Sayang You Can Dance Gala Premiere

Got a phone call from movie director Bjarne Wong the other day.

Bjarne: Hey Kenny, will you be free on Friday?
Kenny: Sure Bjarne. What’s up?
Bjarne: It’s the red carpet gala premiere of my movie Sayang You Can Dance. Would you like to come?
Kenny: Of course! Count me in.
Bjarne: Lots of stars and celebs are gonna be there. Make sure you dress up nice k?
Kenny: Har! Really ar? Ok ok, I’ll wear the best suit in my closet.


I’m not a suit person. I have never really invested in good one because there hasn’t been a lot of occasion that requires me to wear a suit. At least not in Kuching.

But this was also the first time I was invited to walk the RED CARPET of a movie premiere. Would it be like in the Oscars red carpet where I would be required to wear A FREAKIN’ GOOSE around my neck?


Not knowing what to expect, I got rid of anything involving dead animals and wore something safe to the red carpet.

Upon entering the cinema in my tailored formal suit and tie, I immediately felt as out of place as a Liverpool supporter in a Man United crowd.


People pretty much just walked into the cinema after finishing their shopping at Pavilion. I was way overdressed in a suit.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that a guy who had absolutely no role in the movie entered the red carpet pretending to look cool, the ACTUAL STARS came out wearing nothing more formal than sneakers and jeans.

Needless to say, my dressing has EPIC PHAILed.

Luckily, I wasn’t the only one who miscalculated the level of formality on the event. Soon after I walked the red carpet, two equally clueless girls followed innocently from behind.

I turned around and saw the current Miss Malaysia World dressed in a striking green gown.

Followed shortly by the runner up dressed in equally striking red.

Those two were so glamourously overdressed that people in the cinema literally stopped in their tracks and turned their heads 180 degrees around to check them out.

And the best part was, they wore heels so damn high that when they stood together…


…they looked like Malaysia’s tallest set of traffic lights.

Blog Plug of the Day: One of Singapore’s top blogger/writer/traveller Popagandhi was in Yemen recently. She was supposed to travel to a town which she later avoided because she had a weird feeling about it. Her instincts were right. A day later, an al-Qaeda bomb exploded in that town, killing her tour guide and four Korean tourists.

This is her story.

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  1. Miscalculated the level of formality on the event sometimes can be damn awkward, but luckily you found another two blur case did the same mistake as you…

  2. lucky the director didn’t ask you to perform your dance moves (remember Penang, couple of years ago) to promote his movie..
    otherwise the 2 hot ladies will be completely invisible… hehe

  3. owh god.kenny you went for the half-ass malaysian version of high school musical? and dressed in formal attire as well? i don’t normally say this but i think you have overshadowed the sayang, you can dance talent with your formal wear, but on the other hand, i think even an “apek” can do better than those guys. However as a male-activist i have to say the 2 ladies fashion some really nice asthmatic enducing formal clothing to stun the living daylights out of any red-blooded male at the place, turning even the gayest of men to go back straight. So i assume you were looking then? haha..jk..

  4. Walau, the ladies dressed in their formal night gown suit, and yet you described as ‘traffic lights”.. *faint*.
    U very “chek-art” and they must be very “gek-sim” to read your post.
    Anyway, you show signs of balding. Better take care of your forehead hair line 🙂

  5. That wasn’t very nice of your friend to mis-inform you of what to wear?
    The girls individually look stunning, but together, CABARET!

  6. haha that’s okay, better overdressed than underdressed, i always say 🙂
    on the topic of those liverpool fans in the man u supporters area, hahaha omg damn kesian wei must stifle their cheers for liverpool otherwise kena whack -_-
    (oh dear, spotted wincci with a VPL. -_-)

  7. dude, this is funny. you have to know that the guest should never outdo the bride (in this case, the cast) right?
    i suppose when most aren’t dressed in their sunday best, it just makes you stand out a little bit more. hope nobody thought you were a bouncer!

  8. I never comment on this blog before but this time i would like to say something. Sayang You Can Dance movie is a total”SAYANG”. It’s a waste production….it waste money and it waste the new talent available in Malaysia. The story plot were just outdated with a lot of jumping scenes. The sound editor were just simply shooting up and down with actress walking bare foot as if they walking in high heels.They didn’t even notice something like that.Bjarne Wong is the director and assisted by Jay Chieng as the Producer. Wong Kai Lim is the CEO for the production company and he did nothing to improve. As i heard from the current worker in Star cineplex now, the only thing they did were holding back every worker’s salary for half month. Everyone get under paid in there except for the management team. I cant believe that Bjarne Wong had two movie belt under hiswaist and still he can come out with this low class worst movie ive been so far.If i would need to rate this movie out of five….i would give only one. AT least better than cloverfield haha. Bjarne wong is a niang niang person, i can guess what kind of movie production he will be making =)

  9. Kenny, I got something to ask you.
    Would you stay with your current hair style?
    Cause it really looks great compare to the… ^^

  10. Kenny really having fun everywhere, so nice to be a blogger…
    BTW, please remember to vote 4 me.
    Click at my name will do.
    Hope you win cash too…
    Now ekonomi merosot, must join more contests, no choice loh…

  11. Wah Piang, Miss Malaysia also got VPL. And you would think they teach u how to dress up in pagent prep class!

  12. hey kenny, i’m surprised u didn’t mentioned about obi kornellis ur rival cleo bachelor! he’s a star in the movie!

  13. OMG! what’s up with the visible panty line? please buy a seamless underwear next time! unless u wan to show the whole world u are wearing an aunty underwear. WAKAKA!

  14. Wow, noted, next time, whenever people tell me to dress your best, wear just casual… (^^)
    LOL, but you look striking among the others though…

  15. no doubt our current miss malaysia is stunningly hot.
    But she obviously committed celebrity crime of fashion #1: her panty lines are sticking out like a sore thumb, showing the whole world that she is wearing ‘aunty underwear’.for goodness sake wear a G-string lah. or if she is daring, do without it.. haiz hope she doesn’t repeat the same mistake when she takes in
    Miss World. Malu betul!

    Seriously lo. The Obama thing i went also. Ppl actually wear jeans and short sleeve wtf. sien.

  17. Wow, if only the traffic lights in the United Kingdom were more like that!
    As for dress code, if you’re unsure you should just go casual but keep a dress shirt and jacket in the car for a quick change! It’s saved me on quite a few occasions, just make sure you wear your best jeans, and not some torn-effect ones!

  18. why didnt you put up some comment about the movie? i was hoping i can read some opinions about local movies. Im nvr against local movie industry but i have been disappointed several times, especially those horror flicks, Congkak for example.
    KL Drift has been fine, albeit the story line short and easy to guess.
    So what about Sayang you can dance, sayang?

  19. wah so many people noticed also.
    cannot la, miss msia world commit no.1 fashion faux pas with a VPL.
    somore its not boyshorts VPL or mini undies VPL its… ah mah wedgy type VPL. what ah shame. nice dress tho.

  20. Man Utd juz lost 2-0 to Fulham, so Kenny, time to find another team to support? You want to be a typical man utd fans who are supporting hooligan like Rooney, unprofessional veteran like Scholes, arrogant diver like Ronaldo? As a champion, do u think they should play like that? Compare man utd wif other teams(not only giant teams) and see if they play so dirty like man utd. Make up ur mind and dun be like other losers! Cheers!

  21. kenny .. YOU’RE BALDING MAN !
    For Goodness Sake … USE SVENSON’S or YUNNAM HAIR CARE FOR MEN before you FEATURE YOURSELF next time. HUGE ASS BALD SPOT on your forhead

  22. Kenny the green gown lady, I can see thru her undies… SO Large… Look like a granny undies… XXXLLL…can i have some of her picture from you…

  23. u really very gd in bluff!! dun know why people still believe and read ur blog! bluff king! make logic story can??

  24. to everyone!!!!!!!! pls pls pls read properly his blufing story then u will get wad i mean!! PLS LA,A LOT OF STUFF IS MAKE UP BY HE HIMSELF

  25. read about the Yemen story…that was very shocking…thank god she was safe…but to think that if i were to go to Aden and confronted with all those guys…I would really cry!

  26. The miss universe is a qualify lawyer … careful if she sue you guys for bitching of her underware =p Aunty VPL or ‘tong’ does not matter!!! Lights off. Everything Off. Everything the same =) Hey, i think she is prettier and more stylish than the 2008 Miss Universe Malaysia =)

  27. She looks hot even with the aunty VPL. If she wear’s G-String…i guess…Kenny will be taking more of her pictures and blogging on her instead of the whole event!!! She’s pretty =)

  28. I think you look great the way you are, cause you wore what your inner voice told you to! hahhahaha
    But double check with Bjarne next time first lah.

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