Chinese New Year 2008

Happy Chinese New Year of the Rat Hamster!

This holiday break, I’ll be going away to spend time with my sister’s family in Hamilton, near Auckland, New Zealand. I hadn’t had a proper holiday since my trip to Hanoi last September, and I’ve been working extremely hard lately so I reckon I definitely need to go away and recharge my batteries before jumping yet again into the rat race. Pardon the pun.
I haven’t seen my nephew and niece for more than a year and I miss them. Besides, my sister popped a new one out last year, and I hadn’t properly introduced myself to that little girl yet.

I’m at Singapore Changi Airport right now waiting for my ten hour flight to Sydney, before popping on another three hour flight to Auckland.
Won’t be doing much travelling around NZ, but if anyone is available to take me around Auckland please let me know. In the meantime, updates on will be sporadic over the next two weeks. But hey, there’s better things to do this festive season than reading my blog, right? 😉

Until then, Gong Xi Fa Cai and take care of your loved ones.

I had my CNY eve dinner at The Steakhouse in Hilton Kuching.
The festive set meal definitely ain’t cheap at RM101 nett per person, but that was the best damn fine-dining meal I’ve ever had anywhere in Kuching. I ordered the smoked duck and it completely blew me away. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had such a great dining experience, and I won’t hesitate to come back to The Steakhouse again for my next special occasion.

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  1. May be a bit late now – but you should look around Changi to see if you can accidentally on purpose bump into any justices (not just the chief justice) so that you can have an unplanned holiday together in NZ. Remember to get that arm around the shoulder shot for posterity.
    Gong Xi Fa Cai

  2. have a wonderful time kenny!
    my sis is in SG from NY too and i haven seen her for 3 years and my 2 nephews too!!
    U’ll enjoy it im sure!!

  3. Good for you, at least you do not need to bore yourself with the new year song this year (remember the laughing song)
    Seems like most people have other things to do… The number of comments is much less than other entries.
    Anyway, wish you an enjoyable time there and a blessed year ahead!
    (I shall look for something to do tomorrow in S’pore. Not as meriah as in Sarawak during CNY period)

  4. oh damn Kenny, happy new year, but your blog is one of the few things I look forward to during the week. 🙁 Enjoy Auckland!!

  5. Hi Kenny. Happy Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Chai, wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous year of the rat. Kenny!!! Where’s my ang pao, I know your secretly married. Very stingy arr. Haha. Just kidding. XD

  6. Kenny,
    Have a great holiday. Please blog about your holiday. We would love to hear about it. Keep yourself updated. Happy Chinese New Year and have a safe journey.

  7. Id like to go NZ again.. but i hv no money T_T.. Enjoy urself ya~
    Rmb to take cutesie videos n pix of ur niece n nephews..!!
    ~ Happy CNY ~

  8. NOOO!!!!! Don’t go! There’s nothing else for me to do beside reading your blog!! Your blog is my life!!!!! if you go i will commit suicide!! =)

  9. How long will you be in nz? Maybe just a day or 2 in Auckland ?send me an emai, might be able to show you around the city 🙂

  10. hey kenny ..
    its summer now over here in Auckland .. so the beaches is the best place to go .. if u remaining in Hamilton .. drive to some caves nearby for some glow-in-dark worms … its awesome .. otherwise, visiting some island near Auckland is a good choice too .. well.. enjoy Auckland..
    see if i will see u around .. hehe

  11. HI Kenny,
    What days will you be in Auckland and how long will you be here for?
    What do you want to see? You have been in Auckland before right.
    Some CNY activities happening here at the moment. And we’re at the peak of summer, so lots of outdoor activities too. (although I think it’s toooo hot to be outside for most of the day)

  12. Let me know if you need a tour guide around AKL. Pop me an email and I’ll be happy to show you around a few interesting places or so 😉

  13. If you’re in AKL during 22nd to 24th Feb, dont miss the Lantern Festival in Albert Park (next to Auckland University)… Good CNY vibe there as always… Would love to take you round AKL but sadly I’m in Tokyo ATM… Have a good time tho… AKL is a good place to chill out and relax…

  14. hahahah i live in auckland and i lurk around ur page [sorry for the lack of comments!] 😀
    i’m dying to meet you hahaha please reply me through email for contacts? : D

  15. Hi,
    Would really love to see you!! The whole family loves your blog. Hoping to see you soon before i leave for dunedin on monday. Send me an email la.Would love to see u!!

  16. drive to muriwai/piha beach, about an hour west of auckland, and go bodyboard – if your sis’ doesn’t have one, jst go buy one from the warehouse 😉 u’ll love it.
    food. try the takoyaki, prawn with pork, chicken with cheese at ken yakitori on k road. the kura beef steak at kura, on upper queen. eye fillet at estasi in ponsonby. sails.
    lychee pearl tea at hulu cat on anzac ave.
    bars. clooney’s on sale st. soul in viaduct. lenin. minus 5, ice bar if u haven’t been to one.
    have fun

  17. Did you take your running shoes? Take a run up to the top of Rangitoto Volcano. Don’t worry, its extinct or is that dormant?

  18. Cute la the hamster. LOL.
    Jadi mangsa keadaan like that.
    Gong xi fa cai to you,
    and yes, nothing better during the holidays than time with the family!
    Congrats on ur sister having a new addition to her family too!

  19. Hey kenny, would have love to bring you out but im stuck with summer school papers. But i could bring you out for some food if your in the city area. Drop me an email sometime =)
    Btw, Happy New Year =D

  20. Wah… so many comments. Means everybody got nothing better to do this new year other than reading your blog (including me)! Congrats Kenny, you’ve created obsession and addiction to!

  21. ah,i have relative live in uncle..i’d love to go there sometime..maybe i will..but i’ll send my dad n my mum on vacation there 1st,dat wud b juz nice..

  22. Hi again Kenny, Happy Chinese New Year. Email me if you want me to bring you around Auckland. I’m free till 18th Feb.
    p/s: laksa girl

  23. I’m literally your sisters neighbor…
    I live in raglan!
    Go out there and check it out!!!
    by the way, Hamilton is such a shit hole of a city… but, it’s okay, if you get away from it every so now and then, anyhow, I’m sure you know that.
    There is NOTHING special about Hamilton.

  24. Hi Kenny and Happy Chinese New Year. Anyways I am working in Auckland so just give me an email and will see what I can do.

  25. Hey
    Hope you are enjoying the hot muggy summer. I live in Hamilton.
    You’ve got to visit the beaches though, absolutely beautiful!

  26. kennyyyy i asked stephanie (kho) to bring me to meet yuou when i was in kuching for cny bcause im like a crazy fanatic person but i didn get to to 🙁 I VERY SAD OK!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanted to meet you wan ok! sien. SIEN AH.. i know i sound like org gila, but she knows sam 😀 but anything la. i sien, happy cny!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Hi Kenny, just read this post now… and I neally choked! I’ve been living in good old Hamilton for the last 13 years, and it was quite a surprise to find out that your sister lived in Hammy too!! Haha, the road names aren’t that hard to remember, but man the pronunciation 🙂
    Well hope you enjoyed your NZ holiday!

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