If There’s A Will, There’s A Way… Right?

Alright, I’m gonna do another serious entry whilst I’m still feeling low and sombre. I shall save the rant for tomorrow.
I know by looking at the stats and comments what kinda entries kennysia.com is popular for. I admit its a very ball-enlarging thing to learn that this site went from 178 visitors same time last month to 1535 unique visitors yesterday fetching 1.10GB.
Its dick chest-stiffening to know that some of kennysia.com’s readers are sweet young things and sizzling lingerie models. But I’m not gonna whore for hits today. 🙂
Instead I’m tuning back into reality for a while.

Home for 8 years, for sale… SOLD.

For the benefit of those who just started following my blog and too lazy… doesn’t want to read through the archives, I’ll try to summarise what happened in one paragraph or less.
I’ve spent the past eight years of my life in Perth Australia studying, and later working. October last year, I learnt that my father was diagnosed with Stage IV kidney cancer. So about six weeks ago, I left my handsome job, my girlfriend and returned to Kuching, starting a new life.
So there.

Dear Gary, Julie and the rest of the folks at Spectra,
How are y’all doing? Its been 6 weeks since I left Perth, so here’s just a quick note to let you know that things are still holding up at my end.
Since the last time I wrote, my father’s health has improved somewhat. Gone were the eerie hallucinations he spoke of. Gone were his awkward tendencies to forget things and the dazed expressions. The glow on his face is restored. His weight has gone up slightly as his appetite improved. As a matter of fact, he just had dinner at KFC!
All in all, my father behaves very much like a normal person except he still can’t move around too much and still require lots of rest. I can only hope that this is the beginning of a miracle. Once again I sincerely thank you for your well wishes.
The bad news good news bad news is, I still honestly have no idea if or when I’ll be back in Perth.
I’m not sure what is going to happen to the software that I wrote or if there’s someone new to look after them. But as always, I’m reachable by e-mail and if there’s any pressing bugs that needs to be squashed or portions of the code that wasn’t documented properly, just let me know and I’ll do my best. Hey, just because I’m not on the company payroll doesn’t mean I won’t be helping out! 🙂
Hope things are going well over there. I miss you guys all dearly.

Having to hear my father state the terms of his will, is without a doubt, one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to experience in my life.
We don’t want your money, we just want you to LIVE.

Say a little prayer.

26 Replies to “If There’s A Will, There’s A Way… Right?”

  1. Your father is very lucky to have a son like you. Remember, life is not how long you spend it but how well you spend it. Being with your father for now must be priceless compared to any other things. Those can wait… Your dad will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. dear father in heaven, may you give him the strength to walk the path you have planned out for him, if not, please lift him on your shoulders and let him rest in your loving arms.

  3. i have discovered your blog and its now in my blogroll.
    as another visual person, i like to read and see your pics at the same time.
    this entry is meaningful,as i believe that things happen for a good reason. live it to the fullest!

  4. God… please let there be proper documentation for all the software and proper usage of variables through out the the code. Also please have proper design documentation too. And finally God.. please let it be consistant…
    *sigh* anyway FYI eric and christopher coming to perth end of this month.. If you are coming down here give me a call i can set you up with one of eric’s many gfs around here.. 😉

  5. Kenny,I know it is hard to deal with the fear and emotion. This is part of life. Be strong and supportive to your father. God blesses your family. ~Blackwidow~

  6. Hey Kenny, I had an aging dad, and I had a horrid dream of him leaving me last night, and I was frantically pumping his chest to revive him in my dream..
    Coping with that thought is already difficult for me.
    It must be an excruciating period you are going through now.. *hug*
    Take care, and will definitely keep your dad, and your entire family in prayers.
    In the meantime, chin up, all of us here are with ya!

  7. Thanks everyone. I’m not feeling sad or depressed or what not. I’m not losing it or breaking down.
    I’m really just posting this entry to document the fact that my father’s health is good and its improving, and also to write a bit about my personal life just so I can break the possibility that people might start viewing kennysia.com as a place solely for jokes, laughs and giggles. But I appreciate all the concern and prayers. 🙂 I understand. This is part of life – a routine of life, and I can be strong enough accept that.
    Gee, you guys had me worried when I see the sympathy messages pouring in.

  8. Hey Dude, I am homophobic, NO HUGs!
    I gotta say you are a good son to drop everything to be with your dad, kudos. It’s can be an emotional thing to read/listen to a will. My dad was cool enought to state” When the day comes, they don’t need to fly back here just call and tell them I say goodbye”.

  9. Kenny, Good luck ya? I’m no good with the words but I’m pretty sure everyone who reads your blog frequently will be praying for your family.

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