The ‘Jai Ho’ Dance

First of all, watch this video.

It is the end sequence from the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

If you haven’t watched this movie yet, you must absolutely go and do so because it didn’t win Oscar for Best Picture for nothing. The ending credits of the movie is a stereotypical Bollywood dance to a Hindi song called ‘Jai Ho’,  which has unexpectedly become so popular even The Pussycat Dolls are doing a cover version for it.

And then of course, there’s the numerous imitations on the Internet.

I don’t get Bollywood dances.

They said doing the Bollywood dance is like one hand screwing the light bulb, another hand patting the dog. But watching the video, I think it’s more like trying to learn HOW TO WASH WINDOWS.


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168 Replies to “The ‘Jai Ho’ Dance”


  2. “Seriously.” – Kenny.
    Seriously, I think you got the natural moves and seriously I think you can dance.

  3. Kenny, how long u learn those steps?? lol, i have to watch for hundreds time to learn those steps == CREATIVE ONE… for me i might use those steps to dance in 精神院

  4. I like bollywood dances. They are fun. =D
    Maybe you can earn money washing windows AND dancing like that. It’s entertaining AND you clean windows. =D

  5. ROFL…
    8 stars out of 5!! The best Kenny post this year!!
    Shld become a dancer lar..
    p.s. mayb its time to do sum britney 😉

  6. boh liao.. ur act doesnt suit ur age kenny.. neway i have to gv credit to ur dance move.. and its a nice one for a newbie like u.. hoho

  7. hahahas!! kenny sia!! LMAO!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAS!!!! kudos for your effort, windows cleaning and BUTT/BELLY DANCING!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D

  8. Haha I’m already smiling when I saw the screenshot of your video. haha
    =) btw i need your address! I have a gift for you!

  9. KENNYSIA~!!!!
    i seriously “zha dao”…
    hehe ~ let’s Go clubbinG together 😛
    haha ~
    come my uni teach dancinG ~!!! 😛
    so the mirror will be always clean ~!!!! hahaha 😛

  10. yeah kenny this was the kind of blog entry that attracted me to your site back in 05!
    Please keep em posts like these coming!

  11. First of all, for an amateur, very well choreographed. haha
    Secondly, I couldn’t agree more with some of the comments, you’re getting fatter, well, that’s not a bad thing anyway. Fatties rock!
    Guys, help support!

  12. First of all, for an amateur, very well choreographed. haha
    Secondly, I couldn’t agree more with some of the comments, you’re getting fatter, well, that’s not a bad thing anyway. Fatties rock!
    Guys, help support!

  13. That is really lame of u Kenny, but I must say its a funny parody!
    Anyway I love the movie Slumdog… The music and the characters in the movie are spendid..

  14. OMG Kenny,
    I almost fell off my chair while watching. Mum and I couldn’t stop laughing at your butt shaking moments…
    Btw, did u put on anymore weight ah? U looked kinda round u know?

  15. hehehe… do you need some practise… i have so many windows and sliding door in my condo that need some clean…
    Win-Win… my windows and sliding door got cleaned and you could practice your moves … hehehe :p

  16. jokes aside, I feel that Slumdog’s soundtrack is rather good, esp the opening track (when the boys were chased by police – heart-thumping tune!, MIA’s Paper Plane, and of course Jai Ho at the end.
    untypical lah … for a Hindi movie with NO rolling on grasses/hiding behind coconut trees/fake fights with overblown sound effects.
    no wonder Best Pict.

  17. YOu’ve got guts Kenny Boy. I would have prefered to see you do that without the shirt for more punch! Your torso would be the talk of the month!

  18. hahahaha…. please do not dance in public like this! You made me laugh rollin on the floor. But you lighten up my sunday emo. 😀 muah

  19. OMG. How can you manage to not laugh when you are dancing while recording that?
    So damm funny that I laugh for a full minute. Haha. GREAT one. Hahahaha.

  20. It’s been a long while I get a laugh at your entry…This entry reminded me of the KennySia blog I first visit 3 years ago…
    Come back…

  21. ahahaha!!! i adore indian culture n hv always dislike ppl who made fun of anything indian..but that was super hilarious! I hate u kenny! U’re so darn cute! wished my fiance had ur sense of humor..

  22. i don’t find it funny at all. You’re getting so lame, Kenny.
    You should revert back to your sensible style of just writing sensible posts and stop degrading yourself to a national joke.

  23. NONSENSE! I think there are a lot more things for you to do rather than doing all this meaningless blog…..just fuck off…you are just very far from there!!! Childish!

  24. hey kenny jz something to share witchu… the screwing lightbulb n patting dog move is more of a bhangra dance move…
    the bollywood dance… well dude… not all the steps look like washing windows man… jz d jai ho one… altho… if done properly shud not look like washing windows… the song is awesome but d cheograpy certainly lacks the normally tastefully done bolly style but then again… kekeke

  25. oh. my. god. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!!
    I’m a fitness dance instructor and I’ve been choreographing Jai Ho for an upcoming class and this just made me laugh till I almost cramped.
    Seriously. That made my morning. *chuckles*

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