ADV: Send A Raya Greeting For World Peace

This Hari Raya, I can’t help but to feel a bit of tension and animosity around the country.

Open up the Star News Online, lots of reports of people protesting against concerts, against temples, people banning the sale of alcohol and people calling other people various insults and names. A lot of people are upset for no good reason and a lot of people are angry because of that too.

Why lah? This is very different from the way things were when I was a child. I guess somehow when the media and the Internet is involved, people suddenly becomes a lot more aggressive and easily agitated.

That shouldn’t be the way things work. There is no need for this animosity. The Internet is supposed to be bring people closer together, not further apart. Yet somehow, this is happening.

That is why for this coming Raya celebrations, I propose we reclaim the Internet.

We want to use the Internet for the purpose of good, not evil. And the best way to do that this Hari Raya, is by sending out greeting cards to all our friends, acquaintances and even strangers around us – just to let them know that “Hey, we are all one big happy family. So chill.”

Mamee Sllrrrp has come out to support this ideology, but that take it one step further. To encourage people to send out e-greetings this Hari Raya, they have agreed to give out two RM200 cash prizes every day for the next two weeks.

Even better, if you have a blog with Nuffnang, you can win RM300 on top of that prize money.

Even even better, if by the end of next week you are the one sending out the MOST number of e-greetings, then Mamee will send some EraFM DJs and Cruisers over to your place, take some Akademi Fantasia peeps along with them to host, and then help you create the biggest Hari Raya Open House you’ll ever witness in your own front yard for up to 100 of your priveleged guests. Nice!

Meanwhile, this is my way to spread goodwill and peace for this coming Hari Raya.


First, I take a picture of me.

Then, I take a picture of PAS Youth leader Nasruddin.

Next I take a picture of Michael Learns To Rock.

And of The Black Eyed Peas.

Choose my type of greeting to send.

Then leave a bit of message, just for the sake of it.

Mix them all together in a bowl, put in microwave and set cook to HIGH.

20 seconds later, you have created your own Hari Raya e-greeting!

And that my friend, is how we should all achieve world peace.

Happy Raya Aidilfitri!

Must Watch Youtube: Miss World Singapore 2009 gives her expert fashion advice on what to wear this season.

Whoever our Miss Malaysia is, I think we finally have a glimmer of hope of winning.

72 Replies to “ADV: Send A Raya Greeting For World Peace”

  1. Mammee’s Pierre paid Nuffnang’s Timothy to promote their mamee instant noodle and timothy paid kenny to promote this stupid advertising…lol

  2. Hurm.. I wonder what kind of hate comments will pop out this time. I’m new to all this internet thingamajig and based on my short analysis, i’ve noticed that whatever any blogger writes there are sure hate comments… I can just picture future comments on this post would be along the lines of:-
    a) Kenny is a sellout
    b) Kenny is trying is somehow offend muslims by putting pictures of someone with a serban on his raya card
    c) Kenny looks fatter
    d) Kenny is ugly
    e) Why is the van so ugly?
    f) Etc etc.. Honestly i would be surprised if there are NO hate comments whatsoever. I do like surprises however.
    Why so much hate guys??

  3. malaysia is slowing turning into this country filled with discrimination and protesting, and which i only though appears in the philippines or indonesia. hopefully malaysia could turn back to where it started where all nations/races are harmony and people tolerate with each other.

  4. kenny/the rest,
    i missed the good old day too (although im not old), where i celebrated CNY to my fren, teachers, uncle etc houz. now, many of my fren migrated somewhere else, teachers move to different school and some of them already passed away.

  5. A lot of people are upset for no good reason and a lot of people are angry because of that too. – Kenny.
    Some people think they have a good reason to be upset about, which most people think there is no reason to be upset about, while some people think most people do not have a good reason to be angry about because there is nothing to be angry about to some people.

  6. Haha! Great idea for ‘world peace’.
    But don’t you think that the closer the bond between one another, the more likely we argue more??

  7. 2 years ago i could not wait to visit and read all of its funny contents…but now its just like reading a bloody commercial. First its mister potato than its Airasia, whats next??? PAMPERS??? Come on Kenny i know its not wrong to post a few adverts once in a while but currently your blog has just lost its personality and fun already. If i want adverts i could just stare at the billboard…..

  8. I find this kind of post interesting. And it would only be an ad if you want to think of it as an ad.
    You can always have the option to viewing this post as something interesting instead. Its your own perception that has lead you to think everything in a straight line =)

  9. Why should we fight and argue amongst us Malaysians.
    Our hair on our head is the same colour, black, and the blood that flows through us is the same colour, which is red.
    Thats all that matters right ?

  10. that the spirit. i like the idea and hope that everyone is following the idea in Malaysia. Stop the violence, stop the fighting, stop all the nonsense. What the point of fighting when all lost at the end of the day. play good, be a family.

  11. Nice one Suh, I do believe your Talent lies in “The timely Topic”, besides your Friendly Nature and Fortitude, of course!
    Peace-Loving people Have to keep Wishing and Hoping, though Human History dictates some can only feel good about themselves by climbing on others’ backs.
    Sad truth is: If the effort expended on oppression was directed towards something Positive we would ALL be further along.

  12. Love the e-card…haha yeah, we should all make love and not make war… XD
    A good festive season is a festive season to be enjoyed by everyone…anyone knows where i can get a good bowl of ayam rendang in KL..XD

  13. What an ignorant thing to say when you insinuate malays will be offended by kenny putting a picture of a man in serban on his raya card. Muslims are offended by visual depiction of prophets.
    go make friends with more malays please.
    p/s- well done for the fantastic post kenny

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