Government’s New Way Of Reducing Traffic Jam

Stop unwanted cars from excessive breeding!

Please, spay and neuter your vehicles!

Anwar’s promise of 916 is just like The Y2K Bug.
A lot of warning, hype, fear and tension before the event. But by the time the date came and went, everybody realised that it was nothing but a small tiny little fart.

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  1. hey…. if i’m not mistakened, H. Pylori is the spiral bacteria in ur stomach which will cause gastric. I just performed a stomach scope and the result showed I got this bacteria too. Need to take antibiotic to kill it otherwise this bacteria can develop cancer.

  2. *LOL*
    is it at Kuching again? LOL~
    I found that you really got time to slow down and find all these stuff when everyone is rushing..
    so envy you..

  3. i don’t mind a good loud fart as long as the environment is suitable, but not in the lift pls …
    sometimes you have to fart first before the shit come out geh … ha ha ha !

  4. It’s in 5th Mile! Jalan Semaba, next to the Semaba Market. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I U-turn my car and took a photo of the signboard.
    Luckily the guy there didn’t spay my car.

  5. h. pylori is a bacteria that can cause peptic ulcer. Do u have symptoms of having peptic ulcer? i think it is best that you see a gastrointestinal specialist

  6. H. pylori stands for a type of bacteria, Helicobacter pylori. Linked to gastric ulcers and stomach cancer. i.e. higher chance for those two conditions to occur.
    I’m guessing it means you have that bacteria in your stomach.

  7. Few female employees has made an official report to the Human Resource management at the Malaysian National News Agency (BERNAMA) but no action was taken against the male senior officer
    yo dude i got this from a mate of mine. i reckon you ought to dig em out man! you’re the man the pro yo! laters.

  8. these are times that it isnt proud to be a kuchingite. Haha. Btw i saw someone replying ur shoutout regarding the H.Pylori in ur blood test. He/she replied at ur chatterbox but u know la…ur chatbox refreshes every single second so being the kind me i shall paste it up just in case u couldnt find it.
    “STan.B.C: Basically, H.pylori test is to detect the bacteria H.pylori bacteria. Since it is red, your body is mounting an immune response against the bacteria. Do you have any gastric pain or abdominal discomf?”

  9. ok i just saw wilson the microbiologist’s reply on 9/10 10.07pm regarding the h. pylori. His answer is more pro. Hiaks.

  10. if the car is “male”, u can “castrate” the exhaust pipe…
    if female leh? then how ah? Never need to be spayed kah? :p

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