Level Up Fitness Is Hiring!

Since I am already shamelessly neglecting my woefully abandoned blog, I might as well exploit it to the max by publicising some positions I am hiring in my new company.



You hop onto stage, do some funny dance for 60 minutes and make sure 30+ other people in the studio do the EXACT same thing that you do.


Like swimming.

Since there are no licensed Les Mills BodyPump/BodyCombat instructor in Kuching, I am happy to hire anyone experienced from throughout Malaysia or Singapore. Whoever wanna go on a free trip to Kuching, e-mail me and I’ll sponsor your flights and stay.

Brazilian instructors who can attract rich tai-tai aunties are welcome to apply. Can do part-time work as gigolo also.


Ideally I’d want someone who can stay in Kuching for the long-term – at least 3 months lah, but I’m happy even if you can stay for a week or two.



Since the day my fitness centre opens for business, I find myself juggling multiple balls at the same time.

Huge balls too.

In theory, my position in Level Up Fitness is “Executive Director”.

In practice, my position is “Executive Director / IT Manager / Graphic Designer / Marketing Manager / Front Desk Receptionist / Juice Bar Tender / Cleaner”

In other words, ham pa lang pow ka leow.

This is an ad I designed myself to promote our BLT class. (Don’t ask how I know this exercise is supposed to guarantee a sexier body.)

I need a Marcomm Executive who can help me to copywrite and design artwork for the fitness centre’s various marketing campaigns. You’ll be working very closely with me. Some publishing experience, proficiency in Photoshop and fluency in written English is a must.

Since the internet is a core part of my strategy, this is the only position in the company that I shall allow to blog or Facebook during working hours.

That doesn’t mean you can slack during working hours.

I already know about the “set Microsoft Excel as your desktop background” tactic, so don’t even try that (‘cos I used to use that tactic before myself).


During peak hours, the front desk is easily the busiest part of the fitness centre.

But it’s also the most fun position of the company, because you get to see every member who walks in and out.

Over at my company, being a front desk receptionist is more than just being an attractive young girl in short skirts, greeting members as they walk in.


I am lucky to have hired really fantastic front desk staff with loads of experience. But I reckon there’s room for one more.

This is an intern position that would suit anyone wanting to gain experience in the hospitality industry. You’ll be trained by my manager, who’s worked in so many front desks around the world she could be re-born as a Japanese zhao chai mao.


Interested applicants may e-mail me directly at kennysia@levelupfitness.com

In another news, I dunno why I always accidentally type “Body Pump Instructor” as “Body Pimp Instructor”. 🙁

AD: To be a part of Generasi Hebat, you gotta be one step ahead of your competition. That means leaving nothing to chances. That means having a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

Don’t be like how I ended up with not enough membership cards to give out, because I completely underestimated how well my fitness centre is gonna sell.

82 Replies to “Level Up Fitness Is Hiring!”

  1. Congratulation Kenny of your Grand Opening of LEVEL UP FITNESS!
    Hope ur company will run out very well and Shen Yi Xing Long oh~~~~~

  2. Great job Kenny! I know of a few BC and BP instructors within my circle but most of them also have day jobs, thus it’ll be a bit hard to secure them for a short stint in Kch. If it’s really a short stint, I’ll ask around amybe they’re interested enough to take a sabbatical leave.No promise though:)

  3. I miss the Kenny Sia era.:(
    well,that’s what we call the rise & fall.except in this case,moving on to better things?or so i thought.
    good morning guys!

  4. Congrats, Kenny. Good luck to your latest achievement. Don’t forget to blog once you have some spare time. haha …
    Wai Lun

  5. ham pa lang pow ka leow….LOL~ Nvm…after few years time, sure will have many talented peoples work under you and do all those things. By that time, you will be the one who sit down and goyang kaki edi..haha! Good luck!

  6. Congratulation Kenny…I’m from Sg and one day i will definitely visit ur fitness centre..My father is Frankie Foo

  7. Since you slack at work before, you should understand that everyone will do it…as long as they finish their work at the end of the day, i don’t see any problem with surfing the net during office hours (and yes u did that too)…..be reasonable

  8. to ace: lols. you go be the boss and i wonder how “reasonable” you can be. if you have not realized, work never ends; workload will just keep increasing day by day. and i doubt if you can/will allow your employee to slack when you pay them the money to work, not to spend those supposedly productive hours on web surfing or just to slack. LOL.
    anyways, kenny sia.. i believe a lot will be waiting for level(ing) up.. in KL!!!:DDDDDDDDDD when? :DDD

  9. Hi Kenny,
    Please specify the salary range for all the position offered. i think it’s important to mention over here.
    Anyway good luck with your business. Still waiting for your funny post since 1Malaysia F1 team.

  10. I’d like to opt for the front desk if I can =p That’s what is similar to what I’m doing now..sometimes with 400 passengers board the aircraft at one time..
    Monthly pay please. There are a few crews who plan to resign and settle down in Malaysia. And of course, seeking for jobs now..thanks..

  11. Hey dude, your need a Kuching style ad, A hot uncle with sixpac, broad shoulder, 14 inch guns with the caption” ???????, ???, ??,?? ??! ..the uncle should wear a big hat 🙂

  12. it looks like a lot of fun – that must be the power of your blogging skills 😉 would love to be a part of it if i had the time – but since i don’t, will just have to enjoy the progress vicariously through the blog 🙂

  13. I wish you all the best. 😀 If you ever open a branch in KL, please make it bangsar, PJ or bukit jalil. i will surely join 😀

  14. Kenny! You gym sounds so cool! Keep it up! You make Sarawakians proud! And oh, just to share with you guys my blog – pretty cool stuff written. And Kenny, again, you rock dude!

  15. Nice fitness center you have there Kenny. Wish you have opened one in KL here too and near to my area =D Anyway all the best. Do remember to update your blog more often though. I’m sure all your readers are waiting for more updates from you =)

  16. Will there be any rpm classes? Great start. That’s one thing lacking in Kuching. Eat n eat but not output at the gym. Keep up the good work. Too bad, am based in Kl, else I won;t mind another part time job as a PT or cycling instructor.

  17. Got position for prostitute tester? I want to apply.
    I have 3 years experience. certified clean of any disease.

  18. I hope you registered levelupfitness.com already?
    Anyway, I always thought BLT meant Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato the kind you get from Burger King.
    Also is that the BLT from the actual instructor?…dribble dribble

  19. It’s good that you’re channeling your energy and resources into creating even more opportunities and resources to be shared around.
    Do you need a doorman? I’ll gladly apply. ; )

  20. Well, let me first say, congratulations Kenny on being the first to start something daring like that in Kuching. I think you got your inspirations from Perth where everywhere you turn or go, there would be a gym near by with classes you can go to? But yeah, looking forward to see you launch this and seeing it become successful. All the best

  21. When are you going to open branches in KL?
    I strongly recommend my friends with big tummy towards becoming like you with fit body feature .. luring ya :))

  22. Congratulations on your new venture & i know the “Bao Sua Bao Hai” feeling too^^
    I wish you great success in your venture and i’ll definitely drop by to “LVL UP” when i get the chance to be in Kuching.
    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. ” ~ Mark Twain

  23. Hi Kenny…
    Am i eligible to get free membership for the first three months at your gym? Im kinda tight on financial lately but i love to have workout every night at your fabulous gym. I got few frens going over but too bad RM120 is kinda expensive for a freak like me. Hope i could build up my body the soonest before new year comes hehe…

  24. Aye we like to see sexy muscular man in your gym too. that will be great advertisement. man admire them and lady like to see them 😉
    also wow you got such gaint balls till cant see you dd. certainly you have balls to open gym good on ya!

  25. Hello Mr. Kenny Sia,
    May I know if you hire part timer for your company? I am able to work full time for 3 months only. What job is offered in your company?
    Thank you

  26. Kenny,
    Quite impressive! its not an easy task to manage the gym. Keep the good work up & enthusiasm! You were introduced to me during the last Les Mills Quarterly in KL Tower, last month, where you were promoting your club. you have my contact, talk to you soon.
    Keep it real! Stay with the fight!

  27. Dear Kenny,
    Im interested in Body Combat as well, if I wish to register as a Pro. instructor for this programme, where can I apply for the license and which course should I attend?

  28. Ever heard of Jazzercise? Do check out jazzercise.com and see what we have in Malaysia on 10-10-10.Don’t miss this opportunity to attend 2 master dance fitness classes by Tim Roberts (Street Jazz & Latin workout), and check out a live jazzercise class too.

  29. Nice to see that Kuching finally has a gym of KL-standards. Never imagined this happening in my lifetime, this truly is a landmark moment for Kuching. How much for a 3 month membership?

  30. Good evening Mr. Kenny. I am a member of your gym at Batu Kawa. I just want to request for the Name and e-mail add of your advertising/sponsorship exec. I am representing Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) sarawak branch and we are organizing a charity run in february 2017 for better rural health service and want to communicate with your establishment for sponsorship on anything you can provide. Its all for a good cause. I do hope this reaches you and that this communication comes to fruition.

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