Icon by Shunji Matsuo Review

I’ve always wanted to try out the hair salons in Singapore. The problem is I didn’t know which one to choose.

Samantha recommended that I give Icon by ShunjiMatsuo a shot.
Before then, the only hair salons I knew in Singapore were Toni&Guy and Kimage. I’ve already done Toni&Guy. And according to Sam, going to Kimage is like going for a lucky draw. “First draw is going to the correct Kimage salon, second is the hairdresser, and final draw is the choice of haircut.”

I trusted her judgment, so I called up Icon for an appointment without much deliberation. I also logged onto Shunji Matsuo‘s website to find out what I can expect in store for me.
And this is what I saw.

OH. MY. FRICKIN. GOD. You gotta be kidding me.
Is this what I might turn out?! Gee, SOMEONE must really hate me.
Nonetheless, appointment has already been made and I’m too lazy to change it Kenny Sia is not one to back down from his words. So I turned up.

Icon by ShunjiMatsuo is strangely located in a corner inside the Isetan Department Store at Wisma Atria, Orchard Road. Their little space is decorated with bright lights and striking colours to create that fun and funky atmosphere, obviously targetting towards younger crowd.

When I arrived there, I noticed there’s already quite a number of people getting their hair done at the store.
The inside of the store isn’t too lavish. There isn’t even a proper counter to front the store. For a mid-upper class hair salon, Icon seem to skimp a lot on interior design.
‘Minimalist’ would be the nice word to use to describe the store. The bad word would be ‘kiam siap’.

Here’s the price menu for Icon by Shunji Matsuo.
Btw, Icon is to Shunji Matsuo what Tiger Airways is to Singapore Airlines, what iPod Vano is to iPod Video, what Cosmo Girl is to Cosmopolitan, what Armani Exchange is to Giorgio Armani, what Justin Timberlake is to Michael Jackson. In other words, a cheaper, smaller, cut-down version of the original.
It costs SGD$29.40 (RM66) to do my hair, which is significantly cheaper than having it done at the full-fledged Shunji Matsuo store.

And this is the obligatory ‘Before’ photo shoot.

A short while later, I was led to the shampoo area where I was hoping for some good strong scalp massage to loosen those knots in my head.
Fat chance. My head wasn’t even given so much as squeeze. Seems like they don’t offer these type of services at Icon.

This is me after the shampoo, with my act-cute puppy eyes thrown in for good measure.

I don’t mean to nit-pick, but Icon disappoints helluva lot when it comes to cleanliness. Their floor was full of hair and there’s this bundle of used tissue in front of me the whole time. I shudder to think what’s in it, but it’s not mine, it shouldn’t be there and it’s downright disgusting.

This is Kenji, my hairdresser for the day, who managed to raise his middle finger at me even while he’s cutting my hair.
Normally when I go to hairdressers, I tell them to “feel free to do whatever you want with my hair. Be creative.” But since I’m in Singapore, I said to him “Oi, siao eh. Limpeh say dun pway pway. Zhng my hair!”

Anyway, 30 minutes later, and this is what I look like.

Just kidding!
This is what I actually look like.

I have to admit, despite those minor qualms I have about Icon, I quite like this funky hairdo they churned out for me. It’s probably one of my favourite hairstyles yet.

Actually, I reckon I look kinda Japanese in this hairdo. All I gotta do now is grow some Dawn Yang eyes.

What do you think?

To that hairdresser working in that hair salon which I reviewed a few months back.
If you don’t like what I wrote because I said your coffee tasted like crap, fine. At least be professional enough not to go on a long diatribe badmouthing me in front of your clients who were there to have their hair cut. Face it, your coffee taste like crap, and after I heard what you did, I’m NEVER going back to your store ever again.

117 Replies to “Icon by Shunji Matsuo Review”

  1. KAKAKAKAKAKA… OMFG, what the hell is wrong with you? You’re fecking funny!
    Anywayz, zhng-ing your hair like Shunji would be pretty cool as well… That super imposed head shared the shit out of me.

  2. u look really cute in the after shampoo pic..haha… ur last pic freaky tho >.u look really cute in the after shampoo pic..haha… ur last pic freaky tho >.

  3. Hey Kenny….
    I have to say… that THAT was funny…
    Your post before this… I sorta saw the last one coming… but this ONE was funny leh!
    Anyone remember the cartoon Character Sang Kancil and Si Monyet from the Cartoons that the Ministry of Education used to play on Malaysian TV YEAAAAAAAAARRSS AGO???!!!
    I reckon, Kenny with his “Dawn Yang Eyes” looks like “Si Monyet”… whos with me on this one??!!
    “Jangaaaaan Monyet… PEDAS nanti!!”

  4. This has got to be one of your freakiest entries with regards to the photo content.
    Now I’m scarred for life.

  5. Awesome! That’s what I think. 🙂
    Reminded me that I gotta do something about my hair soon.
    What did you really say to Kenji, the hairdresser? I always duno what to say to ppl touching my hair. 🙁

  6. i dunno if it’s just me, but it seems like all your ‘new’ haircuts resemble each other wannn. got a tuft of fringe sticking out a bit n all.

  7. Nice hairdo. This hairdresser is good for value and style 🙂
    Omg..the dawn eyes on u made u looked like those toys that has fuzzy hair and big eyes…suddenly i can’t rem the name O_O

  8. y ur face one side fat one side thin? oh, forgot, you use computer to photoshop ur face to make urself thinner and more jaw.

  9. haha… indeed a funny post.
    Overall, I still think that you should stick to one hair stylist… a creative one. He/she should know what you like and what is suitable for you.
    And of course if he/she doesn’t do a good job, you should change.
    mmm.. i’m contradicting myself aren’t I?

  10. next time you should try monsoon id. i’m not sure where it’s located. i think in bugis junction? There’s one in one utama too.

  11. oh wow i was there today too, staring in and wondering should i get my hair cut or not. and i saw some of the people getting their hair cut that appeared in your photo too! ahhh but i didnt see you. no kenny sia sighting 🙁

  12. hmm..well i dont really think much of your new hairstyle..pretty much looks like a hairstyle you would get as u wake up from bed after a good nite’s rest..lolz..mate u should ask for hair extensions and try look like the orlando bloom pic in your previous post

  13. funny but i’m not laughing becos its kimage sucks….
    xiaxue is not beggar to be chosen and after approve them only to be taken off the endorsements…to helllllll with kimage!!!!

  14. whoa you are outrageous. i reli enjoy your stuff.. mebbe this is lame, but yeah keep it up.. really interesting stuff ya got here.

  15. I was in Kuching last 2 weeks and almost went in to Alan Saloon but ended up buying a USB Flash disk across at Waterfront. So, I am wondering, what else did that hairdresser do apart from the bad coffee?

  16. ooh the last pic was seriously freaky. lol. i din dare look at it long.. will have nightmares. anyways cant really see ur new hairstyle except for the fringe cuz of the lighting leh..but i think it shud look not bad ba..haha..

  17. gosh the pics are pretty good and i had a great laugh at that shuji matsuo head on ur body but come to that last final pic, damn…its hideous. ahahahhaha, wondering if i will get a nightmare tonight!

  18. Hahahaha…the after picture really got me laughing… I was reading your blog in office and i suddenly broke into a laughter..My colleagues started to stare at me one kind, wondering what is it that I find so funny..hahahah..actually i was in a bad mood today..But reading your blog really lift up my spirits a bit..Thanks!!!

  19. Hey dude!nice hair cut though….hahha…u are so humorous,cant imagine u are writing a journal about your haircut session.
    Hope you will get a more “creative” -hairstyle during your next visit.lol xoxo

  20. HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!! the eyes are soo funi!!!! aahahahah1!!ahahahahah1!!!!! thanks for cheering me up heheee trying not to laff outloud or my dad will think i’m crazy for laffing at a computer!!!!:P:P

  21. hi kenny,
    i stumbled into yr website (cos I’m undecided if i should sacrifice my hair to try I*CON) after google’ing… From top to end, I couldn’t stop laughing. You sure have a way of cracking up your readers. That’s a talent dude – ie. making ppl laugh when reading. Keep your funny bones and I shall be back for more of your interesting stuffs. Now, I am STILL undecided. What to do…women need more time to pour over. ciao!

  22. Hi kenny, thanks for the laughs. though this is an old post it really brought a smile (+ a laughter) onto my otherwise dull face. btw i was researching on a good japanese hair salon and stumbled upon ur blog on ICON, which i’ve always wanted to try. cheers.

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