ADV: Unsolved Mystery Of The Slurpees

Has anyone spotted this?

Apparently, the 7-Eleven at my local joint has a Slurpee machine that is serving something so mysterious they don’t even know what it is.

Aptly named Mystery Flavour 1 and Mystery Flavour 2, it looks curious enough to stop me in my tracks.
Now, who is crazy enough to buy a Slurpee when they’re not even sure what they’re gonna get?

Me, of course!
Gotta love the Slurpee. This frozen slushy drink is an absolute God-sent during hot and humid days. At just RM1.50, it’s even cheaper than most canned drinks at 7-Eleven. To top it off, it’s actually pretty fun to do-it-yourself and operate the Slurpee machine.
Because you pay for the cup, the aim is to pour maximum Slurpee into a fixed-sized cup.

There’s a special technique you gotta do if you wanna achieve that.
The trick is to put the rounded cap on first before bringing it to the dispenser machine.
That way you can fill your cup up all the way up past its prescribed cup size. And while the Slurpee is pouring, it’s a good idea to continually jiggle the cup so the slush could settle and allow you to fill up more.

The 7-Eleven Mystery Slurpees comes in two mysterious flavours. The purple-coloured one is named Mystery Flavour 1.
It is not bad, but it gotta say, it tastes suspiciously like blackcurrant. There’s almost like a Ribena-like taste to it.

The yellow-coloured one is named Mystery Flavour 2.
Perhaps otherwise more commonly known as mango. The tropical fruity taste is quite unmistakable, but I may be wrong.

Yes, the flavours of those two Mystery Slurpees are unfortunately not very mysterious.
Well, this is all part of the campaign to get people to join the 7-Eleven Mystery Flavour Slurpee contest and cast their votes for their favourite flavour.

Try both flavours, vote your favourite and mail in your receipts before the deadline of 5th October. Because if you’re one of the lucky 1,000 winners, you’ll score an awesome gift.
I hear you asking, what exactly is the prize?

Dunno, because that’s a mystery too!
In the contest form, you’ll also be given a chance to name your favourite Slurpee. And this is where you can get creative.
Whatever you do, just don’t try to be like me and give smart-alec answers.

If liddat confirm sure lose one.

Has anyone realised that in all the newspapers and magazines, EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN’ PICTURE of Michael Phelps has him topless, wearing a very skimpy Speedo swim trunk too small and too low for him, for the sole purpose of showing off his body?
Not only has he broken world records in swimming, I think he also broke the World Record for fastest time a shirt was taken off before the media photographers snap.

74 Replies to “ADV: Unsolved Mystery Of The Slurpees”

  1. Too bad they don’t have coconut flavour, otherwise I bet you could have come up with a better name like “Coconutty Kenny” hehe 🙂

  2. lol… man-boobs…
    eh… try mixing both flavours together…
    see whether you will end up diarrhoea anot?
    heh heh heh…

  3. Even 7-11 uses KennySia! way to go!
    Maybe should also start some ‘mysterious competitions’ with ‘mysterious’ prizes….*lol.

  4. Duh! The best way to get more in the cup is the drink the cup while you pour more in! 8-p Or don’t even bother doing it while you pour, pour as much as you can in, drink as much as you like, then top it up again and leave 8-p

  5. hahah..I’ve tried both and i felt it was blackcurrant and mango but i guess the names werent as creative as yours..Mango manboobs! lol:)

  6. You do know that Phelps is uhh… a swimmer right?
    So he has a right to be photographed in Speedos.
    Unless of course, you want to find a justifiable excuse of having a picture of yourself in Speedos.

  7. hey? why my previous comment will have to be approve by u? oh.. i know liaw… mebbe cuz i mention the word E****** ryte? lol.

  8. i wonder why advertisors love to use the word “SLURP” to promote their products..
    Mamee Slurrrp and 7-Eleven Mystery Slurpees…

  9. Is still a blog or commercial ads? I seriously willing to know how much Kenny has been paid to put a column for 7-eleven, MC Donald, Mister Potato etc..

  10. Eh, the trick to get the most outa ur slurpee cup is to fill it up, drink as u walk around the store looking(or pretend to) for more stuff, REFILL!
    then come back again with the same cup! 😀
    NOT kidding btw

  11. hahahah! they should have asked you to be ambassador for the event mate, just kidding dont take it to heart. for all those who don’t know, ever figured out where did the water for slurpee come from? yes…tap water…which is inedible in malaysia

  12. hey i’ve noticed that as well….its juz that i didnt noe there wa a contest…i thought they simply ran out of names for their slushies…lol

  13. Unable to admit this is a boring advertisement blog, and there is nothing new from you lately.
    But I think you should invite your pretty friend to act it instead of yourself. Moodless & sight.

  14. everytime i go to a 7 eleven store near my place, the slurpee machine will always be roask. no efficiency. evne if its not rosak, the slurpee is melted.

  15. sigh..what a bunch of wankers ..
    obviously kenny will choose money over satisfying “i prefer the old kenny” readers like you ..get over it

  16. Is it that bad, guys, having ads on my blog? 🙁
    This is my first ADV in almost a month! My last ADV was in 28th June.
    The truth is, I have actually been rejecting more ads than I accepted them, but tell me, is it really really that bad?

  17. i always tick the lousiest answer just to annoy them.
    yea la i know liddat cannot win and it doesn’t actually affect the franchise as a whole but i’m weird like that haha

  18. Hey Kenny! Love the Mango Manboobs name! I love Slurpees too, especially in summer…although I am sure that your Malaysian summers are a lot hotter than our Australian ones.
    My husband always makes his own Slurpee flavours by pumping ALL of the flavours into the one cup! The end result is a grey-brown colour, with a generic sweet taste. It is so disgusting!
    Thanks for your funny post!
    From Carla

  19. not really that bad to put on ADS actually… it helps to create awareness to other ppl too… so what’s the harm? it’s not an ordinary ADS anyway, it’s customised and personalised by you yourself, Kenny Sia, anyway. 🙂
    i support it.

  20. Oh Dear.. I had already tried that years back.. I had the “Blue” coloured one.. They have “green” one too.. what is so special about these frozzieee drink..? I wonder.. Anyway the technique was a good idea of a “kiasu” people.. RM1.50 only.. how much more you wanna have? Sigh!!!

  21. Dude, I asked how much you’re getting paid by 7-11 in a previous comment, but somehow that comment has mysteriously disappeared… Why did you delete an earnest question from an earnest reader?
    P.S. BWAK! BWAK!

  22. Eh tipu la.. I saw this and yearning for some mango fiesta.. So, I bought 1 at Mon’t Kiara 7-11. And there’s only the green and purple. No MANGO!! Wooo..woooo…woooo.. Gimme back my RM1.50

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