Chinese Squatter

Recently, an Umno leader called Malaysian Chinese “squatters” who do not deserve equal rights in this country.
Based on news reports, this is what I think of his actions afterwards. No words are necessary.

“MCA Youth want apology from Umno chief for racist statement”

“Ahmad elusive after racist talk”

“Even PM couldn’t reach Ahmad”

“Ahmad didn’t mean it, says Abdullah”

“Najib: Umno apologises”

“Chinese leaders: It’s Ahmad who must say sorry”

“Ahmad refuses to apologise”

There is no hope for this country.

Visited Euphoria by Ministry of Sound in Sunway Lagoon last weekend.
My verdict? It’s actually quite impressive! I quite like the idea of a non-smoking club. There’s plenty of space for everyone to move around in the main room, although we did find The Deq too small and warm for our liking. Being close to the colleges, naturally the crowd are a lot younger compared to Zouk or Velvet’s. I also find them a lot more errr… shall we say, liberated.
One hottie came wearing hot pants and bikini top!

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  1. the story is too short,
    make another 1 by next week (yes, i rejected your post),
    because tomorrow or later will be more interesting. 🙂
    by your editor, ermm

  2. There’s No Hope.. Such a LemBikBik PM..even my mother more fierce. Such a racist remark shud not be tolerated. The contribution of Chinese shud not be disregarded. We too are Malaysians. Wat an irresponsible statement as a MP. IS he representing UMNO in discriminating chinese

  3. move all the chinese “squattors” out of m’sia, see how the bumiputras survive.
    i’m not malaysian, but am aware of the inequal treatment of non malays in m’sia.
    yeah… maybe all the chinese malaysians shld further careers in taiwan, sg and elsewhere. that shld make the m’sia gahmen eat their words. all of them prolly thinks what abovementioned politician thinks, ‘cept only he has the guts to say it.

  4. Just because they breed faster and hence became majority doesn’t give them the right to discriminate the minorities. I would say the aborigines are the real bumiputras.
    Race apart, we all should work together to build a strong and fruitful nation. Instead, some politicians are ripping our asses off. Including the bumiputras…

  5. I never exposed to racism until grown-up. Every times, when you were abused in overseas, I always comfort myself that at least we are fine in Malaysia, because we are all peace-loving ppl and have almost equal right. However, this bloody high-up dh, must be a big time loser with no integrity whatsoever, all the comments he made were just ludicrous. He will never live peacefully, as no one will welcome him. I hope Pak Lah and Najib shows us that they have the gut being as a leader, fire him and then prosecute him. Otherwise, you are probably right, I don’t see any hope in this country.

  6. Haha. A good one, but seriously it pissed me off at how these so called leaders do not use their heads to think when they talk.
    and then the country expects us to love our country with all our heart.. bollocks i tell you.
    His refusal to apologize just make irks me even more.
    I’ve given up on our country’s politics and leaders. Sad sad story. =/

  7. It’s so funny can. When I was still in secondary school studying history, what I was exposed was racial issues which pissed me off. Gosh, without us, the non-bumiputras, I wonder how malaysia is gonna survive.

  8. i agree with what you say, KENNY… but I suggest you take away the vulgar words, or Datuk Seri Najib may get your blog censored or get you in trouble.

  9. Totally pissed with the whole saga!
    Ahmad must be sacked, not tolerated anything less from PM!
    If SUPP, MCA & Gerakan still stay with BN.. Their leaders will be cursed for many generation to come!
    Look at the America, did the country allow the white say these kind of comments o the black???
    In actual fact, the next president could be a black guy!!!

  10. If we are to stop this, there is only one way, hope for BN’s loss. Then only it will serve a big slap to our PM to know that he’s not in power as he thinks. lol!

  11. This post is meaningful and funny. You’re pretty brave to write a post like this. Aren’t you afraid being sued? *wonder*

  12. anyone of you go and you will know how bad the situation is :
    Most Malays are now condemning government for APOLOGISING to chinese..
    Even the respected Mahathir is playing race card again. creating furiousity among malays, to go against chinese.
    Sometimes i really wonder whether I am still a Malaysian or not.. in which i certainly hope that I’ll be treated like a malaysian also.
    This kind of democracy here in malaysia is 100000X worse than communism.
    It is so sad man

  13. if chinese are immigrants (frm china), then malays too are immigrants (frm indonesia). Hence orang asli are the only real bumiputras. Ismail’s comments will only promote racial hatred. Whats he trying to prove? !@#%&

  14. eh listen u all.. when chinese say racists things about malays, nobody asked them to apologise.. when HINDRAF says malays are killing them genocide style, wiping them off from Malaysia, nobody said anything also.. no one asked them to apologise.. but when a melayu go said “immigrant”.. must apologise, create big fuss etc.. why double standard ah?? aren’t chinese, indians and even malays are immigrants to Malaysian soil?? who are the original people here??? org asli lor…
    haiya u all ah….

  15. This is DAMN good! The best kennysia post in years! I mean, whoo! You are ON PAR with stickgal!
    Ah Mad Is Mail belongs to the abbatoirs!

  16. visitor – what did chinese said about the malays? The hindraft? the govt use ISA to dettain them and refused to let them out. Threaten to use army now and creating racist mark and refused to apologise. Worse than a shit.

  17. wawasan2020? deport all chinese back to china? sigh.. so much for perpaduan teras kejayaan… HOPELESS !!

  18. If a Chinese was to stand where Ahmad was and scream out Blardy Malay are squatters are immigrants and should not have any rights at all. Go back to Indonesia (which most of them are from anyway). That Chinese would probably rotting in jail and his/her life treaten. He/She would had probably got beaten up so badly he/she wont be recognized on the spot. But since Ahmad is Malay.. what do you expect.. special right wat.
    Justice be serve when Ahmad go to hell.Cause there would be so many who would not forgive him despite him puasa the whole month. In fact I doubt he puasa at all.. since he had no remorse.

  19. to VIsitor,
    the difference between the “chinese” and Hindraf you said that offended Malays,
    hey visitor, they ‘re not our LEADER.
    Now, Ah Mad Is Mail is the division leader of UMNO!
    how come mahathir can compare an overage grown up “leader” with a kid like wee meng chee?

  20. I dont want his apologies.I’d rather have him admit to the world that the malays are immigrants too.
    ONLY the ORANG ASLI (aborigines) are truly residents in the country if you define chinese as immigrants. Malays also migrated to Malaysia from Burma, Acheh, Sumatera etc…

  21. and imagine IF MCA leader said the same kind of racist thing to malay as AH Mad Is Mail did,
    i believe he/she would have been sacked immediately?
    some minister even threaten to take away Wee Meng Chee’s citizenship!
    Wee’s family even received death threats….
    Lets do the same to Ah Mad Is Mail then if mahathir wants to be so particular about it!

  22. some malays r gud some are h3ll..
    i hav some malay frenz which is gud…
    but there r some (1 example is up there) dat is so stupid, no brain to think b4 he talk and then utter some stupid words…
    sadly there r no actions taken against him YET…
    pure malaysia…if he is chinese or indian, mayb u can find his corpse ad…

  23. Hmmm, i sort of remember that a Malaysian flag was raised in the Beijing Olympics 2008. Who was the one who bought home a silver medal and nation pride and honour to this country?! My,my i wonder if chinese were to ask to be migrated to other places, maybe taking that honour and pride away would be better huh?
    Of course sports and politics should not be mixed. But i just want it to be reminded that Malaysian Chinese make contributions to this country too! What happened to being a happy, peaceful multiracial country? Anyway, Bumiputras are the real owners of these lands, they hasn’t even open their mouth to ask everyone to leave!


  25. you make it so damn funny….!! haha
    Ah Mad must be severly punished!!!! Damn lousy 3rd grade leader that should step down now!!!

  26. Nice drawing kenny 😀
    U present the whole thing in a very funny way.
    I enjoy it very much.
    u are da best…blogger to me haha

  27. kenny, u summed it up flawlessly. thank you for voicing out what we non bumis think.
    salute to you.
    if our leaders don watch out, i guess this country is heading for another May 13th incident.

  28. everyone knows… Malaysia is NOTHING without Chinese sacrifices and contributions…and feeding Malays….
    Malaysia is NOTHING!!!!!!!

  29. sound biased( but of coz, thats nothing compared to ahmed), but UMNO basically good for nothing, except snatching dead bodies and brandishing karis’. Lost so many seats playing the race card and still havent learn their farking lesson

  30. yea.. we chinese indeed are from china.. but malays originates from sumatera and indonesia.. the bumiputra rights shud have been given to the orang asli instead. not to the malays.. even so the malays had occupied tanah melayu 1st but that does not give them the malays to state that we chinese have no rights here in malaysia. the malays shud knoe where they originate from not discriminating other races n claim for their rights without logical and concrete thinking..

  31. What we are witnessing is how the fat cows are using these horrid, painful and dirty racially divisive tactics to prevent all of us Malaysians from seeing how how bankrupt they are, how they have been fattening themselves on the wealth of our nation. They use these hateful ways to create distrust and ill feelings, preventing people from uniting against them, thus keeping them in power, enabling them to continue ruling. The sad thing is that quite a number of Malaysians get ‘sold’ to their idea. give to the irrational fears these people stoke, when it is these very people who are driving in their big cars, condos (Ah Mad is a director of company allegedly involved in land issue in Penang), while the people supporting them are still living in harder conditions. The fact is that the enemy is them, them who lied and make people believe that they are fighting for the rights of race, culture, religion, when they are all lying to their supporters. The need for these racial rhetoric is to blind and mask the self-enrichment activities that have been enabled by such positions of power. Note that the ad mad position is now threatened in pe nang, hence the need to stoke racial feelings, because he does not have the means to fatten himself anymore. No more source of honey for him.
    We must no be fooled and give into racial rhetoric outselves, because we will fall into their trap, enabling them to further divide us and rule over us and fatten themselves. We must not stoop so low to his and their level. Racial rhetoric is a trap, so let us not say bad of our fellow Malaysians, but point rightly and condemn those specific people, groups of people, but not race, because it is not race that is the question. We must stretch out our hands in respect, in solidarity, and in kindness to our fellow Malaysians. We must prove that we are above race, that we are Malaysians together.
    We Malaysians must not let them use race to divide and rule over us and fatten themselves

  32. hi kenny… are you sure you won’t get caught later? i will feel sad if that’s the case, coz cannot read ur blog anymore… xDxDxD
    news from tv7 this evening, the islam leader lodge police report of raja petra’s archive…

  33. I clearly think this has some political motive.
    1.) Why do you think he can spout out some bullshit like that at his age? Is he retarded?
    2.) Who gains the upperhand if UMNO is discredited
    3.) He got some cash to go holiday and some extras from you-kno-who… why not do it? Can become fehmes also ma.
    HAHAHA… Malaysia.
    Going all the way b4 the Sept 16. I’m dying for more dramas !!

  34. “such a sensitive statement.. Why don’t put him in ISA??” moonn
    Agree! How unfair to all other citizen if the ISA don’t go and get him..!
    and, wtf?! even the PM can’t get a subordinate like him? then what kind of authority power a PM could have?

  35. But how long have chinese been in Malaysia for? It’s not like a boat load arrived on the shores of Malaysia last year. From what I recall, during Japanese occupation in WWII, chinese people were part of the community even back then(and persecuted by the Japanese unfortunately).. and that was ages ago. How long does it take? 50years? 100years? 1000years? Chinese Malaysians..this *IS* your country and your home.

  36. If it was the opposite they’d probably declare a fatwa!
    This country has gone to tatters. The government has lost all credibility and are using a smear campaign against Anwar.
    No one’s gonna fall for that sodomy accusation twice.
    Can someone please explain how did this racist piece of dog bollocks, Ahmad, managed to build a mansion with swimming pool, discard it and build another?
    How did he amass such wealth?
    Thank goodness I migrated a four years back.

  37. You see all those fucking politician side with Ahmad.. If we chinese mp or menteri say something racist you think our simple apologize to them will do or not?? No, they will sack you la, ISA la. this is wat make malaysia.

  38. Malaysia is a beautiful country with friendly citizen. Unfortunately most leaders are such brainless selfish bastards. I grew up in a very muhibah environment, with all races including Malay, Indian, Chinese, Sikh, etc. I went to school and made friends with all races too. It is so disappointing to have such weak leaders to lead such beautiful country. They’re screwing each other up like there’s no tomorrow. All i have to say is GROW UP! For goodness sake just do what u are supposed to do; LEAD. THINK OF THE PEOPLE INSTEAD OF YOURSELVES BEFORE THE NON BUMIS LEAVE THIS COUNTRY. When that happens, Malaysia is definitely in deep shit.

  39. Dear Kenny,
    Hope you don’t mind me asking a favour. Could you do a follow-up cartoon parable about cows (aka Orwell’s Animal Farm) who fatten themselves by dividing the farm and calling other animals non-cows. Alternatively, it could be between black and white cows, the leaders of the white cows calling black cows outside cows, who then secretly fatten themselves with all the hay for themselves instead, cheating both black and white cows.
    It would be good to show that the real enemies are the fat cows who use divisive language to separate us, rule over us, preventing us from seeing their dirty self-fattening ways. Use this to help people all look beyond the ‘colour’ to see how such use of language trick all, regardless of ‘colour’. Just a suggestion.

  40. Honestly, this is an serious issue for us, the Chinese and even the Indian. XXXXXXXX
    We have the citizenship. Btw, we pay the tax too, ok?!!!
    *pissed off*

  41. man, this guy is seriously fucked up..this is a sad issue to have a fucked up racist in malaysia. buat malu jer. suruh dier hisap bola racist dier sendiri

  42. look, i just do not have a place to let go off steam. anyone saw the pukimak ahmad on news earlier today??? not only did he not apologize, he was so fucking arrogant!!! he reminds me of the useless son-in-law. arrogant to the max. How the fuck is UMNO supposed to re-invent itself?? even if the media misquoted him, he need not be so fucking arrogant!!
    and the worst part is Dollah and Najib cant do shit about the entire UMNO Penang supporting this dickhead…lest they all end up crossing over the Pakatan.
    Whatever shit it is, Anwar is our hope…our only viable option.
    Fuck the whole of UMNO Penang. Fuck you no balls mother fucker!

  43. This ahmad guy is not the only one in the government who thinks that way. As if we didn’t know this already. Anger won’t get rid of these ppl, so let’s not be angry. We need concrete efforts, like hiring a hitman to kill these bastards. Hahaha..

  44. lol. chinese squatters. aren’t we all in the beginning since we’re treated as 2nd class citizens? so why are u all so suprised?
    Actually it’s easy to condemn others but can u 100% say that ur not racist? The way some of you blast tht bastard sort of brings out that racist behavior in ya.
    Prove that bastard wrong by not giving a damn

  45. Hehehe Malaysia’s politics has become much more interesting to watch after “Tsunami Politik” in Malaysia happen, don’t you guys think so? And to think that we’re living in the times of history in the making, i’m sure wondering what will happen for us Malaysians and Malaysia itself in years to come…
    There’s so much racism issues in Malaysia now that it has become really stinks and unbearable to watch. The comments that comes from the politicians and even from most of people in here proves it all. I do feel pity for you ALL racists
    out there. Keep fueling the angers and your sense of racism and let’s see where it will take you guys in years to come shall we? ^__^

  46. this shit only happen in west malaysia, but in the east, we all just get along just fine in the sence of race!..but after the racist remarks from this sort call UMNO members, i tell you, they are FUCKED! its not anger but this will go down in to the history of racism..we were united by the first prime minister back then to be a country with a various of race..but now they wanted to kick us all out?? even if Anwar guy goes in as PM, it will still be the same shit! now he would be kissing everyone’s asses n sucking some balls while on the way up, but once he’s the PM, IT WILL BE THE SAME SHIT,
    [racist comment deleted]

  47. Yeah i agreed with lalala right there. Honestly from my point of view right now, out of all Malaysia, the people of East Malaysia are the best in terms of racism toleration! LOL! I wish people in the west part can overcome the racism barrier that has been stuck in their heads for quite some time but i can’t see that’s the case right now. In fact it will get far more worse after that boldly fucking stupid comment from one of UMNO leaders. *sigh*


  49. to lalala,
    It is disheartening for me to see that some people belittling the efforts of others in making Malaysia a better place hence A BETTER FUTURE FOR OUR CHILDREN. Let us not lose faith just yet. Let’s give Anwar a chance. A chance at the moment we crucially need. I am a bumi myself, and I have never asked on the pretext that I am a bumi to be given any preferential treatments. Because I am a confident and a competent Malay.
    As for Ahmad, he is an old geezer from a bygone era. Let’s take little interest in what he has to say, because we know that people like him are just bitter since they lost Penang to DAP and lost their ability to rape the wealth of the people like they used to. Still, it was such a pity that people like him were still given an outlet to voice out their ‘kolot’ brains.

  50. Najib: Sorry. Sorry sorry sorry. We are so friggin SORRY. See ? This is my sorry face.

  51. There will always be people like him around. Best to not get too upset with what he personally believes.
    The more upsetting side is the double standard in treatment, using the NamaWee dude as an example.
    In an ideal world, Ah-Mad Is-Mampus would be charged for sedition. But Malaysia isn’t an ideal country and our leaders are far from ideal.
    So tough luck all. and life goes on…

  52. wow last time was some malay leader in kedah says that we chinese don like here get out of malaysia now they repeat it saying that we immigrants?? whats next?? do they think without chinese contribute they can move so forward?? lets take lee chong wei as example he is the first to get sliver medal for malaysia even he is living in an islamic country..which malay ever get?

  53. somehow, what betazu said is true tho.forget that “Mail” guy over there.he should step down immediately without any excuses.I hope other umno leaders do not back him up otherwise they would lost even more “popularity” too especially in future elections.Be more sensitive and efficient to overcome problems like this.

  54. Dr M is kinda of pain in the arse playing in words trying to create disunity… one already bad and two will make things worse. I won’t give a shit to him about wat he said.. when he is retired he should retired in peace not jump out of no where and say no apologise and why shouldn’t they apologized

  55. Is unfortunate but not surprising since Malaysia is (my apologies to all, but this is a fact!) is a racial country in the first place.
    Only difference between our racism and others (like the aparthied) is that we can choose to continue working with other race as we realise that there’s no point argueing around as we have been with each other for so long (cause we know if you shoot me, i will shoot you back.) (Don’t believe me? ask yourselves when is the last time you made a comment about other races) We need to acknowledge that this is a human norm as we have a tendency to compare with others.
    However, there are some faction who has their fat arse parked to comfortably that they think they can do anything they want. Sad but true.
    I would dare say that the worst thing to happen now is that we would our Malaysian version of the KLAN. (Imagine, Ah Mad wearing the Klan’s red cone hat :P)
    Once again, my apologies to you out there who find this offensive. But you have to admit.. It’s true.

  56. let us all malaysian show those dumb ass politician what we really are, dont let them fooled us with racist statement. Be clear in our mind what we are pursuing for, dont let it took by politician who try to rip votes with their racist statement. united we stand!

  57. dear kenny,
    this is why i love you.
    the idiot should rotten in hell. And the way our PM handling the issue, somehow give me the impression the HE also share the same opinion but becos he is the honourable PM, he can’t voice it out, so he let his kaki to speak out.

  58. WTF!!!
    you are not a racist!!
    if you were not a racist,
    then malaysia ll become 1st world country in the very next day loh!!
    “i was just talking about how british treated malay, chinese and indians during premerdeka period.chinese are immigrants.”
    eh eh
    we are part of the nation okay
    we are known as MALAYSIAN okay?
    we do not tell ppl that we are from china or whatsoever
    we tell ppl we are from malaysia!!!
    “i have a lot of chinese and indian friends, i mix with them very well”
    “i am telling a fact”
    ah mad is mail
    do you know what does malaysian mean ah?
    malaysian includes malay, chinese, indian and all those bumiputra in sabah and sarawak!!!
    so stop bullshitting!!!
    we are now talking about malaysian lah
    look wider think wider lah!!!!!!!!
    you go squat toilet la!!!
    eat yourself!!!
    what the hell are you doing!!!
    fire him lah!!
    ask him to step down from his post lah!!
    pak lah
    you are still sleeping hor
    obviously he doesnt listen to you!!
    you are nth in his eyes!!
    so do sth lah!!
    we can not feel your sincerity lor!!

  59. This is fckd up man. What is happening to our country. I can’t believe we have leaders like this. It is pissing me off. Sarawak should go for independence or join Singapore!

  60. o.O
    Well, its really stupid of Ahmad to call the Chinese a bunch of immigrants. I’m really upset about the fact that he is also refusing to apologize.
    Ahmad is a coward, selfish racist!
    Memang this guy mau kena teruk-teruk. He better watch out, or else I don’t think he will be celebrating this raya. If you know what I mean.
    By the way, Nice comic cartoon..

  61. Kenny, u r reli funny la!!! wakakaka!!!
    I couldn’t stop laughing at ur comic & words,
    especially the Ahmad’s cartoon.
    When can all this silly things stopped & we all just go on to make this land more prosper? Haiz.. seems like it’s endless, never-ending..

  62. Hey! LMAO! Brilliant job! LOL!
    I’m really glad ppl like u stand up for justice using yr media 4 good use!!!
    Keep it up! Some media are bought 2 say only good things hiding facts.

  63. For one thing the Chinese community here lacks the leadership of SM KY Lee’s vision for a nation of justice and equality, and especially for the Chinese race. Here, I use the term “Chinese Race”, as it is imperative, under everything else, race is at the bottomline, the foundation the sinew, that holds the fabric together in functioning clusters.
    The Chinese race has been sold out by their own inept leaders from MCA to Gerakan, who are further made impotence by the astute but lazy and corrupt coalition head. Fattening themselves, and selling their rights to liberty and thoughts to the coalition heads, these Chinese leaders lived in bubble worlds, thinking and believing they are serving the Chinese community.
    “You will not comprehend the pain and hopelessness until injustice has fallen on you”
    They do not comprehend at the ground level of how the average struggling Chinese family lead their lives – hardship, poverty, little rights and hopes evaporating as time creeps by. This leads to reactionary attitude – deeply ingrained over time, from the Chinese community. Anything the coalition head does, they react and often at antagonizing level that chafed both groups even deeper. To talk about racial divide, let us not waste another breath here – if you do not comprehend the foundation of everything.
    This leads to that Ahmad S*** speaking his mind in what is already boiling inside him as he race ahead to enrich/empower himself as with thousands more like him, if anyone in the Chinese group ever question his misdeeds. Does he has the right to say it? YES of course! Indeed, as the Chinese have sold their rights to liberty (to him), long time ago when SM Lee, choose to stay apart from the inequal coalition and the rest stayed back to compromise cheap. To make hues and cry right now over that comment is way too late to have any impact for the Chinese community. Their sentiments would be easily placate and spin by the coalition head in mass media but underlying everything else, their souls have been sold long time ago.
    Short of racial violence breakout, the Chinese can never redeem back their birthrights.
    The best the Chinese group can do right now?
    To the young:
    1. To group efficiently and sharpen your thoughts.
    2. To dismiss anything that has no value on you and your race and don’t sell yourself cheap (don’t let your ego getting spin)
    3. To react as strong as you are denied.
    4. To cluster together tightly even more – sending a strong message to the coalition head if they still don’t get it.
    5. You will not gain back your liberty if you don’t stand up now.
    6. If they send any centric leaders to placate you, give them room to air their views but maintain your stand and dig in, until the bullies give in 2 steps, then you give 1.
    7. Dig it for a nasty fight (lets not spell what it is)
    “You are reactionary right now, because time and circumstances calls for it and there is no other way out. The other way being to have you bide more time with them, can you afford? To sacrifice a few more of your generations?”

  64. do u guys know where Malays really come from?? There is a theory shows that they are actually originate from TAIWAN!!
    Check out “Malays” in Wikipedia 😛

  65. With so many racist morons walking alive out there, I agree with you that there is no much hope for this country. All of them should be shot to death at the point blank.

  66. they are TOO desperate now……
    they even use racist to gain their power back….
    later hua thuan masuk
    they all run not enough land…..

  67. actually, the original speech was misunderstood by a chinese daily. ahmad said that that the chinese were ‘pendatang pada masa dulu’. is that historically incorrect?

  68. Aiyoh! As a Malay (but i’m a Singaporean. heh. So cannot talk much…), i can’t help but feel ashamed when such rascist comments are sprouted from such Malays. I feel like i want to say, “sedar diri lah. Jangan sombong sangat..” For us in Singapore, everything is Mandarin also everywhere (there’s some descrimination but i’ve yet to see a rascist remark from the gamen so i guess it’s still ok to be living here..) I mean it’s the same lah everywhere… Malaysia all angkat Malay… Spore all angkat cheena…. :X

  69. im a malay,n i regret to hear a malay leader insulting other races..its umno..luckily i live in the only place where umno does not exist..a place where chinese,malay,dayak and other races live together in harmony..thnx to white hair lord for prohibing umno to enter swk

  70. Ya, cibai ahmad ismail. Really cannot take his shallow attitude and mentality. If it were to be chinese who made similar comments, I think the scenario would have been him being charged by ISA, detained by police, setenced to jail etc.
    Don’t get me wrong. I am not against malays as a population, I am just against such lowly attitude and mentality portrayed by certain government leaders.

  71. To those people out there who are slandering Malays with mindless insults, how are you any different from Ahmad Ismail ?
    Don’t be a racist, you know full well that none of us can survive without the other. Don’t we all love nasi lemak, laksa, tandoorichicken all the same ?? 🙂
    Come on people !!! Stand united together as Malaysians, wake up !! Your true enemy are the greedy government pigs, who doesn’t give a fuck about the rakyat !!! D:

  72. come stay in SG kenny! =D
    LOL, honestly..when sg govt does smth wrong & we say them.. then now we realise we’re pretty lucky..
    how the hell did someone so…uneducated become minister?? my relatives are malaysian chinese too..& honestly when i visit malaysia i can sorta feel bad im not welcomed..
    shouldn they have undergone some kind of minister training or briefing before??
    or at least KNOW the DOs and DONTs of politics?!

  73. lols…its like so common 2 c all dis kind of stuff in malaysia and many are startin 2 get bored of it wei…ahmad..can u think of somethin more offending? dont tell me he is only capable or toking and hiding

  74. Quote JJ
    [racist comment deleted. Hey, I can’t be online deleting comments 24/7 you know]
    while i do not agree on the statement by Ahmad , its saddening to see such comments here. if Ahmad has to go to ISA then Kenny also has to go with him for allowing such racist comments bordering on insulting !

  75. I think we should castrate him and hang him over the penang bridge, just for the fun of it..
    how can a person get away with saying something like this??

  76. whenever a msia politician said something stupid, they hide till the news died down and then appear.
    coward chicken poo.

  77. Malaysia is such a nice country spoilt by politics.
    Kenny man, watch that arse of yours. They could be an unforgiving mob.

  78. hopeless country… i will definitely migrate.. I hope all the chinese move out, all the chinese company move out… all chinese tauke move out… Soon, Malaysia will become a burger selling nation. everyone eat burger,sell burger,buy burger

  79. Very entertaining!
    I’m not a malaysian but I think Ahmad is at least honest. By refusing to apologize, he has shown his true colors (no pun intended).
    While Najib, on the other hand, is a typical politician. Is he really sorry? He probably was just saying that because he had to protect his party’s integrity.
    While Ahmad is not a good politician, and I do disagree with his view, at least he is the enemy that you know. While Najib could be the enemy who pretends to be your friend.
    Anyway, since I’m not a malaysian, I used to words “could be” and “probably” because I really don’t know the real situation.

  80. You know why he fuckin dare to say thay? Coz he knows his own people would protect him.
    lets try a chinese minister saying the malays (sorry no offence) exactly like what he said, I’d think within 24 hours, that guy would be forced to give up his post, banned from politics and apologise in front of public.
    this is just the way it goes in Malaysia. Like that how to had hope la?
    ya, let malaysia be a one stop burger stall, we all migrate lol

  81. When Malaysia gets it act together with the help with Anwar or the likes of him, tiny city state Singapore has a lot more to be afraid of Malaysia as their economy will grow even more whereas, Singapore’s will shrink under the hands of PAP and old LKY. Malaysia has got the people, the land, the energy and the drive. Singaporeans needs a big wake up call.

    Judging from the comments, and those you rightly deleted, you probably need to do another post, with an animal parable (aka Orwell’s animal farm). Many readers get too emotional, and fail to think, falling into the trap of racial rhetoric, and unwittingly replicates exactly what ah mad said, becoming no better than ah mad themselves. The question of ‘race’ is always a trick to prevent people from uniting and seeing the self-fattening /enriching ruling group ploy and trap.
    PLEASE, PLEASE, KENNY, help those (unwitting) readers to SEE BEYOND RACE, and SEE the real enemy.

  83. sigh, no worries lah, ahmad is just saying that because he’s under investigation for corruption.
    let’s not make a big fuss and concentrate on his corruption charges.
    Because currently there is a cleanup in the gov.
    So, he also kena, how to solve? push the spotlite away to burn all his makan duit files. While you all bickering about his comment, he’s at the back burning evidence. get over this issue and charge him for corruption. ASAP!!!

  84. A close fren of mine (whose in PKR) told me that it’s just an acting of BN (Umno + MCA) to show that they are daring to speak up for their own race in order to block 916.
    True or not, I can’t vouch but I only know that our nation’s politic scene is getting more exciting… Let’s wait what’s going to happen next…
    U never know how golden will 916 turn out to be…since 916 gold is as good as gold!

  85. aiya..those ppl..if we chinese squatters abandon malaysia a..i really dunno what malaysia will be.. you all got hear the controversial VIDEO CLIP called NEGARAKUKU? yeah..tat guy in his song said tat if Cina balik China.. olang melayu takda kerja.. but olang melayu memang tak suka kerja..and just lepak at kampung play guitar.. which is funny but have a true part of it..

  86. Say we immigrants??nowadays the the number of real immigrants (indons bangladeshis etc) nearly exceed chinese population oso

  87. Maybe this is a planned political tactic? So the Malay majority would stick to each other and not be divided among themselves, for the sake of winning what’s coming up? So let’s not fall so hard for it & not throw insults at each other too fast. Stop and think for a moment and let all that anger melt away and *smile* 🙂

  88. You changed the word from “Fucking sorry” to “Friggin Sorry” LOL
    “fucking” sounds so much better! More hilarious too!

  89. Well, Ahmad and Rashid claimed that Penang Malays are poor..
    Rashid is living in a gated Bungalow with Big cars, sport cars.
    Ah Mad Is Mail own a luxurious apartment in Penang, and two bungalows..
    Penang malays are poor? think again.
    They UMNO leaders want only MONEY and POWER, and they didnt even care about their own people! How can chinese hope these leaders to respect them?

  90. hmm… at least release a little when looking at your comic. But the actual fact is, they are still million of this kinda rotten-headed and tonnes of false statement in the land of Malaysia. Not only him, and i can hear ppl out there clapping for him.
    \btw, why all the Mr.A.I faces in the comincs are the same. Nvm, it makes no different.

  91. I’m a Singaporean Malay, not really familiar with the situation, but I *facepalm* at all those Malay politicians. I wish they could just STFU with the discrimination, seriously.

  92. I don’t wanna hear, I don’t wanna know
    Please don’t say you’re sorry
    I’ve heard it all before
    And I can take care of myself
    I don’t wanna hear, I don’t wanna know
    Please don’t say ‘Forgive me’
    I’ve seen it all before
    And I can’t take it anymore
    You’re not half the man you think you are
    Save your words because you’ve gone too far
    I’ve listened to your lies and all your stories (Listened to your stories)
    You’re not half the man you’d like to be
    I don’t wanna hear, I don’t wanna know
    Please don’t say you’re sorry
    I’ve heard it all before
    And I can take care of myself
    I don’t wanna hear, I don’t wanna know
    Please don’t say ‘Forgive me’
    I’ve seen it all before
    And I can’t take it anymore
    Don’t explain yourself ’cause talk is cheap
    There’s more important things than hearing you speak
    You stayed because I made it so convenient (made it so convenient)
    Don’t explain yourself, you’ll never see

  93. That was a great way to present that story. Hahahahaha. It’s blogs that really blew open how terrible things have gotten in this country. I remember just a few years ago, one nasty word about the government and you’d be put in jail.
    🙂 Yay blogs!

  94. Hahaha this entry is so darn funny. Especially the last pic where he gives the middle finger. Two again! My goodness!
    Btw, to call the malaysian chinese “squatters” is unforgivable. I wonder how he could get awayy from this sticky situation. I’m not into politics or anything of that sort but I think he just disgraced the other malays in the UMNO by saying that.
    Without the Chinese, Malaysia is not Malaysia as it is today. To say such a thing is just.. so so wrong.

  95. Ah mad is mail is definitely an uneducated fella who must have lotsa lalang in his brain.
    Malaysia is considered a newly established country in 1957, and its clearly declared as a multi national country – chinese, malays, indians, bumiputras, during that time.
    No point arguing which race is wrong or right, bcs we just needed each other to make the country a better place. In my point of view, I just feel that its the best to remove priority, so that this kind of issues wont happen again.
    Everyone is equal, no matter which race we were, we’re still m’sian, and we should unite as one.
    Time for a change.

  96. hmm.. sad.. the governments r stil sleeping or wat?? y don juz quickly settle this racist thing?? we malaysians shud work together.. haiz
    i think ahmad no study 1 lor.. simply scold other race 1..
    well.. im mix blood.. so i hope all this stupid thing can b settled as soon as posible.. haiz..
    i hope nex time thr’s no melayu boleh or cina boleh or india boleh or other race boleh.. but only malaysia boleh =)
    those who born in malaysia, proud tht we r malaysians n make malaysia a better place to live.. ^___^

  97. Good job Kenny! Cheers~!
    The msian currency is going lower and lower just bcs of all these shits. The government is probably sleeping soundly after eating too much good food.
    They should really banned this Ah ‘Mad’ from the Msian politics to avoid more misunderstandings!
    Migrants don’t need to pay tax, why are we still paying? YO WAKE UP MR MAD!!

  98. no eye see…
    Dat sucka talk without using his fucking brain.
    Use ass think nia. KNN.
    wat to do, babi ma. the ass grow on his head wan.
    Dat make his head full of shyt

  99. a good suggestion for them…(U) (M)ight (N)eed (O)rgasm
    they are HOPELESS! lets jz wait for sep 16…complain dat we are racists…who is the racist now?
    squatters? maybe he got confused by the word “squatters” i guess…
    we who can do more squats(squatters) compared to him who is so fuakin fat and cant do squats…thus branding us squatters? omfgwtfusskthxbye~
    if i do see Ah Mad Is Mail around…god bless him =.=”

  100. aye…paiseh forgot 2 add…
    he no eat pork ma…his brains lack the essential vitamins n nutrients~ XD
    IMHO if u feed him pork he wud b more civilized?
    not dat i wanna spam o wat…jz dat…i buay tahan dat guy callin us chinese “squatters” T_T

  101. omg they are so hopeless….barbarians!
    people like this are bringing our country down. shame on them. i’m overseas and everytime i read or hear something about our country it’s always negative!!

  102. cibai tht ahmad ismail. he speaks with his kepala lutut ka! even tht najib said sorry cos he knows dis bastard did tht. Najib was thr and he witnessd everythin. send dis son of a bitch to hell!

  103. While UMNO has many good members and I actually like the PM it’s no wonder they are losing power. They have too many old rich men who are so out of touch and represent only a select few. We are one of the few countries in the world that have protective policies for a MAJORITY population. This kind of legislation is usually used to protect minorities. It does a disservice to good, hard working Malays and makes them look lazy and stupid (they ARE NOT lazy and stupid it just makes them look this way). Only a majority that is LAZY needs that kind of protection and that’s how we are viewed by the rest of the world. Also let us not forget that Malaysia would be much worse off without our ethnic diversity. Each group (Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc) has contributed and continues to contribute huge amounts to our economic and social well being. It is time for checks and balances. We need another party in charge for a few years. I’m not saying UMNO is irrelevant but like many other countries it would be nice to have a new party in charge every 5-10 years. We must all make a stand for peaceful political change!
    I would like to see UMNO reform. They need to start by taking serious action against people like this. We need to hold them accountable and make sure everyone is truly equal.

  104. Sucks !! very dissapointed to hear AHMAD ISMAIL Statement…somemore dun wan to appologise …
    ‘BUAT MALU’ want Najib to appologise for u ….
    Really dissapointed with this country d…all its sucks!!! UMNO!!?!? SUCKS!! PUIK!!!

  105. Sounds to me the minorities of M’sia need to stand up. like the song goes, “Get Up Stand Up! Stand up for your rights!” SG armed forces can take over the Malay peninsula in a matter of days. Maybe SG brothers need to rescue our cultural brethren from the “special” race. Perhaps India needs to dispatch it’s armed forces as well. We can split the peninsula and keep such bullshit in check. Let’s see Ahmad and the rest of the racist Bumis talk shit after it’s under the marshal law. Seriously if Russians and Americans can do it, I don’t see why SG can’t do it. I’m sure the Chinese and the Indians would welcome us.

  106. omg i knew the malays were over their head but i didn’t think they’ll be stupid enough to say it out loud. fuck umno if not for them we’ll be better than singaporeans (cos they got chinese!).
    give me a parang i’ll do the talkin

  107. Hey, anynomous85
    the only reason the white haired lord is stopping umno/bn is cos HE HIMSELF wants to rule swk alone. i heard he wants to be PM lol.
    while i admit it has its good points its still no excuse for the massively deep corruption he has made.
    also say-no-to-bn,
    i wouldn’t want ahmed to be re-born as a chinese (he should be punished lol not rewarded). He should be reborned a pig. Oink Oink. YUM!

  108. see..over here in the comments also, so many racist comments about malays.. hahahaha.. what la u all.. then u all angry about some old dude muttering some foolish words.. sigh.. can’t believe some of you stooped low to his level… sad sad world…
    no more racist remarks please!! poor kenny has to delete all of them..

  109. If Ah Mad to be reborn as a pig, I wouldn’t have eat him cos it will just lower my standard. Brainless pigs are not yummy, and might harm your brain too.

  110. haiz..y that ah mad like that wan!!
    im mixed bumi + chinese and im sooo damn angry with Ah Mad’s remark..
    he better go back to his mama lah!
    i HOPE he faces the consequences VERY SOON!

  111. We chinese people are immigrants ?
    What makes UMNO think they can survive in Malaysia without the chinese people ?
    Im tired of listening to Bumiputras telling us that we are lucky enough that they have allowed us to live in Malaysia !!
    You think we lucky or they lucky now ?
    I think it would be a lot luckier for us if they were to leave us alone and stop friggin tell us about their so-special-rights !

  112. Ah MAD was aptly named. His comments would qualify as “Spreading Hate” in civilised society,esp as a political leader, which begs the next Q. Whom does he lead?
    Without SARAWAK where would MALAYSIA be? 40 years ago there were just a couple hundred Malays living across the river from KUCHING. Like in most Multi-Cultural Societies, Politicians representative of those enjoying Unfair Advantages must victimise other Ethnic Groups in turn lest they find Common Ground to Unite and become a Contender rather than perrenial Opposition.
    MALAYSIAN Racial INEQUALITY has to be blatant for EUROPEAN & US Leaders to publicly accuse them of RACISM. Absurdity of Affirmative Action Laws which benefit the Majority is tacit admission to Inferiority Complex and most Harmful to said Majority.
    When REALITY eventually bites under the burkha how will they compete?

  113. This is damn funny but I am BOILING! I love the Badawi and Najib ones. ROTFL. But arggghhh what the fuck is wrong with all these UMNO folks?!! Apologies mean nothing. Jail that cowardly bastard – IMO this is MUCH more hateful than Namewee’s video. Namewee only pointed out the Malaysia’s flaws, this asshole on the other hand by saying the Chinese have lesser rights is directly igniting racial hatred! UMNO is definitely playing the divide and rule tactic now.
    A Swk’ian bumi

  114. what the freak?!
    We chinese people are immigrants?!
    UMNO thinks they can survive without chinese
    people, they better think again.
    It’s because of their extra-special rights that
    they get to do so many things in the country
    without being criticized.
    When bumiputra people do wrong. they’re let go
    so easily. But when chinese people do wrong, the
    whole world has to know about it..and be punished
    for it! gawd damnit!

  115. I wonder if tourism Malaysia still advertises Malaysia as a harmonious multiracial country. A part of me hopes that investors will stop coming in because they don’t want to be associated with a racist, corrupt government. The world needs to know about what is happening here.

  116. It’s no use complaining and using the ‘Malays should get back to Indonesia’ card since a Malay pointed out to me that Malaysia and Indonesia share very similar cultures and traditions (the real Malays with Jawa and Bugis and all) and they do not consider themselves as pendatang when we say they should get back to Indonesia, unlike us who they say that we come to malaya to a land with a culture, language and tradition totally different than china’s and because of that we haven’t assimilated well. I guess they forgot that Merdeka was achieved with the help of all races, not just their own.

  117. Its really sad… why after living together under the same roof for more than half a century… especially for us who were born and live on this land… we would still be called immigrants…? Sad… really sad… should we just go back to China instead then? Would that be possible?… Of course no… coz if we are Malaysian then Malaysia will be our home. No doubt about that. Hopefully Ah Mad this guy and anyone elses who hold such similar prejudice would realize one day…

  118. Actually, some ppl said when non-malays said racist remarks, nobody asked them to apologise? Of course no mah, just want to strip off their citizenship, n want to jail them oni mah? Luckily Wee Meng Chee can still come back to Malaysia.. even after he apologised, PM still not happy with him.. want to charge him.. I don’t really think Wee is racist lar, but as he said, if it is offensive to certain groups of ppl, he apologises.. That’s y I find what Mahathir said is quite unbelievable.. Was there any clear case that when non-Malays uttered racist remarks.. they were let go without a single warning? Can someone remind me?

  119. This only happens in Malaysia
    If a minister had said this in the US, he would have been forced to step down
    I love Malaysia, but am totally ashamed to be one because of screwed up, corrupted, discriminating system

  120. This is a sensitive issue….Shouldn’t be spoken but then….Maybe should….to remind the young generation in Malaysia….Don’t forget history….how did other race can stay and be the citizen in Tanah Melayu…..Maybe the malays get some perks and alot of benefits….but please do not forget, because of this we become Malaysia…Because of this we become a multi racial country……because of the Act Article 153 that is agreed by the OLDER GENERATION….
    Anyhow, I have to agree that Ahmad must apologise because of the way he said it was not appropriate…..well then, maybe this is just an act of politics to bring our mind to somewhere else….hahahaha!!!…..just dun forget this 16th yaaa!!!….
    -so don’t easily get mad with some politics games….

  121. Come to Singapore!! We have equal rights regardless of race! Meritocracy! We love everyone, immigrants are respected here!

  122. Tired of all these…. No single words on nation development by the BN leaders. All racists… I want to see what they will become if there are no Chinese and Indian in Malaysia. Really fed up with BN government.

  123. UMNO practices fascism / zionism or apartheid .. not communism. While they speak big big in support of Palestinian, UMNO is practising its own divide and conquer.

  124. If you are 21, please go and register yourself as a voter… NOW! Never know, some other election maybe coming soon.!
    MCA and Gerakan should just come out of this bla bla-risan

  125. Malays are good as well as other races is just certain individual who totally ignorant nothing much to do trying to bring up unnecessary topic and talk rubbish.. without them I am sure Malaysia would be better off

  126. little did u guys know, the 1957 coalition of UMNO-MCA-MIC is not as “honest” and “nice” as it seems.
    chk out 10Tahun Sebelum Merdeka video and u will see.
    Sept 16, I’m waiting for it^^

  127. If you think there’s no hope – leave.
    The less this country is composed of cynics like you, the more her chances of succeeding.

  128. i’m blind. I can’t see any racist talks in any member of parliament in aisyalam(malaysia – backwards as back-sided)

  129. if chinese are imigrants…. WHY ARE CHINESE ALLOWED TO VOTE in pilihan raya!!!!
    The malays are racist coz they didnt study moral like the non malays. They thought their islam is enough and we non malays have no moral.
    Kebebasan seseorang individu untuk menyatakan pemikiran atau kritikan tanpa unsur kekauman and isu isu sensitive

  130. let all of us malaysians be it chinese, malay, gwai loh, indian get rid of these greedy politicians who have become flithy rich because of their contracts contracts from the govment (which uses our hard earned tax paid) and are now scared of losing their power and influence. They are playing mind games and race games, because that is the only game they know.
    it is not about malay or islam or chinese or etc, it is about ARROGANT POLITICIANS who think they can continue to BULLS*** us malaysians…
    think about it.

  131. Can someone get the live recording of his speech that night and share it on the net with everyone? I am sure all people would like to hear themselves whether he was really telling history? I think the recording will prove everything. Anyone? Please share with all the Malaysian, we are not racist. So Please Share.

  132. YA. my chinese msian friends are ALWAYS complaining about the unfair treatment they have been receiving from the govt. in short, they think that they are worse than a second-class citizen! no welfare no nothing.
    what’s the govt doing man??!!

  133. First off, i think it’s a ploy to stoke the racial tension as umno needed the malay support. same goes to mca/gerakan, by showing they have the bottle to retaliate, then maybe chinese will show them some face (?). you know the works..
    Alarmingly, when the races distrust each other, they give comments bordering on insults or claiming superiority (yellow power? ketuanan melayu?).
    Don’t fall into the trap! We have more similarities than we ever noticed of.
    I’m a malay and i think ahmad is a retard. He doesn’t represent my thoughts.


  135. To all commenters who leave messages that’s insulting other races and/or religions you guys are NO DIFFERENT from Ah Mad himself
    You guys are just BIG TIME IDIOTS too!
    Racist comments = SHIT
    Religion insulting comments = SHIT

  136. i was refused entry when i approached a restaurant today, because the malays needed to buka puasa. I thought it was extremely unfair and discriminating, and am extremely infuriated by this.
    This is frustrating. why should there be a double standard? what happened to being “malaysian”? what happened to there being equality and us being able to accept and understand each and every race’s differences, and having pure and simple respect. There is none in majority of our politicians who should be the role models of our country!
    This is a disgrace. We’re the butt of all jokes, and all this drama is highly entertaining for everyone, but as everyone has already tire of hearing, enough’s enough. we all say enough, and please focus on more pressing matters, but they dont take heed and keep on digging up more frivolous matters to go all dramatic about. Frustrating!
    In my purely honest opinion, I think Pak Lah is a good man, and it is the people around him who are obstructing him from showing his true potential. there are many things that he has done, that people seem to have just forgotten so easily. They only focus on whats negative. Pak Lah should not be called “lembik”, because you cant possibly think that Pak Lah can impose all his ideas on to his party members? Pak Lah practices true democracy. That is evident in our recent elections. Would we have gotten such fair results if he had not been our prime minister? I doubt it. We all know how the election results are always toggled with.
    Its always easier to be lured to the dark side, whereby people can be tempted by the idea of power and money, but to do good for the sincerity of it and for the rakyat, its harder to convert most people’s mindset to that. so do bear in mind, that mayhaps Pak Lah is not “lembik” but simply outnumbered. At the very least, he didnt just throw his hands up in defeat and run over to the other side. He maintained his stand. So please people, respect our Prime Minister!

  137. Immigrant? I tot M’sia once oni got orang asli one? Ppl used to immigrate from Indo like Parameswara also illegal immigrant? Joke man.
    Btw, one bad egg, u all already jumping bandwagon. See the wider view la. U think gov under Anwar is any good for non-Malays, think again and check some history bout this before u so boldly talk about it.

  138. this might b an “act” for pak lah 2 buy other ppl’s heart…he jz wanna show 2 us “squatters” dat he does not think the way Ah Mad is thinking…and he might b the “director” of this fine play 2 promote himself as a “muhibbah” person LOL XD

  139. ill just wait for 916. all these are bullshits to provoke racial suicide. think bout it, which party will get all the friggin benefits IF 513 repeats.

  140. only racist people will ever associate anything with race.
    stop being racist ourselves if you don’t want others to be racist.
    look beyond the race and religion,
    those who insult malay also same level as this ahmad, same racism.
    why can’t some people see that we are msians? we’re not chinese, we’re not malays, we’re not indians etc.
    growup people, problem with this country is it’s LEADERS, not any race.
    any average msian loves msia and other race. only hardcore people (which is bad) like to b racist.

  141. I’M SO GLAD I’M NOT MALAYSIAN! I’M SO GLAD I’M NOT MALAYSIAN! I’M SO GLAD I’M NOT MALAYSIAN! I’M SO GLAD I’M NOT MALAYSIAN! I’M SO GLAD I’M NOT MALAYSIAN! I’M SO GLAD I’M NOT MALAYSIAN! The country sucks!! from the policemen, the roads, no hygiene and million other stuff..

  142. He’s just speaking the truth. Chinese are 2nd class citizens in Malaysia. Those who wanna stay in Msia should just shuttup and put up with it, otherwise leave. Dunno what you chinese are still doing there.

  143. Funny…Singapore government favours the Chinese while Malaysian government favours the Malay..Sigh!
    THAT’S A FACT!!!

  144. agree with moomoozhai and dreameridiot’s opinion. these are all the political cunnings to divide us ppl. we have the option to not fall into their motives anyway.. like moomoozhai said, it’s the LEADER, not the ppl.
    i can’t help but feel sad and worry(extremely worried) about our country’s condition. I hope for the best, and i mean no Anwar as our nation’s leader. Come on.. you want us to be under IMF after he takes over Malaysia? remember that’s what he had suggested to our exPM during the economy breakdown 11 years ago…
    he’s cunning, too cunning, that he put Malaysia in a jeopardize position… think deeper ppl..and you thought Ahmad Ismail’s bitchy saying is by accident? we might know the culprit…
    i hope for our country’s peace.. No May 13 incident to happen again soon or in the future..

  145. Why make such a big fuss about this??? Try staying in Singapore and see how it’s like.
    Example…. a month before Chinese New Year, you can hear the New Year songs playing loud and clear in possibly all the Malls islandwide and groceries stores but when Hari Raya or Deepavali approach, you cannot hear any of the festive songs being aired except for Serangoon Road and Geylang Serai!!! Is this FAIR??
    Our National Anthem is in Malay but where is the respect for us here? I dont blame Ahmad for saying that statement, he knows history well.
    Even the Malays are discriminate in some way or another in Singapore HOKAY!!!

  146. There’s nothing wrong with Ahmad’s statement. It’s a FACT..common guys…grow up!
    If you’re unhappy, go back to China (there are many island there to choose from) or HongKong.

  147. James: “There’s nothing wrong with Ahmad’s statement. It’s a FACT..common guys…grow up!
    If you’re unhappy, go back to China (there are many island there to choose from) or HongKong.”
    1. Come on and common are different.
    2. Want to go back to Island? How about Indonesia? Country of thousand islands.

  148. this is going nowhere. for almost half century all of us has lived here in malaysia peacefully (forget about some racial tension in few section of the history, but most of the time, we live peacefully). we build this country together for more than 50 years! why the need of racial tension now? i don’t blame ahmad, wee meng chee or even hindraf, but i believe there must be somebody who suddenly tries to bring the race issues for political purposes. i seriously don’t see anything good about this.

  149. c’mpn ppl…
    are we going to be really disunite and kill each other like 13th may just b’coz one brainless man…
    we all love this country
    don’t let this small incident make us hate other races
    and kenny pls.. pls.. pls…
    pls be more responsible..
    ur comic may be funny to some ppl..
    but create more anger to some other…
    we love ur blog and pls make us UNITE

  150. fid,…its ppl like you that allow the minorities (indian, chinese etc.) to be treated like shit. You think you are smart and trying to promote racial harmony and live a peaceful life. This is what i have to say to you…FUCK YOU! u start off by saying “this is going nowhere”. FUCK YOU. Its because of ppl like you that after 50 years this country is going nowhere. So take you peaceful “racial tensions dont exist” midset and shove it up yourself. FUCK YOU. I dont blame ahmad or meng chee….i blame ppl like you. Ppl that take shit and lap it up gleefully like it was honey covered in gold. Thats what i have to say to you and I’ll now end this post with a big FUCK YOU! thank you….

  151. Dear Sophia,….here’s a BIG FUCK YOU to you too.
    Im lazy to type so just scroll up and read everything i have to say about Fid. Farking retards….

  152. lulz at kennysia.
    beware of ISA wo 😛
    anyway some one should have teach the ah mad guy a fucking lesson , instead of letting him roaming around freely like noting happen.
    we need a dark knight for this country

  153. What a refreshing way to summarize the latest furor in Malaysian politics.
    I hope other Malaysians out there do not just see this as something funny and entertaining. Other the presentation might be amusing, the implications of what happened could be disastrous.
    If there is anyone worth bitch slapping, it will be the people that adopt a ‘don’t know, don’t care’ attitude to whats happening around you.

  154. James:”There’s nothing wrong with Ahmad’s statement. It’s a FACT..common guys…grow up!
    If you’re unhappy, go back to China (there are many island there to choose from) or HongKong. ”
    And call descendents of countless Malays from Indo “islands” to go back too la if like tat. ITS A FACT TOO U NOE, MUPPET.
    Ahmad should just admit he is trying to incite racial discrimination and if UMNO doesnt want to lose more allies, shud charge him under sedition. If not, lets kiss BN gov goodbye.

  155. some say that the newspaper twisted his words.No?
    if it so sad that this happen in malaysia.Dnt play the race card la.We are all equal.No less or superior than the others.N im going out with a chinese guy n we respect each other the way it should.Colours of the skin is diffrent but the blood running through our vein tetap merah .No diffrences ok? Grow up

  156. Let’s see…
    there’s Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Xiamen ….(hundreds more city) for you to stay in and be happy!! 😉
    BTW, Indonesia is a GREAT place to retire. I wished to settle there someday..especially Bandung.

  157. mahathir, mahathir. has ayone seen the insane ammount of comments on his postings? you know…the nationalistic fervour that has gripped the malays over this ahmad ismail incident? instead of apologising, they demand us to apologise. babies, the whole lot. there is a HUGE difference in the chinese who ask for fairness, and just a plain rude racist remark – yes, that’s right – RACIST. the wee guy? oh, come on…mahathir, najib and even anwar himself fanned racial sentiments when they were younger, and at an even older age wee was when he made that song.
    well, they can stick their patriotism up elsewhere. i do not think that demanding for equality in malaysia counts as racism, favouritism or otherwise.
    i don’t think i would mind if they demanded us to go back to china, or india; if only to watch the humungous international attention on malaysia’s ridiculous affirmative action policies. malaysia is probably the only country in the world that supports these racist plans that favour the majority, not the minority. hell, i think the real people who need help are the originals – the orang asli.
    now, we hardly hear THEM complaining, do we? shows a larger degree of tolerance and maturity that is sadly unreflected by our great leaders. come on melayu, you have taken 50 years and you’re still crawling while we’re pulling ourselves up by our own arms. don’t you feel any amount of shame for that?
    OMG please threaten to send us back to our supposed homeland of china and india again – LOUDER, I TELL YOU! i would love to watch all your political careers die with as much humiliation as possible. not to mention, kiss your economy goodbye. oh, and strain relations with both these countries for the inhumane way you degrade their descendants.

  158. It was a damn stupid things to say. Let alone it came from a so called UMNO leader.. Now he’s discriminating d Chinese. Who’s next? D Indians.. Really no common sense..These type of idiot if he can do it 2 a race then he also can do d same thing with the other race soon.. They’re just too free.. Looking 4 trouble lor

  159. hi kenny, finally got ur balls back? i thought all the fames ur enjoying now has gobbled up ur balls… now ur writing something worth reading…

  160. Hey Kenny I’m a Canadian married to a chinese and have 5 children who are part chinese so when I read the article in the newspaper I was outraged. You did what I thought of doing.

  161. I’m a bit sad because everytime a racist thing happen in West Malaysia, it’s being generalized as a ‘Malaysian thing’. Here in Sarawak, we might not be as physically developed as West Malaysia, but at least we are more racial-tolerant. And yet West Malaysians have the guts to say that we still live on trees.
    Malaysia is for Malaysians. We are all immigrants on God’s land. Full-stop.

  162. Sheesh!!!
    Why are you all blaming the chinese and malays??!!
    Eventhough chinese are the second citizens doesn’t mean they dont get equal rights and have to go back to China if they bhe song..(tak puas hati)
    What Ahmad said really isn’t fair ba!
    And Ahmad saying this just cause he thinks he’s so siding the malays..He is so darn WRONG
    It creates MORE missunderstandings!!
    Im not pure chinese nor a malay..
    But I am mixed chinese bumiputra..
    My mom is a chinese and when she heard Ahmad saying this she was really hurt..

    Most of you commenting here are grownups
    Don’t some of you know how to diffrenciate what’s right and what’s wrong??!!
    Some young malaysians maybe reading these comments too esspecially me!
    This is such a bad example..
    Just say what you think is right..
    Some of you think with your brains laaaa!!

  163. James: “Let’s see…
    there’s Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Xiamen ….(hundreds more city) for you to stay in and be happy!! 😉
    BTW, Indonesia is a GREAT place to retire. I wished to settle there someday..especially Bandung.
    U wanna retire to where none of our business. U wanna migrate where none of our business. Cheers again muppet.
    If u guys do beh song Chinese, do please stop buying chinese made products and chinese developed area. This would be your ACTIONS OVER YOUR WORDS, MUPPETS.
    Just this case alone showed us how much bad egg anti-racial ppl r out there. Even my Malay friends find these kind of ppl pathetic.
    Just wonder why cant some ppl be like Sabahans or Sarawakians. Racial tolerant there are way higher compared to West Malaysia. Backwater it maybe, but i dont find any of such racial bickering there.
    The MAIN POINT is that Ahmad may a seditious comment and HE SHOULD BE CHARGED. U racial discriminant muppets should just shut up n get on with life.

  164. This is so heart-aching! seriously, I won’t wanna go back to msia because I really see NO HOPE for the country at all!
    Since the Malay “leaders” don’t see us as belonged to Msia, and we’re not born in China actually. Where should we go? Let’s move to the our DREAMland!
    It’s totally wrong to call Msia Tanah Melayu. The natives of East Msia are not the Malays but the other 20++ minorities. Why can’t the so called leaders be more mature. I believe many of the Malay youngsters won’t agree with what those ‘leaders’ have said!
    Judgement Day is near!

  165. If LEE ZHONG WEI is asked to leave Msia, where will the ONLY silver medal that the Msian born CHINESE won for Msia go? We’ll never in it our life! Forget about it, don’t ever imagine it!

  166. Hmm…
    After 51 years of independence, I think we’ve not even come close to realising the dreams of Malaysia for Malaysians. With the way things are going, I doubt we ever will. Can all Sarawakians just vote for our own independence from this hopeless country? We don’t even need them for God sake; we’d better get out now before the petroleum and the timber supplies run out!

  167. how many island are dey? u fuckwits china is part of the freakin continent.
    malays aren’t discriminated in singapore.
    just because a country’s population is like 20% malay (the rest being chinese) does that mean we have to play malay songs in every mall when the majority are not malay? (i totally made up the figures)
    why don’t we start playin korean song and celebrate their festivals in malaysia? we must be being racist by not playin it in klcc and only in korean restaurants and shit.
    i used to feel stronly about this racism thing but now im more rational.
    malays are just scared because they know the chinese can compete.
    the chinese just wan happiness, which is from earning more and more money.
    this is a generalisation.


  169. huhu..
    we in sarawak n sabah live peacefully eh,eventhough we have 30 races in s’wak n another 32 in sabah it seems like we live as a community compared to just 3 majority races in the semenanjung..hahaha..
    thats why i miss sarawak very much..

  170. I don’t know why Sabah and Sarawak is still in Malaysia??? Don’t you all agree the cost of living in this 2 states are the highest among the rest as compared to our salary drawn?
    Very dissapointed… 🙁

  171. Here’s what I feel:
    That remark is the Govt’s propaganda plans. Why? So, that the Malays would be scared and quickly be on UNMO’s side. Just to create some cause for discomfort amongst the two races..

  172. please, stop making such a big fuss alright? be more tolerable? there are kids around here. and duh, those foul words. its lame.

  173. this is how the UMNO acted when they did the wrong thing..PAK LAH: Don’t worry i will tell him not to mentioned again and i think he DIDNT mean it. WTF is this???? i guess this AH MAD guy is not mature enough to be a politician as he is BRAINLESS..
    UMNO is jz a GIMMICK to buy Malay’s heart…
    other than this, eventhough ANwar had a bad record for bein racist when he was in BN but people can change as he is no longer in BN as he realised UMNO doesnt do good to people..

  174. my my, kenny very politic now. but many people more politic now. coz we want corrupt and stupidity to be flushed from govt.
    *hopefully no one cincai comment sampai kenny kena sue*

  175. Let’s see…there’s Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Xiamen ….(hundreds more city) for you to stay in and be happy!! 😉 SO CHOOSE WISELY YOU’LL… BTW, Indonesia is a GREAT place to retire. I wished to settle there someday..especially Bandung. Cheers!
    I see! You thought those places are Islands in the first place, OMG! I really hope you are not Chinese. Can’t type simple english now failed in Geography..

  176. I may be a Singaporean but I sympathise with whats happening in Malaysia. There will never be peace and harmony when your leaders advocates racism to gain votes.
    one of the reason Singapore kenna kicked out of the malayan federation in 1965 is coz Lee Kuan Yew wanted equal rights for all races and there was alot of Chinese in Singapore. LKY’s words:”Malaysian’s Malaysia” pissed alot of Malays off. Malaysia is erected on the very foundation of inequality.
    Anyway Kenny, maybe u should consider migrating to Singapore, then u can go Zouk chiong every night! Come to Singapore la, we will welcome you with both hands and legs!! Our Singapore government loves foreign talent…. haha!!!

  177. It is not fair for this Ahmad dude to say such things but I think I am not on either side because I hate both races so much I’d rather bleed!!! Coming from a mix heritage family sucks so bad, i wouldn’t care about the government! why you must feel so bad about it either malay or chinese? the malays take advantages on people while the chinese looks down on people and thats final!!! both races are the same!its not the government we should blame on its THE PEOPLE! look around you and visit every corner of this country, which I have…. it is the poeple that make is worst! Though we still live in harmony regardless of what happen! that’s why i do not freaking vote! I’d rather stay rotten in my own house than to bloody care! bye

  178. AHMAD ISMAIL KNNCCB ! U fucking fat piece of SHIT. I hope ur parents felt sorry for giving birth to u . Ur dad should had fuck himself and shoot u on to the wall, u good for nothing piece of shit.
    Saying that we Chinese are immigrants, fuck u ! the fucking problems with Malaysia is that we had too many fucked up politicians that only know how to talk without using their brains but their asshole. But that is what they do, cause they got no brains, no balls and alot of assholessss ! therefore even some malays also KNNCCB some of the malay leaders.
    But dun worry, cause he will not get any punishments cause he will ended up in some masjid and swear that he didn’t mean what he meant and get away with it! HAHAHA…. (it’s the trend NOW ! JUST SWEAR IT)

  179. guys,
    Even PAS Keadilan and DAP condemned Ahmad for his wrongdoings.
    Although not a muslim, i truly believe that PAS people are very God fearing. They really practise what their religion told them to do. The FIRST state government to give FREE lands for Chinese independent schools is PAS man…. first in Kelantan now in Perak. Shame on MCA that had never got a piece of shit for Chinese Ind school even after 51 years of independence. what a shame.
    Unlike UMNO, creating racial tension in the name of Malay Unity or Islam…. what else can you say?


  181. so many racist comments LOL.
    i think it’s funny people care so much about race.
    we msians seriously have to grow up.
    those hurling racist insults , ur same as ahmad talk racist stuff. think about that.
    why can’t you say “you (insert name) are so stupid” instead of saying “you (insert name) (insert race) stupid”
    stop attacking people in general, attack individuals
    stop looking at race.

  182. Chill people. that Ahmad’s a asshole without brains, everyone here knows that well. but as to why he’s doing this, well obvious ain’t it. cuz he’s DESPERATE!!! he’s losing Penang ok. like Saiful, this goon probably got paid to act as a scapegoat to trigger disharmony between races, get the cina & melayu to fight against each other so that people fail to realize their tricks, & finally, sit still on keeping on stealing $$$ from the people. i assume that you guys know very well who am i pointing my finger at.
    To all non-bumi’s, know your enemy before you fight. or else you’ll just end up wasting your might & ended up killing the wrong person, while the culprit sitting somewhere from afar, laughing loud while watching the fight & stealing our $$$.
    Dr M, he’s not nyanyuk as some here may think he’s. put it this way, he NEEDS to condemn the chinese. why? well, why do you think Anwar was framed years ago & who framed him? Anwar is rising to power steadfast now & many chinese’re on his side, even though he may just be another goon trying to feed himself through impoverishing others. being the good’ol archenemy of Anwar, Dr M is just “DOING HIS JOB” fighting his enemy.
    To all bumi’s, well though this will not sound nice. Parameswara, the very first guy to have established the identity of Malays here, is an immigrant from Indonesia himself. so technically speaking, Malays are just migrants like the rest of all other races except the orang asli. THEY’re the true aborigines & bumiputeras, but do you see them getting any special rights or treatments? but those don’t matter now, like the so-called non-bumi’s, we all now are born here, we grew up here, eat here, sleep here and shit here. why can’t we, while keeping our ancestral and racial heritage, truly call ourselves Malaysians for once?
    & Malays, please! your UMNO ain’t trying to help you! what they’re actually doing is telling you guys that you guys’re incompetent retards that needs their “constant” assistance to “live”, in order to do so, you must support them continually by handing up 90% or so of the nations’ wealth into their pockets while you guys can keep about 1%. wake up guys! the goons don’t care about you guys! all they ever care’s that is they ever get their pockets filled! you guys can be competent & heck, ARE competent!! you don’t need those goons! all you guys need to feed yourselves’re yourselves.
    Lastly, the government is hopeless indeed. not just by the fact that immature assholes like this Ahmad can still be a MP, but also the fact that the government even lacks the creativity to sprout new tricks to divide us & keep recycling old tricks that obviously don’t work as well anymore. people DON’T STAY STUPID y’know!!! instead of trying to unite us as they claim, these guys are just constantly trying to divide us so that they can rule on. the simple & basic principle of “divide & rule” remember? the goons just used it in a more subtle way than the Brits more than half a century ago.
    So guys, lets stand as one for a change. ROBOHKAN our true enemy!! ROBOHKAN BN!! ROBOHKAN UMNO!!

  183. The bumiputra are orang asli not malays. Malays came from palembang , form 1 sejarah taught us that parameswara come and “squatter” the land orang asli. if chinese squatter then so do them.

  184. To those people out there who are slandering Malays with mindless insults, how are you any different from Ahmad Ismail ?
    Don’t be a racist, you know full well that none of us can survive without the other. Don’t we all love nasi lemak, laksa, tandoorichicken all the same ?? 🙂
    Come on people !!! Stand united together as Malaysians, wake up !! Your true enemy are the greedy government pigs, who doesn’t give a fuck about the rakyat !!! D:

  185. Let’s look beyond race in this issue. It’s not because he’s a Malay or bumi — it’s because deep down inside, this is who he really is. If Ahmad was born a Chinese, he would be an extremely proud and racist Chinese. Let’s not be racists and stereotype all Malays. That would make us no different from Ahmad.

  186. This Mad is thinking the Malays to backing him, and pull all Malays and say fully support him…..Do you believe that? Do know how this kind of people being elected….

  187. Awwww… another racist cat and dog mouth fight. (Grab potato chips while reading nasty comments to entertain myself for the next 20 minutes)
    Malaysia is just not Malaysia without those cat fights… it’s like watching my bro n sister fight over astro remote control at home

  188. It is true mah.
    All Chinese is Pendatang from China.
    According to history, they come here and work in Malaysia such as tin miner.
    We should grateful to the bumiputra because they give us the IC and a place to call our own home.

  189. Any Malaysian citizen (irrespective of his origin race)travelling abroad will be treated as Malaysian, not Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Dayak, etc. When we go to China or India, we need to apply VISA to enter these countries. When you travel to Indonesia, you are treated as a tourist and can saty maximum for 30 days only.
    We are proud to be Malaysians and we just celebrated our 61st Merdeka Day. So why talked about who are or were “Pemdatang”?

  190. I’m a M’sian Chinese who grew up in a malay kampung. I studied in Malay primary and secondary schools. I’m one of 3 Chinese in my high school. My best friend and friends are Malays, all my teachers who “sayang” me a lot are Malays and my god mom + neighbour, Mak Minah, who makes nice kueh-mueh for me every time I’m back to visit her is a Malay.
    They care about me a lot and I care about them a lot too.
    But I fear my children will never get to experience the joy of mingling and living together harmoniously in this “multiracial” country I call HOME.

  191. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA XD . Good one Kenny!!
    ‘It is true mah.
    All Chinese is Pendatang from China.
    According to history, they come here and work in Malaysia such as tin miner.
    We should grateful to the bumiputra because they give us the IC and a place to call our own home.’
    Wtf? I hope you’re not serious =_= .

  192. “eh listen u all.. when chinese say racists things about malays, nobody asked them to apologise.. when HINDRAF says malays are killing them genocide style, wiping them off from Malaysia, nobody said anything also.. no one asked them to apologise.. but when a melayu go said “immigrant”.. must apologise, create big fuss etc.. ”
    No one ask them to appologize cuz ISA will come and “fetch” you go minum kopi without ppl notice.

  193. Where is the rights ? Do v stay here for short term or life long …come on BN …if u(BN) think tat u’re great than do the best for our country & PPL of all races…If u cant just step down ….BETTER

  194. Sigh, your post just about sums up what’s happening. Although most of us are upset, I think it’s wiser to just let it slide.
    The Buddha on Criticisms
    A man met the Buddha on the street one day and began to call him mean and ugly names. Buddha listened quietly and thoughtfully until the man ran out of epithets, and had to pause for breath.
    “If you offer something to a man and he refused it, to whom does it belong?” asked Buddha.
    The spiteful man replied, “It belongs, I suppose, to the one who offered it.”
    Then Buddha said, “The abuse and vile names you offer me, I refuse to accept.”
    The man turned and walked away

  195. I believe this Ahmad fella just has nothing better to do, tryin to get some squabbling going on. Don’t fall for that bastard’s ploy.As Malaysians, we shud stick together.

  196. READ THIS!
    u chinese are also racist what. dont freaking deny it. u look down upon malays and indians. which irks me so much. ur ancestors come here for work looking for ways to sustain life. pity after a few generations you all forgot where your roots are. and u start talking shit abt the malays. and when a malay say a racist remark, all of u act surprised. like you dont do it. dont say that u all started to become racist because of this ahmad incident. u started doing it way earlier. if you dont like malaysia, go back to china. lets see if ur ‘mother’ country wants to accept you.
    im not racist, i just dont like hypocrites. id love for all of us to live in peace and harmony. and i think it takes both parties to make things right. cmon people. have respect for each other.

  197. Hahahahaha kenny your comic damn funny lah. After reading a whole bunch of comments here, I can agree with xyz (comment above this) that all of us are somewhat racist at heart, since whenever. we can’t just hate a race because of one or two rotten apples within the race…
    Hate the sin, not the sinner. This ahmad dude want to berbising with his racist remark, let him be lah. Why bother so much. He probably likes all the attention he’s getting now. On a less political level, malays, indians and chinese live together peacefully enough, given proper environment and education. Education and moral values must be a weak point of this Ahmad.

  198. yea, ALL of the Chinese should grab our money and leave the country. Let the “true Malaysians” survive (or die) on their own..

  199. this PM really memang solan7hai and coward…he doesn’t really concern about much of chinese racism…turn it over,if we say they are the immigrants…sure he will be acted differently and taken more concerned…..

  200. eh kenny, you know how ppl are going to comment on posts like this. Why u still do it. i feel ur trying too hard to the extent that u dont give a shit if u hurt ppls feeling. i truly fucking hate you now. u changed.

  201. fact: lee kuan yew did not separate singapore from malaysia. lee kuan yew was told to take singapore out from malaya. in another word, my relatives were booted out from malaya! lky was bruised and battered by that decision.
    dun believe everything the failed education systems tell you. another sad story for another day.

  202. Anything less than sacking that A mad from Umno/BN will be a total failure on PM!
    Let’s see whether he has learned to listen to people over 308!!!!!!

  203. xyz
    There are racists among all races. The problem with this setting is that a racist statement was made by a member of government acting on his official capacity. If all he gets is a light slap on the wrist what is the implication for the public at large? That the government pays lip service to condemming such discriminatory statements by one of its members? that the government is not really discouraging such notions?
    Imagine what happens if a member of a Chinese party (BN or Opposition) utters s similar statement, for e.g, that the Malays are immigrants who should not be called bumiputras but are also immigrants, because they arrived before the Chinese (but after the Orang Asli). What will happen to the Chinese official? Anybody hazard a guess?

  204. hey XYZ,
    since when our LEADER said racist things against your race?
    SINCE WHEN you idiot.
    If you think you ‘ve bear enough shame because we look down on you, WORK HARD THEN.
    you gotta prove it to the world man.. Dont just keep asking ppl to go back to their “mother country” or what so ever..
    malays are also from Indonesia what… Your grandfather’s uncle’s granduncle, Parameswara was a Hindu what. He came from Indo what.
    if you LIKE then you can as well go back to Indo and see how can Indon accept racist like you !
    i know i cant speak so FAKE like you , saint-wanna-be

  205. Look at us. It’s not about the Malays vs Chinese guys.
    Ah Mad should have think twice before he uttered those words. His remarks showed us a lot about his degree of intellectual. Politics should never be a racial issue.
    We should not behave like Ah Mad.
    Do not throw your anger + words easily and foolishly at each other like Ah Mad.

  206. Congrats u pig, i just report to SKMM about this post..Somebody will knock on your door very soon, better put you under ISA for 5 years then only you going to learn…Fuck!

  207. ask those stupid politicians to EAT SHIT GO DIE!!!! bloody hell….they cant even survive without CHINESE contributing their efforts and money to develop this country!!! ASK ABDULLAH TO COME DOWN FROM STAGE!!! useless PM!! how can he let his people to say such stupid things in front of the public!!
    Previously they said that “namewee” had insulted our national theme and other races with his funny rap songs, then how about Ahmad? Aren’t he make this mistake even serious to say it out DIRECTLY? At least “namewee” just sing it out with hidden meanings inside his song.
    WE SERIOUSLY NEED APOLOGISES FROM AHMAD! this is not ZAMAN BATU ok? everyone should be treated EQUALLY for their rights!!

  208. i feel very angry and sad with such racist remark by these ppl… but with all the hu haaa at least your blog entries is a consolation and comfort…. sighhh may god bless all those non malay in malaysia

  209. dear penarik beca 🙂
    lol what are u on about? no such thing. who were the inhabitants of malaysia? indonesians? what are u on about? we are similar but we are not the same. after all we are in the malay region (indonesia, malaysia, brunei).
    anyways thats not my point. the point is, we are all racists. why are u surprised to hear a racist remark from someone? u do it to us malays. leader or not, we’re all the same. how do u think we achieve peace and harmony? through our leaders? leaders not racist but the whole country is u think thats gonna work?
    think about it.

  210. good one kenny, good one. it doesn’t matter what we do..we will be second class citizens and these people are ungrateful. hopefully one day justice will be found!

  211. Fuck you. Free speech kononnya, and then people like you threaten us. It was a PARODY, nothing more. You’re the sensitive prick if you got offended by it. Dr M’s blog is waaaaay more explosive. Should we throw him in jail under ISA, too?

  212. to wawa,
    i dont think that kenny meant to hurt anyone’s feelings – the same way ahmad ismail didn’t mean to hurt people’s feelings either.

  213. Im a MIC members, can i give a speech tommorrow to condemn other races and only GET 3 YEARS SUSPENSION of my mic membership?
    This was the stern actions promised by PM?
    chou chi bai

  214. If ahmad thinks we are squatters.
    He themselves too are squatters, because malaysia was part of thai or pirates areas.
    If all chinese went to east peninsular and be independence, malaysia will be in trouble

  215. Racism kill harmonism.. hard to say lah.. think twice before speak. Like the old folk says.. terlajak perahu boleh diundur.. terlajak kata? than u deserve what u should lah.. what can i say is.. dont think because of one politician oppinion, it is describe all malays in the country. We’re different lol~ And i bet u.. much of us r happy of what we achieved together (malay,chinese,indian) today.. May the harmonism still strong ever after.. ameen.

  216. Leave my fellow malaysian……..this country is hopeless……our pm and mp do nothing to improve our country…..i dun see any sign that our country is improving from the past 5 yrs!!! damn!
    take money is ok but gotta do something right?!take money then do nothing….what the heck!

  217. hahaha.. Ah Mad must be less than smart or educated, he doesn’t know what immigrant mean? by the way, who let him talk?

  218. Negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darahku,
    Rakyat hidup, bersatu dan maju,
    Rahmat bahagia, Tuhan kurniakan,
    Raja kita, selamat bertakhta.
    Rahmat bahagia, Tuhan kurniakan,
    Raja kita, selamat bertakhta.
    “Unnecessary racism is so sad.” by drawn together Ling-Ling~~~
    Sniff~~~ Sniff~~~ I have no country to call home! It’s all i ever know and is born in this land.
    So no matter the terrible things has happened, it is still my home. So, YEAH! Better Apologizes! By kissing my ass! “Apologizes~~~~”

  219. to xyz:
    By law a politician cannot tear another politician picture. Cos it is consider; declaring war or hate crime among him/her and include the people he/she represents.
    i’m jus letting other ignorant people know. Think about it xyz. It abt equal rights, right?

  220. aiya..cheer la u all..penang under DAP now..then he got no money to earn ady…just bark little bit only…chinese not that kecil hati right….

  221. Hey guys before you get too angry reading or looking at provoking pictures, think again. The ordinary Malay you see in the street would be minding his/her own business living his/her life. Then this hyped up bickering between polititians get into mass media and these polititians shoot insults at each other at the same time claim the represent their own race. Becareful. Ahmad does not represent all Malays. I am currently working overseas and when I read about the news, it did not trigger any feelings except that I had just wasted 15 mins of my life reading about childish fights between stupid polititians. But, the more I read and especially when I see the pics there, it start to annoy me that this picture is showing someone I do not know tearing up a picture of my own kind. Think about it. Most commoners (bumi or not) will only be provoked they think the other party is against them. Same here, if a Malay guy without any hatred towards us innocently browse into this website and read all your angry comments, how would he feel? He would of course start to side Ahmad! It’s only natural to be defensive when provoked.. Bottomline is please be aware that these insults are thrown by one stupid polititan and there is no point getting everyone else to hate each other because of one insignificant guy called Ahmad! Peace is more important because your family’s life all depend on that!

  222. since when chinese have got EQUAL rights? without chinese the fricking bumiputeras wont be able to survive with the economy down falling. besides, bumiputeras are squatters too. ORANG ASLI is the one that actually have the rights to say something. we are all squatters the same if that fricking stupid politician speaks it that way.

  223. NO chinese, NO malaysia
    dun blif? let’s test the malays whether they can survive without the chinese. i give 10 years
    after 10 years? all the malays rot to hell.

  224. if you chinese dun like the treatments malaysia gives you, go back to china la.. talk so much wad for.. haiyaaaaaaaaa.. im a chinese n i dun care… play2 while we are in malaysia enuf liaw

  225. Funny cartoon but in view what’s happening now.. things are funny anymore. And Kenny, since you CAN’T be online 24/7 to moderate your comment, I would suggest you be more cautious/responsible and turn on `comments moderation’. Some of your comments are too crass and vulgar and incite racism.

  226. chinese cibai can go die.. go back china la… thinkwe need you so muchh mehhh.. you ppl breed like factory n stay in malaysia.. still wanna complain.. dun like the priorities den go back china la..

  227. malay cibai can go die.. go back indonesia or where the fuck u come from. think we need you so much mehh ? you ppl breed like factory n stay in malaysia.. still wanna complain… dun like the priorities den go back indonesia or those java islands

  228. xyz, I don’t think I’ll be racist if our leaders didn’t keep shoving down racist policies down our throat in every aspects of our lives and constantly reminding us that we do not belong in our own country. Stop pretending you understand the grouses of others you self righteous prick.
    The Chinese have helped built up some of the largest cities in Malayisia, have arrived in Sarawak here probably longer than the Ibans but the Malays treat us like undeserving immigrants. Yet they welcome low skilled Indonesian immigrants and readily give them citizenship and bumiputera status even though they’ve been here for fewer generations. It’s really not about who came here first is it? Think about it.

  229. YEAH! THEY RILI F**KER LA! If CHINESE are SQUATTERS,aren’t them too?! If they rili wana give the rights,they should give it to the Hindus then,mereka mesti tak baca sejarah,sebelum kegemilangan ISLAM in tanah melayu it was HINDU. Back to history, Kegemilangan Kerajaan Melaka, Paremeswara came to Melacca.
    let me get this simple
    Parameswara———->>hindu later convert islam(HEY! HE’S MAMAK!)
    kk fine
    Parameswara——->>bunuh temagi——->>
    lari to melaka———->>convert to islam
    Parameswara=Pembunuh! MURDERER!
    >they are the decendants of parameswara.

  230. Look at that so call UMNo leader, I doubt he’s educated. Even if he did, he still looks stupid to me, low class animal which probably developed country will blocked his access due to his skin color

  231. To rick:what do u mean skin colour?what’s wrong with his skin colour?u mean cause he’s not fair and all?wats this obsession with fairness in all races in malaysia?Y?U guys r damn eager 2 get skin cancer/disease is it?(yeah,go check wikipedia for melanin)
    I hate2 ppl asking whether i’m a certain kind of race jor mix just bcs I’m fair(4 asian standards)…y can’t it be bcs my mum or my dad is fair.
    I’m sick of this race labelling. I’ve only moved back to malaysia 4 a year n my skin is crawling all over bcs everybody is so freaking colour minded.
    U know in the UK,i’ve never once got any racist remarks. Only 1. N that was from a malaysian that was studying in my uni.(tat guy has some issues which i highly suspect comes frm his upbringing in msia)
    Don’t start,with saying just one race is is racist. we r all God damn racist whether by subtle actions or not so subtle ones.even one of the most developed country is racist.
    Is it so hard to think of a person as not a collective whole but a single entity?Maybe our brain haven’t developed yet to that extent in able to process information wihout grouping them.Who knows?Science predicts that we’re gng to look the same in 40,000 years ,with higher percentage of brain usage. Maybe racism wld end,then?
    p/s:a monkey is still a monkey. whether he’s brown,yellow,white. Just learn 2 tolerate each other and please not one language is superior than the next. It’s all the same. I f u can communicate with the person in bahasa,etc,by all means do it!

  232. Malaysian are just bullshit,
    They put these “intelligent people” in the office and then oppose to them !!!???

  233. Can understand how the Chinese feel after all this. Since only Bumis (or mostly you know who) are given privilege, other races do feel themselves as a 2nd class citizen. In almost every term, the non-bumis have to work hard to earn it, while the bumis could take it for granted.Example? M@l@ys with mediocre academic results can enter medicine in local uni’s easily while hardworking non-bumis who obtained way better results are not even considered.
    Discrimination had been happening all the time. The only thing that BN is around is because they want out from British rule, thats all. Now i know why Singapore so smart to reject invitation to be Malaysia.

  234. Singapore did not reject Malaysia. It was kicked out of Malaysia becoz Lee KY wanted equal rights for everybody n naturally some ppl didn’t like it. Most of the history that we were taught was twisted in some way even May 13.

  235. wonder singapore are far more ahead than malaysia…
    I LOVE malaysia..i mean…the land…
    juz hate d fucking government n UMNO!

  236. Fuck bloody ahmad! fuck u xyz! if this fuckin government didnt discriminate the chinese and the indians so much none of us chinese nor indians would even contemplate making a racist remark. It would probably also give the malays more initiative to work harder and not be lazy thinking that they’ve got the support of this stupid government. If the malays dont start working hard, soon, there will be a day when this government can no longer support them and by then, not even god will be able to help them la!

  237. TAR : Want to join Malaysia? Want your island to even out race gap
    LKY : No problem
    TAR : In parliament, your island will be allocated with XX number of seats
    LKY : WHAT? Only XX number of seats?
    TAR : And you must oso listen to us l33t race.
    LKY : More hell no, good day to your fcuking plan.
    This is more or less what happen. Sg did not join M’sia at coz LKY accepted, but later rejected TAR’s invitation as seen above. Lucky for him.

  238. On August 7, 1965, Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, seeing no alternative to avoid further bloodshed, advised the Parliament of Malaysia that it should vote to expel Singapore from Malaysia. Despite last ditch attempts by PAP leaders, including Lee Kuan Yew, to keep Singapore as a state in the union, the Parliament on August 9, 1965 voted 126-0 in favour of the expulsion of Singapore, with members of Parliament from Singapore not present. On that day, a tearful Lee Kuan Yew announced that Singapore was a sovereign, independent nation and assumed the role of prime minister of the new nation. His speech included this quote: “For me, it is a moment of anguish. All my life, my whole adult life, I have believed in merger and unity of the two territories.” Hence, Singapore became the only country in the history of the modern world to gain independence against its own will
    Now, I, Lee Kuan Yew, Prime Minister of Singapore, do hereby proclaim and declare on behalf on the people and the Government of Singapore that as from today, the ninth day of August in the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-five, Singapore shall be forever a sovereign democratic and independent nation, founded upon the principles of liberty and justice and ever seeking the welfare and happiness of the people in a most and just equal society.”
    As he said, it wasn’t Singapore decision to break up with Malaysia Federation. It was TAR! It was UMNO! It was all about UMNO! If this decision never took in first place, I’ll be happy to come and go to Singapore as I like to bang my ‘close boyfriend’ over there.

  239. Well, i think it’s so bad of the ahmad man saying such things. He is not the only human living in Malaysia anyway. However, i had to admit that racism is something all of us human can’t avoid. I, myself dont like the way some of non bumi were treated. For me, wat matters the most is the persons heart and faith to God. What ever it is, i am totally against racism. We can patronize someone just they are not born as a bumi or not. Everyone had their own roles in a country. Hope this thing would at least disperse a bit….. (‘>*

  240. opps… wrong spelling. We can patronize someone just they are not born as a bumi or not.I mean, we cant patronize someone just they are not born as bumi or not. Sorry for the spelling….Gomenazai!

  241. 1) Mahathir’s father who speak Malayalam came from Kerala, Southern India.
    2) Badawi’s grandfather, Ha Su-chiang (also known as Hassan),was a Chinese Muslim who came from Sanya in Hainan, Southern China.
    3) Syed Hamid Albar’sfather is of Hadhrami Arab descent.
    4) Khir Toyo His father, Joyo Erodikromo, was an immigrant from Java,Indonesia.
    5) And even THIS bloody ‘racist’ Ah MAD Is MAIL came from Sumatra.
    And all these people dareto call us squatters & immigrants in Malaysia ?!

  242. i hate to say this, but Malaysia doesnt belong to either Malay, chinese or indian.. Malaysia was found by others!!
    Malays are like that, they can condemn other races, close down our temples, we cannot protest – protest means kena tangkap.
    Non Malays cannot ask Malays to turn down their sembahyang speaker..sign petition = kena ISA like Teressa Kok.
    The Malays always have the say..whereas whatever other races are doing wrong = ISA!
    Stupid Ah Mad make comments about other races being immigrants – we protest, reporters only published the true stories = ISA
    Ask him to apologies = ISA
    Nothing else but ISA

  243. this guy is like the pirated mobile phone..Armed with a low quality roomy touch display, old out dated stereo speakers, and—eventually—a year’s worthless of unfree music, but this guy is un-awaited broken touchscreen phone..
    So, what’s your take? Like what you see? Disappointed? Fire away!

  244. there is nothing about racism here…do not focus on chinese or malay or bumi topic…
    just keep your mind cool…..these r jus politicians’ strategies
    during next election you’ll know who to vote muhahahhaa=P

  245. wtf is wrong wit this country…..
    seriously, i hope that the opposition takes over when the parliment sits again.. i cant stand this rubbish any longer…
    screw ah_mad… we shud send his ass back to indon!!! 3 yrs of suspension!!! wtf… thats a punishment suitable for politicians watching porn in the office

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