They Sell Crayons, I Think

I don’t know what’s with me but I’ve been spotting shops with unusual names these past couple of days.

Take a closer look at the shop name that caught my attention.

Too bad they’re not open. I have a feeling the inside of the shop might looked something like this.

I’m indulging myself with lounge/cool jazz/elevator music these days. My favourite track thus far is this sensual little French tune. I reckon its sexy love song to make out to. If you have someone to make out with, that is. 🙁

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  1. oh you just gave me inspiration to look for similar shops in Paris. Knowing me, I probably end up in Pigalle, which is like Perth’s Roe Street *wink**wink*

  2. For a moments of two … i thought i saw those spooky white BATA shoes flying above the sign board. And closer look proves that … i have only just under my after-booze visions.
    ================================================== 2:Make Love Not War

  3. Shin Chan is an anime character from (obviously) Japan.
    It’s known as Crayon Shin Chan i assume.
    In Chinese, it’s La Bi Xiao Xing.
    La Bi = Crayon
    Xiao Xing = (not “becareful”) the little boy’s name.

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