Royal London Circus

The Royal London Circus is in town, just about to finish up their Kuching leg of the tour when I was given an invite to check them out.

My last circus experience was when I was about 5. I’ve grown out of watching clowns and magicians since. But it was an invite I might as well experiencing it one more time.
Tickets cost RM25 for the cheap seats, right up to RM55 where the action is as close as it can get.

The opening act features all the circus performers coming out to do the most unenergetic dance in the whole of mankind. Seriously, if this were the American Idol, half the performers would’ve been booted off within the first five seconds.

I’m sorry but for an opening dance, that was awkward. Maybe only the kids would enjoy it, but I don’t get the fascination of clowns prancing around in big shoes and red nose.
To make things worse, there was The Spandex Problem™.

Holy cow, take look at THAT THING! Hey, I came to the circus expecting to see animals, but I sure didn’t expect to see so many Camel Toes!

OMG can die lah like that. How to enjoy the show when the performers look like they’re not wearing anything at all?
Luckily, things start to pick up after that initial traumatising experience.

As far as stunts go, there were plenty of action to put you at the edge of your seats (or bench, if you paid for the cheap tix.)
Some of the stunt were pretty crazy, like skipping rope on top of a rotating wheel 30 feet up in the air. I shudder to think how many times he broke his bones just rehearsing that trick.

Undoubtedly the best act of the night goes to the two ballet dancers who performed their number by flying in the air hanging on a piece of the red cloth.

No death-defying stunts, no lame comedy, it’s just a beautiful and romantic ballet guaranteed to tug the heart strings. I think that act was worth the price of the entrance ticket alone.
The rest of the evening was pretty much standard circus fare.

Doggie jumping tricks.

Err… questionable juggling tricks.

Hungry elephants gobbling up humans for dinner?

Cooking an egg on a clown’s back. Good when you’re camping and don’t have a stove ready. But first, you gotta get a clown somewhere…

Despite some rather anti-climaxing moments, I say the Royal London Circus was a pretty solid 2.5 hour show.

The finale features 4 stuntmen riding their dirt bikes whirling inside the globe, simultaneously. It was some thrilling stuff. A second of miscalculation would spell disaster for all 4 men involved.
I reckon the police should use this method to punish those hoons on the road with loud exhausts and let them kill themselves off.

Eat your heart out, Xiaxue. *flutters fake eyelashes*

The Royal London Circus comes once in a while to most parts of Asia. It’s no mean feat bringing around this gargantuan group of performers from 17 different countries, animals, admin staff and props all over the place, but organisers Paul and Doris have been doing so for the past 20 odd years and still find joy doing what they do.

Personally, I reckon they’re doing heckuva fantastic service to the community travelling to all the small towns in Malaysia. Lots of kids living in these areas may perhaps never even be given a chance to see a circus if it weren’t for them.

The circus was good fun and definitely worth a watch if you have little kids to bring along to. I left the circus thoroughly and completely entertained.
One thing for sure, this image will continue to haunt me for the many nights to come.

I can’t sleep at night anymore. 🙁

Note to self: never ever go out kayaking after only sleeping for a grand total of ONE hour, and especially NOT when your breath still reeks of alcohol from partying till 4am last night.

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  1. lol.. ppl fighting for whose the 1st to write a comment.. lol =D
    nice circus anyway =)
    im the 3rd?! =D

  2. i dun think i been to a circus before…guess its quite a good performance u’ve watch..
    i jus wonder why u notice those “Camel Toes”, never see “grapes”??

  3. erm….i am tired of reading the first few comments cos its always says…1st, 2nd or 3rd. nothing relates to the topic.
    kenny, can you please delete the comment that number themselves.

  4. kenny, you are so sick.
    sometimes,i wonder are you a gay or not.
    i mean, why you like to see other’s “camel toes” or “grapes”???

  5. Anonymous: Haha. They’re probably the younger ones, or maybe just a very big fan of Kenny. Forgive them. 🙂

  6. Loyal London Circus has been touring Msia & other countries for a long time..the performers are of a gd mixture of nationalities(westerners & asians)& I think Kenny didnt get a close up pix of all the performers that ppl thought that it consists loads of asian performers only~look carefully ppl@the grp pix tat kenny took)…The clowns are darn funny & the bikers are really cool & heart-stoppin when performing their stunts..I personally love 2 men who are doing stunts on the spinning wheel(skipping rope,jumping on the wheels,running along the diameter of the wheels)..Been there twice as my friend(her mom & dad are the organisers)invited me to go..The tickets are reasonable & affordable to all & they provide a really gd show I must say(not promoting for them.U gotta see it & u’ll know).. =)

  7. damn ur camera is darn gud,,,,,,the last time i tried using my kodak to take long ranged foto…….it was so blurrish dat in the end i had nothin

  8. Spandex. *shudders* Thank God they were still kind of lean and not flabby. But the bulges were… erm… disturbing. No one can ever pull the spandex bulge off.

  9. sillipore can’t have this circus cause got animals involve.
    so silly. zoo and birdpark continue to put up animal shows.
    Not bad, the circus got dogs, elephants and camels!

  10. Camel toes is a female thing lah. Guys they don’t call that camel toes… dunno what they call that though. U can be the first to name that.. haha! Anyway, the guy wearing the red spandex is really quite big down there! @_@

  11. i remember the royal london circus was in KK a few years ago..they’re back in msia huh? hm from what i can see here the show is pretty much the same as it was the last time i went. i vividly remember the finale..

  12. Hey kenny,
    If you ever fell off from that canoe, furong-jiejie-faced-dolphin will save you for sure.
    And who knows, you might get a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation from her (furong jiejie).

  13. Good thing guy kayakers don’t wear spandex or biker’s pants … well not the ones who go kayaking with me anyway! And don’t u start! *shudder* *shudder*!!
    does anything ever escapes your unholy eyes kenny?

  14. in reply to
    if it’s the royal london circus, why are there so many asian performers?
    Posted by: asian pride at 12 May 2006 11:11 PM
    For your information, The Royal London Circus is fully owned by Malaysian. I won’t specify who and where the owner is from but the circus recruits performers from 17 different countries, hence asian performers you fucking racist.
    You brainless dumbass, all McDonalds-KFC-Burger King in Malaysia employes asians, so you tuckheaded retarded, can you please write to them and say “Hi, if this is really McDonald’s licensed, why are there so many asian employees?”
    Use your worthless brain to talk, well, they are worthless anyway. Bugger

  15. Kenny, you are cruel.
    you are invited to a show and you didn’t even say thank you and somemore, you turn the whole thing into a big joke for your blog and readers.
    Those chinese 3 kids are from shanghai. they have been with the circus ever since young.
    your post on this is just terribly insulting

  16. i wonder how does kenny look like when he wears that spandex..
    i think it should be smaller than that guy!!!

  17. kenny.. i can say that ur head is filled with dirty thoughts..haha! but then again boys are like that.

  18. Now, now. OWNED. That guy was just asking a simple question. Don’t jump to conclusions and calling names. It is not healthy here and you’ll embarass yourself in the end.
    Now I wonder who’s the ‘brainless dumbass’ now?
    This comment owned OWNED.

  19. Now, now. OWNED. That guy was just asking a simple question. Don’t jump to conclusions and calling names. It is not healthy here and you’ll embarass yourself in the end.
    Now I wonder who’s the ‘brainless dumbass’ now?
    This comment owned OWNED.

  20. Now, now. OWNED. That guy was just asking a simple question. Don’t jump to conclusions and calling names. It is not healthy here and you’ll embarass yourself in the end.
    Now I wonder who’s the ‘brainless dumbass’ now?
    This comment owned OWNED.

  21. Now, now. OWNED. That guy was just asking a simple question. Don’t jump to conclusions and calling names. It is not healthy here and you’ll embarass yourself in the end.
    Now I wonder who’s the ‘brainless dumbass’ now?
    This comment owned OWNED.

  22. Uh, sorry for the quad posting, Kenny. Damn internet is acting up 🙁
    Please do the necessary.

  23. aw… royal london circus… i miss it so much!!! they used to put up shows in penang at the now tapak pembinaan for times square. i still remember they sell all those HUGE balloons n the aeroplanes with rubber band that u’ve got keep on rollong n let go – *SWOOSH* fly^^ n not to forget, cotton candy. of course, those super-tide acrobatic suits which shows off their kukubird… sweet. oh kenny, i envy u for being able to watch the show 😛

  24. people might not know royal london circus is owned by malaysian. so for u to call them dumbass is just downright ignorant.
    but anyway i remember going to that in bintulu years n years ago.. and that motorbike thing too… probably the most thrilling part of the show…

  25. the circus is owned by a datuk by surname Lee. Cant remember much. I went to the Royal London Circus few years back in JB.. But the price is very different.. Few hundred for front row seats, with sofa. I paid RM200 for tickets (meant for charity). There were plenty of big shots there… Overall there were more animals, esp tigers haha

  26. Oh man, the last pic? the guy looks as if he’s been tortured. I think the circus thing is super lame. Hope you actually enjoy yourself.

  27. omg gelik lar. I think there was a circus too about 3 years ago at mjc. ok ok lar. i really duno from where those ppl got the courage to wear the tight suit..yuck..bopien loh,earn money loh..*sigh*
    u try to wear loh xD

  28. for a circus owned and run by Malaysians, this is one of the few exports that make us proud.
    good blogging Kenny!

  29. Hey I love the Royal London Circus. Watched them about 5-6 times in different years when I was young and loved their acts. Wish I could see it now.

  30. In reply to:
    Now, now. OWNED. That guy was just asking a simple question. Don’t jump to conclusions and calling names. It is not healthy here and you’ll embarass yourself in the end.
    Now I wonder who’s the ‘brainless dumbass’ now?
    This comment owned OWNED.
    Posted by: Pride-Red at 13 May 2006 3:43 PM
    Sorry mate, probably you are the joke there. I think you are just as retarded as he is when you can’t even tell what is he trying to convey?
    Why does he has to relate asian performers? Isn’t there any better way to ask without having to involve an organisation that sounds like English and having to relate with asian performers? So is he and the retarded you thinks that no asians can work in an English registered organisation?
    Again, that is fucking racist.
    Who knows others(English people who are not as racist) might think that it is wrong for them to hire asians in their organisation because people questioned about the multicultural integration?
    OWNED big time.

  31. I’m in London and I’ve never heard of a ‘Royal London Circus’. Wonder why the hell do they have to use London. It has nothing whatsoever to do with London. Bloody Malaysian rip-off.
    There’s no racist issue here. It’s owned and managed by Malaysians. 17 countries? Msia, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Thai, Vietnam, Philipines, etc from similar region and probably 1 or 2 from odd places like Hungary or something. More oriental ppl because Chinese are the only ones known to torture their own kids to twist their body like fuck. They’re just better at it.

  32. I think most of the guys answered it on my behalf already.
    Yea, Royal London Circus is neither ‘Royal’ nor from ‘London’. They’re 100% Malaysian creation and the name was chosen purely for marketing purposes. Of course lah, the performers were picked from all over the world. The most recent show has about 50% from Asia and 50% from Europe.
    Anyway, I was lucky enough to be invited back to the organiser’s home for a bit of chit chat, so that’s info straight from the horse’s mouth.
    Thanks Paul and Doris!

  33. Critics, say what you want about the Royal London Circus, but the fact is they are doing society a great service, putting in the hearts and minds of little kids everywhere, the fear of clowns.
    You can’t ask for more at prices starting from RM25.

  34. lolzz for whom said it was asian performance. Those face looks like chinese actually are from mainland dude

  35. Does anyone know how long the circus will be in town and where will it be? I need to find out the fare and the time. Thinking of bringing my family there. Appreciate the feedback
    Thanks !

  36. ok… i haven’t been to a circus in my life and i don’t really see myself ever going to one haha

  37. hi, to all the members of royal london circus specially to tiger and george. by the way this is joan singer in coffe garden in sibu malaysia.

  38. Hi, you may be interested to know that the Real Royal London circus is currently in South Korea for a 3 month tour bofore returning to the Uk

  39. Sadly The Royal London Circus has gone bust, MR Lee sold 70% of it. The staff Have NOT BEEN PAID FOR A VERY LONG LONG TIME.

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  42. Hi im simo im looking for abdul he worked with lions if he is still working there can u please give him my fb page (simo) the my phone numbers 004407977280511

  43. I saw royal london circus long time ago at Gen. Santos City and i love it very beautiful….. hope to see again someday!

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