I Can’t Bear To Watch Myself On TV

They said the cameras put an extra 10 pounds on a person.

I think that’s a lie.

Why do I look like I’m 500 kg heavy on TV?!

Been extremely busy preparing for my roadshow at The Spring shopping mall, Friday to Sunday next week.

This will be the first time I reveal my no-longer-secret project to the public!

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  1. that’s my first time listening to u speaking in words. =)
    not bad, your videos are the ones that i have been waiting for. seriously, i believe that this whole project alpha is not really a good one yet. the idea is there but there’s still a lot a lot of improvement could be made. really hope that your videos will be the ones that lift up this whole project show. =)

  2. Heeheeheeeeee kenny so kiut la the whole time is liek a mouse talking to an elephant. :3
    Jokes aside, the great thing about Kenny’s blog is it’s innate ability to make you laugh or cry unexpectedly…
    Leaving away everything in perth to go take care of your own
    father who will told have to have 6 months time left to live…
    That takes some huge cojones, mang.
    For ppl who dunno what I’m talking about go read the earliest archives u confirm will laugh and cry :’) >

  3. You have a very nice voice… somewhat contrary to what I had imagined. LOL.
    And yes, sadly, yo do look like you have gain some weight… πŸ˜›

  4. 500kg??? No way!!!
    Then hollywood celebs like Queen Latifah probly weight 1 gazillion kg! ahem…
    Anyway, Good Job on the interview and being in P.Alpha and all.
    No one cares about your weight, your writing still rock =)

  5. Woahh first time hearing ur voice…Didn’t expect it to be so deep/low….kinda imagined it to be higher pitched =P

  6. I hope i can gain weight~~
    5kg to 10kg or more???
    Could u just donate a bit fat to me?
    So that, can balance it???

  7. Facial Expression has a huge impact on overall appearance. You look Worried baby, like maybe the weight of your bollocks putting too much strain on your vocal chords.

  8. Wow,that’s jojo? She looks better on tv! Gees,teach me physics man,my last paper of physics tomorrow. And kenny where got fat? He looks okay lor.

  9. kenny, constructive comment πŸ˜‰
    You look heavier than you are because you slouch. You don’t slouch in your photos, and that’s why you look fitter.
    Also, you dress well in most photos….as I remember you wear more shirts, and they’re kinda fitting. You look good in the pic with that Danish chick!
    Unlike that loose checked shirt. Combined with the slouch it looks kinda sloppy…..=p

  10. I think it’s the angle. Coz most of your pix are mid lenght and standing up. This video you are sitting down. But don’t worry, as long as people can still recognize it’s you than you are safe. πŸ™‚

  11. hahaha… but u look quite fit.
    Level Up – simple but meaningful. All the best to your newborn!
    i gotta Q, if im not mistaken d Everrise Tower is in Srwk. Any plan to open 1 in KL or Penang?

  12. HAHA KENNY I didn’t expect your voice to be that low!! Doesn’t match your baby face but it’s veli sexy oh πŸ˜›

  13. aw , kenny , you’re not fat lah , just well rounded and tubby like a big life-size teddy bear and reminds me of santa claus except you don’t give everybody presents HAHAHA ~

  14. wow, I’ve never heard kenny sia’s voice until now, not quite what i imagined his voice to be, thought it would be more manly,(btw this isn’t a diss)

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