Deal Or No Deal: The Edition

This has sure taken a while, but finally I’m allowed to publish this.

For those who were unfortunate enough to miss my brilliant performance on Deal Or No Deal (and by “brilliant” I mean worse-than-our-minister-rapping-on-Al-Jazeera type of brilliance), here’s the full episode of my first ever feature appearance on TV.





Quote of the Day: “I shall go down in history as the WORST player on Deal Or No Deal!” — Kenny Sia, 18 April 2007.

My Christmas was great. I spent it missing my flight home, paid RM330 for the next flight just to attend a financial training course.
Forget about finance management. Who in their right mind would schedule a training on Christmas anyway?

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  1. LOL. 100,000 ringgit only ? Singapore’s version give $250,000 sing and $500,000 at the special Christmas edition. Should have signed up for the Singapore one kenny , coulda earned $250 sing instead =P

  2. it wasn’t worth coming to KL then; with THAT amount of money…but it was still courageous of you to keep gracing upon the challenge…

  3. that was heartbreaking =.= … I feel for you man ….. 🙂 Hopefully the bad luck stays in 2007 … and say hello to 2008 !!!

  4. Kenny, ah Kenny.
    One word : SUAY.
    Join the Singapore one. It is more worthwhile.
    But you damn comical lah.
    Nevermind, goodluck lah. 😀

  5. ayoyo.. Kenny, why you publish ths one lah ? Still not enough of suai ??? want somemore ??
    bikin malu only lah !!! shoud have cover ur face with ur ass by now… tak malu punya olang !!
    my advice, don’t buy any lucky numbers for 3 years !!! You better cari makan blogging saja la.. Maybe you should try “Malaysian Idol” or “One in A Million” kah! kah! kah!…

  6. Now that I’ve watched it till the end… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Focus on the bag, Kenny, not the girls!!!
    Look at it this way. I’ve never watched DoND until the end, but this episode was nail-biting.
    I feel it for you. Stand tall, bro.

  7. lol. saw you on TV and, bad luck dude. xD Better luck next time. But someone got even worse, Celina Khor, the Guardian’s ambassador, got only rm30.

  8. Hey, RM100 is still good! Can get some really decent underwear and don’t forget the YES (Year End Sale) is here. Very entertaining Kenny. All the best in 2008! Cheers.

  9. Of all people. OMG. Weird seeing those Malay Subtitles. And believe it or not, I almost cried for you and I screamed like nobody’s business when you opened the RM100k case -__-

  10. It was rather painful to watch. Any publicity is good publicity though, no?
    You look mighty sexy when you yelled ‘No deal!’ hahaha
    And it was nice meeting you in Kuching =)

  11. hey Kenny. my whole family was watching an egging you on. and you are not the worst player in DEAL OR NO DEAL history. did you see Celina on the Christmas edition? she got RM35. so dont feel so bad =)

  12. Kenny , why u so lauya ar.. lol! but good try anyways..
    I waiting for the edition where the ONLY people won the 100K.. =P Kudos to them. he he

  13. if i was there as one of your good friends, i’d force u to pick no 7 as ur briefcase. it’s my lucky number!
    god, imagine if i was playing that day! rm100k!!!
    waaaaa waaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  14. you do not do your homework well ,brother.The favourite big numbers r 10,12,19 and 24.there should leave until end of the game!!!!!!1

  15. must’ve been nerve wrecking huh? while watching at home, you can see…if one case is a big number, the one beside it is usually small.
    but when faced in that situation, cannot think ler…i’d prolly sink thru the floor.

  16. Just wondering.. Since you were up close, are the numbers in the briefcases displayed on a computer screen or printed out? I dunno bout the Msian version but the Australian ones look like screens. It could be rigged 0_0.

  17. hey kenny. I feel for you man. seriously.
    lady luck wasn’t by ur side.
    Impressed by ur never say die attitude though.. although u eventually said die..
    better luck next time around!!

  18. Not your fault at all.. i think ur lucky charm is starting to work but your supposedly best friend really insisted on you to pick no 7.. if i were her, i would feel really, really bad but she didn’t even say sorry.. just laugh?.. this is a perfect example where we should follow our instinct instead of listening to people

  19. nah ur not the worst, someone walked away with AUD$0.50 once on the australian version! thats. not even enough to pay for the parking ticket while he was playing the game!

  20. i watched the whole thing twice. twice also made me laugh out loud at ur horribly bad luck XD
    happy 2008! hope things will turn around in the year to come :]

  21. You have not failed to make us all laugh! Even on tv shows, you do not fail to entertain us all! I thank you for making my day! lol
    Chin si soi kau bo ho soi liaw! 😉
    Hahah It was really funny of alllll the cases u chose, you chose the 0.10 last! Goes to show that you can’t hope for something too much, cos when you do, it just won’t come! Some food for thought ei?
    Cheers! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  22. I’ve watched the whole video clip here.. Well… kenny.. seriously, I think you should use the money and buy a new, clean underwear…
    Anyway, I am happy to see a positive blogger… sunshine guy.. *wink*

  23. happy new year kenny…may you have better luck next year…hahahahhah but very funny and especially so seeing close friends alwyn n tim there too…time by the way looks sadder than you 😛

  24. Nah… Undoubtedly the quote of the day should be:”The Most Heartbreaking Game Ever!” LoL… i feel bad for u kenny… bt i cant stop laughing!! LoL…

  25. with that kind of luck… earlier on you should had just let your friend choose for u rather than relying on your lousy instinct hahahaha… anyway.. RM100 not so bad for the free publicity u get from screen time.

  26. Kenny what were you saying to the other contestants as you were shaking their hands?
    loser …loser …loser …loser …loser …loser 🙂

  27. Kenny, well on the bright side u have something “Funny” to blog about.. if u get RM100,000 it would only make u happy not the readers.. now u get RM0.10 its more funny =) with 10 cents can buy 2 hacks sweets.. wahahaha

  28. OMG… Kenny, when the offer from banker went up from RM50 to RM100 that time, means the value of your no. 25 briefcase went up by that moment. You shouldn’t had deal with RM100.
    Anyway, good try!
    Happy New Year 2008. ^^

  29. Hey Kenny,
    Better luck next time 🙂 Good attempt!
    In retrospect, a good strategy of when to take the deal is this:
    1. Wait till you have about 5 bags left on RHS (Large values)
    2. Sum the total value of the bags on the RHS only (large values).
    3. Divide it with the total number of bags left (RHS+LHS)
    4. If dealed value is more than your calculated value, take the deal.
    (Note that summing all the 1 cents and 1 dollar will not change the sum much, so we can practically ignore the numbers on LHS.)
    You can test out the strategy at this website by playing a flash version of the game 😉
    Just my 2 cents,

  30. nice touch , shaking every bodies hands before going onto the main stage, but did you shake the Indian guys hand before going on, or did they edit it out before broadcasting it?

  31. Not your fault at all.. i think ur lucky charm is starting to work but your supposedly best friend really insisted on you to pick no 7.. if i were her, i would feel really, really bad but she didn’t even say sorry.. just laugh?.. this is a perfect example where we should follow our instinct instead of listening to people
    Posted by: Anon at 30 December 2007 12:30 AM | Link to comment
    obviously, kenny and his “supposedly best friend” are good enough friends not to have petty squabbles over 100k that would OR WOULD not be his.
    secondly, he can only win 100k if kenny (or any other contestant for that matter)chose the bag with that amount in the first place and stuck with it.
    thirdly, you don’t look like you even understand the rules of the game to be able to spout ignorant comments like that.
    4th, how sure are you to know whether she said sorry to kenny or not? the game show is taped and edited to suit the entertainment value and time limit of their broadcast slots. i’m sure a lot of things were edited according to ntv7’s needs, not how the interactions between contestant and friends & family are objectively perceived by
    the public.
    if you were her, you would be sitting there instead of her, right?
    can’t blame you for being ignorant and stupid. u got the genes from ur parents.

  32. Good one Kenny! Great performance, unfortunate about the result haha.
    Same can’t be said about the host. He has got to be one of the worst out there. ZERO charisma and tries to be funny.
    Have a great day mate

  33. Hey Kenny,
    Not many of us are that lucky to be picked to participate in such game show. At least the RM250 winning was enough to cover your Air Asia flight back to Kuching!:P

  34. i won’t say that your the worse player as i would have expected you to get away with maybe 10 cents. the fact that you deal it at a point whereby everything looks more sensible and logical to take the offer is a true player to me.
    deal or no deal is very much a luck game, the choice of what you chose just turn out to be much bigger than expected. well, for every cash game, there has to be times whereby things won’t go as smoothly as the others would have it.
    surprisngly the malaysia’s version is kinda using simple questions get up to the game and to end the game, maybe it is different in the number of people, the population sense. hmmm..
    anyways, happy NEW year peeps! =p

  35. -.- wondering why you get such result? to me i think is becoz u look at those chick’s and shouted “small” , to them they ain’t no small… try “big” next time.

  36. Dear Kenny.
    Retribution is catching up with you.
    For all the nasty posts you have made.
    Especially the one on the Thai Ladyboy.
    The rm$250 is just a beginning.
    And you deserve every single bit of it.
    Great work Kenny.

  37. this is the first time i wrote something on ur comment board. 🙂
    to me, its not about how much money u win. its all about having fun and having good friends to be by ur side and support u. 🙂
    by the way, u look really cute in person.

  38. whats with all that dramatism? it just makes you look even more like a loser that has a broomstick stuck up your arse

  39. i think the host is just the worst deal or no deal host in history or possibly just the wprst host in history.
    even if we ignored his weird english (and trust me weird is a compliment to him), omg can anyone see any closeness between 500 and 1000???whats that crap about “oh well you guys are near, in fact its HALF”?????????seriously man, when something is half of something, its NOWHERE NEAR.

  40. So Kenny, how did you get selected for the show? Did you have to attend an audition or something? 😀
    I’m eagerly awaiting for the next session to be taped. So I can join.

  41. are u her Duh? no wonder you call people stupid, coz I know your brain is as small as a peanut.. definitely worst than me.. i say nothing about Kenny winning RM100k,see my comments again.. ask someone to read it for u.. if you can’t understand

  42. wah.. what lucky is this?… u didn’t pray before going play this game?.. didn’t wear red underwear on that game?… you step shit when u enter NTV 7 or wht?… why so suei d u that day.. I feel like crying all the way i watch your game.. haha!! nvm there r always next time..

  43. I saw that episode. Your were calm but not happy as well. Anyway, you are not the guy who won the lowest amount. I think the guy in the second or third episode got even lower than you. Only 20% of the total winning of RM30 I think, coz he failed to answer the question in the end.

  44. I bet J.Wong who won the SMS contest was cursing you the most! However watching that was the best laugh I’ve had in a long time. Who says reality TV is boring? 😉 How many pairs of underpants did you buy?

  45. That was painful to watch!! lol I feel bad for you Kenny 🙁 But look on the bright least it was 10 cents!!!!!

  46. Some people here are so rude! They must be jealous at you or something. Tsk tsk tsk.
    Anyway, at least you won something. Better than nothing. Congrats. Happy New Year to you!

  47. The original show produced in Netherlands has a maximum amount of 5 million euros.
    Malaysia’s version should be increased to RM1mil. LOL!!!

  48. Well… this type of game is more on luck. Even if one get RM100,000 box, I do think that the question will be very difficult. Just enjoy the game and wee wee wee…

  49. don’t worry you are not the worst lol christmas edition deal or no deal that poor lady only had 35 something lol

  50. got ppl get 20% of $0.10 la.. ngam ngam he get $0.10 bag and then gave wrong answer to the question.. end up finally get 20% of it.. hahahha.. $0.02.. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  51. Well, even though you didn’t do well in the show, I thought it was one of the most exciting episodes of Deal or No Deal. You should’ve joined the Singaporean version instead… we don’t have pathetic amounts like $0.01!
    But thanks for the entertainment. It was really so entertaining – I couldn’t believe my eyes when you kept on picking the huge amounts! 😀
    Happy new year anyways!

  52. OMG…I haven’t seen Deal or No Deal before but that’s the most incredibly suay performance on any game show ever. You have great testicular fortitude to keep going that long.

  53. Eh, compared to your Rm100 win, there is actually some 1 much more worse than you. I saw a female accountant winning only Rm3! She had recieved an offer from the banker which was Rm6000 before that. But obviously, she said it was not enough, and continued playing until she got Rm3. Be thankful you won Rm100 instead of Rm3! Lol

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