Rainforest World Music Festival 2006

The RWMF came and went one week ago, but obviously I was too knackered to write anything. Even until now. So this’ll be one hastily put together entry.

It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy on a Saturday night. I need any combination of good food, good music and good company.
With the exception of good food, I found the latter two aplenty at the music fest. Lots of people from the West and other parts of Sarawak came and flooded our humble little town over that weekend. For three days, music was shared, new friends were made, and Kuching became a real party town.

Joyce’s Monalisa Smile

JoycetheFairy, KinkyPugKevin and YC the Drama Queen flew in from KL to join in on the festivities.
My adventures began just when I was picking them up from Kuching International Airport. Knowing them, I was expecting three excited people madly jumping up and down passing through the arrival gates. But they hadn’t slept the night before so I ended up picking up 3 ZOMBIES wanting terrorise Kuching town.

Kevin’s flight to Kuching broke his aviation virginity

It was quite a scary sight.
Joyce “My blog is not famous because of Adam C” Wong and Kevin work for magazines and were here to cover the event. YC’s tagging along ‘cos she needed a break.

This year’s Rainforest World Music Festival followed pretty much the same formula as previous years’ – music from around the world by bands no one’s heard of, workshops in the afternoon and a huge concert at night, right in the middle of Sarawak’s lush rainforest.

Police sniffer dogs to detect if you have any illicit “green substances” on you. Hey, there are kids at the event ya know?

Having been to last year’s show, I thought this year’s event was much better organised with tougher crowd security and a more entertaining band lineup.
The concerts at night are the highlight of the event. That’s when they set up a huge stage in front of the grass lawn, and the audience dance and mosh to folk songs and world music as if it’s a trance rave. Quite a fascinating sight, because I’d have never expected much people to enjoy this genre of music.

There were a lot of good bands to like: the Mongolians with their throat-singing, the Madagascarians with their African beats, the Scottish with their bagpipe and rock music fusion. I particularly love it when bands from two different countries collaborate, and create a totally unique blend of music on the spot.
At the end of the the night, it’s become tough to choose which band is the most popular, but my guess is those Latin Americans should be somewhere near the top.

The Latin Americans perhaps played the hit song out of the entire music festival with a Spanish number called “Guantanamela” (whatever that means). It’s a catchy tune that made me feel like doing the salsa right then and there with a random stranger. 😛
But I shouldn’t scare people like that.
There were a couple of annoyances for me during the show. In conjunction with the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF), was another festival going on.

The Rainforest Shirtless Men Festival (RSMF) were running in full glory. Featuring an army of sweaty grown adult men with no shirt on mindlessly screaming and bumping into other people .
I don’t mind hogsweat rowdy shirtless guys at all. I just don’t like it when kept bumping into me EVERY 5 SECONDS trying to swap sweat droplets with me. It’s disgusting. Seriously, those people should either put a shirt on or eff off.

Drums sound better when you’re higher.

With the amount of alcohol and drunken people going on, sometimes I wonder if kids should even be allowed to be there.
Still, best part of the whole festival was the company I was with.

This is Irene and YC. The two of them have so much in common it’s kinda spooky.

Best. Ten seconds. Of my life.
I thought I was in heaven.Trying very hard not to smile too wide.

IngHui, all the way from Miri, taking a photo of me taking a photo of her.

Arthur, who drove 13 hours along with IngHui from Miri to attend the event.
This guy is at it again. We were together throughout most parts of the concert, and he could just be standing there doing nothing saying nothing , QUIET AS A ROCK, and have women – HOT BEAUTIFUL WOMEN – making the first move chatting up to him. It’s insane.

Fairy Angel

The girls said it’s the aura he exudes and his mean tattoo.
Maybe I should get a full arm tatt as well. That’ll pick up chicks.
To end this lousily put together entry, here’s a video of the highlights of the Rainforest World Music Fest for those who can’t make it.

What a fun, hectic, music-filled weekend totally worth the RM60 entrance and overpriced cans of beer.

I’m taking a much needed break to Hong Kong this coming weekend. Can’t wait. 🙂

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  1. wah kao ! so many beautiful people ! that includes you too kenny…of course the white bikini looked much better they won’t be able to match your sexy hairy legs…
    I guess you enjoyed the women company most of all !

  2. ARGGGGGGGG!!!! looks like you had a great time huh? i wan to join too lar..hopefully next year lar.. haiz..!! LOKKS AND SOUND COOL!!!

  3. Looks very interesting – the lineup I mean. How often do we get cultural exchange performances like that? Will such a thing fly in Singapore? I wonder.

  4. its that rm60 entrance fee and overly priced beers that kept me away.
    what i do to get a camera. same one IngHui models there incidentally

  5. That’s a very interesting event.
    Can’t make it coz I’m now studying at Miri
    There’s also one similar event here called
    International Miri Jazz Festival but i think the
    rainforest music festival in cultural village is
    100 times better than the one here.

  6. That Latin American song was used on a Holden commercial in Australia a few years ago.
    “One Tonne Rodeo.”

    i am the world unluckiest guy~

  8. I think you guys might wanna check out the video the Fairy took of Kenny refusing to dance.
    Fairy: “Everyone’s dancing and you’re the only one not dancing.”
    KS: “Shy la.. I’m too shy to dance la.”
    KS: “Shy la.”
    not gonna put the link up for Kenny’s sake.
    Why don’t you guys go dig it up in YouTube.
    Hint: Upped by the fairy.

  9. barffie, oi. You guys have Baybeats and WOMAD lah!
    AND WHY IS EVERYONE POINTING OUT I’M HAIRY! I posted one picture of my hand nia, DIU!

  10. i can’t stop staring…
    1) hairy hand
    2) i’m sure that 10 second hug made you recover from whatever illness you had

  11. Hey..I heard about this rainforest music festival! My friend from Singapore was telling me about it. I live in Toronto. I think it’s awesome! It happens every year right? How do you get those wrist bands?

  12. To: Janice – The rainforest music festival happens around the same time each year & you need to pay the entrance fee to get the wristband to watch the shows.

  13. the 2 angels at the back of the girls are so badly drawn… i would kill the tattoo artists if i were them.

  14. lucky you.. by the way, people from Madagascar are called Madagascans… not Madagascarians. And Madagascar is in the Carribean, not Africa, hence the Carribean beat 😉

  15. my key: ‘the 2 angels at the back of the girls are so badly drawn… i would kill the tattoo artists if i were them.’

  16. Madagascar is a country that occupies a large island of the same name, located in the Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of Africa. It is famous for pepper, vanilla, and of course the Lemurs.(WikiTravel).
    Hah, Leo-chan, your knowledge of geography is pathetic!

  17. Isn’t Guatanamera the island in the Caribbean where the Islamic extremists are imprisoned? So how come the song about that place is such a catchy number?

  18. the place the americans are using as their prison is ‘guantanamo bay’ in cuba.
    incidentally, guantanamera was originally a cuban song sung with lyrics in spanish, but in asia.. it was made really popular in the 60s/70s with the joe dassin version (for me anyway)..and no, i’m not *that* old.
    if you haven’t heard of this song, ask your parents about it. 🙂 they might even be able to sing and dance for you.

  19. Sounds cool – maybe one day I’ll come back during that time of the year and visit as well. I miss home!!!!

  20. Here’s another silly Spanish song – from Cuba, I suppose:
    La cucaracha, la cucaracha
    Ya no puede caminar
    Porque no tiene, porque le falta
    Marihuana que fumar.
    (The cockroach, the cockroach
    Can’t walk anymore
    Because it doesn’t have, because it lacks
    Marijuana to smoke)

  21. Kenny, do remember to post some photos of you with pretty hongkong girls (decent ones or whores)after you return to kuching.Thanks!

  22. I being there would be the only way to experience the music festival and i was there for all the 3 days! 😀
    It was really good and learned alot from the performers there! The really good ones IMHO is Deep Throat, Peatbog Faeries and the French-Canadian Act (cant seem to rememeber their group names). I’ve got loads more of pictures and videos loaded at this link!
    PS: If its not ok to link, then u can remove it!

  23. hi kenny, i thought i saw u at the RWMF, and its really you….should have call u up!! u look a bit different in real person.

  24. nice……i used to attend every year but not this year’s cos am away from the country.so i was wondering how it was like,didnt get enuf from friends,i came upon ur blog.interesting.are u from kuching?

  25. I gave RWMF 1 more chance, and concluded that it’s definitely not my cup of coffee.
    My thoughts? I think those ppl down there enjoyed their own company & their booze more than de music, other than de Latin American ones of course.
    I might go again next year, but as a volunteer. Wanna see “behind de scenes”. ^_^
    PS. I agree w/ u Kenny, on those disgustingly sweaty & drunk ppl who kept bumping into others. ;p

  26. Alvin – International Miri Jazz Festival & Rainforest World music festival is two different festival la,how can it be compare then.The MIJF jst 1st time organise recently May 2006 only.Eventhough is vry 1st time, but the result is good cos can say lots of audience which under expected la.Both Events are very interesting.I think next year will b more even better.
    Janice – The rainforest music festival wristband is for the security purpose/sign to make sure u pay for the entrance fee to watch the shows,so tht the Miri guardian ppls won catch u with their big dogs ^_^
    Kennysia – I did see the 2 lovely & sexy lady with the special fairy angel tattoo la, & i think i c u as well just tht i never knw u b4 this.
    partyhardy – As a volunteer is not for u to watch the shows only, but u hv to carry out ur volunteer work as well & contribute to it. If RWMF is ” definitely not ur cup of coffee” then you better don’t be a Volunteer & not to go either cos wasting ur time & $. To be a volunteer you hv to submit ur form then the organisar will choose if you are qualified.

  27. huh? hugging by two chicks already best seconds of your life arrrr, tot u deserve more fun than tat leeeh kenny.. 😉

  28. Please don’t tell me this was the first time you heard Guantanamera? It wasn’t (originally) by the Fugees actually, as someone incorrectly mentioned. It’s a classic song written and made popular by a Cuban composer in the late 1920s. Over the years it has been done and redone quite a number of the times, but in recent times, as in the last decade, it was popularised by Wyclef Jean from The Fugees. It was a club hit for some years. Really nice, you should download it.

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