How My Sister Found Out My Blog

Its nice to get an e-mail from Karen Cheng out of the blue today.

Karen is an artist and young mother from Perth. She’s an avid blogger and her blog chronicles her daily life, especially her two little boys. Do check out her blog if you like to read about cute babies and stuff. Her site was nominated for the 2005 Bloggie Awards as the Best Designed Blog and its not difficult to see why.
If only Blogskin designers are willing to learn a thing or two from her, wars would end, birds would sing, George Bush would step down from presidency, and the world would be a much better place.

Karen worked in Singapore as an expat sometime before. I guess that’s why she follows the Singaporean blogosphere and that’s how she found out about my blog. What she didn’t know is that she’s friends with my sister from their Uni days. I knew about Karen Cheng because once my sis showed me Karen’s site, telling me she wanted a website like that for her two kids as well. She didn’t know I have a blog back then.
So one day, my sis was surfing Karen’s site for inspiration, clicking the links she had on her side bar when she encountered this post on Mr Miyagi’s site.

Sis: “Eh? What’s my brother doing in there?”

Talk about the worst possible way for a family member to find out your blog.

I’ve been working overtime these past few days and I believe work will only get more hectic over the next few weeks. My updates will be scarce and my entries won’t pack as much flavour as before so apologies in advance. Hope you guys get used to it.
Normal blogging will resume once the storm is over. 🙂

39 Replies to “How My Sister Found Out My Blog”

  1. Ha! Haha! Hahaha!
    Oh, by the way, you’ve got a nice blog here.
    Better blogskin header too, with that patriotic Malaysian flag… (yes, we know that you’re not a Singaporean!)
    Perhaps you can show the world the Sarawakian flag one day. Probably the S’wak tourism board would want you as their spokesman.

  2. ahahaha, i had been criticising some blogskin makers for some time now, they never liked me but seriously lol, i do think flashing banners should go too 😛
    and yes, that’s the BEST possible post to find out about your blog lmao…
    poor you! 😛

  3. oh, this is hilarious! nevermindlar, she can take consolation in the fact that her bro looks quite sexy wat…in a hairy legs kinda way…heheh….=)

  4. A truly vile way to discover your blog, it seems. Imagine the embarassment of having to explain as to why you’re the most celebrated Malaysian blogger, and how that scandalous picture brought you to fame.
    Oh wait, yeah, just say that it’s a scandal. She’d never know ^_^

  5. Don’t worry, least your family member(s) didn’t find your blog with a naked picture of you, just those rather sexy hairy legs.
    Still, one of them found out, any big reactions?

  6. when my mom found out about the first blog i ever had, it was because of my sister who happened to be surfing on my computer.
    i said some real mean shit about them. boy did I get into trouble on that one. it was a screaming and crying fest with me caught in the middle.
    i say no bad now. 😐 hah

  7. Kenny baby, come to Paris and walk the streets dressed like that. Would love to see if anyone wants to get into your pants…oppss..sorry, just being the cheeky exploratrice I am… ;p

  8. haha scary man if i were ur sis. lookin atmy bro half naked. tsk tsk.
    i love karen’s blog too. love to read bout her sons callum and sean

  9. Some people: in their secret lives, they wear blue tights and red capes and they can fly around to combat supervillains.
    Other people: in their secret lives, they like to get whipped by sexy women in vinyl or leather.
    And you? Enough said..

  10. So what’s her reaction? Good or bad? 🙂
    well… if its not, then i guess its really XUEY that she found out. Still, your site IS freely accessible to anyone, plus all those links and trackbacks… so its no surprise that you’d be found out eventually…
    Btw, has the word spread to other family members?

  11. eve, Sarawak Tourism Board to have me as a spokesperson? Don’t crazy lah, I’m such a disgrace to Sarawak. 🙂
    sooyin, the shellshocked face in that picture is really appropriate, don’t you think?
    Colin, actually, they did.
    petite, oh my. Are you flirting with me? *blush*
    susie_q, yes you are sick. What weird tastes you have. I mean… hairy legs? Go see a doctor.
    thunderfoxy + Lyon + Danny Chen at, I think she’s shocked and surprised in a pleasant way. 🙂 Everyone in my family knew about my blog, even some of my relatives. Out of all my family members, my sister is actually most supportive of me keeping a blog. Everyone else couldn’t understand why I would want to blog and they’re convinced that I’ll bring more harm than good to the family. My mother is especially critical of me and she’s one of those who hoped that I would shut down as soon as possible. She just thinks I’m wasting my time that’s all.

  12. Omg, that made me snort so loud! =P!! which is bad coz I have the flu… get the picture? haha, better not then, it’s a gross picture =P. Was she horrified at first or did she laugh when she saw the picture? If you were my bro. and I suddenly saw that, I’d be laughing for 15 minutes straight (I’m absolutely serious… I’ve done that when I take pics. of my lil’ bro an dit turns out funny… but if like i went to his school site and found one there…well let’s just say I’ll prob. grow slimmer from all that laughing) hmmm…anyway, how do you feel about her knowing? someone up there, nausheen i think, mentioned about how it was hell and tears when mum found out about teh bad stuff she wrote about her family. well, luckily for you, you didn’t =P, of course that was also because you wnated your privacy, the most you wrote about was your dad. nausheen’s thing reminds me of when my mum read my diary when i was 10, i only wrote in it to relieve my anger and sadness, so it was all bad… hell for years and years:P, she even tells me now she truly hated me then, she wnated to throw me to my dad (they were divorced). blah blah, anyways. I hope your sister won’t give you hell and not tell your family about all this coz I want you to remain a truly Happy Kenny =P Is it a relief in some way to you for her to know about your blog? ok, that’s all for now, don’t get too stressed in your hurricane of work =P sweet & sour dreams! =P

  13. hahaha. not the most flattering picture of you aye? how old’s your sis anyway? erm. if i were your sis, i’d start screaming in outrage at seeing my dear brother in such an obscene pose. LOL. anyway, thank you, kenny. you know why. you’re a true friend. don’t worry anymore. i’m doing great now.

  14. Dammit, Kenny, there you go again with the Bush cracks. (No pun intended.) I’m not 100% Bush, but can you explain to me how YOUR life specifically would be improved with a new US president in office? Sheeit, who’s in office has very little effect on ME, and I’m actually, you know, here.
    Cheap and easy cracks like that (liddat) are far below your abilities.

  15. Curtis, its not so much MY life that’ll be affected, rather the life of others.
    Like it or not, George Bush is someone very influential and he is the de facto leader of the world. Any decision he make is gonna have an impact on world politics, and I just think he didn’t do a good job thus far.

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