Jakarta’s Nightlife

As soon as the sun goes down on Friday night, I hopped on a Lam Jiao taxi to check out Jakarta’s famed nightlife.

Always a fan of the clubs when I’m out travelling, I’ve heard about how Jakarta has the best nightspots in the region. Friends who have partied their nights away in the best of Singapore, KL, Bangkok all returned to say that none of those places beats the nightlife in Jakarta.
I was skeptical, especially since I was under the impression that Indonesia is after all a very religious and conservative country. Oh boy, how wrong was I.
I arrived at my first stop: Blok M.
My eyes nearly popped out when I walked in and saw this.

OMG. This isn’t Indonesia. This is Thailand, man!
I mean, I’ve seen “shows” when I was in Phuket, but even those girls at the supposed “sex-capital of South-East Asia” looks like innocent kindegarten kids compared to what these vixens had to offer.
At least in Thailand, you expected these things to happen. But in INDONESIA?

What kinda pole dance is this?!

What’s even more incredible is that these girls are NOT employed by the bar. Just your average sarong party girls who took a cab to Blok M, putting on these shows to lure rich white men to bring them back to their hotel rooms.

It’s a sad state of affair, really. Everywhere I’ve travelled to in Asia, it’s the same old story. As long as there are old white married men willing to pay, there will be cash-strapped young girls willing to bare.
I guess when you’re all out of money and when push comes to shove, dignity goes out the window.

Another dodgy nightspot I visited was Stadium nightclub.
Stadium was HUGE but very, very dodgy. This place was so dodgy that I spooted lots of dodgy people wearing dodgy sunglasses dodgily as they danced the night away. But it was already so dark inside the club, why were they still wearing sunglasses?!

When I made my way through the dodgy crowd, some dodgy old man tapped me on my shoulder wanting to sell me something dodgy . He spoke to me but I couldn’t understand him because he was speaking Indon, and all I could hear was that prolonged “Rrrrr” sound of his Indonesian accent. “Allo misterrrrr. MISTERRRRRRRRRR!”
Then I turned around and this teenage girl in sunglasses was shaking her head left and right non-stop. I figured she probably meant to tell me not to buy from this guy, so I politely declined the dodgy old man and walked away.
Then when I returned to thank the girl, she was still shaking her head left and right uncontrollably! Why lah, I just want to say thank you, you still shake your head at me!

After that disappointing and dodgy outing on Friday night, the next evening I had better luck when I followed some readers advice and checked out this club called Blowfish.
Blowfish is an upmarket sushi bar by day, but converted into dance club for the rich and idle by night.

I gotta say, I am impressed! This must be the “in” place to go in Jakarta. Blowfish’s Zen-inspired venue was beautifully decorated from top to bottom while the DJ flawlessly spinned out hit after hit.
Not only that, those Indon-Chinese girls in the club were all glammed up damn pretty like that. I swear, I scanned across the room and spotted at least ten Dawn Yang lookalikes in there.

Note: not an actual photo. 😛

I reckon Indon-Chinese girls are really really pretty.
They look different from our average Chinese girls in Malaysia or Singapore that’s for sure. Christien New (who’s half-Indon himself) told me that it’s because most Indonesian-Chinese have a hint of Dutch blood in them. And I have this thing for girls with like 10% of white blood in them.

Sipping my vodka in Blowfish, suddenly I was transformed back to my high-school days in Perth when I was this ugly fat kid having a huge crush on this hot Indon-Chinese girl in school. Despite my many attempts to hook up a conversation with her, I ultimately failed because I could only speak English with her, and her English was half-baked at best.
On our school’s prom night I saw her slow-dancing with another Indon guy, and I was heartbroken.

Suddenly I was jolted back into present day when this cute girl with an angelic face smiled at me from across my table. I don’t know her, but she was probably wondering why I was sitting there alone. So I smiled back.
But then as soon as she opened her mouth and started speaking in that heavy Indonesian accent, I was turned off immediately.
“Misterrrrr seorrrrang peerrrrrrgi clabbing kerrrr, misterrrrrrrrrrrr?”

What a pity.
Face of an angel, mouth of a machine-gun.

Indonesians like to prolong the “R” sound when they’re speaking. It’s amusing and can get quite funny when you watch the news caster speak, and all you could hear was “Rrrr… Rrrr… Rrrrrr…”
They also pronounce the alphabets differently. There’s a bank in Jakarta called BCA and the locals pronounce it as “Bee Say Ahh…”
So cute! Bees say “Aahhhh…!”

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  1. Indon Chinese girls are demure. I think it is partly because they are very sheltered back in Indon.
    I met plenty during my time in OZ. Perfect wife material. Too bad I didn’t really appreciate that in my younger days. I was looking for a vixen in bed you see….hahahah

  2. oh wow…is it legal or illegal to have wet t-shirt contest in the clubs? it should be illegal but just that nobody cares right?
    oh well, lucky u, get to check out some free boobies

  3. I am so disgusted by the fact that Asian women continue to sell their bodies and souls for a little cash to the white man. How pathetic.
    Obviously, I am outraged by the white trash that do this, but considering the history of the white man taking advantage of every culture that he can, I am not exactly surprised by his behavior.
    But for these women to continue to debase themselves is just disgusting. Moreover, in my travels in Asia, I find that it is not only cash-strapped teenage girls, but attractive and intelligent women as well who drape themselves over any white man with money. We Asians have no self-respect.

  4. Kenny, I had no idea how influential you were in Malaysia, but if Christien New’s flattering words mean anything, you must be a huge star.

  5. indon-chinese chicks u see in those chic places are paris hiltons of high-so indonesians, some actually aspire to be like her. very spoiled and pampered by their papi (daddy). hehe bank bca.. its actually BEH JEH ARRR..

  6. As long as there are old white married men willing to pay,
    there will be cash-strapped young girls willing to bare.
    And kenny sia gets to stare…

  7. Dutch blood in the Indo Chinese girls? Where do people come up with this garbage? And dude, I cant beleive you went to STADIUM!!?? You should have checked out X2 or PUBLIC. Damn, even RETRO is better!

  8. Well Kenny i really enjoyed reading ur blog before.. but come on.. i mean call me patriotic..
    but i love my country. in ur post, u makes it looks like Jakarta is a bad city to travel to.

  9. And dude, why you always assume it is only old white married men that pay for sex? I assure you that LOADS of ritch married chinese men do it too, they just rather be hypocrytical about it and say these women ‘have no dignity’. Thats pretty judgmental of you man. And BTW this shit happens everywhere from USA to Europe, Africa and as you can see, ASIA.

  10. Hei there,
    fyi the girl has popped estacy pills or some drugs lar that’s why head shaking non-stop from left to right sometimes it’s up and down.

  11. Wow kenny! what a night!.. for a first time.. its a wonder you can find some place like that…
    Don’t think you’ll ever find something like that in Kuala Lumpur!

  12. Haha… the last pic was good but kinda discrimatory since every culture has their own accent, especially if English is not their first language.
    I never knew that Indonesia, being one of the world most populous Muslim nation would condone to such night clubs. Not that i am against it or anything. Anyway, as some mentioned, it’s happening all around the world and it is only Indonesia’s bad luck that this is highlighted here.
    ‘If the buying stops, the trade can too’. I am sure you are aware how much sense that makes and where i got that from.

  13. No wonder u number one, you got naked pictures meh! so unfair la like that. U like Harian Metro one only. Give a shout to our astronot ok at http://www.angkasawan.com.my/blog. Kenny don’t delete me k, promoting friends only meh. If we don’t say good luck to them who else will loh.

  14. Doesn’t Dawn Yang supposedly have 10% Dutch blood? Hahahaha
    she does look indon come to think of it 😀

  15. Salute your guts taking the pics especially in places like Block M. I think I could have think twice before pressing my camera.

  16. WHAT. Jakarta more liberal than KL?? This is a new low, man. The only flashing we get here is flash floods. And I share your sentiments about the accent exactly. Korean girls have that same effect on me too.

  17. Jakarta has the best nightlife compared to other SEA cities. hands down!
    i didnt went to Falatehan, Blok M or Stadium coz i know those places are ‘special’ places in Jakarta. Lucky that they dont raid Stadium while you were in there. Jakarta people says that if you enter Stadium at friday nite, you will elave it at monday morning…..damn, im not gonna spend my vacation in Jakarta just to be all day in Stadium. so i blew off the chance.
    But i did went to Blowfish. thanks to our Indo compatriots, we got there via VIP guestlist and damn! those Indo chicks are so hot! the interior of Blowfish transported me back to the very first time i went clubbing…afterwards we went to Embassy and damn….it is kinda like Modesto’s Forum back in its glory days. College kids or they might say ABG = aahh bey ghey = anak baru gedik! we just spend all night staring at the DJ both pole dancers…
    the day after we went on a normal nite out to a two double storey club wher the downstair was Xlounge, a R&B club full with ABG and chinese indo and above it was Vertigo, a slightly trance almost feng tau club. both are great but is similarly resembles Zouk in KL.
    there is a new hot club called X2 in Jakarta….i’ll check i out on my next trip

  18. Did u visit strip club 😛 ??? There are many indon-chinese gals in sydney n they are damn pretty n super RICH, they carry Gucci, LV, Prada stuffs around. i dunno y indon chinese are very fair with rosie cheeks. About asian gals with white men, u can spot a lot of them in Sydney too (young gals with OLD men). ahah of coz the gal is carrying LV too.

  19. cant wait to go back to jakarta this end of the year….!!!and have a parttttyyyyyyy lifeeeee.. yaiy…=P

  20. wow….if u didnt say it was in Indonesia…i would have so guessed it as Thailand….freaky!~ *shivers*

  21. hehe i like indonesian chinese girls, only the ones that come from java island. the ones from medan/sumatra are not very classy.

  22. Hey Kenny,
    Hipocrisy is rampant everywhere. The Indon gov turned a blind eye to these clubs because they are probably owned by officials or influnencial people until some iman complains about it. It is pretty sad to see the depth that people sink to just to survive. Don’t lay the blame on the whities as asian men are just as bad. Hypocrisy at its best!

  23. kenny, just randomly go surf friendster..
    u’ll c dam lotsa indon girls showing off their assets..
    indonesia is not a conservative country afterall.

  24. HEY GUYS!! don’t you all know… Kenny’s trying to give us a hint!!!
    the next time you go to jakarta… don’t bring your wife or gf along!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. You guys too naive laa… Indonesia is much more ‘liberal’ compared to Malaysia, it’s a well known fact. Malaysia is the one that’s more ‘Islamic’.

  26. hmm… u hears the r so often because bahasa indonesia has a strong rhotic accent which means the indonesians accentuate the ‘r’s when they speak

  27. Blok M is still up and kicking I see. It wasn’t that.. uhm, exciting in Blok M back in 1995. Or maybe I was in the wrong club? This sure presents a different view of Indonesia (not sure if that’s a positive or a negative thing though haha)

  28. huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    it’s always the same thing when there’s poverty, the people do what they can to get a better life.
    not right, but mebbe for them it’s like caught in between the devil and the deep blue sea…

  29. Dude, you always try to end your entries with a joke or some parody, and to be honest, not all of them are funny. Some are downright silly. Just try to end it normally, and when you have something really hillarious to end it with, then only post it up.

  30. errr actually we (indons, gosh i hate this word, use INDOs please, no ‘n’ =/) always make fun of Malaysians unability to speak those ‘r’, so yeah every country has different preference =3
    FYI, kristin kreuk is half-indo too ^^

  31. eh, come to Bandung lah, then I’ll accompany you…
    But u can’t find in there
    (yeah, Bandung is not THE happening place ^^)

  32. mou, sorry, i forget to put “good club”
    so supposed to be
    “But u can’t find good club in there”

  33. Hi Kenny.
    In my line, I travel to Jakarta a lot. Ok, perhaps I should explain. I’m Ning Baizura’s manager and we go to Jakarta almost once a month to do dinner shows and events. But what I love most about Jakarta is the food. If you haven’t already, you should try the NASI PADANG at Sari Bunto along Hayam Wuruk. DELICIOUS!
    Mr. Manager

  34. W0w Kenny, They actually let you take pictures in there?? thats awesome…………..Wet T-shirt pole dance lolx……..its been a while since i saw it…………hahaha anyway………really really nice brave of you to be snapping shoots like this in clubs normally you will get trown out one…………
    But its not good to make fun of Indon English lar, Our own Manglish also is at par with it lol………..but Indons do spreak with a rolonged “R” sound…….it makes the girls cuter lar, you just dont know how to appreciate it…

  35. If you look at the fake-Dawn-Young photo, the person on the right looks like a guy and the 2nd DY could be KS (black tee). yes? no?

  36. hey..
    blowfish are a chain sushi high end restaurant..own by an american celeb..we have one in New Zealand as well..man its expensive..$20nzd for 4 pieces of sushi..

  37. Hey kenny. What’s wrong with the indonesian accent? I must confess that I used to make fun of the accent but lately I find it quite a turn on. I find myself tuning to Astro Ch9 a lot these days to catch the ‘sinetron’.
    ketemu maneh!

  38. Kenny, find one day, try to go to Makati City in Philippines. You will be more “surprise”. Visit the place called Brugos..

  39. LOL….
    Of course, your eyes were nearly popped out when you saw that sexy scene. haha…
    Since some years ago, I’ve heard that Indo’s girls are as ‘active’ as the Thailand. Em….
    And good describtion of the indo’s slang.. :
    Face of an angel, mouth of a machine-gun

  40. i’ve got lots of indon friends. if indos girls(or guys for that matter) in sg are anything, they are spoilt brats of filthy rich parents who had to slought their asses off to make a fortune and watch their hard earned money get wasted away by their kids.

  41. lol @ the picture you photoshopped dawn’s face over the faces. So obvious you’re in that group,in the black T shirt lol. Nice blog entry.

  42. ladies in distressed is it? looks like ure having fun huh…. bro bring back some stuff too for me… ha ha…
    add me as ure blog friend pls… thks
    check out my blog too…
    “Malaysian Mind” new and upcoming dude….

  43. My gawd…havent you ppl been to Jakarta? Get real ppl…this is life. U havent seen Manila yet…its even better.

  44. Ngentot la lu Kenny. Elu pergi clubbing sendiri di Jakarta enggak ngajak gua. Lain kali ajak gua la, kalo ada yang enak enak bagi bagi la…muka kontol la lu…hahahahahahahahaha

  45. This will sound arrogant, but Indo does it better anyday than Sg and Msia, it’s not because I’m an Indo myself, even Singaporeans and other malaysians who visit Indo also agree.

  46. As long as there are old white married men willing to pay
    Hey, hey! Plenty of dirty old Asian married men who do that too, dude. Strangely enough, I think dirty old men of any nationality are gross :p
    And what’s with the guy with the super-soaker in the first pic? Is he an employee or do you think he brings his own hardware to that place?

  47. These last few posts was very close to my heart, being an indo myself.. Keep sharing your travel journal, kenny, that gives insights to all of us.
    Actually even i didn’t know there’s such happening in blok m. Guess I need to go out more 😛

  48. 一枝竹打翻整船人. 高招!

  49. BTW Kenny, which mar in Blok M did you go to? I have lived in JKT for 15 years and I have never seen a show like that. But that is the beauty of the city, anything and everything is available on all levels. More praise for Indo please. I always B, Indo dreamin.

  50. I don’t know why,but m’sian girls seemed to be the worst looking in terms of dressing n looks as compared to the Indons,Koreans,Japs,Thais…etc

  51. how could u be so insensitive to post that kind of picture!!!
    jk jk i repeat JOKING! lol. glad the previous incident didnt turn u off from coming out wif great post. keep it up =)
    ps. who cares about indon accent as long as they dont show attitude

  52. The best cities to stay in in SEA are Bangkok and Jakarta. Forget about KL or Singapore. This is coming from a Malaysian.

  53. when i saw the so-called sarong-party-girls pictures, i wanted to puke! they have no looks nor good figures at all! *bleargh*

  54. OMG! I so agree that the machine gun thing is such a turn off! Why cant pretty indon girls like have a neutral accent???!!!

  55. machine guns turn on for me. rrrrrr rrrrrr.
    Shouldnt you have already got used to that during your perth days?
    Plenty of indos around perth. I live in Mel myself so i know.
    gotta agree with you, indo chicks r the hottest in SEA.
    and by the way BCA is pronounced bee chay (not say) Ah
    ABC kicap manis – Ah Beh Cey
    and the girl shaking her head is most probably on ecstasy. kenny, what have you been doing in perth?! haha.
    and yes. INDO CHINESE GALS R HOT!!!! nothing in sarawak, kl, singapore can compare to this.
    and please… the accent is completely fine with me. wanna know whats an annoying accent? ahem. clue: the ‘dot’
    and did i forget to mention indo girls are hot?

  56. this is not surprise at all as indonesia has been more liberal than malaysia all these while … do you know you can even marry a muslim girl there without having your little treasure “cut” …
    when i was in jakarta back in 1997 (right before the riot), the environment within even hard-rock restaurant would have transform you as if you’re on time-machine … and we’re talking about only dinner there, so expect “more” from those clubs dude …
    only malaysia is trying very hard to become more arabian than arab themselves …. funny huh?

  57. Sorry to put a damper on any feelings of Superiority concerning comments about “DIGNITY”.
    While there might be a few girls there because they like it, I’ll bet most are there through “DESPERATION”, when kids cry for Food or you are all the Family has left to depend on, You’ll do what you gotta do.I Frown & Sympathise on prostitution but utterly DESPISE a Thief.
    As much as I appreciate women, I find No-Thing Sexy about a bunch of Sweaty females gyrating their barely covered pousse for sleazy attention.
    To target rich white dirty old men is sheer ignorance,in every corner of this world there are men for whatever reason,who believe they can only lay a sexy chick by paying(sexy being highly subjective). There are also those, rich Men & Women who prefer to pay because they don’t want Any Attachment(just satisfy my need and get-lost).
    INDONESIA was a DUTCH Colony,and though I expect to get roasted for saying it: ASIANS in general are some of the most PREJUDICE towards their own citizens of mixed-race.
    I’ve never actually paid for sex,but have become friends with a few ‘women of the night’, bought a few drinks and gave a few bucks to help out.Yea, enjoyed each other doing the sweet Nastay if the mood was right another time too.Amazingly, more than a few use the money they make for “TUITION” and actually have Day Jobs that don’t pay enough to live on.And more than a few I’ll bet,become Respectable Devoted Wives and Loving Mothers. All most people need is a Fair Shot at Opportunity.

  58. haha.. the lam jiao taxi was classic.. i think u miss out the gin jiao taxi. 100% agrree with u jakarta night life the best in SEA, u got the money u the king !

  59. apparently in Indonesia Islam is NOT the official religion, unlike Malaysia. Therefore it can be more liberal !

  60. hey that pic with 5 gals, they look like langsuir where the head can detach and fly.
    Did you try B.A.T? the hookers just swamp u

  61. haha why did u go to blok m and stadium? those are the cheap ass clubs in jkt. should have gone to places like Bliss or Venue, and The edge.. jakartas got heaps of great clubs! hahah, anyways hope u enjoyin the trip

  62. that’s how we do it there. and what is indon? there is no country in the world called indon. nor is there people or race called indons. dumbasses. it’s indonesia! negara kesatuan republik indonesia! we’re called indonesians not indons. make sure you remember that for the rest of your life. how do you like it if people call you mesia or malokai or whatever?

  63. hey kenny where in Blok M is that dodgy ass club that you went to where they had the chicks in g-strings? hahaha i wanna go shoot them with a super-soaker!

  64. I will visit this country soon. I thought I would be bored and afraid to do anything. You really opened my eyes.

  65. omg…u lame… malaysia barely make it to the map…BUT indonesia…everyone knows Indonesia in euro BUT malaysia…where is that? thailand,philipine and indonesia are faymez for stuffs like this! u internet geek!

  66. I know my husband went to BATS in Jakarta and cheated! he says he the women just throw themselves at you!! and you can touch and do pretty much whatever you want to them and that when he was done he just left…to this I say bull!! more than likely I will file for divorce, take over half, and he can live with the fact that the one night of so called fun cost him his marriage, kids, and everything he claims he cant live without. So, I hope these women are worth it:)

  67. I say if the women are so cheap over there. and our men can go have fun and we don’t have to put out and we get all their money. let them touch and do whatever they want. thats what they are for

  68. Hey guys, I’m a newbie here nonetheless Jakarta was always good I agree. Compared to Makati, I think Makati was champion hehe.
    There’s a book called “Jakarta Undercover” if you guys are interested in spotting the finer things in life. Forget about the ISBN number, author & outdated info (2 years backdated) it’s still fun to read.
    Now that guy for me is the real taiko expat in this industry lol.
    Well…as a small timer there’s a so called “Hotel” at Hayam Wuruk (daerah lampu merah) lol.
    You can actually get your personalized flavor from almost any ethnicity.
    I think you know where the “place” is from the above mentioned description come on playas…

  69. yo dude, next time pls say the word Indo rather than Indon. Its VERY RUDE to Indonesians when they are referred to as Indons. Please call them Indo for short next time. Just so you know.
    PS. It’d be nice if you change your fonts in here to Indo too.

  70. Guys,
    Try living here.I think those are like just the fraction of what have been describe, or things u can find in jakarta.
    Ever heard of mandi kuching? Heard the place was close down, but rumors say with about Rp.300.000 (about RM105) you get a full blown “massage” with a woman’s tongue. please don’t ask me to elaborate, my girl friend might be reading this 😀 Massage centers are all over here in Jakarta, wouldnt want to tell you which is the best one but, the safest one would be Comfort Spa in Pecendorongan, Jalan Batu Tulis. Spend no more then RP.275.000, and you do not need to tip the girls. remember that, dun come here and spoil the market. got others too but not really into massage, i love the grand hyatt spa and gym though.
    Anyway, for 1st timers who comes down to jakarta, try Crown Discotech, it’s in Glodok area, during the day, the place is a DVD heaven (my favorite weekend spot) and basically you can find any movies hollywood, bollywood, mandarin japanese, korean and etc can offer, and during the night the place turns into another sort of heaven. if ur into “feng tao”, then the place is for you, if your not, the place is still a place for you coz there is a very happening lounge inside as well, and if you havent been there then..well…i would want to spoil the suprise..it will make the “water gun playing pictures” in Blok M look like nothing.
    And yes, place is full with chinese and pretty chinese ABG’s. Even on weekdays. Don’t go stadium or to millenium, coz its pure feng tao. er..I live kinda near by those places and sometimes when my bosses come down, we’ll check out those places once in a while but still Crown is still our favorite hang out place. and admittion to the place? Taxi fare from Bundaran Hilir (Grand hyatt) about RP.25.000 to Rp.30.000, then admittion Rp.25.000 per pax with one free drink then party all night long. That is actually how much we spend, if your not much of a drinker la of coz. Well of coz you have the standard X2, Edge, Dragonfly(close down), Blowfish(there is another one in surabaya but wen I was there i didnt had time to check it out), but to me those clubs feels like going to the clubs in KL, but a lot, i mean a lot more happening.Those are protocol clubs but…If it cheap, not so smoky and have the best of 2 worlds then y not?
    i was reading about a lady up there who wants to divorce her husband after knowing his husband went to BATS is Shangri-la and she dont trust her husband about him brushing off the girls there, well, Hello??!! have you been to the place? you know how ugly they r there? maybe 1 out off 50 who looks sightly above average. and the place full of “Buleh” (Buu Lehh = Ang Mo Lang)and you do how their taste is like. BATS is like the worst place to pick up(a term use by common men to describe taking girls back to thier hotel), and everyone knows that, and i’m am sure your husband was telling the truth, if he is not and hell you must look worst then a indonesian maid.
    Btw the way guys, if your going to these places, if your stop by the polis, ur passport wont do you good, keep only about Rp.200.000 in your wallet or Rp.100.000, if you give your passport they will still ask a thing they call “Surat Lapor Diri” (they claim if you r going out from your hotel u need a stupid letter from the local polda or polis station and wat ever you say, they just wont let u go so save your breath). Its stupid i know but obviously, they want money lo.. so, what you do, smile, say sorry pak..then show wallet and say “maaf pak, gua cuma ada 2 ratus, mao aman aja pak…” give Rp.200.000 shake hands then run..normally road block are from 11.30am to 1 a.m. and careful dun flash your handphones, some of them r so greedy they will even ask for your handphone. and do not go down from the taxi, sit inside until everything is settle. they might not be polis and rob u.
    er..well, jakarta aint all for guys la come on…it is a shopping heaven after all, well if you into cheap stuff, Mangga Dua area has it all, (btw forgot to tell you guys, 1 DVD here is about Rp.4500=RM1.60 and buy 10 free 1 somemore). the malls here are really amazing, one time I was walking in Indonesia plaza in the morning and i saw Prada on sales, and place was still full of stuff, and about 8pm, i pass the shop again, please is almost empty, imagine the spending power here huh?!! PLaza indonesia is a nice place to check out local chinese chicks, but best would be Taman Angrek Mall, then if your in northen part of Jakarta then you must go Kelapa Gading Mall. If your at west or central check out Senayan City and Senayan Mall, thier r just opposite (X2 Bistro is at the back of Plaza Senayan) Block M is a really nice shopping place too but if your chinese then your probably the only one chinese walking around that area. I love the T-shirts there, damn good quality and damn cheap, i was thinking about buying some sell it back in kl hehehe….since the T-shirt in Kam Ho (sungai wang) sucks, they really do.Shoes, Bags , girl stuff, boy stuff, you name it. o, and I’m plannig to buy my 1st air-gun here, see? something u cant really find in KL right? Price bout RM150, cheap right?
    Food? well, you have to eat it more then once to appreciate, i think indonesian food is really different from what malaysia can offer, if your here, try SOTO, you’ll hate it the 1st time. Second time not bad third time you’ll say good if you find the right place. i think we malaysian cannot tahan eating beside the road with one hand holding plate then one hand holding spoon, but i’ve tried and love it. Well if you miss chinese food, try and find Duck King (Imperial Chef), a lot better then freaking “Long Si Fu” in SS2 and Lousy “Kim Gary’s” (sorry Kim Gary Lovers, but the food do suck, only thing nice about the place are the good looking waitress, and i do think a lot of people agrees with me specially if your from northen region). Too much to talk about food, I havent started to talk about Kalimantan and Makassar in Sulawesi, Batam food not so nice, best for me still Medan and Manado food if you like really spicy food, i think Manado food is about as spicy as Thai food (i mean real thai food ya, not the immitations one you find in KL) me from Alor Setar so Siam food is in my veins.And if your r here and looking for the Safers Local dish, order Bakmi la..its like wantan mie but with a small twist.
    What else…hmm.. well, Indonesia? Thumbs up, but I do miss home though. Only thing I don’t like about Jakarta, traffic jam lho…guess you all have to agreed with me hahahahaha….
    Well what more i can say, even our Ashraf Sincler (yo bro, lost my phone, and lost your number) is getting married to Indonesia’s top singer Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL in short , Behh Chehh Elll).
    Btw way, my girl friend is a hot chinese indonesian, eat ur hearts out muhahahahaha!!!

  71. your post is in 2007 and it’s still hilarious…
    all I can say is.. Stadium and X2 is sooo not the place to go, even back in 2007.
    Btw I seriously don’t see why it is so rude to be called Indon.. heck, so what.. I’m Indonesian, and I know Indonesian call other races with names too..
    and after spending years in design, now I know that apparently there is such a thing called “Indo fonts”- some people are just…. laughable.

  72. Yes, please remember that the term “indon” is highly offensive for Indonesians. It is like calling african-americans “ni**er” or spanish “spiks”, chinese “chinks” and so on and so forth. We call each other indo for short, as I am an Indo girl… so please try to remember it next time.

  73. What’s wrong with you folks in Malaysia and Singapore?
    Talking about Indonesian Accent, I find the Malaysian and Singaporean Accents are more annoying.
    I, an Indonesian Chinese girl met my white husband in Jakarta 13 years ago in one of the club. I was clubbing a lot during my single time (GIRLS WANT TO HAVE FUN ALSO). My white husband loves my accent and doesn’t want that I lose it.
    I travel a lot and have visited some of the night scenes in different countries during my monthly and yearly stay there. So, talking about the sad facts about Asian Women, who sell their bodies to survive, I saw also another women, which are white, doing the same things because as you know, Prostitution is the oldest job in the world.
    And talking about races, remember the song from Paul McCartney, Ebony and Ivory, people are the same everywhere. So, let us forget the prejudices.

  74. hi guys, i’m new here. so, any updates on where’s hot and where’s not? n which hotspot didnt get thru the ramadan? i do go to jkt quite often of late. the kind of show n pics posted is very common in jkt. yeah, it’s all over!!

  75. so wats with the ‘rrrrrrr’ stuff??? isnt it suppose to be spoken tat way. i think the ‘r’ spoken as ‘l’ and ‘l’ spoken as ‘r’ is more intolerable. mister is not ok for me, but the ‘r’ is ok. wat i mean is if indonesians prefer to be addressed as pak, mbak, mas or watsoever, doesn’t mean foreigners will like to be addressed, mister.. sounds so formal. call by the name is ok. emmm,.. about this prostitution stuff.. being the oldest occupation, doesnt mean its morally ok. but, the hell,.. who cares!!! n who’s to say its not ok?? buying girls a drink n getting the night is any better??

  76. true, u went to the wrong spot man..
    there are X2, sky, n etc..
    i don’t remember their names but i know where are they..
    and check out some cool parties occationally for dance concerts by the beach or simply huge nice places..
    u missed good spots n times man..

  77. I am a singaporean of indonesian-chinese descent and proud to be so. well,i cant stop laughing my as off while reading this blog. now everybody knows what indonesia is all about! a great place to be…indeed 🙂

  78. I thought you hopped on a “Lan Jiao=Dick” taxi to check out Jakarta’s famed nightlife,instead of “Lam Jiao” taxi….

  79. Kenny, let’s just say we, Indonesian girls are more sexy… I have a malay friend, we invite him to one of our wedding party and his eyes were just popped out!! He didn’t believe our traditional dress, called ‘kebaya’ worn by indonesian girls are very sexy. So if we go to wedding parties we already sexy and pretty, imagine if we go out clubbing hehehe!
    Anyway, you went to some bad place but if you go to some nice n happening places you will see not only Indonesian-chinese but also Indonesian-moslem girls out for having fun too! We, Indonesian girls love to have fun 🙂
    Just take a look at the clubs and you will see which ones are the ‘ayams’ (the prostitutes). They will come to you and smile n ask for a drink. So not every girls there are ‘ayams’. There are others, normal girls want to go out to have fun dancing & drinking..

  80. John A from California. You sound like another Asian- American “nationalist” ashamed for the Asian race. Poor darling! But in the real world, there is no Asian race, just countries with nationalities.
    There are Russian girls in China being screwed by Chinese triads, rich Asians flock to Hawaii for white call girls and Ukraine is full of all kinds of non white people, including Asians who go there to taste the blonds. There are so many blond white Russian hookers in Manila and Bangkok, you will be surprised. How come you are not saying white people have no shame?
    Get a life, buddy!

  81. Hi, I’m your newest fan from Jakarta. Love the way you write and you are witty too. Though, if I must say, this blog doesn’t do justice to what Jakarta’s nightlife has transform since 2007 (time you visited I assumed?). I recommend you to go back and visit more new clubs that have opened =)

  82. Yo’ all, my guess is Kenny doesn’t really check out the real Jakarta, trust me man there’s way more in Jakarta’s nightlife then just blok m n stadium.. and by the the girl that’s been shaking her head left n right, she’s in the influence of ‘E’ so next time if u ever went to stadium just don’t even bother to to speak to anyone as even they are not interested in you. Again u will not this kind of enjoyment vibe anywhere else in SEA except Jakarta, i’ve been here for almost 8 years now and still i would say Stadium is the best in ASIA!!
    I’m truely sorry for you Kenny, also another advice for you = Get a Life!!!

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