Government Offices Heating Up

I wonder if the aircond is still running in his office.

Some minister came out in the newspaper today and said something about cutting down the use of air-conditioning across all government offices, effective immediately.
Yes. That’s exactly what we need to make those punani-faced government workers at the JPJ happy. Next time those idiots fuck you around, you know who to blame.

My car is back from the garage. That accident the other day costs me RM1,100 all up. Damn.

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  1. kinda feel sorry for those government workers lor. If you’ve got your IC/passport done before, you know how terrible the place is. It’s always so hot and overcrowded. One person applying for IC, the whole family is there!!! Anyone noticed the weird smell?

  2. wahliaoz. wingz was talking about something similar over at his blog earlier. something about taxes. it’s funny why the government is so concerned about saving money it’s not really spending in the first place, as in, they actually get a crapload of taxes and then blow it all on giant roadside teapot ornaments, but they object to privately built teapots. how amusing.
    on another grain, it’s quite funny that they should worry about airconds in government offices, but they made no mention about the aircond in dewans.

  3. with all the money they’re saving and the money they’re taking from us, i wonder where does it go to?
    I bet some politician must be out there building his 36 million house and playing with his 10 posh cars.
    personally, how much can you save by lowering / increasing the temperature. i think this is a very stupid move by the government.
    dahlah we always kena tiu by the government now they want them to tiu us more! mahai!

  4. Its not that… saving the public’s money is always good and no doubt cutting down the use of aircond is going to free up much of the public’s coffers.
    But that is at the expense of low level govt workers’ comfort as a result. And those of us who have renewed our IC/Passports/Driver’s License before know how assy some of them are when it comes to customer service already.
    It just smacks full of hypocriticism when there are instances they can save money but they don’t, eg renovating their assembly and parliamentary buildings YET AGAIN. Me thinks someone’s too much in a budget deficit and is making his desperation move to cut cost and improve the bottom line.

  5. Is our newspaper turning into a Gossip Paper? Nothing on the Helicopter Crash recently was true. So much fiction rather than facts. I tot I was hearing Gossips.

  6. habis la. if those staff there got BO, that’s it man…
    here, our office is so cold yet some people have super bad case of BO.

  7. Yeah, great idea. Lower the air-cond temperature and aggravate the already crabby staff who will in turn rile public even more. Wonder whether the directive also applies to the ministers’ offices, the parliament building or perhaps MK Toyo’s exco village 😛

  8. Anyone familiar with the roundabouts in the PJ/Old Town/New Town area? Those are like freakin weird Idon’tevenknowwhattocallthem crap. Just a waste of water and electricity!!! What purpose do they serve? Send signals to aliens? Giant dildo?

  9. I am a Singapore PR (Malaysian) So i know that the way the punani-faced government workers work, especially when they know u are living in Singapore.
    I have to make my IC, renew my passport in agony all the time.
    And now i believe they will have now another “reason” to fuck mi upside down the next time i go there again. Sianz.

  10. Is it Malaysian architects, engineers or aircon engineers that determine the working temperature of aircons in office buildings? Ever notice that in temperate countries, ppl go into offices and take off their coats; here we go in and put one on – otherwise freeze to death!!
    There are those who have the misconception that setting individual aircons to 16 deg. C will make it cool down faster – it Doesn’t; and eventually it will be left at that setting.
    I for one agree with the minister here.

  11. dun mind anything… Even if the aircond is turn the temperature up a bit ? And outside is so hot. Wouldnt it be the same …. if they say turning up the damn temperature would save cost…. Bluek… its still the same electric used to Turn the Air cond.

  12. don have to get so worked up over it, just turning the air-con up 2 or 3 degrees is ok. most places set it at a freezing temperature like 16 degrees or something anw. also have to take into acount that aircon eats away at the ozone layer, causing global warming and therefore making people use more aircon. its a vicious cycle! turning the temperature up a bit will reduce the aircon emissions and slow down ozone layer thinning

  13. Really brilliant move on the part of the Govt. I mean, hey, this is the hottest time of the year. Makes for some interesting news whenever some government official self combusts or something. Looking forwards to it.. hopefully on The Sun.

  14. One government member realised
    A:’oh shit, the coffers lack of money for the next teapot construction, need to save save save, wonder where we can save…’
    B;’How about cutting air-conditioning cost?’
    A:’Brilliant! We can use the Eco-Friendly excuse’
    B:’Then next we should do is replace all them wheelie chairs (for stuff) with plastic 1RM for 10 chairs, ebay those rather shoddy used wheelie chairs – more money into our coffers!’

  15. Hey this is my first time commenting here. HAHAH kenny, u will b in deep shiat if the ISA finds out about this..hahaha joker..u and ur punanis…
    Nevertheless, i support you! HAHAH You never fail to make me laugh!

  16. I work in a Govt Hospital as a doctor an my air cond is like crap. Now they’re lowering the temp and its as good as off. And we have to wear our white coats while running around the wards. We sweat as much as the next marathon runner. And we have to “smile” and be polite after a 36hour non stop on call. God..I love being a govt doctor in Malaysia.

  17. Michelle Lee… i see you watch the peter russells’s comedy act.. 😉
    malaysian government… save 10 cents spend 100 ringgit… now repeat after me…

  18. I must say that he is recommending everyone to save electricity. And TNB must be worried having him as Grakan president. He will make TNB profit less. That’s why, TNB must be supporting Koh Tsu Koon to win as Gerakan president.
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