Happy New Year

This is what happens when you procrastinate.

You made a promise to yourself that you’d update more often everyday. Unfortunately by the time you get home from work exhausted every night at 10pm, you tell yourself you’re too tired and that you’ll blog the next day. But when the next day comes, you tell yourself to do it the next day, and the next day, and the next day.

Next thing you know, a month has passed and you hadn’t even typed a single character on your keyboard. So here I am, guilty as charged.

In the process of procrastinating, I missed out on 2 traditionally very important dates on my calendar.

1st January – the day I welcome the new year and make my resolutions.

4th January – the 6th year anniversary of this blog, kennysia.com

Come to think of it, I didn’t even celebrate the new year at the stroke of midnight this 2011.

For the entire day on New Year’s Eve, I was at a local shopping mall doing the greatest fitness roadshow Kuching has ever seen. I gotta be there because it was the first time we conceptualised and set up a large-scale roadshow completely on our own without hiring any event organizers.

At the end of 10 hours I was completely knackered. I took a disco nap at 11pm, thinking I could wake up in 15 minutes to go to one of the many countdown parties happening around town.

Next thing I know, I was rudely awakened by the continuous booming of (illegal) fireworks. It’s the start of 2011 and I have officially welcomed the new year by lying horizontally in my bed.

The very fact that I was sleeping instead of going crazy drunk at some party somewhere… basically sums up my entire 2010.

2010 is when I did some serious growing up. In fact, I believe I have grown up a lot faster than I did in my early 20s.

The things that mattered to me 5 years ago – big parties, lots of alcohol, hot girls and fame – those aren’t as important to me anymore. Instead, I concentrated my efforts on the running of my business. I dedicated my 2010 to a business that aims to improve people’s lives, both those of our members and my amazing team of staff.

At the start of last year, I made a list of 5 new year’s resolutions:

1. Complete a 42km marathon in less than 6 hours. (I did mine in 6 hours 9 minutes)
2. Achieve my sales and membership targets for Level Up Fitness. (About RM5,000 away from my target)
3. Be more optimistic about relationships. (Yeah, not all girls are psychos. There are some really good girls out there after all)
4. Stabilise my business, so I can put more time back into blogging. (HAHAHAHAHA)
5. Help people around me realise their true potential and talent.

I attempted all 5 and although I fell slightly short in first 4 of those resolutions, I must say I made pretty darn good progress.

That said, of the 5 resolutions, I’m definitely proudest of number 5.


Don’t get me wrong, I definitely still enjoy blogging (Twitter is more my weapon of choice these days). But heck, even Tony Fernandes can’t fly planes all his life. If you follow his Twitter, 8 out of 10 tweets are about his F1 venture.

Compared to running a blog, it’s a completely different sense of satisfaction I gain from running a fitness centre. When I wrote a funny blog entry, some anonymous commenter goes "haha! 1st~~" on the comment box and that’s all.

At the end of the day, you wonder what positive impact you make on people’s lives, and what contribution have you made to society?

Last time I photoshop faces on people’s bodies. Now I do it in real life.

It’s different with a fitness centre. People literally come up to you and thank you for turning their lives around.

We have members who thanking us because they have lowered their cholesterols, defeated diabetes and got back their pre-pregnancy weights. We have extremely shy and quiet members transforming into confident charismatic BodyCombat and BodyJam instructors, earning respect and admiration of the hundreds who attend their classes each week.

These instructors become Change Makers – who in turn motivate even more people around them to turn their lives around for better.

Isn’t that such a wonderful thing? To see positive changes in people, taking place right in front of your eyes? Moments like these are truly priceless.

Of course, although neither of those achievements are close to even 1% the result of my sole effort, I still feel the sense of pride and satisfaction that I have somehow played in part in making it happen.

That, to me, is infinitely more satisfying than receiving a "haha! I’m 1st~~~" comment on a blog.

We are all young once. We go out, we travel, we party, we "live the life" so to speak.

Then we become selfish, we chase money and we let it control our lives. Eventually there comes a point in life where you think to yourself, just for one second – that if you were to die tomorrow, what will people remember you for?

In 2003, I was known as Kenny Sia – the youngest son of Simon Sia.

In 2005, I was known as Kenny Sia, The Blogger.

In 2011, I’d like to be known as Kenny Sia, The Change Maker.

61 Replies to “Happy New Year”

  1. I’m glad that you finally found your purpose in life! Hope that I can find mine soon. 🙂 You will be the change maker this year! All the best! 😀

  2. Hey Kenny Sia! Dropped by to find out what’s your New Year’s post about and I gotta say I love it, specially when it comes to the last sentence of the post where you wrote “In 2011, I’d like to be known as Kenny Sia, The Change Maker.” That’s really inspiring. :’) I wish you all the best and I hope that by 2012 you’ll be able to officially say that, “In 2011, I’m known as Kenny Sia, The Change Maker.” Cheers! 😀

  3. Happy New Year…again.
    Happy Anniversary to Kennysia.com
    Yes Kenny, you are The Change Maker. The day you started Level Up Fitness, was the day that changes the many people whom I know that I went there with, and those whom I met there.

  4. you changed me when u were a blogger. you didnt know how influential you were, and how many new blogs i started to pick up just because you tagged them in your posts.
    i love you, sincerely!

  5. I think you underestimate Kenny Sia the Blogger 🙂 your blogs have touched many far and wide while your gym is probably restricted to the people of Kuching. Nevertheless you are doing a great job to become Kenny Sia the Change Maker.

  6. wah… the 1st picture the clock very chio, buy from where one? or is it the hotel’s clock?

  7. it sounds so inspiring that u hav a bigger meaning behind ur business. nt just plainly about making money. all the best to ur business for the year of 2011. may u hit ur sales n membership targets! 😀

  8. Very inspirational. I’m 21, turning 22 soon and I feel the need to grow up and do what I need to do to achieve our final destination, the Change Maker. Definitely a milestone on your end, and a milestone I’d set to achieve. Cheers. See you in kuching!

  9. Not wanting to be sentimental about it but … you’ve been making changes in people’s life for as long as I’ve known you dude. 🙂
    Happy New Year, Happy 6th Anniversary and Happy The Rest Of Your Life, Mr Change Maker.

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    “haha! i m from inside of u ~~”

  11. You’ve inspired me to do some stuff I never thought possible before eg complete a full marathon. Besides, your blogging exploits have already changed the face of blogosphere in this region more than u realized. In that respect, Kenny you’re already a change maker.
    Influence is indeed a powerful tool, keep striving to make a positive difference in people’s lives. =D

  12. really inspiring post.. i think if you put heart into it.. you can achieve it.. all the best.. have a blessed year..

  13. Hope that you will be able to live up to your word. changemaker. not just through your gym. but hope that u will get involved with charity works as well. =)

  14. callmecool is right.
    What about setting up a scholarship foundation to help the poor and needy to further their tertiary studies. That’s the real change maker.
    Being a change maker does not just involve helping some gluttonous rich people to get fit.
    Or what about setting up a charity foundation to help those who are sick/ill who can’t afford the hospital bills. (Again, excessive drinkers who suffer from liver damage do not deserve such help).

  15. Kenny,
    Fancy branching out your business in Miri? There isn’t a decent gym in town!!
    It’s great to revolutionise the way people think about fitness in Sarawak. It’s time we caught up. I mean, most people in major cities abroad belong to one gym or another but here, it’s hardly heard of!
    How about a business venture?

  16. Hi,
    I think it is about time u drop kennysia the blogger and work on level up like, kenny sia the businessman.
    Start a blog for level up, use ur sense of humor to keep and get more member; the ultimate business goal.
    There is a tiny bit of hypocrisy when Kennysia.com start promoting level up.
    But ur latest blog about change maker…. it is nothing more than a feel good factor for staff enthusiasm, client satisfactory,and so forth. And if you say this isn’t true,that u sincerely think u are a change maker, prove it (to urself).
    My suggestion, start a fitness project for obese person that can’t afford a gym membership; giving free lesson to the public to increase the awareness of healthy living; donate sports equipment school etcs.
    However, if you fail to prove it whatever you do now still make perfect business sense. Just think google ‘don’t be evil’ thing.

  17. Hey Dude, it’s nice to see you that you doing something positive for the people of Kuching, way better than running for politic and become ??,??,????, YB Sia, like I suggested years ago. I really sadden me to see so many overweight kids/youth in Kuching,
    Good luck in your business venture in the fitness arena.
    PS: To be a true businessman, you should also invest in medical devices like diabetic insulin pumps… ..Win-Win business strategy.

  18. ~We are all young once. We go out, we travel, we party, we “live the life” so to speak~
    kenny, u achieving too much a 27 yo guy should achieve.
    i m 26 n after i graduate, i started working jus to support my family.
    party n travel n having my own business…..jus too far away from me
    dun be GREEDY, kenny

  19. hahaha… i like this one: “not all girls are psychos” … too bad, many are and it’s mostly because of the guys who first broke their hearts(or hymens)…the next guy that comes along fetches the “damaged goods” and some have to live with it for the rest of their lives… you are lucky you didn’t get hitched to one 🙂

  20. wishing you and your business all the best for 2011! by the way, you might want to consider fixing your teeth as a resolution. i got braces and i feel great 😀 feeling good about yourself is the first step to exuding positivity.

  21. It’s called the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, your needs have simply changed Kenny 🙂
    Very nice that your long effort is slowly paying off, here’s hoping you and everyone who sees this have an awesome (Lunar) year ahead 😛
    Happy Lunar New Year~

  22. From this blog itself I think you’ve inspired many to go for more meaningful stuff. You’ve changed many in this blog.

  23. if obese ppl stop stuffing themselves silly, maybe they can afford to go to gym yes?
    (excluding those who are obese due to genetics/health conditions)
    while I’m all for doing charity, i think it should be a collective responsibility instead of everyone pushing it to an individual just because he/she’s a more prominent figure.
    Whatever you call on Kenny Sia to do, would you do it? if you would, work with him then instead of “Kenny, you should do this and that…” just because the guy has a good thing going on..

  24. I’m interested to be a personal trainer. How many rest day you get in a week ? do you plan it yourself or by the center. For example for the gyms like Celebrity fitness and Fitness First.

  25. Hey it’s really an inspiring post.
    Kennysia.com was da first blog that introduced me to blogging world.would hav your blog hav da most inspiring posts.
    Having da courage to be myself and live da fullest of my life.
    Thank you for posting great topics from time to time bringing me so much laughters and traveling informations for my next trip.
    Keep up da superb job and don’t allow some negative comments to put you down.
    Cheer up!! 🙂

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