Die Die Both Ways

Last time, when I was updating my blog more frequently, people often asked me "So Kenny, are you a full-time blogger? Do you actually do anything else besides just blogging?”

“Do you even have a LIFE?"

Now that I started my own business, people are scolding me saying “Fuck you Kenny, all you ever blog about is your gym! Entertain us now DAMMIT!”

I don’t understand what people want from me sometimes.

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  1. Haha..this is funny… but the 2 contrasting comments are from 2 diff groups of readers anyway. Maybe u can follow Xia Xue’s style, just go WTF!!!! 😛

  2. I guess we readers are only human, both ways also be able to satisfy the needs. I am sure starting a new biz will take hell a lot of time of someone so I guess it’s only normal. But since you already have a new year resolution earlier what, so I am sure at the end of the year, things will work out fine.

  3. well, everyone move on, and that’s life. it’s your life, live it with no regrets. live it to the fullest. though we do miss ur funny blogs, but true kennysia reader would understand what you are going through. 🙂

  4. Cheer up Kenny…
    It is your blog, your life…
    live it your way…
    your blog have been brightening my gloomy days since mid 2008 (tat’s when i bcome ur reader..hahaha…)
    no matter how you going to blog ur blog… i will always be your reader ^^ **sounds like a love confession here =D**
    kennysia.com is about Kenny Sia, what Kenny do… Level up fitness is part of your life now.. so, it is common that you blog about it =)
    so, just keep on blogging and my days will definately be brighter with your blog entries.. and i do believe that there are alot of readers here will agree with me 😉

  5. Hi Kenny, I would say don’t neglect your blog which can now act as a supporting marketing tool for your gym! Best of all, it’s a free marketing tool!!!!

  6. Pakcik Kenny, mana ada kami suruh pakcik kenny berhenti tulis blog satu masa dulu.
    tp sekarang memang betul kami mahu pakcik kenny tulis blog selalu macam dahulu

  7. Kenny…. the more time u spend trying to please everyone, the more u will be pissed. Just forget about the odd, unpleasent comment and be yourself
    Although I have to admit your blog is now more on your new business and ads. But then again, it belongs to you and if that attracts more readers, what are we to comment?

  8. You can only please yourself. That’s the fact. It’s like serving a plate of nasi lemak with petai to your friends. some like it, some don’t. Now you’re serving with one hand and less petai.

  9. You’re not alone bro. I think you’re just feeling what it likes to be the government. Yes, the current BN govt have its flaw, but there are times that when they do the right thing, they are still wronged.
    Like fuel price. Last time when price of fuel goes down, so many people ask it to be priced at “market price”, while bashing govt for taxing it to RM1.80/L. But now price has gone up (said to be RM2.10/L without subsidy), and when govt say want to rework the subsidy system, they say “where’s my subsidy?!?!”
    Stay strong bro. And yeah, u shud use this blog as supporting marketing tool.

  10. Kenny, readers have the last say, no matter you like it or not. I sure you can tell from the drops in web traffic and comments.

  11. In any given curve there are two ends. When you’re popular and exposed enough, you will always meet the two ends.
    Don’t get discouraged Kenny. Whatever you do, somebody’s not gonna like it.
    Janji you don’t piss me off enough la. LOL!

  12. We live our life our own ways. Its too short to “live” the way others want you to. So, be yourself Kenny. When one person is funny, he will still be funny and will “entertain” in whatever way. Even blogging bout the gym in a “funny” interesting way. The one problem i can see now is, the blogs entry is too short. You can blog about your gym, about something interesting happening, or something that is more than just few words and one picture. I guess thats what others meant?

  13. That is entirely not true. BN government continuously shown corruptions and in all ways not helping and concerning the citizen.

  14. We want your love!! Maybe u should blog bout ur business in broken engrish, seeing as how the majority of ur readers comments are in engrish. Laver Up r teh rockz!

  15. I think you should just be yourself.
    Don’t let stucked-up fans ruin your day by posting nasty comments about what you should do to make THEM happy.
    Make YOURSELF happy, instead.
    We have to be selfish, sometimes.

  16. kenny, i never complained when you update very often! just that i guess everyone is sad and feel abandoned coz you rarely update recently. but all in all, we are really happy that you are doing something you like to do now. =D
    just keep us updated from time to time, u know? like short posts like this, we are feeling happy already. you don’t need to please us, but we just like to know how ur business is doing. ^^

  17. Hi Kenny
    Just do what u want wif your blog….U’ll be a “donkey” trying to please everyone…Someone comment yesterday about your blog being your personal life..So if u blog about abt your biz here, absolutely nothing wrong 🙂

  18. how about take 3 days full rest at Singgahsana lodge, beach or at home.
    in a fast moving world, human need to do nothing at times to get refresh
    human need to feel
    -but also know when to stop for rest
    i felt very tired with plane trip
    is normal. is there something else you facing before the new year..

  19. I said there are times… not ALL the time. Sigh… see, I just say like that, you already wanna wrong me. You behave like one of those readers Kenny Sia is ranting. Can’t he/they be right at all? Is his/their mere existence a sin?

  20. it’s not fair to you if we complain that you do not entertain us enough with your blog. your life belongs not to us. so yea, up to u to decide. will respect your decision. but of course, from a reader point of view, to be more selfish, of course want you to blog more la.=P nevertheless, all the best yea?!=)

  21. Kenny,
    im your fan from Indonesia,
    im at kuching right now,
    where’s your gym, i;d like to visit your gym and meet you – take picture with u if u dont mind

  22. hey Kenny, did i hurt your feeling with my comments on your gym. if thats so, im sorry!
    my comment is genuine and meant to be constructive but might turn out too hard to you cos i was not feel 100% that day
    you are brave to show your low mood here tells that you are very strong!
    thats the winner EQ ! guys showing vulnerability are REAL MAN!
    express = release
    i dont know if Robbie W has the genuine supporters as you have here, he has to call radio station for chat as lonely one instance i know
    cheer up !

  23. To me, I blog whatever I like… I dont blog according to what my readers like… =) Just follow ur heart la… =)
    Anyway, I like ur blog… keep it up!

  24. blogging is like making love lah, must have time,feeling,right person. now kenny is facing a 80++ year old tai tai,wanna hard also cannot. XD
    anyway,we readers still love you whether you blog or not lah *hugs*

  25. u talk as if as ah damn lan si. do whatever la wei..think about the people who are waiting everyday for ur entry..if u wanna do that be open and say la for once, yes im kenny and i will blog less from now onwards!! DONT GIVE PEOPLE FUCKIN HOPE LA!!

  26. I jealous you, Kenny.
    Everytime you come up with a very simple post, ends up having many many comments, mostly encouragement and praises. This proof you are in our heart & mind. Keep it up! Ha ha..

  27. aiya~
    you can’t please everyone. so long as you are happy with what you do is enough. though your entries have been getting lesser, its great to know you are busy with gym business. just go enjoy every moment k?

  28. Hi Kenny,
    I think it is very normal for any new entrepreneur to be as busy as you are right now. You should try delegating some jobs to your employees. Come up with a system that can help you to run your business without your interference. This will free up time for you to do other things. Delegation is something that you have to learn ASAP if you want to expand your business. If you can do that, I am pretty sure you have time to BLOG again :).

  29. of course i get bloody annoyed when i see that there are no updates or when there are, it’s about the gym. but i guess it’s okay. we can just go blog hop to other blogs and i know u need to have a career too what.
    anyways, who cares about those ppl? you’re the one laughing all the way to the bank. 🙂

  30. Since when has this blog been about pleasing other people?
    Isn’t blogging about what’s happening in your life? About your experiences and wishes and what not.
    So if your life is about your work now, and you CHOOSE to talk about it, who’s to complain?
    “One man’s food, is another man’s poison.”
    -keep on keeping on

  31. Blog wat u wan 2 blog…its ur life man….if ppl dun like,dey can go elsewhere la… u get new gym freak like me to follow

  32. hey man, srew them, you are not obliged to entertain us anyway, its our choice to read your blog right?
    anyway, good funny entries are worth the wait. so take that suckers.

  33. kenny, my comment is about the same as yumii
    i never complained when you update very often! just that i guess everyone is sad coz you rarely update recently. but all in all, we are really happy that you are doing something you like to do now. =D
    honestly i dun mind if u only update once in a blue moon and
    i rather have you to do a proper posting about ur recent being in a longer post (really long) than u simply find something to post for the sake of entertaining ur reader…this i was really sad…
    anyway, as what i said before once upon a time, this is your blog.. so do what ever u want.. dun bother too much on those harsh comment..those who appreciate your blog, will still support kennysia anytime.

  34. Objective observation: Your blog has crossed-over from personal joys and peeves to Commercial.
    Gotta stay with what got you there, if you wanna stay on-top that is.

  35. Kenny Sia,
    please wear black t-shirt more often, it makes you look slimmer.
    For Level Up’s sake!!! Don’t be angry ah, just for your own good because Koochingites want you to look good as Level Up “taukey” bah…

  36. Well, Kenny…
    At least you earn tons of moeny through blogging. I have just graduated out but I sill don’t have a job but do not know how to earn money through blogging.
    The ppl around me are all idiots. They all talk to me as if I am a three year old or liked I have the retard sign planted upon my head. And I also need money to survive. This is the age for me to enjoy life and I just want to earn as much money as possible so that I have a secure future. And, I also plan to take my Masters in journalism in New York after a year when I have saved enough.
    You know, when I was much younger my parents say that I do not have to work since that they have “more” than enough money to support me. This is what they always tell me…, but when there is a dispute ( you knowlah ) everything will turns sour. They will threaten not giving me any money or spendings. But now, I am already 25 years old so the case is different. I am an adult and a smart, intelligent person whom is not gullible
    You know… , my parents loved siding others, especially outsiders. They never listened to a word I say, even though I am an adult now. I have one older brother, brother whom is a computer expert but he is a person whom practises the adage ” charity does not begins at home, but for outsiders. ” To him, other or outsiders are all ” good ppl ” but his own family is shit. He will do anything even to his fullest potential to help others. But his own sister, sad and sorry to say.
    If I had the money or billions of money in my account or trust fund, I will most certainly leave all these ppl and only take the ones whom treat me well to stay with me or live a happy life with me together.
    Now, while still jobless and penniless, I am helping out at my parents restaurant just to make myself more useful and also earn some pocket money until I have a proper job.
    If I had the money, I will certainly leave all these ppl. I am old enough and independent to take care of myself. Why am I afraid??? The only thing I am afraid right now is that I am penniless.

  37. hahas! i guess this is what they called “Suferring from kenny-sia withdrawal syndrome” eh? XD
    anyway, all the best with your gym business and please do entertain us with your humorous jokes/insights or just more blogposts when you have the time!:) happy 2010!:)

  38. U earn a lots. Readersssss like to read your entertainments, you should not leave them behind la, because we contribute to ur business modal bo, 1 week once funny update is enough (don’t be so busy pls) 😛

  39. My mom likes to buy 4d numbers.
    Once she’s won.
    She said IF I know I buy more.
    Once she got the number won, but she didn’t buy the number. She scolded like hell.
    Once she bought the number, but she didn’t win. She said IF I know I save my money go buy Chinese New Year garments, set my hair, buy this n that.
    Demands is never been satisfied. Once satisfied, surely have another demands.
    IF only I know my mom gonna won 4d number, I will sell whatever I have to buy that number. Got won better than dont have.
    Sometimes we need to appreciate what we got and not complaining what you have and dont have.
    You have choices you see, you like Kenny Sia’s blog because of his Life Journeys.. but why complaint about his business? It’s one of his stories in a part of his life.
    Be patience readers..

  40. Mouths are theirs…dont care much about how ppl talk or look at you, lives our own lives…as long as we happy.


  42. since you are so young, just do what you passionate with. Blogging + gym, u can do some more other things hehhehe

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