog. I’m using the LX3 and it’s image quality is definitely better than most compacts. Even DannyChoo uses it! Of coz I didn’t choose it coz some famous blogger is using it but so far it’s hasn’t disappointed me.
    Weirdly enough, when my skills have matured I wish to make the jump to a DSLR.

  21. well i like slrs for takin more professional shots but compact point and shoot ones to take out with me everyday, and parties and clubbing! =D they each serve their purposes i guess .. =)

  22. Hello Kenny, i see that how you give your word there, i hate to say this but i prefer not to since i don’t want thing gets out of hand.
    Camwhoring using DSLR? I do it a lot during party and event despite the handgrip is not ‘camwhoring’ friendly but the principle of taking a well sharply focus picture is pretty much the same as when you were using a compact camera.
    And the comparison picture between DSLR and Compact camera is not reliable and not trust worthy as well since it seems as if you were using a CPL filter or a bit of photoshop work.
    I suggest you better relate the difference through the Depth of field between the DSRL and a PnS camera or comparing the auto focus tracking capability between the 2 camera.
    Still, in term of quality, DSLR is the best, but in practicality, compact point and shot is much preferable and like someone suggested, grab the Panasonic LX3 and give us your review on the leica made lens. πŸ™‚
    Odd though, but i going all out for compact camera, but you need to get your details right there to… (^^)

  23. compact cameras of coz πŸ˜€
    and it has to be only NIKON or CANON..
    nikon takes sharp pictures but the quality of color goes to canon thou =p

  24. I prefer compact.
    A good compact like GRD II or LX-3 (currently using) will triumph any entry level DSLR with Kit lense in bright daylight. Even in low light condition, F2.0 of the LX3 will definitely does a better job that most of the entry-level DSLR (D40/D60/1000D).
    heck, it take HD video too…and is 24mm super wide !!! I fit in extra 5 person without taking extra step backward !!!
    And LX3 is small and light, you will happily hanging it at the neck when touring rather than taking out your huge DSLR to snap a shot.
    PSAM mode?Manual focus?Multiple exposure?DOF? LX3 have it all…just minus to super zoom part πŸ™
    My crumpler bag only carry 2 camera. One LX3 with adapter (CPL filter/ND filter) and an Instax Mini for instant photography πŸ˜›
    DSLR? Those are for Pro taking wedding photo πŸ˜€

  25. i haven’t tried using dslr, so i won’t make a comment here. the reason for me not wanting to switch to this pro cam is because i’m too lazy to learn it and its bulky which made me even lazier to bring it out. and no pink dslr summore πŸ™
    therefore, due to the laziness in me, the only time when i will buy a dslr is when my dad gives me money and force me to buy it.

  26. There are pros and cons for both leh…
    Personally, I would prefer small, as I’m a gal wtf.., and I will satisfy as long as I look in the photo (which normally sufficient with compact camera).
    But but, if you want to take SCENE (like most professional do), you definitely need BIG ONE!
    What you think? πŸ™‚

  27. Get the Lumix LX3…it’s like a DSLR with a compact size! πŸ˜‰ My DSLR have been rotting at home ever since i bought that baby..haha!

  28. SLRs weren’t meant to take videos.
    It’s just that every camera manufacturer nowadays is hopping on the “OMG YEAH MY DSLR CAN TAKE VIDS TOO!” bandwagon.
    If you want to take vids, go get a dedicated video camcorder.

  29. oh kenny.. how much i’ve miss u writing this kind of post!!! i most like to say that “some bits of old kenny is back”… btw, i still feel big lens cam is awesome… but taking it elsewhere is another story..

  30. Kenny maybe you should get Nikon D5000 la, can record movie and have swivel LDC panel to do camwhoring, since you have tamron lens you juz buy the body kit la, Copal Wisma Saberkas offer the body kit for only RM2500…
    As for me, I’d go for both cam. The DSLR to cari makan la if you’re a photographer, but if jalan2 I’ll use the compact camera coz big ass camera so heavy to bawa sana sini

  31. Hey kenny, I don’t know if you read your comments regularly or not, but just to let you know, if you’re pissed off about having no video function for your SLR you could probably get a new one. Nikon D5000. Has video function. But personally I prefer it without. Heard it will have complications if it has video function. Just my two cents. :).

  32. compact camera is my choice, i’m a beginner food blogger here, taking pictures in public cafe with lots of people around is a little bit weird for me, even for a compact camera, don’t even mention about Big Ass Camera.

  33. Actually I feel the sea cliff comparison pictures, the compact one is nicer than the SLR one. but i don’t know the actual colour we see with our eyes is the compact or the SLR one.
    and your photo skills are really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Hi all,
    I’m a proud owner of a Sony DSLR with the capability of live view although no video features (yet). Live view does help a lot when i asked people to take photos of me whenever i travel. But of course 99% of the time i use the peek-hole as that’s how a Pro camera (DSLR) supposed to be used!
    Nevertheless the gap between high-end PnS and Entry-level DSLR is getting smaller, feature-wise and price-wise.
    I still go around with my Sony PnS as a backup and for functions that does not require DSLR. Yes, I want the photos to look good but i also want myself to look good in public. Sometimes having bulky DSLR does invoke unrequired attention. πŸ™‚
    One good thing/bad thing about Digital Cameras is it’s so easy to snap photos and since it’s digital, the amount of photos are almost unlimited. This is good to get best photos by trial and error but it also creates a bad habit of taking too many photos.
    But back to your question, DSLR or PnS. I say Both. I even recommend you to go back real old school and used those camera with 12/24/36 film rolls (good old days!). or even polaroid perhaps?

  35. wow.
    haha actually i have a friend who has an SLR that can take videos in HD..
    apparently it came out last year or something. Can’t remember though.
    But true lol I even hate lugging small compact cameras around Dx
    I like the quality of the photos from SLRs but… X_X

  36. Nikon D90, much like yours can do 1080p HD videos. I guess you must have travelled to many places around the world and have taken many good pictures along the way. It would be nice if you could share them on flick or photobucket.

  37. mobility vs quality πŸ™‚ …
    i prefer mobility over quality πŸ™‚
    imo compact camera quality is good enuff for me

  38. “You know the heavy ones can do a great job, but it’s the skinny ones you really wanna bring out in public.”
    I like this phrase. How funny you compare camera using girls. πŸ™‚

  39. I am using digital camera now because cant afford a DSLR yet.
    I do agree that digital camera is easy to bring to anywhere and it is in my pocket wherever I go.
    one day the technology will allowed us to have digital camera with DSLR quality. but until now, for pro photo shoot is with SLR as what I have been told by photographer.

  40. Kenny! I’m on DSLR’s side.
    Recommending the Nikon D5000 for you. Go check out why I think it’s good for you…
    Camwhoring with Flip LCD? Checked.
    Photographing with LCD? Checked.
    Go check it out!

  41. I’m using a digital camera and my N82 phone. But sometimes, the photos taken don’t look good.
    That’s why I’m thinking of getting an DSLR.

  42. Dont kick the SLR just yet, readers like me has been enjoying the magnificent pics so much!! Dont think we wanna life without that…. pls…

  43. Your solution would be the upcoming micro 4/3rd from olympus.
    Size as big as compact and produce DSLR quality

  44. your comments on girls certainly shows your mentality and the lack of respect for girls and women. i guess your father gave birth to you and not your mother…………. !!

  45. i wanted a DSLR so much and almost got my dad to buy it.. but i had 2nd thoughts and changed my mind.. true, DSLR is just too bulky.. slim cameras are simpler to use and it comes with more features than ever nowadays..
    slim camera are totally more convenient.. yes, DSLR can capture high quality picture but like you said – we’re not working for National Geographic (yet).
    i guess DSLR is kinda overrated these days.. πŸ˜‰

  46. I have both. Canon 450D and an Olympus U850 SW Digital Cam.
    It depends on times and venue. It does look ‘chou lou’ whenever i bring those huge ass cam around and ppl will be asking who’s camera am i carrying. *bugga. =.=
    Small cam has its own benefit oso la. its small and convenient. But photo quality.. Depends on what cam and how big the megapixel is lor..
    I prefer MY WAY!!
    That IS:
    Having friends who has better quality cameras carry them! πŸ˜›

  47. Kenny,
    You can’t claim all SLRs are unable to compose a shot using the LCD.
    With Canon EOS 50D, you can.

  48. u r facing the 1st and 2nd problems, because u r using an old and beginner lever dslr, but i agree with u for other points! especially 3rd point.

  49. I like DSLR but if I have one, I don’t think I will bring it out to take normal photos. Going to concert with DSLR is indeed weird and tiring.
    I think that DSLR is for taking beautiful scenery and should be used for landscape photos. πŸ™‚

  50. This afternoon I posted a comment to say that your remarks about cameras and girls was offensive. I am not surprised to see that you have deleted my comment (in a vain attempt to preserve your reputation) and has now block my email so that I cant send anymore comemnts to your blog. So maybe there’s really nothing in Kenny Sia – the person. A matured and adult person would instantly realised that he has made a faux pas and would apologise to his public. Instead, you chose to block my email and delete my comments. May I tell you again now that you are a public figure and many teenagers look up to you. You should not make sexist comments about large women. Do you realise how hurtful this is for the women? I hope you mother is not fat because if she is you have indirectly insulted your mom. Shame on you!

  51. “You know the heavy ones can do a great job, but it’s the skinny ones you really wanna bring out in public.”
    An interesting analogy with no intention of offense. I love the creativity in copywriting

  52. 1. SLR cams cannot do videos. How the heck is it that a RM500 cheap camera can take videos and a RM3,000 supposedly “professional” ones cannot even do the same?
    Kenny, this isn’t true. SLRs can do videos. As a Canon user, the new canon 500D is a pleasure to use with FULL HD video capability. At the slightly obsence pricey end of the scale, there is the 5DMark II which is being used to shoot full short films in the industry at the moment.
    2. SLR cams do not allow me to compose a shot using the LCD screen. My only choice is to see my picture through the ‘hole’.
    – This is ALSO not true. On Canon midrange to top end cameras, 40D, 50D, 1D, 5D, etc range, all have live view shooting i.e, shooting via your screen. WHY you would do that as a pro photographer though is questionable as you lose all the valuable camera information u get via the viewfinder.
    Cheers mate

  53. whysoserious
    I think you forgot the earlier sentence before that was ‘cameras are like girls… and followed with ‘you know….’
    It does implies heavy women cant be taken out in public… I dont think that is creative copywriting rather a poor attempt at joking that turned out tasteless and rude. I accept your opinion but sometimes when you are a public figure you need to watch what you write because there are many different types of readers out there. Some will be like you and not be offended but some can be offended and really you should be sensitive to everyone. After all your public is the people who make you what you are today. Havent you noticed how many public figures have apologised in the past for something carelessly written or said? Perhaps Mr Kenny Sia can remove that offending remark and just leave that interesting bit about cameras.

  54. I agree with anon. I am a big girl and have been like that for years. Tried all kinds of dieting – nothing worklah. I read Kenny Sia because I like what he writes. Now I am not so sure anymore. Mebbe tomorrow dont want to read anymore.

  55. Aiyo. Mr Kenny ah. Why ah? You dont like what I say. Now I really dont want to read your blog and I will tell my girlfriends. So sad….

  56. Guys, obviously Kenny is a bit outdated in terms of DSLR trends. Give him a break. Undeniably Live View and Video capability only got featured recently (I last checked the 40D was the first to feature LiveView and 500D the first to feature video, in terms of Canon DSLRs), and I believe Kenny has got his DSLR for quite some time already.
    And he already tagged this ‘ADV’. Obviously some things have been dramatized to attract attention.

  57. Anon whoever you are. You are right you know. Mr Sia blocks comments he dont like. I tried to tell him I am also big and I dont like the remark he makes. I already so ashamed I am big no need people to tell me. Sorry English not so good.

  58. Hey kenny. slr’s can use the lcd screen. im using a sony A300. its got live-view. u can take pictures and adjust ur settings while viewing through the lcd screen just like a normal digital camera. and the lcd screen display can be adjusted to tilt downwards or upwards and even be pulled out.

  59. I disagree.
    I am cool with accepting criticism. But if you wanna criticise, then don’t be anonymous. If you want to be anonymous, don’t criticise.
    Your comment was deleted because you want to be anonymous and you want to criticise. It doesn’t work that way. You can’t have your pie and eat it too.
    And please, stop hiding behind multiple nicknames. cheryl10 and anon. I know you are the same person.

  60. haha..loved the picture u took in uluwatu least ur pic did the real scenery some justice..
    uhm, noticed that u reli had quite some flak going on here.even resorting to using different nicknames..haha..seriously

  61. Honestly compact cameras have come a long way. However some of the points are not really valid now as many DSLRs have Live View and Video modes. The ability to obtain a shallow depth of field is also another advantage of a DSLR. Megapixels aren’t the most important thing when it comes to cameras. In fact when there are too many pixels crammed up in a small area(compact cameras), the Image quality (tonality, dynamic range and digital noise) would not be as good as those of less pixel dense (DSLRs). That is why many people including myself prefer to use DSLRs for photography. Of course then again compact cameras are much more convenient to bring around. So it’s really up to the Photographer whether he/she wants high quality photos (not necessarily high megapixels) or the convenience of a compact camera… Btw try bringing in a 70-200 f2.8 lens into Old Trafford… they will let you in without any problems

  62. I have both.. For different occasion I’ll have to decide which one to bring. Sometimes I bring both (kiasu!)
    Sometimes just wish that a small cam got the features of a DSLR :p

  63. Assuming you are not anon :
    Honestly put some discipline into your dieting and it will work. Since you claim to be a Fat person.. you need to accept the truth whether it is hurtful to you or not. Whatever you would like KennySia to do, in this case make a public apology, would not change the fact of the matter that what he said was true. And you aknowledged it by telling everyone what Kenny said about women is hurtful. If you know it is not true, you wouldn’t even had bother to comment about it. And since you know that Kenny won’t do anything about it, why not you work hard to get into a good shape so that next time you see this type of comments you won’t be hurt. Stop being a lazy pig and start dieting and exercising. I personally have lost 10 KGs in the past 2 months. Go try it yourself and stop sulking about the fact that you are fat and no one likes you.
    Assuming you are anon :
    I don’t like to say this but, what kind of a loser that obviously has to much time in his/her hands to come to people’s blogs (where he free willingly writes to entertain the public) and insult him? He did not insult anyone. He just told the truth. Yes. It is true. If you don’t like what KennySia is publishing in his blog which is of course written by him and you are free to come and read ONLY IF YOU WANT TO. So if you are unhappy about it then please take your stupid comments and go sulk somewhere else. Sulk it up about the fact that you are Fat, Lazy and Stupid. Only these types of people would get offended by what KennySia said.

  64. Hey Kenny ~ I have a question. What was the shutter speed you use when u take pic 11th ? Still remember ? =)
    Oh yah 1 more function of compact camera which DLSR can’t do it, that is video recording =)

  65. it really depends on what you want out of your photographs and what you will use them for.
    I can understand you as a blogger, you don’t have to have really impressive photography shots (unless you’re aiming to win some kind of award hahaha) just a simple shot would do as long as it would get the point across. You just need a good PnS like what cheesie has (yes I am vying for that camera as well, the Canon G10!!).
    Also you will easily evade a lot of issues regarding of taking images in public space when using a PnS (SLR users get harassed more than PnS users in public.. which is why i am scared every time i take out my SLR from my bag and feel even more frightened when I’m composing a shot, about to click the shutter button)
    for me, I am an art student and I cannot compensate quality for anything else. sure I too hate how big the cameras can get and how heavy it can be (i’ve always wished that they would be compact!!) but that’s a price I have to pay for quality. i get more satisfaction out of my dSLR than my PnS Canon IXUS. Also I want to be able to have the option to print them out and know that they’d look professional.
    you win some you lose some i guess πŸ™‚
    and btw, i’ve camwhored with my SLR before hehehe. not as hard as you think, especially if you have a kit lens set at the wide end, or a tripod with a self-timer :p

  66. I love your this article. Well nothing is 100% right. That’s why the SLR are meant to be professional in photos usage Especially for viewing not even printing.
    There’s give and take between product features the body structure size it given to create out are reason of the engine to be produce for.For MOVIE better by video camcorder now having FULL HD SOLUTION.
    I used digital camera although i’m not a professional user on SLR. But i love the most is SLR Pro- Camera, its make different once i try out and practice.
    **thought of that this weekend heard got event in Sunway Pyramid concourse area. They having SONY Roadshow on selling camera and SLR. Should have promotion i think. i may come by sneak around what they have. keke.

  67. yes! dslrs have stepped up now and videos are available dude! x)
    i’ll still say dslr. nothing beats that photo quality! been on the compact’s side for way too long. waiting to get my hands on a dslr!
    on a different note, the analogy of girls to cameras may be offensive to some but truth is, kenny’s just stating his opinion which is the point of this blog by the way. =)

  68. Well, not all your points are accurate. πŸ˜€
    Dslr’s do have live view now and there are certain dslr’s that can record a video! ;D
    Big ass camera rocks (;

  69. Hey Kenny, your entry is very entertaining, such a good read! So much better than KBF’s, hahaha… hers is very laden with many errors and is very poorly researched.

  70. i used to be a dslr person.. but got too cumbersome to bring arn while trekking, climbing, rafting, kayaking, wakeboarding, running.. and so on.. haha,. but i love it to bits for landscape shots.. i guess which camera depends on what’s the occasion..

  71. hey, been a silent reader. definitely love the way you write.
    i own a dslr and since its too big. i tend to buy a bigger handbag to put it in.
    no doubt, compact cams are catching up, but i think i still prefer dslr. playing with manual focus is one thing that a compact cam cant do.
    dSlr or compact cam? i choose dSlr. :p

  72. DSLR all the way man. I’m a D40 user.
    “Sadly, many times what I see through the optical viewfinder is completely different from what I get when I hit the shutter button.”
    Well, you should make use of the M, S, A, & P modes and play around with the white balance, ISO and such. I frequently use the Manual mode. Lots of trial-and-error required, but good.
    There are quite a number of SLRs out there which do have Live View and Video Mode, but I think it’s still a lot better to use the good ol’ viewfinder rather than the live view. Kind of like a “WYSIWYG” sort of thing.
    Right now, I don’t think there’s any DSLR which can auto focus in video mode. You have no choice but to MANUAL focus.
    Oh and why not try camwhoring by using a wireless remote? πŸ˜€

  73. Kenny,
    If you do not want your SLR . . . I’ll be more than happy to take it off your hands and lighten your load.
    I might bother to actually put pictures into my blog posts after that!

  74. Hey Kenny! This is a really humorous read πŸ˜€ I’m quite enamoured by the quality of SLR pictures but I’d have to say that I go with compact cameras, for the same reasons you cited. It’s just more practical and feasible. Unfortunately I lost my digital camera earlier this year, so now I have to make do with a phone camera, which I’m sure most will agree is the least of the choice when pit against compact and SLR.

  75. digicam vs dslr…i am in for dslr’s cos it takes better pictures.(duh) although dslrs nowadays have live view function, it is still slow in terms of autofocus compared to a normal rm 500 digicam. dslrs too have video nowadays, but i must say the quality is still behind digicams (i know this cos im a nikon d90 user, but dont know how well is the video quality on canons) i dont really care much about videos in dslrs now, simply because it aint that good yet( give them time and it will improve). conclusion is, if u want video, get a videocam or digicam. but if you are in for serious photography, then dslr u MUST choose. both have its pros and cons, and it really depends on what you need and want. a so so image quality? or superb quality images? the choice is yours…for me its dslr cos photography is my thing, but not video.
    and one more thing to those who wants to upgrade to a dslr, you will still need to have good knowledge and skill to take good pictures. dslrs wont give you “out of the world” superb quality images, if you dont know how to use one…sorry for my ramblings πŸ˜€ my tiga puloh sen.

  76. Kenny, there are 1001 ppl to please on your blog, there are also 1001 ppl to accidentally offend on your blog. For those ppl who are “accidentally offended”, there’s always something to be sensitive about.
    Fat? Lose weight lor. Skinny? Put on weight lor.
    I’m a skinny girl. If I were to take your comments literally, I’d say, “Are you also saying that skinny girls cannot do a great job?” Hahhaha… πŸ˜› Come on….
    Anyway, I love my hot red CanonIxus100IS. *grins* And yea, there’s the Canon 500D that shoots HD movie.
    For every flaw in the girl, there’s always plastic surgery. For every flaw in the photo, there’s always PHOTOSHOP!!!

  77. DSLR vs Compact
    DSLR normal not very suitable for normal users. It is more on people who have passion on photography. Because it is not cheap to get event a entry level of DSLR.
    Both type of camera have their pors and cons but bottom line it all based on you budget and you purpose of using it.
    The latest DSLR like canon 500D and nikon D5000 got the HD video recoding.
    If you really like taking photo buy both πŸ˜›

  78. Hi Kenny, check out Canon new lauched 500D, it can take video as well as comes with live view, dlsr still the best for me:)

  79. allow me to rephrase that in reverse:
    “i like fat people.
    same goes with skinnies.
    cameras big or small, they both serve their own special purposes.
    it’s an ‘individual’ thing.”
    you’re welcome!

  80. hmm..nice jokes about cameras, it’s quite true though, maybe i need to start some reviews about camera sometime.

  81. Kenny! I happened to be Kenny too. LOL!
    Well, this is an interesting post ya know? To me, I am still loving my dSRL very much!
    Here’s some tips that you might be able to sort out some of your “dislikes” up there. Back to your questions:
    1) buy a canon mark 2 d5, or mark 5 d2, i dunno which one is the real one. lol! it can do videos. of course, it’s like you are hanging a perodua kancil right in front of your chest.
    2)try out sony alpha 350, or the new one A380, i think. they give superb live view, especially when you’re in the crowd and u dunno what’s happening at the front, this live view actually is your best fren.
    3) oh yes. i experienced this BERRRY much. good thing, i’m not a pro photographer, hence, my A350 come in handy. I knew they’ll go blank if i asked them to use the viewfinder, so, the LiveView is on and useful again!
    4)I have not done that. not a football/baseball/whateverball fans though.
    5)oh. many many many many ppl does that. haha. I admit it’s kinda er.. not so… easy. but, many ppl enjoy the fun especially when they own a fish eye!
    and for the last one, you can actually buy a special waist pouch for dSLR of which can cling it onto your belt. just that it’s a lil bulkier, but you can bring it everywehre w/o having to hang it on ur neck or carry it on your hand.
    My Vote, DSLR!
    p/s: I still don’t understand why people wanna do video shooting using a CAMERA. If i want to do both at the same time, perhaps I can just do video shooting all the while, and then, I’ll just do a print screen of what I want! Right o not?!!?!? For DC is okay. multifunctional. but when it comes to a camera at slr level,it had to be a camera. Haha. I just don’t understand. my 19 cents. LOL!

  82. Small cam..coz as a flight attendant there is no way Im going around with a huge cam =p doesnt fit my cabin bag and no way in the check in luggage!!!

  83. i vote for compact cam too! It’s just so much more convenient~ but its nice to see the comparison, thx kenny!

  84. “Kenny, can I date you?”
    Just kidding, but I hope it was nice to hear.
    PS. Don’t worry about the complaints from the fat people. Imagine someone implying that slim people might look better than fat people, what a crazy idea!

  85. Not really true about not being able to compose pictures with the LCD screen. And the video part. The D90 can do both. But yeah, big ass cameras are HEAVY.

  86. LOL,Kenny.
    I have the exact same Sony T-10 you have in the picture.
    The sticker on the front is also slowly coming out.
    I would say its only an average camera.But damn is it slim!

  87. I prefer a small camera…the quality’s usually good enough for me, and I can’t be bothered fiddling with too many knobs and buttons πŸ˜›

  88. I am using a compact digital cam sony dsc-w120.
    the quality of picture taken using a heavy ones and the compact ones was so obvious. the texture of a big ones can almost match what i see in naked eyes but the digi cam just failed me.
    but its good to have the compact ones escpecially when taking photos thru a ocular microscope. it was like my buddy when i m doing field work and on the go.

  89. u r obviously outdated… there’s liveview and video on dslr now.
    and btw, i guess u meant “bokeh” instead of “depth-of-field”, when talking about your 200mm zoom lens

  90. I am definitely a compact camera fan. Like you said, I totally hate lugging around a huge camera especially when I have to carry luggage and handles my kids as well. It’s not like I am a professional photographer or anything. But I have to say, my compact camera is 9MP.

  91. I disagree this:
    2. SLR cams do not allow me to compose a shot using the LCD screen. My only choice is to see my picture through the ‘hole’.
    There’s liveview function for selected camera.

  92. Kenny..I haven’t commented on your blog for the longest time. Used to frequently go here in 2006 lol. old days are over.
    “One question I get asked a lot as a blogger, is unfortunately not “Can I date you?” – Lol funny.
    And I like the first photo.

  93. I love this entry, simply voice out from me too..compact camera is great..u can really tell a personality of someone who carry a SLR can..look at all the above supporter of offensive..

  94. Kenny, I know exactly the situation you are in. I will not espouse the virtues nor cons of using each format since I, like you, use both. I have a D90 upgraded from a D70, and have loads of lenses. I also carry a small IXUS 80IS and have an huge old Sony F707.
    Surprisingly the 8-year old F707 (so old I can’t find the 128MB memory stick anymore) makes better pictures than the IXUS. When I am partying in clubs and at company functions it’s always the IXUS since I want to capture the moments which meant more to me than the picture quality. When I cover events (I organise events) I will carry my D90 with a humongous flash. When I want to indulge in some creative stuff I use the good old F707 (which is very good for infrared work) + the D90.
    There are always occasions where I wanted the picture quality but I’d be damned if I have a piece of black brick around my neck. Like when I am at a black tie function and the D90 makes me look like a coolie rather than cool.
    I’d always wished that I have something that is SLR-like but pocketable with the cool factor. The current crop of ‘prosumers’ don’t cut it, except for the Sigma DPs but that’s a fixed lens thingy.
    That new Olympus they introduced at is now firmly in my target. Maybe you should have a look at that too.

  95. Oh yeah – one more thing – trying to use the video on the D90 without a tripod is a real pain. Unlike stills where you only capture the image AFTER you are happy with the framing and the focus, video is recording every little shake, fumble and mis-focus in the process. Trying to manage a SLR video is like having ants stinging you everywhere while you try to get the focus right.
    For those of you who have doubts, try a pan and at the same time focus from the horizon to someone a metre away and you will see what I mean. Unless they can come up with autofocus video on an SLR, you will need to grow a third hand to use it well.

  96. Hi Iaxe. Thanks for the link. That’s what I was pointing to – the Olympus micro4T is like a dream come true. There’s a swell TVC of it at that really got me interested. Which is why I am already pouring through reviews. Have read the dpreview article and some others.
    There’s also a decent review here
    and some sample pix here;

  97. Get The Canon 500D which is wayyy better video quality. haha. HD ley… wth, as long as there’s cameras around u, should be fun. =D and i’ve yet to shoot a video with my Canon.

  98. I’m still using my Sony Ericsson K800i for my photos. Been surveying about DSLR and the only problem for me is it’s huge size and price..
    Glad to read other comments recommending high quality compact cameras such as Panasonic Lumix LX-3. Might buy a good compact camera first. πŸ™‚

  99. hey kenny!
    i used to be a long time reader but haven’t read in about two years
    and i must say your blog is still fantastic!
    but to the point …. SLR cameras have come a long way from your nikon DSLR which i’m not sure what model it is but people have been saying is a D40? well the current nikon D90 and D5000 model can take videos and theres also live view shooting so you can use the LCD screen.
    However i’m using the canon 500D and well needless to say IT IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. i’m in love with my camera! it takes 15.1 megapixel pictures so zooming in to those soccer players i’ll be able to see their faces (however this also depends on the lense your using so yah LOL) My cam also takes FULL 1080HD videos! =D
    anyways i just wanted to point these out so that you don’t feel so harshly about your DSLR.
    =D have a good one mate!

  100. The two photos with sea and cliff you did for comparison. To me the compact carmera photo is way much better than the SLR one. Colour of the sea and cliff is much more natural and real. The SLR shows the sea too dark and blue. I haven’t seen any sea like that at least.

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