In Japan

I mean… O HAI YO gozaimas ta.
Gonna be slow updating in the next few days as I’m on a company trip in Tokyo for a week. Getting extremely lost in translation here because the way they do things are so different from anywhere else in the world.
Will update more regularly when I get the opportunity to do so.

I am still so not used to referring to Najib as our Prime Minister. Also not used to calling Pak Lah a Tun. My goodness. Tun Abdullah Badawi.

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  1. Wa, anatawa at nippun desu ka??? Watashiwa also want to go nippun when Watashiwa go enough yen yen yen…..
    Try to take more funny and unique pictures of urself ya, i’m enjoying watching ur posts….. Sayonara kenny sia kun….

  2. Don’t you spent 1000yen to buy the card for the machine above the TV? Hahahaha…
    Safe Journey at Tokyo o…
    Remember to go Tokyo Tower and Daiba area…

  3. i was wondering isn’t it supposed to be ohayo gozaimasu? as far as i know “-mashita” (you spelled it as “gozaimas ta”) is for past tense..good morning also got past tense ah? anyway, its your blog. you can write whatever you like.hehe:P have fun in japan kenny!! its so awesome there! btw, when using escalators, if you are planning to stand and not climb it, then stand on the left side.esp in tokyo.otherwise, confirmed u get knocked into by some running salary man.

  4. Cool I’ve always wanted to go to Tokyo.. Wanted to see the sakura tree so badly.. n drink Sake under the tree~~~

  5. oooi! since when i become cowardly anonymous chicken already.. i am just not familiar with it lah..

  6. KENNY…the pic on the TV look very suspicious ler…PORN a??
    sound "yidaiyidai"ler,,...hahaha

  7. Omg Japan!! My dream country! Kenny please take like 1,000 pictures if you can, what a great opportunity.
    Have a great trip.

  8. since there r so many comments abt japan av, so i think u sudn’t disappoint them by “trying out” n then shared “them” wif us! =P

  9. Wow, Kenny on Japan, realm of whatever Malaysia is trying to catch up, be it in term of sosial or technology. 😀
    Still, not many remember that Japan has once conquer Tanah Melayu ^_^.
    Hmm, Kenny, you need to be more creative on your next entry…i expect something BIG!!!

  10. Hey dude, available in most Izakaya, you gotta try some 馬刺身 (Basashi)and premium Sake, the 純米大吟醸 grade.Once you had 純米大吟醸, you’ll never go back to regular sake anymore.

  11. Hey dude, you’ll need to add Fugu to your must try item in Japan too. farm raise Fuju in are available in Tokyo…no need to go to Fugu 原產地 like I did unless you are a die hard foodie…ooooh, USD50 a pop beef that you’ll never forget is a must try if you are in Kobe.

  12. Woohoo~ Japan? Hope to be able to go there again. Why the scary serious ‘I screwed up time for a press conference to say sorry’ face? You should be celebrating being there and sticking it in everyone’s face^^;;
    First time here, by the way- you running this place on a wordpress platform? Here’s a present for you- great place to check out for things to do in Japan, especially around Tokyo:

  13. Nice you are in Japan, Kenny 🙂
    Suddenly I feel like sharin 🙂 I like to watch anime.. too bad most of the time, watching anime makes me spend a lot of money.. luckily, is there so I can watch lots and lots of anime for free! 🙂

  14. Just to update you with some good news while you are away in Japan!
    BN lost 2 out of 3 by-elections!! PKR rules!! =D
    Besides that, Man Utd drew 2-2 to Porto at home!! Come on Porto!! =p

  15. Kenny Sia wa totemo kawaii desu ne!
    Enjoy your trip in Japan!
    Make sure u get yourself pics of u wearing a fundoshii!! muahahaha 😀

  16. with ur
    almost-bald head,
    big tummy,
    and basically an overall rounded appearance,
    u look like DORAEMON!
    gimme ur latest tech toys, pls??
    PS4 also can.

  17. lol actually there is nothing wrong with the words….
    but u know when u link them together,
    guys will know for sure

  18. I’m planning to go to Tokyo and Kyoto next year, but its a leisure trip though. How is it working with Japanese counterparts? I read that things are very different and indirect over there. Anyways, ganbatte-ne!

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