44 Replies to “Damn You Autocorrect”

  1. Kenny, I’m a fan of your blog. However witty as you intended to, the labelling of Jenny as a “pussy” is really disrecpectful. I suggest you remove it.

  2. hahah, I think it it’s not the auto correct’s fault cause there’s like one letter difference only O.o

  3. i just found this out. To capture the screen shot, press the home button concurrently with the top button (the one u use to lock your phone, i dunno what button is that)

  4. tat’s typo. can’t u see the difference? dun be so desperate to post something funny, it isn’t…

  5. I don’t think this is auto correct. The letter “J” is next “K”. Just simple typing error. Fat fingers?

  6. Kenny is trying to show-off iPhone?
    First thing first, Zoey also have iPhone? The mistake was from Zoey’s phone, not Kenny’s.
    Besides, the dictionary does NOT correct name. It’s a human typo error of “J” and “K”. Besides, if “Jenny” is indeed a common name that iPhone’s dictionary store it, what more to say “Kenny”.
    So Kenny Jenny – stop showing-off your iPhone.

  7. iPhone doesn’t auto correct names if you saved them in your phone. And to begin with, it wasn’t you who sent that sms. So fuck off.

  8. Wow ppl are actually arguing whether it’s a typo or autocorrect?? Come on.. who cares what it is as long as you can see the humour! Tsk tsk..

  9. Yo Kenny…. 8th Mar is International Women’s Day…. guess you used the wrong word at the wrong time…
    But don’t shutdown your blog man…. it may not be as good as it was, but then again, nothing ever last, right?

  10. Why does it matter to so many of you whether the post is funny or not, or whether it is auto correct or just plain human error? Regardless, you ppl are still here reading kenny’s blog. If you hate his blog or can’t take a joke, then dont read it. Stop being such hypocrites.

  11. I thought you’ve become more intelligent after not reading your rubbish a few years, but apparently not…

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