Happy Chinese New Valentine’s Day

Happy Chinese New Year, and Happy Valentine’s Day.

I’m gonna celebrate this double-whammy special a little different this year by disappearing for a few days to do my own things and plan for the year ahead. Before I leave, here’s a little goldie from my Twitter a few days ago when I asked a question, and @euveng replied.

“If Chinese New Year + Hari Raya = ‘Gong Xi Raya’, then what do we say on Chinese New Year + Valentine’s Day?”


Gong Xi Fuck Cai.

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  1. happy new year=)
    p/s: ‘gond xi fuck cai’ makes me laugh. but i’m afraid if the term being used by nonchinese maybe it will be an interracial issue. imho

  2. That last line certainly wasn’t expected, so that makes it uber extra hilarious!
    Um, to those offended by the crudeness and lameness of it all, time to show em your ‘NuffNang Best Entertainment Blog’ trophy again.
    The way I see it, I read the post, it made me chuckle at the end and I’m mildly entertained. Anyone who got tired or offended, oh so sad~

  3. Hey Kenny – Gong Xi Fa Cai ! I have to let you know that your posts are getting shorter, less frequent and rather boring. Yawn. What laa..no more heart in your blog …

  4. Dear Kenny,
    I used to enjoy reading your blog very much but pretty much dismayed by your recent postings which lack substance and originality.
    Ever since with the opening of your gym, you have completely neglected your blog.
    I am no investment expert, but the gym business has never been a lucrative and profitable venture. I live in Kl and initially there were a lot of hype with Fitness First, California fitness, Celebrity fitness, True fitness etc. But today, most of these centres are loss making and struggling to breakeven. You may have an initial crowd but if you don’t upgrade your machines often, you will lose them eventually. In other words, you need huge capital outlay to constantly upgrade and maintain a gym.
    However, you have a strong following for your blog which it is not easy to build. Many bloggers out there envy you. But at the rate you are going, your blog will eventually die off. The future advertisement revenue that you could otherwise earned will be lost and would be very difficult to recoup back.
    Kenny, I may not be in the right position to decide what is best for you. But, please prove me wrong. It is indeed sad to see you one day to be broke because of this failed business venture of yours.

  5. i agree with thomas. you used to put up blogs that are so entertaining and meaningful that i visited ur site every single day as a source of entertainment. but now its different as i see you only blog for advertising purposes and such. i know its not easy to handle and manage so many things, but this is only an advice and no offence at all.

  6. making money tru blog….ajak orang suka2..duit masuk poket kenny..
    i enjoy ur blog bcz soem fo your post are creative and out of the box..
    but today… full with AV..AV…and some rubbish post..
    yeah..money masuk pocket banyak ker..

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