I Am Not Gay

Ok. This is wrong on SO many levels it’s ridiculously hilarious.
Click here.

Now, who was it who impersonated me and created a profile for Kenny Sia in an online GAY dating site!?
Geeezzz… Someone obviously has some serious beef against me (surprise surprise).
That profile was not created by me ok! For one, I am Sagittarius, not Libra.

Not that I have anything against gay people. In fact, I am very open-minded when it comes to homosexuality. I have my own fair share of gay friends, I think there’s nothing wrong with gay marriages, and I was even fine with the whole Jessie Chung changing her sex to marry her husband fiasco.
I also have a special liking to lesbians.
There was once this lesbian friend of mine commented that she found me “sexily delicious” (this was during my fit-and-buff 70kg days). Man, you couldn’t believe how happy I felt then. Coming from her, it was such an ego-boosting compliment my balls expanded to twice its size.

To have men complimenting me is freaky. To have straight girls complimenting me is nice. But to have LESBIANS complimenting a straight guy like me, that’s double points!
I draw the line at watching two men kissing though. That’s a tad too much for my manberries to handle.

Well, things weren’t so bad until somebody saw that profile and speculated that I might actually be a closet homosexual.

“I was sitting in a coffee Shop with 3 PLUs. They were talking about all the famous bloggers in Kuching. We stumbled across the [gaydar] account made by someone to frame Kenny Sia or maybe it was him, himself being a closet gay.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble buddy, but I like girls only ok?
My ass is for exit, not entry ok? I like pies, not strudels ok? I want abalones, not bananas ok?
Please lah, I’m not gay!

Yes I want mrbrown to win. But I don’t want him to win because “Xiaxue haters” (who probably never read mrbrown before) are voting him for the sake of seeing Xiaxue lose. It’d be pointless that way.
If you don’t like Xiaxue and you feel indifferent to mrbrown, then don’t vote.
Or at least, vote for Mr Miyagi. The poor feller needs some serious boost.

Err… vote for Xiaxue! Otherwise she’s gonna write bad things about me!
Kenny: “I think people just don’t want to see infantile bloggers winning over serious bloggers.”
Xiaxue: “But mrbrown also infantile what. He got three infants some more.

88 Replies to “I Am Not Gay”

  1. poor thing u…kena target by some dumb ass..
    but hey..at least i had a good laugh.
    hilarious and dumb, who on earth will do such things?

  2. Spraying coffee from my nose to keyboard and falling on floor laughing (SCFMNTKnFOFL!)
    You’re more than welcome to fly over the England and have a Ceremonial Partnership (Gay Marriage), it’ll be legal this month… πŸ™‚ (Loads of Potentials at Brighton)

  3. there’s no way for you to be gay. eeeeee.
    i have nothing against homosexuals, but God has created Adam and Eve for lots of reasons, and for some reasons, God didn’t put Adam and Steve or Annie and Eve together.
    no, i’ve nothing against homsexuals. i just don’t agree to their lifestyle, that’s all. it’s like me tasting a dish, and i say it’s not nice, but you say it’s delicious. and i have nothing against that.

  4. the perils of putting yourself online. someone else is bound to get up to some mischief with your info!
    btw… how come you aren’t in the running for the best asian blog?? i’d vote for you!!

  5. And so this is what its all about. Did you go and tell my best friend that this I FUCK GUY is me? Do you think that I was really the type of person doing things behind? Common lar…..

  6. Hi, Kenny
    I enjoy reading your blog ever since I visited it for the first time.
    I found this post was funny at first, but then after second thought I think it’s kinda cruel joke.

  7. Woah. That person very evil ah.
    I don’t get it man. I think Kenny is a friendly guy (as compared to those mean poplar bloggers out there). Who on earth will get offended by him?

  8. Stop lying and come back to bed!!!
    [Oh darn! I only said that as a joke, but I can see that back firing in so many ways too … hope no one has framed me on Gaydar either or I’ll send the hamsters after them!!!!] πŸ™‚

  9. Well. Even with that pose, the fitting shirt and very metrosexual hairstyle, I must say that pic looks 100% straight. It’s your facial expression.

  10. and here i thought you WERE gay. all the conversations, all the ‘girly’ answers..
    oh kenny kenny…
    now what DID YOU DO to cause people to THINK you are gay…

  11. the only person with the high res photo is you and i personally believe that you made this up so you can post about something. running out of ideas?

  12. Well.WHat to do,you are Kenny Sia.And you that once people get famous,there will always be people out there doing parodies and even having bad facts bout you spreading around.

  13. *chops gay endorsement label*
    HAHHAHAHA…yknow, sadly, without your disclaimer you’d probably have kenaed flamed for being homophobic.
    Aiyah, some people too free lah. Did you try reporting that profile as false?

  14. poor Kenny! You are so desirable that gay guys had to frame you!
    So the lesson is: don’t put your handsome pictures online. Just put those pics with your humps or something πŸ˜›

  15. How original. Kenny as a closet Cosplayer would be much funnier, especially if it came with doctored pics of Kenny in, say, a Sailor Moon outfit. I’d be willing to believe that.

  16. “My ass is for exit, not entry ok”
    Damn it Kennyyyyyy!!! I am trying to keep a straight face here at work ok!
    Failed miserably!!! πŸ˜›

  17. How I wish you are gay. Because you would fit my bill as Mr Kermit exactly:P
    Cheeky, sensitive and yet thoughtful…
    Trust me. Its not about how “big” your pencil is, or how cute your eyes are, but its how you manage your life and how you face every challenge with the positivity that every one should have.
    I would still embrace you, straight or not. For being real. By the way, I clicked very well with Sagi people… so dun run away….*chases away Kenny*:P

  18. Haha OMG i have come across your Gaydar profile before actually. Didn’t know who you were before. It’s all coming back to me now. I have people using my friends’ pic before for their profile and i just had to send nasty messages to them. Motherfuckers. No life and it’s no one’s fault they are born ugly that they have to steal pics. No offence of course to the motherfuckers.

  19. Comeon, you sexily delicious?? I bet you seldom look at the mirror dude…you are just a big fat slob ok? Homo is so against the bible, people who say theres nothing wrong with gay marriages is pure gay.

  20. LOL, this is a good one. In fact, it is a very good idea to advertise yourself. I might try that also next time.
    BTW, i noticed a comment that says Kenny is gay? Damn you are famous for just writing blogs. good job.

  21. OMG!! That’s a mean prank that someone pulled on you! XD well at least all of us had a good laugh. I’m glad you’re taking this in a good light because if it was me, I’d be laughing my @$$ off!! XD

  22. oh my god. you like so suck. a dog could write better than you. besides can i just say that looking at that picture? you are Ugly with a capital U.

  23. …the guy who makes lesbians turn straight.. and straight men turn gay~~…
    hehehe i know you’ve heard this many times before but *screams like a high pitch teenage girl* KENNY SIAAA~!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!=D

  24. Well, there’s nothing wrong to be as a homosexual but in reality… the world sees it differently. We are bound to our culture, religion and social norms. I’m open minded to those people. I dun mind if they want to become my friend as long as they treats me respectfully. Anyway Kenny, keep it up with your life and your blogs as well. I think it is the way you are, might be the reason on why you become a ‘target’. You’re cute and handsome (for Asian standard) for both male and female. Hahahahah

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