Barack Hussein Obama

Tomorrow, the world will witness ‘change’ as Barack Obama starts his first day of work as the President of the United States.


And I just found out today also that the Defence Minister of Israel, aka the man responsible for the war in Gaza and the most hated man in the Arab realm right now, is a guy named Ehud Barak.

As if having “Hussein” and something that sounds like “Osama” in the name wasn’t bad enough for his image, somebody had to ruin “Barack” for him as well. Suddenly, the President of the United States share similar names with the evil Ehud Barak, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.

With a name like Barack Hussein Obama, everyone would’ve expected him to look like this.



But the future President of the USA was recently photographed looking more like this.


Holy cow! A world leader with a six-pack abs!

Can we have that too, Mr Najib?

I use four different computers on a regular basis: one at home, one at work, and two that I travel around with. I constantly have to access a certain set of files between all four of these machines at all times, but the traditional solution is to  put my files in a thumb drive and carry it around, which can be quite a hassle.

Then I discovered Windows Live Sync, which utilises the Net to automatically keep all my files in sync between all four of my computers. It works like such an absolute charm that I couldn’t imagine why I didn’t discover it sooner!

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  1. for real? not only is he supposingly the best look president of the united states, the first black, he probably has the best body shape. ahh. good choice americans.

  2. Lol……LMAO!
    i dun think malysia would have those types of president as ppl here seems like nt interested with exercise… mayb there is but once in a blue MOON (busy might b their reason) ! hahaha……

  3. haha yup he is good looking alright, and he has good qualification to boot. there are some pretty good looking leaders around the globe too, take for example the Thai’s leader(i’ve forgotten his name but he looks kinda like a movie star) Taiwanese President (man this guy is charming) haha damn I sound like a gay now….Najib got one big big tummy leh.obama lose liao! 😀

  4. lol. when i 1st saw “hussein” i thought u were gonna link ur post with the winning of “meet uncle hussain” in ajl 23. *random me*

  5. regarding the windows live sync, it do need one to install it onto the computer, is there by any chance a program that would not require installation? somewhat like evernote but function similar to windows live. this is concerning public computer ie cc, that would be much of a hassle to install stuff and what not.
    many thanks kenny!

  6. Can we have that too, Mr Najib? – Kenny.
    Oh yes, he can, now that UMNO lost for the second time at KT since March 8 GE last year. He will be pumping iron instead of having a nice jacuzzi somewhere.

  7. average malaysians never exercise regularly. clearly this is the case for our future prime minister. lol.
    at any rate, the 6 packs on obama ain’t that nice, but then again, at his age, can’t blame him.

  8. Kenny, how much do you think you know about the Israel/Gaza war? Israelis have been living with the Hamas firing rockets at them for eight years! Now, any govt that wouldn’t do anything to protect their citizen would be evil. NOT someone who decides that it is finally time to say it’s enough. Ignorant fool.

  9. Even if Najib has a good body, we wont be able to see him like Obama. I dont know if the tutup aurat thing covers male too, but where would we ever find a beach with the water as clear as where Obama was? Our beaches is so dirty. Eeekk.. Yay MLK day tomorrow.
    Kenny~ please sign up for some gym. I know you’re a busy guy but, come on you need time for yourself to look good.

  10. obama’s 6 pack ab means he has power to face any type of challenge, wheather it is physical or mental. and ofcourse HE HAS MAGNETIC PERSONALITY

  11. AWww don’t compare Obama with other presidents. Usually when they try for candidateship for president or for positions of significant power, they are quite well aged.
    Obama I guess is one of the rare younger ones that we will be happy to see taking the spotlight, not to mention a lot lesser worries about his health. (imagine a president croaking from over-exercise … giggles)
    But you can’t say some don’t try. In fact SG’s Prez Mr. Nathan jogs as well, as I’ve personally seen. But age does put a toll.
    Now I wonder, does the white house have a gym???

  12. Nolah, all that is nonsense! He uses abflex, available at leading home shopping stores near you!!
    Get one today!

  13. hi kenny,
    Thanks for introducing the Windows live sync. its pretty cool and useful for me as i always travel and it has MAC version as well.. COOL!

  14. HAHAHA Najib? With a six-pack?
    You make me laugh.
    Najib only has one giant pack. Full of Malaysians’ money and blood.

  15. Barack Hussien Obama…
    and his vice president, Mr. Biden
    always sound suspicious… close to
    Osama bin Laden!
    I think I agree to what you says… they are all related… and forming a conspiracy to rule the world.

  16. Obama will be a great leader. Im sure 🙂 He has all the quality in him. His gonna bring a change to the americans out there

  17. I love your 年年有愚 , coz that’s what I need right now, some humouring of myself and perhaps some stupidity which somehow makes days easier to pass by 😛

  18. Kenny, took u 4 days to write this piece of shit making a joke on me? u shud go bek to primary school. stop drinking so much guiness. ur blog quality is really like share mkt, going south.

  19. Hot cross buns!!! Hot cross buns!!!
    6 packs of hot cross buns…
    but I think I’ll prefer Kenny Sia’s single BIG BUN!!! “DAI PAU!!!” 😛
    unity is strength,
    Therefore 6 must become one!
    – A light humore from Chinese proverb

  20. Most of the presidents of the United States are fairly fit, they all do exercise regularly. I can’t say the same for the current and past prime minister of Malaysia.
    Btw, LKY and LSL are both quite fit too. He swim and cycle daily at the Istana.
    How to spot a corrupt president or PM?
    Look at his belly, e.g. Kim Jong Il, Estrada and Marcos just to name a few…hahahaha

  21. Pres Elect Obama’s biggest challenge is Staying Alive.
    His committment to Integrity & Justice is a threat to what became Normal in Washington DC under Bush.
    Asked about acquiring Tens of Millions for “Sea-Defence” the state Rep replied “Funds are there to be Harvested”.
    Rwandan young lady imploring for help to avoid Genocide was told by Congressman “US has no friends, only Interests”.
    Rooting out INDECENCY and Promoting FAIRNESS can be Fatal as John & Robert Kennedy found out.
    Still, a black person becoming Head of State in any other Developed Nation has not even made it to Dreaming-Stage as yet.

  22. Having PM-in-waiting to have 6 packs of muscles???? That’s a dream….
    Even policemen in Malaysia are as fat as cows and elephants. don’t even hope for abs and muscles in our politicians.

  23. Ya. Totally agree what GraceOng mentioned in her comment.
    Malaysia MATA (guys) really looks like pregnant women, I dun think they manage to chase the thief or even go for physical training.
    Sit down there goyang kaki and collect duit kopi only.

  24. hey.. kenny.. before u comment about how evil mr Ehud Barak is..
    why don’t you do some research on what he has done for his country.. stupid kenny..

    Ironic. Nonetheless, for a person at Najib’s age, a belly is a normal thing. Where as for kennysia, a belly at 26??? HAHAHAHA!

  26. I must say…he’s really one hot sexy f*ckable President!
    He’s eloquent, poised, intelligent, clean cut, a family man and the most ‘powerful’ man on earth. *drool*

  27. Interesting Fact:
    Obama’s brother in-law is a Malaysian. Konrad Ng. He’s married to Obama’s younger sister. I saw him LIVE during Obama’s inauguration, sitting among Obama’s family. 😀
    Granted, he was born in Canada, but his parents are both Malaysians.
    Picture of Konrad Ng(malaysian) is on the right side, sitting close to Obama :
    He has a PHD in political science from the University of Hawaii, and a MA in Contemporary Social and Political Thought from the University of Victoria, currently an assistant professor.
    Now, imagine if this man one day contested for the position of Malaysia’s Prime Minister, armed with his education and passion, along with the support of President Obama. >:)

  28. I share your similar concerns, however, know that there were 40,000 security personnel from FBI, CIA, army reserve, special forces, etc, armed with thermal detectors and hi-tech cameras during Obama’s inauguration.
    Not to mention bullet/bomb-prooflimousines, and specially made light bulletproof vests…. xD
    The inauguration went along just fine.
    I have great confidence towards the Secret Service and the FBI. There’s no need to worry. 🙂

  29. My concern is with After the hoopla.
    Factor in, Owning Guns is a Right in US, many own side-arms(pistol) just in case, Licensed of course. Rifles are too numerous to keep tabs, Hunting is popular, average hunter owns 3 Rifles or more.
    Not that I disagree with the “Right to bear Arms”. Notably, criminals will shy away from people with the means to Defend themselves.

  30. I have a dream……….. that one day we will finally have an educated and intelligent prime minister who will not make important decisions based on skin color.
    One who will not fall asleep during important meetings. One who will have an absolute command of English who dares to engage in an intelligent debate with foreign nations. One who will grant the rakyat freedoms, whether it may be the right of free speech or education in Universities.
    I have a dream.

  31. i think his body’s too big sized and strangely lighter than the rest of him (i suppose hiding under suits all day long fades off a tan pretty fast..)
    he’s not very goodlooking, really. anyway, i hope he’s better than the last prez. zz.

  32. G’day Kenny,
    Economic crisis huh… Bet you are thankful that you left Aussie with the dollar dropping like crazy…
    Is there a way for me to contact you with regards to a business that I am looking to start up?
    Hope I get your attention…
    I would like to discuss your thoughts on this potential project. AND perhaps get your support for it.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  33. watching the inauguration of the president of United States just put into prespective the reasons why America has always been the first in line for almost everything and also considered the best country in the world.
    You will never see people in Malaysia here waving their flags to Najib or Badawi in that manner as how Americans do with Obama. i guess, people there are given hope while others, sad to say, have almost no privileges to see equality or the removal of racial preferential treatment.
    i would love to see a non-malay PM, perhaps chinese? indian? Dayak?
    maybe we have hope but malaysia just don’t have the testicular fortitude to even try fighting the powers that be.
    i was reading Kenny’s newest post about Air Asia and i agree. there are far worse controversial projects out there so Malaysia lighten up on that and go kill the root, if you know what i mean.

  34. wah!!! 6 packs? *whistle* cool! I believe everyone has to do their part to overcome current economy crisis and not just hope that he can perform miracle in a short period of time.

  35. And you forgot about the Vice President too. Joe Biden. Biden rhymes with Laden of Osama Bin Laden.
    Obama – Biden.
    Osama bin Laden 🙂
    What a coincidence!
    Anyways, I love Obama. I love his speeches. Very inspiring.

  36. Mr. Najib….. Hah!!!! LAOMAOFAO
    Hope he will change the “sticky situation” happening right now! To better everyone!

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