It’s Almost Ready!








Oh, Iā€™m gonna take this opportunity also to thank for sponsoring the rooms for my KL-based instructors to stay while in Kuching, and also to for sponsoring Stephanie Chai to emcee my Grand Opening ceremony.

No updates for a while because Iā€™m still trying to breathe!

AD: I just realised the song ‘Through My Window’ is not actually from an American band, but by local band Bunkface. We got real talent here in Malaysia yo!

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  1. Wootz.. I see the ju-on me in one of the pics šŸ˜€
    See if I can snake out tmr then maybe I can drop by for the opening and body combat…*Ssshhhh*

  2. This sounds totally dumbass, but I love the fact that your changing rooms have HUGE male and female signs on them.
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally (not on purpose) almost walked into the men’s in fitness first.
    When you’re dizzy from the adrenaline pump, and your legs are shaking from the exertion, I think it would be a pretty common problem for, like, the society. You know, at large.

  3. Hi, my 1st time dropping a message here. Just wanna say a huge congratulations on your BIG project.
    Was wondering where the heck is this in KL when I stare at the map… cracking cracking, den I realised it’s in Kuching.. šŸ™

  4. hi kenny. seeing all those photos, i’m so jealous of kuchingites. hope to visit your gym one day during school holidays. btw, i’m from the small town of ‘pineapple’. :))
    Congrats on the Grand Opening and also winning the Nuffnang award. ur blog rockz!!

  5. I wish i can get myself there for the opening event.. I am just next to you that is Sabah! A huge congrats for you Mr. Kenny.
    I do gym regularly too like 4 times a week and i hope someday i can stop by at Kuching and check it out. =)

  6. Hey Kenny. I’ve been following your blog for the longest time, and have seen how you’ve progressed all these years.
    Congratulations, man! Your gym looks AWESOME šŸ™‚

  7. Congrats kenny!! your gym looks soooo cool. not to mention hot staff. woohoo…
    makes me wanna go work out everyday like that. haha =)
    Wish u all the best in your business lah. maybe next time can open a chain of gyms in malaysia.

  8. In a year time my gym membership with true fitness will expire..if by that time you somehow manage to expand your business to klang valley then i might join your you..

  9. Kenny, whenever i patronize ur fitness centre, i want to be coached by the LADY IN THE 3RD PHOTO.
    Incredible & stunning natural size !!

  10. Kenny, whenever i patronize ur fitness centre, i want to be coached by the LADY IN THE 3RD PHOTO.
    Incredible & stunning natural size !!

  11. Hello Kenny. Congratulations on ur new training center. We did meet briefly at the BIM recently. Errr, just a little bit of my personal thought here, i think u shud work harder on trimming down so that u can better represent this level up thingy. šŸ™‚

  12. Hi Kenny
    Congratulations – the place looks really good!
    So, is Level Up now going to be on the list of must-visit places in Kuching? Time will tell. Hey, maybe you should have a visitor’s wall that we can scribble on when we’re there šŸ™‚
    Well done and er, work it šŸ˜› !

  13. Hi Kenny! Congratulations! Finally, your dream has come true. And thanks to you we Kuchingites have somewhere ‘healthy’ to lepak liaw! See you tomorrow!

  14. wow cool gym! if i was living long term in kuching i would def be a member! but im not. haha..but yea..that 2nd pic of the girl looks hawwt….=DDD

  15. answers to Voluptuous and cm.
    Who is she?????……..
    She is on D righton D 2nd photo and the lady behind the muscleman is her on D 4th photo……….You got it?……..
    Her name is …………………………..

  16. Yo dude, the gym is really great. Love the design and color. Perhaps with a swimming pool and sauna will be perfect….

  17. Awesomeness!! Is there discount 4 kenny sia readers? šŸ˜› How much it cost to go 2 kenny’s gym.. Those photos reli pumped me up to go gym!!

  18. finally,official launching is going to happen in next few hours!!! ya…no wonder when i went to workout jz nw,i saw a beautiful lady was wif u n she looks familiar,nw i jz knew she is stephanie chai. LOL~~so angmoh face. =)
    kenny,do u mean the KL-based instructor wont b owez in kch to coach? is he/she for the bodycombat/bodypump 1?

  19. Hey the place looks awesome !
    Esp love the look of the cafe and locker rooms. The decor & colors are certainly a refreshing change from the usual boring ones we see in other fitness centers =)
    Hope to see more pix of today’s grand opening

  20. Kenny, hv u asked the 3rd girl her natural measurement?
    Stunning all i can say. Please assign her to coach guys ok.
    Cant wait to see her xXx bounce. Must be perfect Simple Harmonic Motion.

  21. Reply to Shine.
    Hey airport. Maybe u envy her size too much. Poor eyesight. Girls in 2nd & 3rd photos are different person.
    Look at the size. Heaven & earth.

  22. Reply to Voluptuous
    Confirmeddddddddddddddddddddddd …….two pics with D same girl.
    U can verify with Kenny.
    Her name is Tracy…..

  23. Congratulations!! btw, i saw that ur level up fitness offered yoga class? can i know how do u charge the fees? can u email me bout it, if u don’t mind~ ^_^

  24. Kenny, i was asked to verify with u.
    Her name Tracy? To be honest, name not important.
    Get her measurement and scare us all. Ok…..
    Kenny, this is a vital task. Please get it done.

  25. For the first time in 3 years i think i love Kuching because ur gym really got Kl standard….but wait till i make a visit there first. So far so good from pictures. šŸ™‚ COngratulations and all the best.

  26. WTF Shine!
    I hv viewed the blog suggested by u.
    Now i know why it’s so huge. Actually not that impressive. It’s the shirt.
    Kenny u r smart. Ur shirt makes lady feel great & WANTED!!!!

  27. Well…….Voluptuous .
    You can ask her 2 wear Level-up T-shirt every day…..
    Sorry! …..You can ask her 2 wear PUSH-UP T-shirt every day…..

  28. hey kenny! finally it’s done huh.. congratulations šŸ™‚ good job, really! i really like the bright n colourful concept of urs.. and also the pink yoga mats ^__^

  29. Goodluck Kenn, the gym looks amazing! Hard work really paid off big time! Much success to the future and I look forward to reading the entries of your opening.

  30. Kuching young people is decent and has high morality. i and im sure many people like to see Kuching youth with beautiful body for their own satisfaction more than for others.
    some tip, when you use energy for weight – breath out to to pressure out. and if take heavy weight has to has good protein intact eg fish chicken beef egg. i dont know if protein powder really works i havent try much but heard the whey protein is very good protein available
    stare in forma e sani! šŸ™‚
    stay fit and healthy!

  31. Hi Kenny. Congratulations! Your gym looks great and Level Up’s the perfect name. Have been following your progress (your blog) since 2004. This is a great achievement and hats off to you, from IT Director to becoming your own Boss at such a young age. Truly, you will be the next Malaysian young entrepreneur Champ. All the Best!

  32. Hey Kenny,
    Level up looks really great man. Too bad I’m not living in Kuching. Would love to drop by and give my support. Oh well, moral support is better than none at all I guess.
    All the best man. If I ever make it to Kuching someday, I’ll drop in.

  33. Daym man, if only you’d open one in KL, though that may be all part of the plan, eh? Been a fan of this site for some time. Good luck on this project šŸ™‚

  34. You are who you are because of the hard work and dedication you have put in. Anyone that posts anything other than positive is just plain jealous. Keep it rocking bro !

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