ADV: Running A Marathon With Zero Training

Despite my heavy frame, I’d like to believe that I live a pretty healthy lifestyle.

Not saying that I’m a major health freak lah, but generally I watch my diet, don’t do drugs, never smoked a cigarette in my entire life and take part in sports regularly. 

One crazy thing I do is that I wanna complete a 42km marathon every year in a different city. It started three years ago at the KL International Marathon.

Continued running the following year at the Penang Bridge Marathon.

Last year I competed in the Singapore International Marathon.

42km is no small distance. Whenever I tell people that’s the distance I run, the reaction I typically get is a loud “WHAT! FORTY-TWO KILOMETRES!?” and then followed by one of the following remarks.

a) “You crazy ah!?”
b) “Possible meh!?”
c) “Want to die, you know got easier way one right!?”

Running 42km continuously may sound like an impossible feat for a lotta people. But like many things in life, nothing is impossible if you’ve got the discipline. In this case, the discipline required is to train regularly for the 3 months leading up to the event. No slack.

I needed something to work towards so that I can be motivated into exercising regularly and staying healthy. Else, I’ll just be sitting on my lazy ass in front of the computer 16 hours a day.


The reason I do this is because I know it pays to stay healthy. Just like that PRUhealth ad, “rewards you for being healthy, covers you when you’re not”

The problem, however, is that it’s NOT always easy to stay healthy even if I wanna.

My next 42km marathon race is actually happening this coming Sunday. But thanks to illegal fire burning in Indonesia, this is what Kuching city looks like for the past 3 months.

Badly polluted and heavily enveloped in haze.

And if it’s not covered in haze, then it’s like this.


Raining like we’re living in Waterworld.

Because of those reasons, the amount of time I spent training for my marathon is ZERO. And how the hell am I supposed to run 42km with no training without dying? I have no idea.

So, it’s not that I don’t wanna stay healthy. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t.

The haze in Kuching was terrible. It was so bad…


…even the Kuching cat statue had to wear a mask. FML.

For those not following my Twitter, here’s what I have been up to, and the reason why I haven’t been blogging as much as usual – a little hint of what “my secret project” is all about. 😉

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  1. “Because of those reasons, the amount of time I spent training for my marathon is ZERO.”
    Surely, you have dough to train in a treadmill either in a fitness center or at home.

  2. If you paid some attention, dear Watson, the first 4 comments were done by the same person.
    Trivial, it’s trivial. *puffs smokes*

  3. Question: Does the PruHealth policy cover the type of medical examination increasingly recommended for serious runners in light of heart attacks occurring at the finish line for long distance runs?

  4. Kenny, don’t worry about the air quality. The sky has been washed up recently, and it is crystal clear now.
    Nice to run with you again.

  5. Hi Kenny,
    Welcome back to KK for the beautiful run. Hopefully you won’t be too roasted like last year –
    Kenny can run one, no problem one…

  6. wow! you manage to get the white cat with the mask photo. i saw it on d 14 sep morning & din get the photo. & it was gone in the afternoon. i was surprised & tot that it’s a prank by the authority. few days later, it changed to a bow tie.

  7. wow! u managed to get the photo of the white cat with the mask. i was in on 14 sep morning & it was gone in the afteernoon. so regret din take a picture of it. i was surprised and thought it’s prank by the authority. few days later, the white cat was with a bow tie.

  8. Haha…. Kenny you maybe HUGE but i believe that you are a real strong man. You will able to fit urself nicely no matter in what condition right? Show us that your big coconuts aren’t the fake one Kenny. xD

  9. Heh Kenny, if you really want to run the full 42 kilometers, then I recommend that you just train in whatever the conditions are like – haze, rain, they’re all part of the Malaysian seasons. 🙂
    Besides, for the sake of health, sometimes you need to get the worst of it before you can get better, no?

  10. Hey dude, need to get you a shirt that says ” 26.2, It’s all in the head”.
    There are a few elite runners who train on a threadmill.
    I am in Baltimore now, Baltimore Marathon this weekend sounds so temping…but,I’ll keep running L.A.

  11. 42km?!
    Or did you mean 4.2km?
    That’s far too much!
    I remember i did a charity run before, probably yr 2005. HongLeong bank something, i not sure how far was that(4km?7km? or 15km?). But that contest almost killed me. lol.
    I managed to get no 5 something(that was because i used to be an athlete).
    So it was shocking when i saw the 42km!

  12. Kenny’s gym equipment got level up sound one… each time u complete 1 mile it goes **PLING PLANG PLING PLANGGG ~~**
    U oso can customize la wat level up music u want.. maple story… wow.. perfect world.. RO.. everything oso got.
    But the biggest attraction hor, is the pretty female bloggers who constantly visit Kennysia’s place hor. Each week the person who lose the most weight/become the fittest gets a free dating session.
    Please come visit on our the promotional day on OCT30th~ Tankiu~
    Customer Support
    Jalan Kaneenae Buuuchaaocibai
    Level Up. Inc

  13. LOL on the cat… this should send a strong msg to those damn indons who keep burning the forests… Ganyang konon… Ganyang ur stupid heads ah!

  14. Kenny Sia blog has too much commercial related brain storming story… All his intention just want to promote products to the readers.
    Your blog use to be my daily vitamin. But not anymore after all these.
    Wish you continue success in blogging business.
    Long time reader..

  15. FML = Fuck My Life.
    Today I visited my favorite humor blog, and decided to read the comments for fun. But all I found was a bunch of boring comments, blog vampires, and idiots who doesn’t even know how to google. FML.

  16. That kuching cat hilarious lar. ‘Fml’~ What a way to end a blog.
    Btw, if you’ve missed the training don’t force yourself to complete the marathon. 42km is no joke. Dun play play hor~

  17. Hi Kenny,
    My friends put up that mask on the cat, what a coincidence that you managed to take a photo of it that night!

  18. Kenny,
    instead of running these boring marathons you should go for Mt.Kinabalu Climbathron. i was thinking to go but i am not sure if i can make it in 1 year time. i did start to run in the forest a little but right now i can only do 4km without stopping (note that forest has ups and downs).
    marathon in the city is for pussies.
    lets do mt.kinabalu. if you go, i go. can you make it?

  19. Hello Kenny. Congratulations u managed to finish the run. We did talk briefly after the marathon. Even the picture we took together was awsome. LOL! I didn’t get to talk to u long enough coz i was rushing but u really r nice in person. I wonder where all the swearing in ur blog did come from. haha.

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