Harry Potter Is 14 Years Old

So I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, or according the Malay subtitles, Harry Potter Dan Gelas Berapi.

It was good. Umm… make it average lah. I won’t say bad because I reckon the girl who played Cho Chang singlehandedly saved the show.
Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think Daniel Radcliffe make a believable 14-year-old Harry Potter at all.
At age 14, we certainly didn’t have the opportunity to go to school balls. We weren’t even allowed by our parents to have girlfriends because at 14, we were supposed to “concentrate on schoolwork”. The closest thing I had to dancing with a girl was standing up and holding her hands for one friggin hour in class. It wasn’t meant to romantic though – that’s our punishment for not doing our homeworks.

Heck, when I was 14 years old we don’t talk about love and crushes so openly and my female classmates don’t have boobs as big as Hermoine’s. She didn’t even look like that two episodes ago! I don’t know, maybe there’s a scene where Hermoine secretly cast a spell called A-ba-ca-Acup-to-Dcup-bra on herself. Too bad the director had to removed it due to time constraints.
Harry Potter just looks way old and grown up for his age. In fact, in one scene he looked like some Sith Lord from Star Wars.

“Harry Potter and the Revenge of the Sith”

I pity the producers. The casts are all growing up very quickly and the excessive lovey-dovey scenes in the script didn’t help. It’s like watching Dawson’s Creek set in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • Harry Potter = James van der beek
  • Ron Weasley = Joshua Jackson
  • Hermoine Granger = Katie Holmes

These kids grow up way too fast. I just hope they’re able to finish shooting the entire series before Daniel Radcliffe becomes Ashton Kutcher and Emma Watson turns into Jessica Simpson.

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  1. I think the kids still look young enough, however I have doubts about them being able to film their way to the 7th movie with the same bunch of teenagers.
    As for the part about Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliffe not being a realistic 14 y/o, the script’s just being true to the books. The ball was a school event, and Harry parents are dead, so they can hardly bother him about having girlfriends.

  2. those warner bros are ruining the storyline.
    the magical effects were stripped off hermione’s entrance at the yule ball.
    which i still cannot get over.
    but at least they didnt ignore the obvious type of race portrayed by the names, the way star wars did.

  3. D cup is certainly not Hermione’s boob size. And in my opinion, Cho Chang was one hell of a dull and useless character in the movie, so much different from that of JK Rowlings creation. Mike Newell didn’t really bring out all the strong points in every character throughout the whole movie except for that of Daniel’s and even that..only the last part deserves a two tumbs up. Kenny I know it’s your blog but I’m quite annoyed that all you could talk about this is Emma Watson’s boobs size and how old they look. The very reason why they keep the same actors and actresses is because we grow up with them…Daniel Redcliffe is already known as Harry Potter, Rupert Grint the funny and goofy Ron and Emma Watson the brainy and cute Hermione…if they were to be replaced…it would be extremely different.

  4. The translations may differ, but it’s certainly not cermin berapi. And it’s Malaysia here and UK there, what do you expect? Of course they bloom early mentally and physically! Haha.

  5. firstly, over here in the UK, all of that is pretty much standard fare for our schooling….going to balls, acting older than your years etc etc. Daniel Radcliffe is only 16 years old, hardly a great deal older than a 14 year old. Trying to identify with this movie from a foreigner’s perspective is pretty pointless, I’m afraid. Unless you grew up in this culture, and went to school in a British private school, you won’t have any frame of reference. Fact is, over here, schools are full of lovey dovey stuff from 12/13 years onwards.

  6. Haha … Sith Lord … That’s a good one.
    If you notice, our teenages are better ‘developed’ as compared to my days, maybe because of the accessibility to the goodies nowadays.
    Yeh, studies was number one priority, and any hanky panky business would getting some canning/nagging seesion in exchange.

  7. Cho Chang saved the show single-handedly? Sorry, I don’t think so. Her part is too minor to even save anything.
    Daniel and Emma are only 15, if I’m not wrong. Just a year older than they’re supposed to be so it’s still cose enough. And about being open about crushes and balls, well, this is not the muggle-world and when you’re living with your best friends 24/7 for months, u’d be open about things too. Anw, angmo-lang usually looks older than their age mah.

  8. Cho Chang saved the show? Nahhh…She’s not that pretty as described in the book. Harry deserves better. And in the 6th book, he gets it on with ginny Weasly. Once again, Harry deserves better.
    Hollywood actors & actresses often play younger characters. Anyway, JK Rowling herself didn’t want to replace Daniel Radcliff because she wanted a British lad to play Harry Potter.

  9. hermione isnt supposed to be this pretty.. and they butchered the book! kids are having relationships pretty early now ya know.. ever seen a pair of 11yearolds holding hands? its common. and i think cho chang wasnt tht interesting.. at least not yet.

  10. I thought it’s ok.
    Each book describe 1 yr of their life. and the movie takes abt 1 yr to shoot that 1 yr. The actors are growing, but so do the characters in the bk.

  11. Her-MIONE lah Kenny.. not Hermoine! And you forgot that this country censors kissing scenes on TV.. so of coz teens here pretend to be more immature in their sexual development πŸ˜‰

  12. In the next episode, potter will be wearing a mask and saying stuff like, “cho chang, join me in the dark side and i’ll show you my light saber.” hahaha..
    keep up the good work..

  13. Hello? I don’t think that Cho Chang single-handedly save the show, okay? Her part is SO minor in the movie!!
    Anyway, what the others say about “that it’s their culture” is true. So we cannot make comparisions with our own culture. By the way, that is how the book is.
    However, that does not mean I think that the movie is really good. Read this & you’ll understand.
    oh, yeah, sorry, I dunno how to link in the comments section yet.
    Ok, happy reading! =)

  14. The movie was a bit of a letdown, actually, especially towards the ending. Voldemort was about as scary as Ralph Fiennes in a Hamtaro cosplay.
    OK, scary.
    Anyway, the upside — and this is a VERY BIG upside — was that the visuals were awesome, which peaks whenever Emma Watson appears on screen.
    And, I managed to get a ticket in the opening week. Neener neener!

  15. Wanna see a good movie, go see A History of Violence. Brutal and direct, good acting too. It is rated 21 in Singapore, guess a little muff diving and visible pubic hair does the trick but there are also some very graphic scenes of violence.

  16. In the Uk, Its common for 14yrs old to go to balls, dont forget, some of these kids have been at boarding schools from the age of 9, so there are more matured then malaysian kids who leave home at 19+

  17. Have to agree with Adrienne. I guess that kids in UK grow up much faster. However, we have an advantage, we reatain our youthful look way longer than the westerners.

  18. Dabido finds a scene ut out of the movie:
    Darth: I am your father Daniel!
    Daniel: No you’re NOT, Obe Wan told me you killed my father!
    Darth: Look into your heart Daniel, you know it’s true … oh wait, I have to cut your hand off now!
    Daniel: Arrrgh! My wand!
    Darth: Wooops, was a bit low with that strike. Um, you were planning on becoming jewish weren’t you?

  19. Well in my school when we were 14, there were so many people in relationships. and well, the ball was held only because of the triwizard tournament and actually only 4th year students and above were allowed to attend. actually, did you read the book? because the movie had to oversimplify many things hence making the plot look more shallow.
    oh and the westerners DO mature much earlier than asians.

  20. yea michelle y,…….emma is HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!
    and sumone said dat harry deserves better than ginny and cho…once again i agree

  21. Hey ,… I don’t think age is an issue in this movie. Did you know that Draco (Tom Felton) is already 18+ or 19+? Supposed to be same age right? But then again this is a movie so exact age doesn’t really matter. They can edit and put in effects to change the way they look or whatever. Errmmm even the other movies for example, they do not use actors the actual age of characters portrayed. For instance in Sky High the main actor is 18 while he plays years younger,…so i don’t think that there is much to say about their age.
    However I thought Cho was not as “wow” as described in the book. She is just cute . πŸ™‚ What do you all think about her Scottish accent? πŸ™‚ hahah πŸ˜€ Sounded a bit like Pippin from LOTR! πŸ˜€

  22. oit, different culture different genes different enviroment. 12 year old american kids can have the IQ of our local 17 year old. in terms of maturity and language skill.
    PLUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs…they are kids with magical powers…pullezzzzzz….see the twins that drank the ageing potion ?

  23. “At age 14, we certainly didn’t have the opportunity to go to school balls.”
    That’s because he was picked as the youngest champion and it is not that he could help it, I mean in the story.

  24. Katie Leung was some big disappointment compared to the Cho in the books, kenny. Leads me to wonder if you’ve even read the series. Arghh, then again you’re not a fan are you?

  25. Cho Chang was so minor in the movie, I needed my kids to explain to me that she only became HP’s gf in the next book.
    Does Quidditch make sense to anyone? I don’t get it. Why bother to score goals etc when catching the little flying ball wins the game automatically. Why not just have everyone in the team for for that little bugger. The rules just don’t make sense. Never read the books, so maybe the book(s) explain(s) my questions better.
    In the World Cup, I would prefer to pay less and sit nearer to the rain (if it falls). The action is in 3D. Why pay more to sit nearest to the field (on the ground) when the players are flying around above you? Stupid! (Please don’t flame me)
    After seeing the 3 “tests” in he contest, I fail to see how these “tests” make it obvious that the “best” magician won. Not doubting that it takes courage to face a fire breathing dragon etc., but how do these “tests” show whom is the better magician? For eg in the 2nd (lake) contest, one may have been lucky and stumble upon the “victim” to be rescued in the lake after only a few minutes. Then again, another contestant may have used magic to help locate the victim; not that any of them thought to do that in the movie. Another question, why does HP have to rescue the other contestant’s “victim”? Wouldn’t the organisers retrieve the other “victim” anyway? Surely the non-contestants wouldn’t be harmed right?
    Again in the maze contest, don’t you think luck plays an important part as well? Again, no contestant used any spell to locate the cup or to help them navigate the maze. Bottomline, the plot sucks!
    IMHO, HP is for little kids who don’t ask why?

  26. actually Cho Chang was quite a big let down. In the scene where Harry Jogs to the top of the tower and bumps into her there, you could actually see her facial hair…. which was thicker than mine!
    btw, Emma Watson IS 14

  27. Emma Watson is, firstly, fifteen. Rupert is 18 and Daniel is 16. Secondly, Katie Leung who plays Cho Chang is 18 and not the 15 year old she was sup to portray.
    You liked her? I’m amused.

  28. Movies never do the books justice. They seem to always take away the good AND important parts, add in some jokes to keep the audience in a relatively good mood, then make it an instant hit by building up anticipation.
    To lead up to dissapointments mostly.
    Cho chang had onscreen time of about 7 minutes!!!
    And her accent is…weird…
    But all in all…this is still the best movie out of four of ’em…at least it isn’t as twisted…

  29. Actually, Emma Watson is 15, Daniel Radcliffe is 16, Rupert Grint is 17, and Tom Felton is 18. CONFIRMED! I’m surprised how many people got their ages wrong… but then again, I’m a major Potter fan.
    I don’t think they looked too old for their roles, because we all know that European kids tend to mature faster and act more grown-up than us Asians. That said, I did find it quite crude of you to mention Emma’s boobs. I don’t know about the spell to up her cup size, but she might have gone through a period known as puberty.
    Cho Chang SUCKED. Or rather, Katie Leung’s portrayal of her did. Her character was so one-dimensional and frankly, it was quite sad. Add her (very) annoying accent into the equation and we’ve got a character which should be axed from the movie version completely. Who cares if she was to become Harry’s first girlfriend? Her role in both the movies and books is so insignificant that nobody (you being the exception maybe, Kenny) will miss her much.
    Just my 2 cents.

  30. This comment is just to address banana’s burning questions, basically.
    First of all, I can understand where your questions are coming from, with you having said that you never read the books. But no matter, everything will make sense soon.
    There is only ONE seeker allowed on each team in Quidditch. Only the seeker can catch the ‘little flying ball’, otherwise known as the Golden Snitch. However, catching the Snitch doesn’t guarantee that the game is won. It will only win the team an extra 150 points. The game will also be ended only after the Snitch is caught. Hence, although the team which catches the Snitch usually wins, it’s not always the case. As shown in the Quidditch World Cup, Viktor Krum of Bulgaria caught the Snitch but Ireland still won the match because they were already leading by more than 150 points.
    As for your point about the seat allocation, I would say that maybe Lucius Malfoy had the wrong perception. In the books, JKR actually made it clear that the Weasleys got excellent seats, high up in the air.
    The 3 tasks do demostrate which Champion is the best magician because they all require KNOWLEDGE.
    It takes more than courage to face a dragon, and Harry actually had to crack his brain to think up of a way to get past the dragon. Harry ended up Accio-ing his broom (Accio’s a spell), Cedric Transfigured a rock into a dog to distract his dragon, Fleur charmed her dragon into slumber, and Krum hit his dragon with a spell in the eye. So you see, it takes quite a bit of thinking and strategising other than pure courage.
    As for the 2nd task, the whole point of the test isn’t to find the captured, it’s actually testing the Champions’ ability to find a WAY to stay underwater for one hour without drowning. Once again, knowledge of spells, charms, and magicial properties of certain objects are required. Harry ate Gillyweed, which made him grown gills and flippers. Fleur performed a Bubble-Head charm, as did Diggory. Krum chose to Transfigure his head into a shark’s head. The Champions also all start at the same point, and they all had to swim quite a distance before they got to the merpeople. You mentioned a spell to help locate the victims? Has it crossed your mind that maybe, such a spell may not exist. With that said, I still reiterate that even if they knew where the captives were, the whole point of the task was to test the Champions’ ability to stay ALIVE UNDERWATER.
    As for Harry staying behind to save the other ‘victims’, that’s to demostrate his sense of loyalty and courage. In the books, it is said that even Hermione berated him afterwards for being so stupid as to believe Dumbledore will allow the others to die underwater. However, in extreme circumstances, all Harry could think of was to try and rescue everyone underwater, without considering anything else.
    Okay, we get to the 3rd and final task. In the maze, the Champions DO use spells to help them. Harry did a simple Four-Point spell to show him the general direction of the cup, and there were creatures inside the maze to obstruct them, such as Blast-Ended Skrewts and Dementors (Harry had to use the ‘Riddikulus’ Spell AND a Patronus). More spells were used in the maze, like ‘Reducto’, ‘Stupefy’ and ‘Impedimenta’. Oh and Harry also had to solve a riddle in order to progress. Of course, all this wasn’t shown in the movie.
    In conclusion, I would say that yes, the 3 tasks did show the world just which Champion was the best. The plot DOESN’T suck, and I’m sure you will realise that if you read the books. The movies’ interpretation of the plot SUCKS, and they don’t do any justice at all to the brilliance of the books.
    I will also having to strongly disagree with your opinion that Harry Potter is just for little kids who don’t question. Harry Potter’s for people of all ages and this is proven by the number of adults who enjoy the books worldwide. You CANNOT judge the series just by watching the movies, hit the books instead. Cheers.

  31. Cheers ! … potter freak, some people are just sooo shallow in something they see. they don’t really know but already know how to argue. tsk tsk tsk .. cheers man, you silent all the pretender = P

  32. Thanks for the answers. Now they do make more sense. Perhaps the books will do more justice.
    Only one more thing, why did Viktor Krum of Bulgaria catch the Snitch when his team is more than 150 points behind. Shouldn’t his job be to try prevent the other guy from catching the snitch when his team is behind >150 points?

  33. BTW rabbit-x, it is because I don’t know or understand that’s why I question. I did say I have not read the books …
    Don’t understand what you mean by “pretender”? Pretending to be what?

  34. This is actually explained in the books as well, by Harry to Ron. According to Harry, he thought Krum caught the Snitch because he knew Bulgaria were never going to be able to catch up with Ireland. The Irish Chasers (scorers) were too good, and Krum simply wanted to end the game on HIS terms.
    That’s about all the explanation the book gave.

  35. Thanks again, Potter Freak. Your answers gives me a reason to pick up the books from my kids. After only watching the movies, I wasn’t convinced that I should invest my time to read the books (when I can be reading Kenny Sia instead :-D).

  36. there were discussion and a posibility that they arent gonna be in the next coming movie because they are growing too fast
    but at 14 years.. yes in deed there were many already who were starting to fall in love

  37. Haha…but I still like the actors anyway, esp hermione…so damn chio…
    anyway, the 5th movie still has them anyway. by the 6th, they are 16. wunt look too different frm their actual looks bah…cos ang mohs mature rather quickly…

  38. Puppy love relationships are normal in middle and high school. I wouldn’t exactly classify mine as real relationships though. And yeah, kids in ang moh countries are generally more mature, even in uni.
    Was anyone else disappointed in Katie Leung? She’s not ugly, but I thought she was going to be hot. Wonder what Kenny meant by saving the show.

  39. A-ba-ca-Acup-to-Dcup-bra…
    thats a really good one there… hahahaaa.. got me laughing myself out like mad…
    i have yet to watch the movie.. heard pretty good comments so far.. man im so outdated..

  40. Only a person as horny as you can come up with something like “A-ba-ca-Acup-to-Dcup-bra”. Lol, i guess all the hair on your body justifies that!
    Funny stuff! =)

  41. Havent watched the movie so cant say anything..yet. I still think the girl playing Cho Chang aint that pretty enough as was mentioned in the book. Me thinks Kristin Kreuk would be a better choice.

  42. Seriously. Are you watching the show? Cho Chang saved the show? I doubt so. She did not appear much. =/ I was expecting something more than that.
    Katie Leung is famous only because she acts as HARRY POTTER’S crush! That is why! Imagine in the 6th movie, somebody acting as Lavender, ( Ron’s girlfriend) do you think that she will be as famous as Katie Leung?
    Malaysia and Britian are really different! In that country, people are more open-minded about loads of things. They can discuss everything and anything openly! Don’t act as though you really know different kinds people well. British kids are also maturing faster than any of us Asian kids. Get it?
    I agree that most of the important elements of the show are not captured. They focused on other less important stuffs though. However, I can’t deny that this show is GOOD.! =)
    I suggest reading the books! Everything is listed down very clearly and all. =)
    Good Day to all.

  43. reading the hp books would be the way to go.. the movie just gives many wrong impressions.. cho chang’s role’s much too small.. n her acting is disappointing really..

  44. i still love katie leung though…i don’t think it’s her fault that she didn’t appear much…and i juz simply love her accent!! =)

  45. Hermione’s boobs weren’t really that big. These days I see 14 year olds with bigger ones.
    Besides, these days, 14 year olds are starting relationships. Maybe that didn’t happen when you were 14, but it is now.

  46. IMHO, HP is for little kids who don’t ask why?
    Posted by: banana at December 5, 2005 12:22 PM
    IMHO, you need to realise that this movie has SUCKY interpretation and adaptation of a great plot. And also, little kids could hardly follow the complicated plot development in later books already…

  47. Erm…….. Hmmm……..
    I’ve always find your reviews entries rather amusing and all, but this one, errr… Grade D-
    1. What’s so suprising about them having a ball and guys liking girls? 14-year-olds with raging hormones in a “boarding school” environment, plus the fact they are Westerners. Heck, even in Malaysia, my sister’s friends had bf’s when they were 12/13!
    2. The lovey-dovey scenes and jokes and CGI got excessive thanks to majority of cinema audience who prefer to be wow-ed and entertained with those than to really know the important bits.
    3. Rumours had it that Katie Leung got the part of Cho Chang because of “connections”. I didn’t know whether it’s true until she proved to me that she completely didn’t deserve the part. She SUCKED big time man Kenny, and she’s so…blehhhhhh! Plain and as dull as a watching paint dry… Sorry Kenny πŸ˜›
    4. Kenny, do all Potter fans a favour and
    READ the book before comparing the HP series with Dawson’s Creek! πŸ˜›
    (And if you do, please read the 3rd book as well, coz the movie did no justice to the importance of the storyline as well!)
    P.S. Emma Watson is much hotter than Jessica “I can’t see my feet anymore” Simpson! πŸ˜›

  48. Havent watched the movie so cant say anything..yet. I still think the girl playing Cho Chang aint that pretty enough as was mentioned in the book. Me thinks Kristin Kreuk would be a better choice.
    Posted by: Aileen at December 6, 2005 12:41 AM
    Kristin Kreuk is gorgeous, but she will look like Harry’s OLDER sister!!! Haha πŸ˜›

  49. Haven’t you heard? Kids start dating even before their voices have changed. πŸ˜› Anyway who says 14 year olds are all “fei kei cheong”? Some girls develope very early la. 14 years old is equavalent to form 2 already. Go look at the primary 5 – 6 girls nowadays.

  50. Agree with “LoveHate” ….
    Cho Chang has so much more depth of character and importance in the book.
    The movie just makes her seem two-dimensional and insignificant. (Kenny would disagree of course :P)

  51. Agree with “LoveHate” ….
    Cho Chang has so much more depth of character and importance in the book.
    The movie just makes her seem two-dimensional and insignificant. (Kenny would disagree of course :P)

  52. cho chang did not save d show… d movie was nothin compared 2 d book…. d director deserves a kick on his ***… dumbledore in d movie’s plain ridiculous!!! nothin like wat he’s really like…

  53. Cho Chang was horrible..she didn’t save the movie.I’m beginning to hate hp movies.The director chopped off a lot of parts from the book.

  54. hello,
    Cho CHANG was very horrible she didn’t save the movie.Its a movie for kids. I din’t like the movie harry potter and the goblet of fire but I like the charecters . Specilly charecter of harmione and harry

  55. to banana: i think u shld really read the book before commenting and making hasty generalisations. watching the movie is no way to judge the book. and harry potter is not for little kids that don’t know how to ask why. =_=

  56. cho chang DID NOT save the movie. it didn’t suck that bad because ya gotta change a 600-sumthin pages book to a 2.5 hour movie. emma’s pretty ya know. and yeha, they’re growing up pretty fast.

  57. oh lordy do you stink. what is that shit about hermione’s cup size, loser? as if you know anything, a loser like you. some of my friends, (i’m fourteen by the way) are built no different from her. plus how do you know what talk about, hmm? you a chick or something?
    here’s a suggestion: go to the nearest life store and get yourself a life.


  59. HARRY POTTER SUCKS BECAUSE ITS A NO BRAINER. IT IS SO FULL OF FLAWS THAT I CANT BELIEVE IT SELLS SO WELL AMONG ADULTS. i think waht banana said was precise. it is for kids who dont know to ask! I WAS 10 WHEN I STARTED READING IT AND EVEN THEN I THOUGHT IT WAS BULLISHT. the only reason its actually nice is because rowling is a great storyteller. you dont need a good plot as long as you are a good storyteller. in the wrong hands, this story would have not even been published. and by producing the movie they are doing just that – putting the story in the wrong hands. they’re only lucky that it is a good BOOK to begin with.

  60. ok seriously. you’re reading way too much into this whole thing.
    I don’t know where you grew up, but at 14 my friends and I were doing way more than the characters in the harry potter books/movies do. Hell, at 7 we were talking about crushes, and no we didn’t have ‘balls’ but we did start going to dances at the YMCA when we were 11 or so. Maybe you were just really sheltered.
    Of course Emma Watson doesn’t look the same as when she was 12, it’s called growing up and that’s what people do. The movie can easily account for it as well, seeing how people don’t stop aging just because the school year ends.
    The kids are definetly at the right age for the movies that they’ve been in, though how much longer that is going to last I don’t know.

  61. Hermonie BIG? I think last time your classmates muz b real small… I think maybe it’s malaysia… That’s y the culture is different. In Singaore, bgr in sch is common in the 90s till now

  62. Oh cmon kenny.. u cant be serious.. Cho Chang din do a gud job. i bet a lot of u here would agree that and that spell wat A cup to D cup was a gud one but i doubt her boobs are that big possibly only B cup? hahah erm i think she relli rocks lolz and Daniel is so Hot.. hahha well robert i cant say much either but it is true they had to go through puberty so even if they dont look their age it reli wasnt their fault

  63. Sad! Did you actually watch the movie? Cho Chang or the girl who plays her character soooooooooooo does not SAVE the movie or whatever you claim it to be. Could this be something along the lines of disgusting racist attitude?
    Not to add disgustingly perverted to actually make such a comment about the size ot the boobs of a teenager…
    Yikes people actually read this?

  64. ya cho chang saved the show, harry looks at her, they meet in the owl post, shes cedrics gf. she saved the whole movie

  65. erm.1st of all is dat harry potter the show is all the way bull.its so diff from the story book!and obviusly u cant change the characters cuz that way the whole show will be ruined.example albus dumbledore played by2 diff character they look so much diff that will make the story ruined .

  66. hi! my name was imee you may call me mhing if you want its my nickname . i want only to be friendly to you and to know more about you hope you i could see you in personal. actually i am also 14 yrs. old and iam living in the philippines at sta. rosa laguna and my school was in dominican college and i actually admire you harry. can we be friends i hope so. sincerly, imee

  67. why does every body think your cute ive seen hotter boys than you.so do your self a favoure and get a reality check.

  68. yea that potter freak had tha rite idea,evn tho i realy like tha movies,ther is such thing as puberty! ! !im TWELVE n i hav a dcup n im tha same build as hermione n she aint a dcup trust me! ! ! !

  69. Well you people should get over it.I am not hating on any opinions , but getting new charcters to play them would be insane! They already switched the headmaster (the old one died -_-)and I just think that one is enough.you can’t change the peoples ages and neither can I , so why waste time complaining? And about how the book isn’t the same
    as the movie! Hello!That would have been a five hour long movie and I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the idea of being in a theater for five hours. Warner did the best they could to stick to the elemenst of the book and save time. So unless you people are doing something important for the movie,I suggest you pipe it!

  70. um i had a gf in 4th grade…when i was like 10 or 11 or watev….did you go to an all boys catholic school or something. Sure my mom said concentrate on school but…who listens. Your right about them growing up a little fast tho but you cant help it. You cant shoot, cut, edit, add special effects, and do all the other crap that had i been a director in a former life i would no about in one year!!! why are you complaining about her tits are you gay or something. i had dances in the 5th grade … where the hell do you live the yukon or something?? But why are you trying to justify what they do by comparing it to your life??? THEIR F#

  71. I think that you all need to just get over yourse;f and stop complaining about every little thing! Ithought they did great in all the movies! and of courseeveryone knows that book are always better than the movies because they have more descrtiption. It doesnt matter how old the actors really are they have makeup and other things they can do o make someone look older or younger! and if i were you and you havet red tghe books i would because they really help you to understand they movies.

  72. i’ll be waiting for harry to grow some chest hair and ron to grow hairy legs like yours…
    as for hermione, she can fight we pamela anderson all she wants…
    Whose boobs are bigger????
    woo hoo !

  73. I think Hermione should date me because she is so cute and smart.I love her, she is more then perfect to me.I am the no.1 fan of Harry, Ron and of course the cute one Hermione.Love you all.

  74. you have to understand that kids these days are maturing a lot faster. we’re in a completly different generation, we’ve got a pretty big generation gap. i’ve seen girls with D cups at the age of 15! and really, kids are so open about who they like now, it’s practically not a secret. so let it go, just because things and they way kids act now-a-days are way different from when you were a teen, don’t get so uptight about it. just let it go.

  75. daniel is ma best actor,and he is so cute and his face looks like the one boy in our school, but our school boy, he don;t wear glasses and also his face was red, but he really looks like harry that his eyes and his face shape

  76. Look, I dont know about the movie but Katie Leung (Cho CHang) she is damn beautiul and Daneil (Harry) he is the luckiest guy. They hav a kissing scene in Order of phoenix and it was done on 30 th retake.
    and Daneil gave excuse that it was first time he is kissing.
    I never have got opportunity to kiss a girl though I m 7teen. But he kissed a 9teen year old sexy, beautiful girl thirty times.
    I will complain to God when I go to heaven.
    and u know she really enjoyed it. Girls r fool. Dont understand a boy’s intention.
    One more thing, the article said that the members present at the scene became emotional.
    wht ???????
    and a 1000 lols. Instead of teaching him to kiss they became emotional. In my opinion the director should just threaten daneil that “I will kiss u”
    and the shot must have been over in first take.
    Hope the scene will be 10 min long or being more optimistic hope they will hav “…”.

  77. okay, Harry has blue eyes in the movie. HE R P05ED TO HV TEH GRN IS!!!!!!111ONEONEONEONEoneoneone. lol, I love making fun of 1337speak. and don’t say Daniel’s eyes are blue, it’s called colored contacts! also, what is harry’s scar doing over his eye? it’s supposed to be in the center of his forehead, oh and in the books, his hair does not cover it up!
    when harry’s name came out of the goblet, dumbledore tried to strangle him. huh? confusion has attacked, Dumbledore’s thing is that he NEVER gets angry, in order of pheonix harry broke a shitload of dumbledore’s stuff, dumbledore just said “by all means continue destroying my possessions, I have too many.” Mad Eye was absolutely ridiculous, and his eye wasn’t anywhere near as awesome as it should have been, although the “you will need brains, you will need courage, you will need to find somewhere else to put your gum” line was funny as hell. I don’t remember the actual line, but it was something like that.
    and I don’t know what movie you were watching, but Katie Leung sucked my enormous hairy cock and was crush under the weight of my bean bag sized nuts, but enough of my bragging about my genital size.

  78. i think that Ron (rupert grint) is so hot i think he is so sexy…….. i hat noing that his deating hermoine (emma) im so funking cheles….. i love ron if one day i have the chace of seing him in the street i would go up to him and just kiss him i worrent care if HERMOINE is there…………. but i now that would be mostly imposible for me to see him because i live all the way in ecuador……… =(
    que mala suerte que tengo……….

  79. emma is so fuckin sexi i would lik to shag her?
    1. What is pussy size?
    2. do u like lickout?
    3. R u fit?
    4. Have u got dun up the ass yet?
    5. R u sexi?
    6. Is Ur ass big / small?
    7. Do u hairs on ur fag?
    8. How big is Ur pussy hole?
    9. What is Ur boobs size?
    10. Have u have an orgy yet?
    11. What was Ur first bra size?
    12. Have u sucked a dick?
    13. Did u give a tit-wank yet?
    14. Would u like suck my dick dry?
    15. Do u have a dildo?

  80. I really LOVE the series.I’m only ten(2007) It’s really cool. Miss Granger is kinda show off, but she’s pretty

  81. okay so they do look old for there age but God made us all different and so we all grow up at a different sped .For enstence i am 12 and when a lady asked how old i was i said 12, then she said that i look 15 or 16 .my parent dont let me date my best friend gets to and she is the same age as me .basicly the dating part depends on your parents.

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