Ah Mad Strikes Back

The saga continues. This time, it involves tearing up a picture of his state leader.

Defiant Ahmad demands apology

“I urge the Chinese not to become like American Jews!”

“Consider this a warning! Do not push us, or we will be forced to push the Chinese for our own survival!”

After the press conference, several supporters brought down from the wall a picture of Dr Koh.

And proceeded to smash it to pieces.

For his theatrics, Ah Mad Is Mail was suspended for three years. Amazing.
That must be the Prime Minister’s first good decision in like his 5 years in power.

After one week of searching, I finally booked my accommodation in Paris.
No, I’m not staying at Paris Hilton.
This time, I decided to forego the usual hotels and guestshouses, and opt to stay in a Parisian apartment instead. This is how it looks like. Cool right?

279 Replies to “Ah Mad Strikes Back”

  1. wow nice graphics and pics but then yeah Ahmad really deserves it the suspension just to teach him not to talk about races in the public

  2. can any chinese gangster in penang pls kill that pig? or destroy his car, house…beat him up at least pls….any chinese hawkers who read this, pls spit in his food before serving him. thank you

  3. damn ahmad. 3 years not enough. should send him to the artics and eat ice and be cool. lol! he’s worse than the polar bear which is an animal. LOL!

  4. 3 years suspension is like spanking his ass after he kills someone. this idiot should be thrown into ISA! i thought anybody who tries to raise race-sensitive issues will be jailed? double standard lah now…

  5. ur really good at finding pics of his face at just the right angle to fir the photoshopped photos. really dam good. i love the 300 one the most. freaking seamless.

  6. brilliant!!
    i can’t stop laughing at those street fighter pics…omfg that just reminds me of all those old memories…a chun li helicopter kick would be nice… XD really nice photoshop btw…
    anyway that jerk got a slap on the wrist. he’s not repenting and the whole issue would’ve been solved if he’d just apologized, and that was the point. No apology means the problem ain’t over. Good luck walking on the streets in Penang, Ahmad.

  7. haha.. funny touch ups. i laughed esp at the streetfighter – was that ryu?
    while i think ahmad should be disciplined, i don’t think mca, gerakan should scream loudly for ahmad to apologize. they are only trying to pose and posture to the chinese community and it’s all so fake becoz they ate UMNO’s shit for years and years. Anyway making ahmad lose face serves no purpose. better to just ask UMNO to discipline him and be done with it.

  8. ROTFL!!! hahaha.. power rangers!! lolz.. esp liked the blanka and ryu holding up the pic.. but the last expression takes the cake.. -.-‘

  9. 3 yrs of suspension is still not enough for this kinda bastard!! he still owes the whole nation of chinese an apology!! shame on those ppl who supported him!! this kinda politic bastard should be expelled and fined heavily!!

  10. The images were initially funny but then too much of it makes you childish.
    anyway, I like the power ranger one the most. lol. my childhood favourite tv show. haha.
    three years should serve him right..although something smells fishy there.. =)

  11. Now i’m not for or against the ACA probing Anwar’s sodomy case and everything but really… if it was an opposition leader that said this type of thing, wouldn’t that leader be hauled in by the ACA ages ago and been subjected to things that would make Anwar’s treatment by the authorities look like a loving hug?
    I’m all glad that he finally gotten disciplined by the PM and everything but it just seems to me that all the disciplinary actions were too little too late.

  12. 3 years is too easy for him. He should be booted out of UMNO and charged under ISA. That bast*** has no respect for no one, not even the PM, DPM, CM, your father, your mother and the whole community.

  13. aiye……that’s my take on Msian politics!
    Btw, Kenny…u like no need to work and have a money tree ho..? hehe…can like go here and there almost evry…WEEK? JEALOUS leh!!

  14. I personally feel the suspension is too unfair =( Should be more heavy for someone who said such things. What will happen if it’s the others who made such statement?
    Anyway I think his face suits blanka’s body very well xD

  15. yeah 3 yrs suspension isnt enough. this is totally unfair! imagine a chinese politician commenting such a thing on the malays. he’ll be behind bars by now. real idiots!

  16. the comics are really good! i was laughing so hard..LOL..thank u for ur entertainment.
    anyways, like the majority of readers around, I do not think that a mere suspension is good enough. that guy is way too proud and he deserves to be taught a lesson.


  18. ISA is not the job of pak lah la… it is job of police to make his ass into the jail haha…
    the stupid had been told by all the people around him that he is SALAH, but he still insist that he no wrong, what a stupid old man…
    after 10days the first statement said, baru say he is only telling the history… if he really mean to tell history he shud mention it on the spot, not after 10 days, and keep blame other(chinese, the reporter, mr. lim) for his own mistake….
    he clearly only find an excuse, blame others but dont look what he actually doing, nearly arise racial fight, but still claim he is not wrong.
    he said we chinese get the economy, still want get the politic. excuse me stupid old man, chinesse get the economy is by their own hand, own effort. we don’t have any “New” policy make by the government to protect some1 like u 1 la. We didnt mind about that, and we still didnt question about that, but u forget to appreciate what you own now which it need a great understanding of other race in the policy. surely other race wont happy with this policy, but clearly we treat it rationally and know the meaning of the policy would bring peace to our country.

  19. the ahmad has probably made his millions, just like um,no? so he really doesnt care. he can go to taiwan for vacation now.

  20. Serves you right !!!
    I hope what has had happened to you will teach you and your SO special friends a lesson by shutting their mouths up.
    3 years is not enough or 100 years can never be enough also
    I have two words for you:
    GET LOST !

  21. WTF. Suspended? Imagine if the role was reversed, a Chinese could get his or her head chopped off in public for being so inconsiderate.

  22. if u or me had said the same thing but in a diff way, do u think we will still be walking free ? they will slap Mr ISA on us.

  23. Omg. You’re so crap funny! HAhahaahahahahaaa…
    He seriously deserves this for the shit he makes!
    Actually, I think he should be punished more severely!
    Honestly, stupid people do stupid stuff! lol.
    and why oh why did you put his face in the 300 picture? it just spoils the whole image of 300!!! its suppose to be hot, courageous men! hahaha..
    not for pple like him! lol.
    Kenny, ur awesome! Love your posts! =D

  24. Freezed from party no use, the fellow mouth is still big and no apologizes mean……how bad. and he indirectly asks for special consultant seat even being freezed…..too bad

  25. 3 years.
    For trying to rake up a social unrest by provoking tension between racial harmony, and all he get is – 3 years suspension.
    This country is basically hopeless.

  26. Hahahaha!!!! You have one heck of an imagination!!! I love reading your blogs cos it’s really entertaining and never fails to make me burst out laughing (at the office!!!). Good write up… good humor…. GOOD EVERTHING!!!

  27. Si Lembik only give Si Babi 3 years suspension. Not enough lah. He should be expelled and detained under ISA. Double standard leh. Anyway, he said he will make a COMEBACK. Gerakan, you better watch your back.

  28. WTF, the Ahmad not even a Malay.. He is Mamak. I wandering why so many Mamak like to call them self as Malay ???
    AAB should sacked him from UMNO & let’s the police charge him under sedition act…

  29. just one word BECAUSE HE IS UMNO BECAUSE HE IS MALAY. I believe if is chinese or indian immediatelly he put his ass in jail not even got time lan si lan yong lk this bastard did. 3 year suspension is not reasionable punishment. HE SHOULD GO TO JAIL under ISA like lim guan eng and his dad in pastime. pak la is still being racist.

  30. if anyone know his car number should announce or fwd email so we can scratch his car using coins or watever if saw his car park anywhere in PG.

  31. it is a screwed up decision at any time at all by pak lah… 3 years of suspension for nuts… after 3 years if he resorts to such racist remarks then what are they going to do abt it? another 3 years suspension again?!?!?!

  32. try being a non-bumi and said the same things he said about some other races… they’ll be thrown into prison so fast, you won’t know what bit them.. imho, even the hindraf leaders were not asshole-ific like this bugger… he can live off the money he laundered in those 3 years.. they should just send him to hell

  33. our police are warning all citizens not to make racist remarks or else…yet this ugly thing only got 3 years? n he n his men tore up the photo of their state leader publicly? come on, we all know tt if chinese do the same thing, we’ll be arrested under ISA. what did the peaceful rally by hindraf leaders do to deserve jail? were they arrogant, racist, and violent like this shameless person?
    one thing tt really maddens me is that he keeps saying his historical facts are right yet no one tells him that so is this fact: that he and his ancestors too came from some other corner of the earth.

  34. ah mad is so totally KANASAI !
    3yrs of suspension shld only be applied IF he had apologized, which he didnt! Shld impose much more stern penalties on him!
    good stuff on the graphics kenny! =)

  35. wahahaha…damn funny la kenny. u rock my non-newspaper-reading world!!
    thank u for keeping me updated on msian politics in the funnest way possible!!
    and the pics? beyond hilarious!

  36. “In politics there are leaders and fighters. As a fighter, there are sacrifices and risks. If you are afraid of the ocean waves, don’t build your house on the beach.
    “Being struck by waves is normal but this time it was a tsunami (that hit me).
    “But I have a long time, three years, to build a stronger house. I will build it on the same site. I will stay on with Umno, my party,”
    Was he referring himself as a fighter?! If tsunami really hits Malaysia, he’s the 1st one to hide on Mount Kinabalu…. Build A house using 3 years time, must be very huge… a fort then. How come he’s that rich oh….? From where his money appear?

  37. Hey Kenny, you might want to take note that Ahmad is not taking down the state leader’s photo, Penang is now ruled by DAP, their ‘State Leader’ is Mr. Lim Guan Eng. basically Ahmad is a down and out politician trying to get some free media attention, helped by his honchos high on ‘buah pinang’.
    I can see Penang’s CM Lim Guan Eng is now having a cup of coffee watching MU and thinking what a ‘so high’ Ahmad Ismail is.

  38. I think it was too over to smash the former leader’s picture ( who ever also!) And 3 years is not enough ! should fire him!

  39. Don’t be fooled by the 3-year vacation for Ah Mad. This is yet another ploy by UMNO. Just think, this piece of crap has no more crony projects to launder money from, since DAP put a stop to it all. So, this turd will be taking a holiday and return to active laundering just in time for the next election.
    By that time, UMNO thinks we are dumb enough to forget this incident and will quietly try their dirty tricks again. Suspension is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

  40. Hey guys here

  41. Yay! AT LEAST they did something to him, even if it’s not enough, it’s still better than nothing right?
    Start small, one day people might just open their eyes and really see. Then, we would have hope.

  42. can i hv ur brain cells transfer to my brain? How can you tink of pic to put his face? Ven i’ve just started to wonder whether there’ll b star-wars, it realli appear. XD good try man.

  43. prime minister just put 3 yrs ban for that bastard to cool down the chinese….dun be fool….if really take it serously then the bastard should be in jail or something…..wat bout the rest of them who support the bastard 1? c…..our chinese mp still said PM doing the right thing and send a serous warning to every1….shamed on them as a chinese……what if this is happen to a chinese? let say the “muar chinese,negarakuku case”…..come on people,wake up…….i see a hopeless country……damn…..Borneo shouldn’t join malaya in the 1st place……ruin everything….

  44. I think PM just gaved him 3 years of free salary out from tax payers’ pocket. Him and all his supporters are pure breed of what is holding us back from becoming a developed nation.

  45. 3 years? What is that for a serious racial remark and insult to millions of Chinese community? Had the one who made the remark was Chinese, I guess he will be shot dead or brought to ISA charges? Just like the Hindraf.

  46. 3 years only? They should kick his ass out from UMNO.. 3 years is just like a slap on d hand.. cheh..These type of ppl who like 2 yap without even thinking what r they talking about.. He even dun feel sorry for his stupid conduct.. Feel deeply ashamed to hv dat guy as a Malaysian..

  47. Serve him right..but if i have it my way, he should be suspended for life!!..Malaysia is for everyone and not just for one race!

  48. I’m a Bumi and I am deeply ashamed of his unforgivable theatrics. People like him la yang pecah belahkan Malaysia *very stupid of him* but I do agree with Zehn and Magnolia 3 years suspension is very petty compared to his actions and the after effects…
    He should be charged under ISA, suspended for life, fined, jailed etc…
    Can do petition ar for this kind of thing? If can I support wan…

  49. 3 years is not enough..
    It’s kinda funny that when this Ahmad thingy is happening, 49 Malaysian politicians are off to Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) to learn the technology from them.
    Malaysia is for Malaysians.
    Be proud of our national language and mother tongue.
    Be proud of our national anthem.
    Be equal to all in economy, politics, etc.
    p/s: Kenny, WTF? HAHAHA… I love the Pikachu! HAHAHA…

  50. you are right! this is the 1st correct decision made ever!
    but should be more serious 1…
    like 10 years ban, 1-3 years jail…
    if not everyone will cakap bukan bukan to gain publicity and the result is only ban for 3 years…

  51. It should have been a life-ban and put him under ISA~or kick him out of the country , to CHINA maybe ~
    stew pig moron bas3rd~
    hopeless country~

  52. fking fanatics bringing down a framed picture of dr koh and tearing it to pieces…
    ah mad and his bunch of fanatic loyalties should all be jailed for doing such an insulting act

  53. I still do find it pretty weird that, suddenly a MP from nowhere decided to be racist and started uttering these stupid statements. And his refusal to apologize is totally against the usual “kia si” or scared-of-death attitude of normal Malaysians. What is more mind-bogging is the fact that, he chose to show his “racist colors” when Mr BAD-awi and Mr Na-jib are losing support. And guess who comes flying in to punish the Mr Ah-Mad and save the day; to gain back all the support in the country ?

  54. haha,
    kenny, you’re as hilarious as ever, keep it up.
    it may makes us feel better that he is punished, but i’m still not comfortable because he stil haven’t apologize.
    i’ll rather have him apologize to public and keep his post.
    sign…it’s quite a pity when looking at our country. hope things would get better.
    kenny never the less you did a good job to cheer ppl up with your jokes despite the tension.

  55. Will the real malay stand up and be regconised!
    I think “real malay” is a rare specie in Malaysia today, i think you can only find some real malay in South Africa today!
    Kenny, why dont you do a survey and see how many “real malay” are still left in Malaysia, and how many people out there pretend to be malay, make sure you set the criteria right!

  56. Are you freakinggg kiddding me?????? 3 years is enough????? Where the heck have you been!!! Other people who have done MUCH lesser than this @55hole has had ISA detention thrown onto them. 3 years is chicken feed! He incited very very sensitive issues, and to me, 3 years suspension is akin to getting off scot free! He should be freaking JAILED!!!

  57. Kenny, for the record, Ahmad Ismail says he represents the view of the Malays.
    So he says, itu bukan saya, itu apa yang mereka fikir.

  58. someone should teach him about the history facts because as far as i’m concerned, indians, malays and chinese were immigrants from other countries and the original race in Malaya(known as back then) is the orang asli. Sick bastard, should have just kick him out of the country.

  59. As far as I could remember, he DID NOT tear the picture. It was some UMNO supporter so I cannot understand the logic of making it looks like it’s his fault (not saying I support him though)

  60. “Orang melayu semua tolong bertenang, hadapinya dengan tabah..THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD” How funny is this??!! He thought he is Melayu GOD or what?? He thought he is some kind of MAlay Greatest LEader…this guy is truly a laughin stock..TO AHMAD ISMAIL RACIST BASTARD ORG MELAYU MALU ADA BINATANG MACAM AWAK NI A DISGRACE TO MALAY..IF HE BECOME MINISTER CHINESE TRULY DIE KAO KAO…

  61. ROTFLMAO!!!.
    Now i understand politics better.
    Better edition than the ones written in series of paragraphs in the paper.

  62. well, one fact is certain:
    Majority Chinese took the opportunity to work hard and monopolise the economy without the government’s help.
    You can’t change that fact.
    And one more thing, the Indians were here earlier than the Malays. Dun believe read the sejarah text book form 4.
    They came here to spread Hinduism before Islam arrived.
    So i hope I’m right to say that the Indians are also partly “bumiputera” since they were somehow here earlier than the Malays from Indonesia.
    But then again, was Malaya part of Indonesia?

  63. eventhough he did not tear the photo but its still his responsibility to advice his people nt to do that as leader hv the right to be blame..its the same thing like 1 of the team members cause the trouble n leader will be the 1 to take the blame..its truly his fault as he cause his supporters to uproar as well..AH MAD IS MAIL WILL DEFINITELY LISTED AS THE GREATEST RACIST BASTARD IN MSIA HISTORY..

  64. bodowi is jz tryin to buy Chinese heart to remain supportiv to BN..what if Chinese didn’t respond on the Ah Mad racist remark?? will Bodowi do the same thing? he wont care bout it even a second as the 1st comment he said about the remark is that “i will advice him not to do that again and maybe he didnt mean it” how stupid is Bodowi?

  65. gosh… what in the world is happening to Malaysia??? I’m studying in Singapore and man am I embarrassed of the state my country… even my roommate who’s from China’s been asking me about it…. sad…

  66. Ah Mad Ah Mad….what? you guys were push back to the wall by force by the chinese?…i didnt know that…oh sory sory we’ll back off abit la… we didnt know we were so powerful wat…yeah we monopolize the economy now we wana control political power…oh i didnt know tht either..wow i didnt know chinese are so powerful….yeah baby…

  67. Geez!!! It’s been so depressing lately. All we’re talking about is our country going cuckoo~ We have everything! Our soil is rich, our resources are like everything you can think of, but what is wrong? Why is our country still in this state? I think everyone knows the answer. It’s this mindset we have, we got something wrong in our heads. We need to think deeply and act on it. We need to really act out the morals we learned. Or else what use is our education? Get As? weird….weird…..weird…….

  68. 3 years only peanuts for him. His act and refusal to apologize warrant arrest and trial at court. NO ONE IS BIGGER THAN THE LAW.
    Not responsible for tearing the picture? He should have commented otherwise. Not instigating anything, but wtf U**O Penang can’t just play the supporting party in Penang. Almost every state under BN is already under UMNO, but they still wanted to reign supremacy.
    I am a BN supporter, but i don’t support such retarded ppl.
    One more thing to add. Many Malaysians are muppets. They only believe what is right according to what is served in front of them and what they wanted to believe is right. Sweat talking and inspirational speech could twist even the simplest of any true facts.

  69. 3 years suspension and stripped off all titles in UMNO? Fair kah? No ISA? What happened to ISA?
    Hah! FYI, the ‘Hindraf’ lawyers are still in jail! For what? For trying to get a letter into British Embassy…and for that…masuk jail.
    This is like a holiday for him la….geeesh!

  70. 3 years for that? and what for did lim guang eng go to jail for? for protecting the girl he’s defending? gosh i cant believe this.
    does the leader really need to be so so racist? its a very very obvious thing. people ask for fair election and doing some peaceful assembly you spray acid waters and slam ISA on them. then out of the blue moon one maniac came out and slap some shiat on the chinese, no appologies given, somemore mock on the chinese and all he gets is a 3 year suspension from his post? omg?
    help me to rationalise this people. realy la, if its a chinese who is there mocking the malays(no offence), i think badawi would be slapping the person with ISAs, life ban from poltics, jail terms and all sorts of stuff. agree?
    the “good” thing now is we are seeing that the components of BN now are fighting each other. this country DESPERATELY needs a HUGE change. I can assure you, Vision 2020 will never be achieved.

  71. proved… government and the so called ISA is berat sebelah which mean they just help Malay more then they say them self ‘fair’… disappointed to Malaysia

  72. kenny, i think you should have more politics post in the future…seems like all the malaysian non-bumi need a space to release their dissatisfaction and unfairness fr the current government…i sincerely hope tat all these comments are being viewed by the current governemnt, especially PM and DPM! Malaysia’s non-bumi deserve more than wat they are having now! Keep up the good work kenny!

  73. i’ve just finished reading one of the m2day articles. after reading that, i really really REALLY just out of nowhere, like a black hole, it sucked all the hopes and beliefs i have in this country.
    the truth is, if, and only if i ever get the chance, to move all the chinese out of here, i would, i swear to anyone, i WOULD. this counry is hopeless. totally hopeless. i think i’m gonna cry cry after this… just how pathethic this country is and its the people who need to suffer for other people’s fault. this country is just…worse than shit

  74. I read through a facebook application, “AHMAD ISMAIL,No place for YOU in Malaysia!!”
    Someone commented, “Why isn’t he put under ISA… Isn’t he a more dangerous species to be let loose…he or the Hindraf leaders???? Nuts…. this country!”
    I totally agree with that, they can put Hindraf leaders in ISA..why cant they put him in as well? His mentality is the same like many who are racist. There people never change. Its people like AHMAD ISMAIL that made Malaysia still struggling for unity until 51 donkey years after independence!

  75. anyways, ur post is extremely hilarious !!! damn imaginative! agreed!! LOL..damn damn like the street fighter pix when he is Blanka!! damn suitable n look like him!!! LOL
    good job in photoshop man.. u turned them into such funny characters!

  76. Hahaha. So true, the PM’s decision to suspend him was one of the wisest decisions made after soooo long being in power. But I still think 3 years is not enough for that racist.
    Great ‘comic strips’ you put in there btw 🙂

  77. “For his theatrics, Ah Mad Is Mail was suspended for three years. Amazing.
    That must be the Prime Minister’s first good decision in like his 5 years in power.” – Kenny.
    Suspension for 3 years to be the first good decision by the Prime Minister? I thought his first good decision was stepping down as the Prime Minister.

  78. Posted by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at September 10, 2008 5:17 PM at: http://test.chedet.com/che_det/2008/09/the-social-contract-3.html#more
    1. I am sorry to have to revert to the social contract issue again because of some disturbing development.
    2. Young Malays, including professionals are said to have espoused liberalism and meritocracy. They question the need for affirmative action and the New Economic Policy. They believe that the Malays should compete with the other races. If they fail then they do not deserve the dominant role in the politics of Malaysia. They should accept non-Malay leadership of the country.
    3. This view of the young Malays sounds refreshing. Unfortunately these liberal Malays are in a minority. The majority of the Malay professionals and young Malays have hardened their stand on the position of their race since the disaster of 2008. They are incensed especially by the arrogance of the Bar Council. They now question the social contract and reject the need to adhere to it. This sounds almost like the Chinese stand. But the difference is startling and disturbing.
    4. They disagree with the Tunku giving the one million citizenship without regard for the conditions for getting citizenship.
    5. They say before this the Malays made up the majority of the citizens. They could rule the country by themselves. But the Tunku reduced this Malay majority until they have to depend on non-Malay support. To them the humiliation they are facing are entirely due to the Tunku.
    6. This act by the Tunku is part of the social contract. They reject it and they demand that the Tunku’s action should be considered to be against the constitution and should be rejected. They demand that the citizenship given by the Tunku should be withdrawn or nullified.
    7. They also question the other concessions given the non-Malay communities, especially the schools and the use of other languages.
    8. In short they seem to reject the social contract altogether and to go back to the situation before the leaders of the communities made their bargain.
    9. Questioned as to what would happen if the British refused to give independence, they suggested that the Malays resort to armed struggle and co-operation with a neighbouring country. They suggested that we should have formed Melayu Raya together with this neighbouring country.
    10. I must admit the retrogression of their viewpoint but this is becoming more current as the debate on the social contract goes on. They are particularly incensed by the Bar Council which seems to them to be questioning Malay rights according to the agreement in the social contract.
    11. So far we hear only the non-Malays rejecting the social contract. This is the first time I hear of Malays rejecting the social contract. I think the Government should handle this problem carefully. Otherwise it may become widespread and effect the fragile harmony between the different races.
    12. I did not like putting this on my blog. But I have no access to the Government. In any case I doubt the Government would take this twist on the Social Contract seriously. Dato Seri Abdullah would deny that anything is happening.
    13. Malaysia had remained stable for half a century because sensitive issues were not publicly discussed. The Government now appears to practice selective freedom of speech. As long as you don’t attack the Government especially Dato Seri Abdullah you may say what you like whether racist or seditious. But if you attack the Government or Dato Seri Abdullah every effort would be made to silence you or to keep you out of the news.
    14. The selective freedom is stirring up racist feelings everywhere. Hence the remarks made by the State Assemblywoman from Perak and Dato Ahmad Ismail in Penang. And now we see the support given to Ahmad and his condemnation of MCA and Gerakan leaders by all the 13 UMNO divisions in Penang.
    15. I believe racist sentiments among Malays and non-Malays are rising. If it flares up the stability of this country may be affected permanently. We may see political wrangling of the kind we see in several other countries. In the process the economy of this country would be destroyed.
    16. This slide must be stopped. No one should disregard the obligation to uphold the social contract.
    17. That understanding between the leaders of the three races had served us well. So has the ban on questioning certain provisions in the Constitution.
    18. I had tried during my time to balance the treatment of the different races. I had been labeled a racist before. But towards the end of my tenure the Chinese in particular supported me. But throughout I never forgot my obligations to the Malays.
    19. Dato Seri Abdullah has tried to placate everyone. He has given one billion Ringgit here, one billion Ringgit there; he has given unknown sums of money to Tun Salleh Abbas and the other judges who had been dismissed in order to placate the Bar Council, he has promised billions of Ringgit for numerous corridors, billions for transport, lower oil prices etc etc. But no one believes him because the promises and fund allocations have not materialised. The fact is that nobody believes him or trusts him. No one has been placated.
    20. The racialist trend will continue. I frankly don’t think Dato Seri Abdullah can handle it.
    21. What is the solution? Right thinking people must make their rejection of Dato Seri Abdullah’s leadership heard. If we don’t then whatever racial harmony that exist would be eroded and will destroy this beloved country.

  79. today newspaper said that the government will banned websites that content racial issues and etc.
    kenny, u not scared ur blog will be closed down?

  80. wht the hell is this Ahmad PISSmail got no ISA and/or Sedition while RPK gets ISA? His words and his supporters’ uneducated acts do not cause unrest?
    wtf is the govt doing with the double standard?

  81. This is why you OWN, Kenny Sia.
    No one’s funnier than you, seriously.
    Died laughing at the Pikachu pic and the last one where the Koh person was sweat-dropping XD

  82. RPK arrested under ISA.
    Blog contains seditious, racist or religiously insensitive remarks will be arrested under ISA.
    read thestar.

  83. Kenny,
    Our fellow Raja Petra just got arrested into ISA for his daring exposure in Malaysia Today. Please spread the news to our fellow Malaysian on his plight and let there be known about freedom of expression and ideas through internet. If this is allowed, soon even the web that shows a man hold another she-man boob in Malaysia will also be arrested. Or some very entertaining remarks on Ah Mad like yours will draw some attention. I pray that there’s hope for Malaysia
    keith Tan

  84. malaysian politics gets into a mess every 8-10 years – racial bigtory lah, sodomy lah …
    68-69 was race riots, 78-79 hussein onn kicked out.. 88-89 umno split, 98-99 anwar..
    oh wait, has it been ten years since then? Hmmmm.

  85. Very creative. You want to come out a song based on what was uttered by those non-racist UMNO Penang folks in the conference? It is called ” Cina Balik Tongkang”
    Gerakan is still scared la. Quiet only

  86. @ penarik beca
    Ahmad a fkin racist but we dont have to sink to his level. I believe not all mamaks are racist like he is. Hes just trying to be a hero for a group he doesnt represent. and 3 years is too short wtf

  87. Kenny, ive been following your blog, but i must say, this is HILARIOUSLY SIAU man!!
    Imean we all KNOW what happened, and here you are, reminiscing it for us in several different, yet creatively outta this world version!!
    You really took the time huh? The Pikachu wan was funny, but the 300 wan was crazee man!! wakakakakakaka. Good one!

  88. Jumping Beans: “Hai, so where r u from?”
    Orang Putih: “Hello, i’m from the country called XXXX. What about u?”
    Jumping Beans: “I’m a Malaysian.”
    Orang Putih: “Malaysian? Aren’t u a Chinese?”
    Jumping Beans: “…..”
    (Thinking out loud: “I’m a Malaysian, DAMN IT! A MALAYSIAN!!!! It’s not just one race!!!! There’s indian, chinese, malays, dayaks and macam-macam race! Still adds up as MALAYSIAN!!! RACIST SON-OF-A-B*TCH”)

  89. Raja Petra ,RPK and the reporter just been arrested under ISA.I wonder if u will be the next one.Anyway u r the man with balls.

  90. I have lost my very last faith in the government!

  91. Kenny Sia
    Please do something to help the reporter, MP and RPK using your mass influnces!!!!!!!!!!!
    I truthly feel very sad about the latest saga!
    Out of mind, out of words…………………..

  92. 1st under ISA – Raja Petra ( Malaysia Kini )
    2nd under ISA – Tan Hoon Cheng ( Sin Chiew )
    3rd under ISA – Teresa Kok ( MP Puchong / Seputih )
    4th under ISA – ??????? God,what is happening now to Malaysia? Let’s light a candle and pray for thiers safety and may the good lord bless them and protect them.

  93. This whole thing is getting stupid la.
    Wtf man. got suspended still so much thing to say.
    detain him under ISA la! Kao Tim!
    But kenny u really creative. ReSPect!*

  94. haha…abuget….abuget….have a nice trip in paris.dont forget to get a snapshot of mona lisa. it will be a classic malaysian job when put up on your website…haha

    Setting: Malaysia
    Scene: Corruption, billions of $$ down the drain, politicians getting away scot-free, crime rates increasing, cost of living increasing
    Time: the present
    UMNO 1: Shit why all the people dowan to support us anymore. Even the Malays!!! WTF how can our approval rating NOT be 99.9%!?!! Muthafkers!! We are the best, most awesomemest, perfectest party to ever grace Malaysia!!! Ungrateful little shits!
    UMNO 2: Yalah..SO unbelievable right? Have to do something about it! Focus on getting Malay support they are the majority!
    UMNO 3: How le. I malas wana jail my friends le. So much work to do lah if wana trace back whatever that goes wrong over here.
    UMNO 4: Agree agree. We can’t possibly cut down on our budget for luxury cars and holidays too. Their own fault what if they can’t make ends meet.
    UMNO 5: Yep. So the best solution is to unite the Malays and make them think that they’ll lose everything if they lose us.
    UMNO 1-636469 (in unison): (to Malays) Oi you incompetent lot. We are the champion of Malay rights! Who give you subsidy for your house? US! Who give you competition-free businesses and education?! US!! Ya u can’t live the good life without us! If not for us you’ll be degraded to loserish babies while all the other races overtake you!! BUT YOU DESERVE BREASTFEEDING FROM OUR TEATS BECAUSE YOU ARE THE TRUE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY! Nvm about Indians arriving earlier or orang aslis. Totally irrelevant! HIDUP MELAYU! (Waves keris)
    Malays: Wah sounds good! So happy got ppl protect us from the big, bad world 🙂 We are definitely superior to other races.. must not let them forget it!
    Chinese: Why the Malays hate us le always reminding us that we have no rights to enjoy the fruits of Malaysia. SO UNFAIR LE WE CONTRIBUTE SO MUCH BUT OTHER PPL GET THE BENEFITS?? Finela we hate them back!
    Chinese: F* YOU BACK!!
    UMNO: Tee hee. (Counts money)
    Malays and Chinese: What la F*ing UMNO! Turns to oppostition.
    UMNO: Shit! Get back Malay support quick! Remind them again that they are superior! At the same time pretend to understand the complaints of other races and do so half-assedly! Them not so important la.
    Bitching continues and cycle begins over again.

  96. Haha! The pictures are so funny!
    I wonder what reaction the parties have when they saw those pictures you edited, the Pikachu and the “sweat” picture is so so funny!
    Way to go!

  97. Just reading the news this morning, Raja Petra has been arrested under the ISA as well as the lady who broke the Ahmad story. What is happening, are we back in the middleages?

  98. ISA is f*c*ing bias to themselves, Ah Mad Is Mail is suspended for 3 years is nothing, how come those MORONS who teared down Dr. Koh never get arrested by those ISA dogs..

  99. My goodness, ISA has caught those irrelevant people and never bother to touch Ahmad, what is going wrong with our f*cking government man? Do our government actually know what they are doing? We seriously need reformation in this hopeless country. Kenny, i hope you could do something to save our country from this kind of corrupted system!

  100. to director,
    ROFL! i love your script:)
    this is a really simple question that everyone is asking…why oh WHY was the reporter arrested instead of ahmad ismail? classic ‘shoot the messenger’. if it wasn’t for her, ahmad’s racist and far more explosive comments would have gone unpenalised. and his punishment is a total mockery. 3 YEARS? the reporter gets arrested under ISA and all he gets is SUSPENSION? this is complete prejudice.
    concerning teresa kok…is it really so wrong to ask for prayers to be toned down if it is disturbing other residents? i’m pretty sure allah would understand that true prayer comes from the heart. and now she gets ISA. i suppose this would be a bad time to vent out my friday frustration when afternoon prayer time arrives. by all means, i accept your religion, but seriously, it should NOT mean that you have permission to double-, triple-, quadruple-park when and where you please.
    oh die die, now my ass is gonna be hauled up by ISA. kenny, doesn’t your blog fall under the new catchphrase of ‘stirring racial sentiments’? ooh, i’ll see you in jail, then. maybe we’ll get to share a cell. nice pikachu, btw.

  101. muthafker…arrest reporter duwan arrest ah mad is mail….wtf is this? if this is not racism? then wtf is this?
    racial harmony? what a joke!!!
    how can u xpect us to support the govrnment anymore?
    wtf is happening man….i wan fly to other country lah. here cina cannot maju…..haihzz

  102. luv ur entry bt abt d government taking action, lately, a CHINESE journalist hu talked bout d government got caught.. n al they did 2 ahmad was SUSPEND him.. hm, i blif government is oni suspending him 2 shw us dat he is doin STH so dat he can keep his position.. if we were to vote 4 anwar, dat’s it, off he goes..

  103. it seems ahmad, or ah mad, is just a childish or just gone insane. Plus, the greed of wanting to gain. This is just ridiculous, as a multi-cultural country, coming into a one culture, which is malay cultural. The nation, itself would be in devestation, where calling us squatters.
    He is the one that should not be name Dr. He should be arrested for defamation by ISA. ISA instead arresting others, for no proof where arresting because to protect the nation; Just stupid!

  104. We have a Chinese that sing negarakuku that aplogy after he think he is wrong and those malay leader keep wan put him on jail and now ah mad do th racist and don’t wanna to admit then keep doing it tear Dr.Koh pic and then only get suspend?? MALAYSIA show some big different Hope that i wasn’t born in here.

  105. Not all but most of the polictian of Malays, when they did something wrong, they wont admit but blaming other people.
    They promised something but never keep it until problem occur, they just begin to regret it.
    Because they get their position and special treatmeant too easily.
    This can be seen through the students in our own country university.
    No matter how hard the Chinese try and get good result, they still can hardly enroll into it but the Malays, they get into it so easily but taking pills inside instead of study.
    Chinese own the economy because they work hard enough la!
    Dont be jealous when your eye get red!

  106. Ahmad Ismail is such a disgrace to the country. As if they think the non-Malays aren’t complaining about sensitivity injustice to them. Pah.

  107. And hey, it’s the orang asli people who are truely being discriminated. And they were the FIRST people to step on Malayan ground. Seriously, WHO does Ahmad think he is? Ass.

  108. what a post…good one Kenny….What’s your favorite? Mine is between Darth Vader and the Power Ranger gang…ha…ha


  110. If Chinese are the jews, does he indicate himself to be an extremist leaning to terrorism or Nazi?
    Opposition got detained under ISA, by why not BN one too? Lawless.

  111. we must realize tht malaysian government tht we hv today belongs to UMNO. thy hv 90% voting power in BN. so.. we should blame ourself bcos we are letting this corrupt UMNO clan to rule us.

  112. my point of view is, people like him shud be treated equally like those who have commited crime, i’m malaysian bt currently studying in Australia, and wat i’ve learnt is, even the ANGMO Australian know how to avoid RACISM, treat every race equally and protect those international people, we international students are the real immigrants, but WE Malaysian-Chinese LIVE in Malaysia for decades already, so please AHMAD, if u can please give us Chinese just ONE very good EXCUSE why shouldn’t we be treated EQUALLY?

  113. Where is justice? Ismail got 3 years suspension and the others (Raja Petra, Teressa Kok & The Reporter) was send to the bird cage by ISA!!! ……. This is what we called “MALAYSIA BOLEH…..APA PUN BOLEH”

  114. !!连奥特曼都用上了,真不简单,你可以在家说,但不要在公共场合说。不要总觉得你自己高高在上的

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