38 Replies to “Shake Weight”

  1. This reminds me of that stupid vibrating belt from that stupid shop in Singapore.
    Are you posting this because it reminds you of yourself pleasing yourself

  2. LoL….hilarious!!!!
    So, if I asked my gf to give me a handjob everyday, she will have great biceps at the end of the day.

  3. cool stuff! i think if the video keeps going for another 15 seconds, maybe we can see water squirting out at one end of the ta fei kei device.

  4. They’ve got this on South Park. Except after you’re done, it sprays some sort of liquid at you. Can’t remember what.

  5. more like doing a handjob to black ppl…we know we Asian are small… Asian ladies don’t get to do these exercises with their men =D

  6. if u’re neglecting ur blog due to ur new business…it shows that the reason why u blogged so much before tis..was because of money instead of interest.

  7. South Park made a bravo episode about this “shakoffweight” device; Of course, in South Park, you will expect a another perspective view on this thingy with a little change of presenting it.

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