Kenny Sia Replies To Furong Jiejie

I hate disclaimers, but since people insist…
Disclaimer: This entry was initially written under the assumption that Furong Jiejie had a part in the writing those entries on her English blog that attacked XiaXue and insinuated that I sent her those photos. This entry was written in response to those actions.
There is no concrete proof to conclude either she has or doesn’t have a part in her English blog. There is a possibility her English blog is a work of an impersonator. Her original Chinese entries on Tsinghua and Beijing Universities’ BBS are still not available. From newspaper reports, it is clear that her new blog on is NOTHING like her old entries on BBS.
I repeat, this entry was originally written under the assumption Furong Jiejie had a part in the writing those entries. An assumption valid at the time of writing. is not responsible for ANY comments not made by him on his entries or on his tag-board.

If you don’t know who Furong Jiejie is, apparently she is mainland China’s biggest internet celebrity. Biggest ego, that is.
This delusional 28-year-old peasant from the Shaanxi province gained notoriety on the internet after posting so-called “provocative” photos of herself on Tsinghua and Beijing universities’ bulletin boards almost daily. Accompanying those vomit-inducing photos are descriptions like “To men, I am the sweetest flower. They love to drink my nectars.” *read in chinky PRC accent*.
Furong Jiejie claims she’s under 45kg. I think that’s probably just the skin on her face.

Nobody, not even sociology experts, can explain why she is so popular. At first glance I thought she’s somewhat of a lame joke. How could someone like HER turned into China’s most talked about internet persona? She is a little bit like me. Not only is her writing a piece of shit, her face is a piece of shit too.

Would you like to drink my nectars?

Yet, each day hundreds and thousands of people from the second largest internet-using nation in the world log on to those sites to see Furong Jiejie make a complete and utter fool out of herself. Rampant opium use in China the last millenia must have fucked up their brains worse than I thought.

Watch my picture and desire me in your mind-heart. How good I feel with you.I know you desire me.”

Furong Jiejie’s vanity and narcissistic streak earned her constant comparison to XiaXue. To me, the difference between them is just too obvious.
– XiaXue makes it clear she’s joking. Furong Jiejie shows no signs of that.
– XiaXue is at least sometimes funny. Furong Jiejie is just… sad.
– XiaXue looks above average. Furong Jiejie is an insult to the word ‘ugly’.
But make no mistake about it, Furong Jiejie IS indeed the most talked about Chinese blogger on the Internet.
I searched “Kenny Sia” on Google and I got 26,900 hits.
I searched “XiaXue” on Google and I got 87,800 hits.
I searched “芙蓉姐姐” (Furong Jiejie’s Chinese name) on Google.
685,000 freakin’ hits.

Camel Toe sighted in China

What’s more? Movie studios are seeking after her. The Chinese government wants to ban her. Fan/hate sites continue to mushroom all over the internet. Furong Jiejie’s ascension to fame is as staggering as it is mind-boggling.
Just last month, Furong Jiejie started her English ENGRISH blog site. It isn’t doing as well as her Chinese-language sites. Lately, she’s been seen trolling around the Singaporean blogosphere in an obvious loserish attempt to gain hits from outside China. She made her first move by challenging XiaXue on her blog.

XiaXue, of course, didn’t budge an inch. Why should she waste her precious blogging time on someone like her?
Then out of the sudden for some obscure reason, I came into the picture. Original link here.

I don’t even have topless photos of XiaXue lah! Even if I have, what makes you think I’ll simply send them out to you? Must pay money one you know?
GAN that Furong cheebye! THE NERVES!
So, I happily angrily clicked on the link because I wanna see XiaXue topless to see if what she said is true. To my absolute disappointment amusement, this picture popped up instead.

I laughed so hard my left coconut fell. That’s SarongPartyGirl, not XiaXue lah!
As soon as I saw that pic, two thoughts crossed my mind simultaneously.
1. Poor SarongPartyGirl. She can’t even drink a glass of milk properly without spilling it all over herself.
2. Poor Wendy Cheng. This is the SECOND TIME people mistaken SarongPartyGirl for her.

Remember THIS?

There’s only one clear thing coming out of that post: Furong Jiejie is riding on Xiaxue’s popularity like she wants me to ride her “like donkey in my brain”.
The worst thing is, Furong Jiejie wants ME to print out this picture and hang it over my bed tonight.

Excuse me while I vomit my dinner out.
I don’t know what to say.
Thank you Furong Jiejie for your “sexy picture”.
But I’d rather hang this picture over my bed tonight instead.

I did an interview with The Borneo Post today promoting and our Blogathon for charity. Thank you, Yan, for arranging that interview.
Our donation drive obviously didn’t work too well. Between the six of us, we gathered only USD$241 so far. This is sad. Come on guys, I’m sure you could do better than that.
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283 Replies to “Kenny Sia Replies To Furong Jiejie”

  1. I thought only Taiwanese acquired inane way of expressing themselves. Just look at their @#$%^& match making game show. Hahahahahahahha. This is tragic. The world is coming to an end.

  2. ‘kay, the photoshopped walrus was a bit much, but man, she sure loves to let her “chest” lead the way…
    (you’ve got to admit: stuffing with tissue paper seems to work, in her case)

  3. haha…. that girl for real? I can’t even be bother to check it out haha…
    poor kenny, kana associated with that thing.

  4. Dang it Kenny, first second I saw the walrus pic, I choked on my laughter and spluttered my tea on the monitor.

  5. “Rampant opium use in China the last millenia must have fucked up their brains worse than I thought.”
    are you implying that the chinese are a nation of drug addicts??? you first might wanna check where your ancestors came from.
    “Furong Jiejie’s vanity and narcissistic streak earned her constant comparison to XiaXue. To me, the difference between them is just too obvious.”
    I see more similarities than differences. And how do you know furong jiejie is not “joking” like xiaxue? you know her “personally” as well?

  6. Kenny:
    Get 1 thing clear here — You’ve insulted the cap[ital of my State, Negri Sembi”lan”! You dunno Chinese ah – Fu-Rong sister is from SEREMAN!
    So I give yu 1 weak to withdlaw yr rowdown hits on my Sisdar or I’d fire a raw suit to sue yu till your coconuts bleak! I’ll checque agin on Agust 9, OK? Yu UNDERstands? ON behalf of Fulong Che cheh!

  7. Kenny,
    I specially like this.
    GAN that Furong cheebye!
    Instead of that, try to use this, probably you’ll feel better afterall.
    “GAN that Furong eh chao cheebye?!!”

  8. i get to see her blog yesterday, i thought that kenny was just playing/fooling furong jiejie that he gave that picture but i know that kenny or xiaxue or anybody in that case might want to pay attention to that attention-seeker ugly biatch. shes just so pathetic, making a fool out of herself just to be known, really pathetic. i have my photo-blog and its for my personal use only, i do not, in any way, put silly pics in there to get attention. i really find her rather boring and has a very thick face just like the walrus. nice one, kenny! 🙂

  9. omg.. is she for real? hahhaa she’s under 45 kg? she’s a beauty?hahaha does she know what a mirror is? maybe they all cracked

  10. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! she pretty?? hiyoh…..dun give all of us nightmares lah….perasantan issit….
    Anyways, she can do wat she wants la… true fans of Xiaxue n others will stick to reading ur blog entries…. WE LOVE YOUR FUNNY ENTRIES… KEEP it up keep it up, don’t let someone else spoil your fun!

  11. OMG!!! she would dare say her waist is slim when it’s 50 CENTIMETERS?!?!?!? she donnu the meaning of “malu” ar?? my waist is 28cm and i still think i’m fat…. she seriously makes me sick!!!
    oh, btw… i don’t see a single difference between the first picture and the second picture at the end, both look the same, except maybe the “model” in the second picture probably looked better… what are those two? sealions? yeah.. the second one looks like a sealion, the first one looks more like a de-formed sealion… ugh!

  12. wah lan eh, when i first read her blog i was thinking when u would reply. then you really reply wor. mch, that bitch really kanasai somemore can say herself as if she is jolin tsai.
    kanine, this girl put up provocative pictures of herself cause her body is sooo provocative… yeah, it makes people puke.
    i was like soooooooo fuxking geli and irritated man. somemore her engrish soooooo fucking bad. her cheebye also bernanah ady lar. so many people dream of fucking her? if if close the face with pillow maybe… just maybe can lar.

  13. Oh my.
    XX, you and SPG have my sympathy. All 3 of you kena such shit.
    She’s so buay hiao bai…
    My gosh!
    -palm to the forehead-

  14. ” You can whistle and steam can whistle, so why do you sing in the shower?
    Because I am refreshing tea. ”
    got tat from her profile…..erm…was it suposed to be funny ? …..*cough*

  15. Not just dumb, plain lame and an attention craving loony.I bet by having this blog she hopes some dude will just ride a donkey and come rescue her from her sad life.Jeez.

  16. what a coincidence! i went to her page yesterday morning and blogged about her too. hahaha.
    wah lao she’s fcuking shit lar.

  17. The whole thing smells a bit fishy to me – I’m thinking maybe it’s all one big joke, perhaps even some ‘revenge blog’ done by a pissed-off ex-boyfriend. Nobody can be that thick-skinned lah.
    Then again, I’ve never been to China.

  18. been there done that..
    (the puking i mean)
    my friend and i visited her page about two weeks ago, we puked our dinner and i havent been able to swallow anything since.
    Bleh. disgusting piece of…slut.

  19. Woah… thank god my girlfriend’s a BBC (Brit born chinese – nothing like Furong-kind)
    Big ‘Heng Ah!’ Floats above my head.
    But then, how can a girl be so evil and stuck so high up “god knows who’s arse”?
    p/s i love that seal, cumming for it, i mean hanging it above my bed 😀

  20. fuck.!! kenny, stop posting these kinds of posts man. it makes me sick! fuck-rong looks like a freaking walrus with sagging tities. fuck!

  21. aww, come on.. her site IS hillarious what. it’s a kind of vomit-inducing humour everyone loves to hate. you gotta admire the self esteem she’s got for all the criticsm she’s getting, especially after kenny’s readers got to her site!

  22. OMG..she looks like a blardy cow! *Shuddering* and her ego the size of Jupiter..And she looks so much older than 28 man..more like some 30 plus lau-ee..YUCKS..
    Now I have to skip my breakfast..

  23. *Aye for Walrus! Down with FuRong!*
    never heard of her either..
    but since i’ve been to china before..
    yeah, i guess she would turn heads there.. only for the obvious reasons.. “she’s ugly”…
    correction to kenny’s post: xiaxue is not above average.. she’s hot! 😛

  24. funny thing..i thought only malaysian chinese girls thought they are all that… but evidently, it stems from your roots…but this one is as wlong, err.. wrong as it gets…NASTY GIRL!!!

  25. Malaysian Chinese girls are much better than Singapore Chinese girls in my opinion ( I should know =P)
    Also I guess she’s popular because she’s odd and f**king strange. It’s kinda like Steven Lim. Infamous… Heh…
    As for XX and SPG, my sympathies to both of them. XX shouldn’t be known for her willingness to bare all (she’s just willing to be an attention whore) and SPG shouldn’t be known as a media whore (no relation to media corp).
    And poor you Kenny. Heh… Keep on chugging. Someday I will come to Kuching and surprise you (thank you NS for all the night movement skills).

  26. kenny now you penetrate the mainland market. More and i reckon huge crowd of furong chicks will turn into you in no time lol.

  27. Excuse me now while I go gouge my eyes out with a spoon.
    Jaysus, she can’t be less than 45 kgs, her arms and her abs(or lack thereof) already give lie to that.
    Someone needs to go for Marie France Bodyline.

  28. Just a few comments:
    1) Those titties are more B than D.
    2) She looks more like 5’1″ and about 53kg.
    The girl was right about one thing though, riding her would be exactly like riding a donkey. Hee-haw.

  29. shit! I saw cow dung on sister furong’s face! Oh no! that cow dung was her face!
    Kenny, you bastard you, how could you write about a piece of cow dung here?! I hate you for this!
    I am gonna vomit my breakfast now. Her pictures will definitely aid in my slimming plan.

  30. hi……..
    has it ever crossed any of ur minds that this wasnt done by the original furong but by some prankster targeting xiaxue or spg…?
    i have been to the original furong site before…she writes rubbish n everything is about her… i dun see a good reason why she has to personally attack any of them…i dun even think ..with that huge amount of fans….she should even notice kenny has already compared the hits..yes it is a phenomenom…albeit comparably like a william hung one……
    and seriously the fact she probably cant speak …needless to say write english..that she “needs” an english translator to write a blog…reeks of suspicion..if she can’t read english…how would she know xiaxue’s blog…n her narcissistic tendencies..yes…using a translating browser is
    possible….but why would she go thru the effort..
    like i said..if u read the original site once…u know shes self centred..n remember…she has to cater to her huge fans in china alone…
    the english one is jes not the same as the chinese…its a my opinion

  31. Kenny please stop the insult. Comparing the walrus to Furong Jiejie is a complete insult. The poor walrus doesn’t deserve all these insults…

  32. OMG.. she’s so ugly. i think if send her pictures to he will deserves the winner as most fugly picture. ewwwwwww look at that pic where she’s licking the flower or nectar… ewwwwwww…. *pui…
    dam she make me lost weight….. ewwwww…. nightmares……..

  33. A bit harsh Kenny, but admittedly I cringed looking at her site – my gawd, what narcissism.
    Also, she CAN’T be 45kg. From what I’ve read, I’m about the same height as her. When I was 45kg, I was near anorexic! What a load of bull.

  34. Hey dude, totally funny shit. Thanks’ Her comment section is the best,I was laughing so hard while reading, didn’t know Chinese can be so humorous and 刻毒 at the same time.
    I think this comment sec is the best!

  35. just as bad as these people in the PRC as those people in our own country. stinky people. i thought i saw the last of them stinkies in college, they are now cropping up at my workplace. argh!!

  36. dun think its the original furongjiejie.
    she is so hot (hot as in her blog is wide read, not coz she is -argh- pretty or wad) in china, she won’t bother to target singaporean (or malaysian) bloggers…..
    in any case, -argh-.

  37. “*read in chinky PRC accent*.”
    “Furong Jiejie is an insult to the word ‘ugly’.”
    “Rampant opium use in China the last millenia must have fucked up their brains worse than I thought.”
    Anyone who puts out like that on the web is a target for ridicule, but this post borders on venomous xenophobia. It’s somewhat touching that you’re outraged on Xiaxue’s behalf (though we can all see that XX goes unchallenged), and the seal comparison was hilariously apt, but everything else was a mean-spirited blow beneath the belt.

  38. From afar at the first picture featuring her profile, I thought she was a transvestite in progress, til i read on…
    This biatch is for real,huh.
    Went on her website to pook fun of her pics…MY GAWD, this woman have serious issue with her posing. There’s one called nymph-somthing- where she purposely climb all the way up in the tree just to strike a pose for the camera. Unfortunately, she didn’t fell off the tree. But the pic was enough to make u puke up your mother’s milk.

  39. Ooh, Kenny, you sound rather vicious in some of the things you said; it’s quite a departure from your usual style. But I guess it’s because of the subject matter.

  40. which got me thinking…
    does “she” deserve all the attention we’re giving her??
    besides, all these we’re typing is adding more hits to her remarks..

  41. holy…jesus…christ…somehow, when she dies, they will need a special kinda hell for her, cause i seriously doubt that the devil would be able to stand her. imagine their conversation
    Furong : I am Beutiful
    Devil : I will burn you with eternal fire!
    Furong : I happy You say I beautiful
    >_>…God help me those pictures of her just melted by eyeballs…

  42. Frankly, I am suspicious of Furong’s English site. Does anyone have the original chinese site to compare if there are any similarities between the two? Could the English one possibly be just someone’s idea of a prank?

  43. Now you made her even more famous. There must be something special about her as went on reading and laughing at the same time. Reminds me of William Hung.

  44. Damn you Kenny, damn you!
    After reading this, I’ll have to shoot my brains out! The trauma! Here I was, innocently doing my work and I thought, “Hey, let’s see what’s KennySia up to today….” BIG MISTAKE!
    Na beh cheebye! That “walrus” is the worst thing out of China since SARS and canned 3-layer pork in soy sauce!
    My IQ drolped bly 20 pointz todie….I wanna eat flied lice…

  45. If man think that she is hot, I’m wonder that man are blind. Kenny, you are luck that to vormit out only your last your dinner. I would vormit out from my yesterday meal (which haven’t fully digest).
    Actually her picture should be hang at the pig farm tonight. Those pig might be get arouse from her pictuers as she looks like same species to the pigs.

  46. There are 1.3 billion freaking chinese in China hence competiton in any kinds would be severe or brutal. You just have to go extreme or edgy to get noticed. In this case, this ugly UPS (useless piece of shit) did the right thing and got what she wanted. Moreover, what has she got to lose? Excuse me..i gonna puke again!

  47. Any of you guys ever wonder this is kenny’s tactic of entering the china blogosphere??? shame on you kenny… 😛

  48. You know… for the sake of fame and entering(stand above everyone else in) the PRC Blogsphere, she have done the job, but can’t help to think she’s losing her diginity for ego. While puking, I also pity her (after reading comments here – She’s basically attacked by readers of a different land, poor ‘thing’, but thats the price for standing(posing) above the rest.)

  49. Hey man, what are you waiting for? Aren’t you gonna have a picture taken of you, bare breasted of course, with her in her round bottom D-cups? This type post the real thing, not some cartoon shit!!

  50. Fuck man Kenny, i laughed till i cried in the office.
    Anna is looking at your blog now on the pc next to me and she’s giggling away.
    Confirm you’ll buckle if you hear her cuteness now!

  51. Kenny, I was first laughing then insulted for both you and xiaxue then laughing again coz of that sealion pic.. I actually feel embarassed for that sister person, why does she call herself sister anyway?? Her profile is ridiculous! She has D-cup boobs?? Why would she lie like that?? I have DD cup boobs… I thought hers were know =S. lol:P, I wonder why she is famous exactly..are people laughing at her or seriously liking her? oh that reminds kenny, what DO you have hanging on your walls (esp. near your bed side) is any at all? 😛

  52. Can someone ask that B I T C H to bang her head on the wall? She truly disgust me…yuacks..and she gives me creeps

  53. well. she’s damn er xin lohhs. i think she got herself a translator for her engrish blog. her translator is no better anyway. full of grammatical mistakes.

  54. Well,what to say?Any B I A T C H on the internet,after William Hung,I think she is another “miracle”.I once saw a China Discussion show in Astro also taking abt her,damn,I thought I would never see this again but then,I see it now in your blog,kenny.Damn,had to wash my eyes after looking these “adorable” photos…..

  55. What does this mean?

    Long before there was Xiaxue, there was the legendary Mu Zimei. What? WHO?
    Believe it or not, the art of Blogging** has been around for awhile, and back in 2002 there was a young woman named Mu Zimei whose very popular and highly controversial blog detailing her sexual activities lasted just a few months, but was likely the working model the creator(s) of Xiaxue used to formulate their product.
    Does it mean that Xiaxue is like…a robot or a team of hyperintelligent monkeys something? XX is far too cute to be a monkey, or even an orangutan. Marmoset, perhaps?
    “Art of Blogging.” Damn, I wish I’d thought of that.

  56. you know I once saw a comment posted by this sister furong jiejie on xiaxue’s blog, she even used the same picture in that profile of hers. Although it could have been a fan of hers. Anyway the comment was something like: you can never be as good as me!! I was wondering who she was… I didn’t click on her link though. Hmmm… now THAT about her definitely annoyed me:P

    look carefully, an you’ll reliase “she”s kinda did “sexuality transplant” and now he is a “she” !
    i wish “her” a “simultaneous human combustion”

  58. This is like the CLASSIC entry of the year man. I laughed so hard that I swore I could have milo spewing out of my nostrils! The last pic really got my laughing genes worked up alright!
    Is that a seal? It looks like one. If it is, u should replace it with a walrus, u know the one with huge fangs 😛
    And to quote her “They love to drink my nectars” .. that sounds so gross. It’s like drinking raw milk straight from the cow’s udders

  59. lol. i saw you replying to her posts. i have been lurking around her blog for a while now, not coz i am interested in her, but you know, it’s fairly amusing that someone could be so… egoistic.
    to xialankia, go read your history books. OUR ANCESTORS were opium addicts, whether we like it or not. it was something that ended up having lotsa consequences, that perhaps had you been more diligent in your studies, you would have found out abit more about that.
    back on furong jie jie though, real or not, what i have understood from various news is that, she IS like that, but it all started because she got rejected by tsinghua and beijing university twice? or thrice? when she wanted to do her post grad. it has been speculated that she is using all these to try and get in.
    and also to get a husband.
    she actually have a boyfriend now thanks to all that “egomania” that we have been reading about.
    scary isn’t it? the type of people who.. nevermind.

  60. >> Annette :
    >> I found what I think is her chinese blog:
    If this is her real blog, I think the one in is a bogus one.
    Mayve somebody is playing a prank on her (and you, Kenny) ?
    She doesn’t sound bitchy in her chinese blog, probably just somebody naive (and rather weird).

  61. I’m trying to find her chinese site actually.. Do u have the link to it?
    Rockson might be able to give this jie jie a wake up call w his horse…. Muahaha~
    Btw, her english is so god-damit scary she needs a better translator. Kenny, offer ur services and spare us the agony! :p

  62. omg shivers down my spine…especially the pic where she’s posing beside a car. and the chinese blog, alamak! the last few pics where she spins her coat around, gave a bit of a fright. at first i thought what in the world is that?! then i looked closer, and saw furong whatshernameagain spinning her coat. her hair around her face sorta gave me the impression of a ghost lol i think i’ll lose my appetite looking at her pics

  63. I wonder if she even understand the comments posted on her blog? Her command of english is so lousy, she might just misinterpret every critism as a compliment!

  64. (REplying to Elin’s ;-
    I wonder if she even understand the comments posted on her blog? Her command of english is so lousy, she might just misinterpret every critism as a compliment!)
    I don’t think any english translator can change ‘Ugly’ to ‘Beautiful’ and ’55kg’ to ’45kg’. (Unless it’s some prank site.
    Oh yeah, I’ve read her chinese blog, and personally, I have a sneaky feeling her blogspot blog is a phony prank… hmmm~

  65. Oh,Man…Kenny….You hit it big time!haha. Her Face looks worst than the soles of slippers and i think a ‘Dugong’ looks much more appealing to me now…

  66. when she said 50 cm waist did she mean the width from left side to right side or the whole round thing?? and i dont doubt the fact that she becomes the focus of the crowd seeing as how her looks alone could pass her off for medusa’s sister.

  67. this is the most damn absurd thing in the world that i feel like laughing my ass off. she is so full of herself that its not funny anymore. haha

  68. o_O”
    i’m inclined to think it’s satire. well. i hope anyway. 45kg is quite possible if she’s abt 5 feet tall.

  69. oh man. where’s the dignity of that woman? what sister, what jiejie. damn.
    anyway, kenny, you rock (:

  70. Dude this internet whore reminds me of China’s version of Michael Jackson, just that her looks, without operation, is on par with Michael’s after operation looks.. LOL 45kg?! maybe that’s the weight of her deformed tits.

  71. she thinks she’s pretty?!?! and below 45 kg?!?! hahahahahahahah!
    might consider avoiding this place for a while as i’m still traumatised by all those pics of her…

  72. hahahaha, this is funny shit. well i think my wrinkles definitely increased 10-fold, from laughing at how silly she is. shameless blog slut-wannabe, yes. but dont u guys have fun laughing at her? lol

  73. 🙂
    I see, I vomit. I read, I laugh.
    Really, she’s quite the obnoxious bitch. But hey, don’t discriminate against China people that way. I’m sure she’s a special case. A very, very ugly special case. With radiation warning labels pasted all over it.
    But then, it wouldn’t get through customs.

  74. 🙂
    I see, I vomit. I read, I laugh.
    Really, she’s quite the obnoxious bitch. But hey, don’t discriminate against China people that way. I’m sure she’s a special case. A very, very ugly special case. With radiation warning labels pasted all over it.
    But then, it wouldn’t get through customs.

  75. FURONG JIE JIE quite hot what………
    this is what u got to do to make her look good….
    1. cover the face
    2. photoshop the butt
    3. send her some clothes from malaysia
    3. try looking at the pic from 5 meters away….
    and EUREKA …. u get a super HOT jie jie…….
    * p.s. – no offence to any furong jie jie’s readers….. but… just can’t myself from posting this comment.. ……
    XIAUE won the asian best blog
    KENNY won PPS blog of the year
    FURONG won BEST JOKER 2005

  76. (Replying to Colin: I don’t think any english translator can change ‘Ugly’ to ‘Beautiful’ and ’55kg’ to ’45kg’. (Unless it’s some prank site. )
    I feel it’s either it’s all a joke some one created or i feel that she is the mad person who translate the english herself, and just get the translator to type and spell out for her leh .. else where got ppl so knn sick one!!!

  77. firstly, i puked my dinner out. but after going to the last picture, i ate my puke back!! argh!!
    that was fucking hilarious!!!! and knn, cheena bitchs have no shame. URGH! the skin must be as thick as a tree trunk!

  78. gosh. the camel toe grossed me out the most.
    won’t your mind visualise something uncontrollably or ‘automatically’ when you see that?
    and that sea lion’s so poor thing can… haha.
    got dragged into this thru’ no fault of its own and got compared to her.. then people mistook it for a walrus.

  79. haha, i have no idea why she got so popular. don’t they have eyes? don’t they have prettier girls there? something must be wrong with her fans.

  80. Did you expect to get so many comments kenny? =P… I found the one about trying to sue you or something funny for some reason =P

  81. OMG…i hope i don hv nitemares 2nite…tsk tsk tsk..the things some ppl do for publicity!talking abt BIG EGO

  82. OMFG… how thick is her face sial? 100 inches? Damn frigging fei poh wanna compare herself to a leng lui…

  83. i don’t think she had a direct blog? she wrote in the forums of tsinghua and beijing university early this year, as in she started there and was there for a while.
    but she might have started her own blog o.o lol but they say it’s similar to what she talks about herself (tbh, i can’t bear to read mandarin online because it gives me a headache.. on paper enough liao), because a whole lot of it is bragging. but that was at the start however. i am not sure if she is still the same because, i believe, it was mentioned she wanted to make a name for herself.

  84. nln …… that jie jie… hell man.. maybe call her lan J@#$ is better.. 😛 she calls herself a jie jie n try to act kawaii ???~!!!!! ….. nln
    besides, calling yrself Furong??prehaps u have pointed tities like Furong cha siew pau??!!! yucks…!!!!
    btw, sorry for my vulgarity..
    p/s: kenny Good 1!!!! LoL

  85. sia lah!! this is the funniest post I’ve read man today man!
    laugh until i wanna pengz.
    furong sucks! Actually the pic she used of XX not too good looking also…

  86. LOL, man..her face is sooo NSFW. And Im at work!! I had to bail half way through this post. Either I get caught browsing a ‘questionable’ website or Furong scars my retinas for life. Put a nice red disclaimer on top of these kinda posts nex time

  87. I dun think the english blogspot site is hers cos I actually read her Chinese site… I think it’s some prankster playing a joke on the 3 of u….
    Be fair to her, try to verify things with her??
    This entry’s funny.. but i think u said too many mean things about her…

  88. wah lau! I have to salute her!!!!!! hahahah
    I think God is trying to play a joke on her and mana tau went too far off… hahahhaha!
    *I have to go wash my eyes now*

  89. OMG!!! This is so far the funniest(i can’t even tyyyppee properly) piece of MASTERPIECE i have ever read….can’t stop laughing for 10 minutesss..Kenny, you just made my day…thanks..

  90. … omg. I followed the link from Kinkybluefairy’s site … feel like gonna throw up. People eating breakfast >_… omg. I followed the link from Kinkybluefairy’s site … feel like gonna throw up. People eating breakfast >_

  91. Like one Anonymous said above, I wonder whether the English site is hers. It’s said to be done by a ‘translator’ so you can’t foul-mouth her for her so-called English.
    Based on the ‘translation’ and photos, I just find her sad. She would actually be pretty if not for her ridiculous ‘poetry’ about herself.

  92. God. Can you get any lower?
    Eyeris was right the first time. You wouldn’t recogise maturity even if it bit you in the butt.
    You want to know what’s ugly? The unmitigated bullying and uncalled-for pillorying of this girl. Granted she’s delusional, attention-seeking, not particularly attractive and hasn’t got a decent command of English.
    But wake up and smell the noxious gas from a large segment of the PPS community. There are more black pots here than an abysmal cook can burn.
    If this show of asinine juvenility were to be translated into real life, it’d be a classic schoolyard let’s-throw-stones-at-the-loser-kid-trapped-in-a-circle -of-vicious-bullies scenario.
    Pack mentality, the lot of you.

  93. *pukes like a merlion*
    i tink the flower wilted upon the sight of her…. so sad….she’s gt so much fats i tink she’s 54 kg, nt 45.. and all her poses are so weird, she muz have went into cramps posing tat way…
    i tink i’m gonna have nightmares tonight…..

  94. Translated from her blog entry on 28th July:
    I did no wrong! I did no wrong!
    I won’t give up easily, I won’t give in!
    But I got no chance to clarify, cos got no net access (just occasionally checking mails in net cafe)
    Tears of grievance flow down my face, can only let wind comfort..
    Starting from now, I will work hard to prove myself.
    I won’t give up pursing,
    I won’t stop education.
    When time comes, I still want to depend my strength to get to (name of an uni).
    Now I want to write something, to share my feelings with all..
    and let my courage let my courage make those rumours collaspe on their own..
    Thanks for all your support…
    I don’t know why I’m doing this, but the girl really has my support for her courage… Her ego is her problem, if u dun like it, dun read it…
    She nvr offend anyone… most of us dun even know her personally.. why launch such vicous attack on her???

  95. hmm… i thot it was a joke… on the “Furong Jie jie” thing… oh man, is she for real? i hope not… but, i think she’s riding on you and xiaxue to gain popularity… *winks*

  96. Maybe she is joking…although she seems like she is not…but why would someone in their right mind would wanna make a joke of themselves….she is one demented woman if she isn’t joking around man…
    And hey Christine…lighten up ok…if you take everything so seriously your head’s gonna burst someday…and also…if u don’t think kenny is mature…why the hell do you visit his blog?

  97. ok this commenting about her is getting a little addictive. i am typing, i guess, more out of boredom and the fact that i actually read up abit way before kenny made this post.
    i am not saying i am knowledgeable but perhaps people should read a little before accussing either side.
    old news articles would have told you she writes similar stuff to her present “engrish” blog. attached to them are also articles as to how their interviews went. needless to say, they were similar to her “engrish” blog.
    now, recently, if you READ the blogchina blog since you guys who accused kenny are so learned and well read, you would also have known she was offered a 3 minutes or something along that line, of fame in an internet film. however, in a move by the chinese government, anything that’s related to her is now banned/suspended, while they try and clear this grey area to try and get her legally stopped from ever blogging again and etc.
    the reason why the recent posts have turned all depressed is partly because of that. she worked hard, in her opinion, for the 3 min movie and etc etc etc (books and what not so i have heard) and instead now it’s all going down the drain. she tried to stay in her room to forget everything, get over being depressed, but she couldn’t.
    she is still an egoistic person, she is still similar to the engrish blog person that u know. she even said it herself “i am still me!” it’s just circumstances have now changed and she’s a little depressed.
    sorry for the long rant but yer.. just thought people should know o.o

  98. ————————————————–
    and knn, cheena bitchs have no shame.
    Posted by: Missy Claris at August 3, 2005 10:19 PM
    please don’t generalize what she has said to all chinese girls.

  99. ————————————————–
    and knn, cheena bitchs have no shame.
    Posted by: Missy Claris at August 3, 2005 10:19 PM
    please don’t generalize what she has said to all chinese girls.

  100. wonder why you guys keep referring to the mammal that was used as a substitute to furong jie hie as a walrus. I am sure that its not a walrus…it should be a sea lion….maybe should watch more discovery/animal planet/national geography channels more often

  101. Furong Jiejie redefineS the word UGLY to an extent unknown in the English dictionary. Don’t bother bloGGing about her, ur only feeding her ego. Ignorence is golden-

  102. to Panda:
    Being egoistic doesn’t make her that Engrish blog person… Similar Engrish? Haven’t u heard of copycats??
    What a few of us here is saying, dun accuse unless u have PROOF… Innocence unless proven otherwise..

  103. No matter what, i still think its kenny sia’s plan to infiltrate the chinese blogosphere. Think of how Kenny get acquainted with xia xue? He make fun of her, photoshop her, etc etc and voila!! Kenny sia is the new the hit for Singaporean blogger. His traffic increase, everything increases, including the size of his self-proclaim big balls….. He targeted jeff oii’s little birdie, but to no avail, cause he is already a famous blogger in malaysia and a mere few hits is not enough. Next, its the PRC furong jie jie, hoping furong jie jie to be like the idiotic xia xue…. but i must say, bravo kenny, bravo. If only you had used your skill in marketing…
    I think you plan might fail this time…. Let see if furong jie jie is that boh liau….

  104. I really think the Engrish site is a fake one…
    1. why is the url sisterfurongjiejie.blogspot instead of furongjiejie.blogspot?? I just checked furongjiejie is available…. she always uses furongjiejie as her site prefix…
    Her Engrish may be bad.. but if u look at her Chinese site URL, it uses furongjiejie..
    2. at the bottom of the Engrish blog is this slide show with her photos, but the photos came from a news site… ie
    Who will link her own photos which she has from another site???

  105. Kenny, I really have to thank you for putting up those pics! They make my self-esteem rises by a hundred-fold! ROFL! THANK YOU! YOU’RE THE MAN!

  106. Blogspot is BANNED in China. I’m working here in China, and I can’t access it, no matter how I try, its the ISP. IF Furongjiejie can reply to her comments on blogspot, then its most certainly a fraud.

  107. well, i think the english blog is probably fake.. this is because after i wrote something about her and linked the english site to my blog, she came and wrote something in my comments… and when i checked my sitemeter, it showed that my blog was accessed by someone in the US…. and i doubt she is in the US..

  108. BWHAHAHAHAHHA. if you never put that seal photo, i wouldnt have related her to a seal. BUT she really did look like one in that pose. BWAHAHAHHAHA

  109. I am a poly student on attachemtn here in Shanghai.
    And all blogspot are BLOCKED in China… THere is no way she can blog in blogspot, unless, like me, she doesnt preview wat she herself blogged…
    I think, Kenny, that’s not her. Her chinese blog’s language are much more refined.

  110. Interesting, you’ve totally insulted her and 1 billion Chinese, yet you’re riding on her fame (or notoriety) to garner hits and comments for your pathetic blog.
    You can’t understand her popularity in China, neither can I fathom why you, KennySia, are well-liked in the blogosphere.

  111. she is so not 45kg!!!! she’s more like 65!!! or maybe even 70+! she is seriously one heck of a fat ass! and ugly, not to mention…

  112. Stop trying to turn this into another lesson in Bloglitics can?
    She act, I react, simple as that.
    I never thought I’d say this but I have MORE THAN ENOUGH hits for my “pathetic blog” already. Bandwidth is expensive (USD2.50 per GB, dammit) and I’m about to move to a larger server YET AGAIN.
    Please, enough hits, no more, I’m scared. ARGHH!!!

  113. aww, poor Kenny… =(. are you seriously annoyed?? sweet & sour dayz. lol, sorry if i too ended up turning into some sort of blogolotics thing 🙂

  114. when i discovered the english version of the site about a few days ago, i knew it was complete bull when a naked picture of xx was mentioend – -”
    funny post.
    SPG looks sadly delirious with all that milk on her.
    And, lastly, oh-my-gawd.
    KENNY I AM GOING TO (insert random threat here)!


  115. HAHAHA… clearly and very obvious our Ms F-jie jie is trying to ride on xiaxue’s blog popularity…
    she flower?! more like rafflesia… lol…

  116. hey could u dun post up this kind of shit? she’s fugly! i noe u wanna lose weight, but u need not drag us all in with such kind of pics on yur blog rite? next time pls warn yur readers if u r gonna post such disgusting crap.

  117. in my opinion, at the very least she does not bare. ryt? She’s merely striving to gain attention with her own might, though via a manner that lacks the decency in her. If anything that’s inappropriate, it’s the smugness, arrogance and over-confidence in her. apart from that, i do not see the need to criticize someone so mercilessly bcoz of her looks.
    Not that i am backing her philosophy, but in a sense she is commendable for her self-confidence & self-efficacy, albeit deluding 😛

  118. Hahaha. I like the picture of the walrus. You know, if you look really closely, you can actually see alot of similarities between, ahem, her and the walrus!

  119. Well, in my opinion, she looks better than our very own Malaysia narcissist whose face looks flat like a plate or moon with lardy legs…..HA!

  120. i think furong or whatever her name is .. she is the uglies girl on earth … and i swear ! she is soooooooooo goddamn thick skin , shameless and if she is pretty .. she should KISS MY ASS …

  121. Just came back from the zoo and realised that FRJJ looks like many of the animals I’ve seen over there. She’s as “beautiful” as a lousy, fat orang utan. I think Ah Meng is a million times prettier than FRJJ, the fugly jackarse.

  122. ooops. I just read the disclaimer. It seems i should read everything before i say anything.
    My sincere apologies to furong jie jie. And the prankster should stop. I mean, some crude comments can be tolerated, but such pranks are really too much. Oh well.

  123. FURONG JIE JIE??? oh my god she shld be called furong shit… or furong flop…. she looks more lik 105kg den 45 kg.. thank you… her body is oh so much of an insult to the warlus..

  124. Goodness!! I laugh and laughed when i saw your entry! Not many websites gives this kind of clean jokes anymore (or perhaps I’m a lazy surfer).

  125. You know very well that what you did was nasty. No matter what she did (and I believe she DIDN’T), insulting a woman like that is unkind and low. It is also a banner for the vicious comments from your fans. Just something to think about before you act next time.
    But at least you know that and put up a disclaimer to do damage control. Keep up the good work!

  126. u guys realise dat her “july” were spelt wrongly?
    31 J U I L L E T 2005.
    correct me if i’m wrong…or maybe it’s sumthing else there?hmmmm……

  127. i just need to add 1 more to the comments.. HOLY SHIET! man my grandma looks better then her 10 times.. despo!

  128. If she were to whore herself at the Chow Kit or Petaling St whorehouses, not even a mangy dog will go near her pussy…
    Yeah, she thinks she can screw us all by using a few miserable French crap (31 juillet) but when she can’t even string a proper sentence in English,how can she tell us which cheese tastes better, Rocquefort or Camembert….

  129. I have a feeling that site’s probably just someone making fun of you. As for 31 Juillet, it’s from the Roman calendar.

  130. come to think of it, both xiaxue and furong jiejie have more things in common than anything else:
    – both are exhibitionist
    – both are cheesy posers(hey, in China, it is prolly an ‘in-thing’ to pose on a park lawns and benches while the other likes to pose with rich friend’s Porches and BMWs)
    – both are funny in their own ways(XiaXue for bitching about everything and FJ2 for thinking every men in China wants her!)
    – majority of their site audiences are Men over 50
    – 80% of their contents are Flesh-Based
    – the 20% are fake Curves
    – both thinks they are God’s gift to men and women alike
    – both lives in a world we can NEVER relate to
    Kenny, take light of what FJ2 posted, it’s kinda funny at HER expense anyway. As bloggers, she’s entitled to post anything she likes even if the world doesn’t agree with her. Chill dude and keep those insanely funny blogs.

  131. haha.. you are xiaxue friend of course you talk good things about her. Thats pretty normally.. Both of them sux. attracting viewers by telling themself they are god damm pretty. Both of them are simply FAT. peace!

  132. WTF, she really think she looks pretty with the “big breast”?? Blueekkk…its damn fucking ugly looking bitch..I think maybe the “Ah Kua” at Post office look nicer than her…

  133. I’m just 15 so heck my gramatical mistakes and all. I’m probably blunt and all but this is want I wanna say..
    So what if YOU THINK kenny is all he is today for catching the attention and getting the best to blog about him in his claim to fame?
    He just brought another person, himself in his own right to light with the help of someone famous and he still is funny and he still is who is is. At least he was deemed blog worthy to xiaxue and the like?
    You know how estee lauder got sucessful? She mingled with the best. she knew how to get to the top. it was her charisma which pulled her along. whos cares even if you’re not famous in the first place? As long as it isn’t morally wrong or anythign like that. Overnight success. Can you even do that? If you can’t do that, I think you should be telling kenny stuff liek that? why put someone down at his/her blog?

  134. hahaha…I can just say she make herself famous with the same Xu Chun Mei tactic… well.. this is just a moment of fame for her… doubt she will ever lasting longer than u you can say passe… Kenny, good job for locating Furong jie jie long lost twins!!

  135. i can’t enter frjj’s blog. Its rite? Has it been banned or something?
    Aniwae, with regards to the english blog… i’m totally pissed off man. I couldn’t care less if this blog was hers or not. But man, i can’t stand the way the blog entries was written. i mean, what kinda language is that? That person had the audacity to say that he [the so-called translator] is from singapore. Bullshitt.. Singaporeans don’t write like that. We practically grew up learning english. Even our 5 year old kids can write better. Pathetic!
    frjj> we can’t blame her if she thinks she’s beatiful. Its her body. But having said that, i am sorry to say that she is not that beautiful. Wanna noe what is pretty and beautiful? Check out clapbangkiss.[search google and u’ll c] But i guess, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

  136. zzz stupid china people -.- retarded to the end … you’d think being ugly would make them shut up ….

  137. F*cking irritating.
    Poor Kenny.
    KNN Furong JieJie, that CREATURE is……………not worth anyone’s attention… *cusses around in Slovak, English, Czech, German, Malay, Hokkien & French*

  138. hey buddy kenny…i give u 100 points for ur excellent blog on her..ride u like donkey in ur class engalishi displayed by “sexy” i meant walrus furong..hur rock on kenny

  139. The person who wrote this is a racist bastard. “Engrish” ha ha ha.
    I’m just back from 6 weeks in China and far from having “fucked up brains” they’re building things on a par with any Western architecture, while putting people in space and by 2020 will generally be kicking all our asses economically…

  140. lol so whats this all about frist read about this girl in wired news, i didnt read it all i got to porn or something so i checked it out, and is it about being big and natural in china or something, i am she is no lucy lui but she gots a drunken flare somebody might like, maybe a lil out of the ordnairy but thats what most people try to presonify to get on the web and other places i dont know wht im doing this but im bored lol im gonna go drink my coffe and play counter strike take care my babies

  141. OMG…she looks like a complete retard…..she should look at her damn ugly shameless self in the mirror b4 posting such horrid pictures of herself on the internet…geezzz….screw that ugly bitch

  142. OMG… i wonder wut the F*CK is wrong wit her ??… i still wonder how come there’s someone whois so damn disgusting in the hell of the world!!! -_-!

  143. Wow, whoever wrote this blog seems pretty freakin’ jealous of that girl.
    The Sister Furong only seems MORE attractive if all of the other girls hate her.
    Anyway, she’s on the Drudge Report now, so her international celebrity is officially launched. You’d probably ought to get used to the idea.

  144. Just one more thing: she’s right about one thing, if you like a more natural look rather than the painted-up, kind-of-slutty type, she is actually a lot hotter than XiaXue.

  145. Just one more thing: she’s right about one thing, if you like a more natural look rather than the painted-up, kind-of-slutty type, she is actually a lot hotter than XiaXue.

  146. Pull your head out of your arse commie boys – she is super fine WITHOUT any photoshop fakeness like the other chick. Furong is on her way up and the fall-in-line commie crowd can’t stop her no matter how many posts they put up. Send her over here to the U.S. she will get rich a lot quicker.

  147. Pull your head out of your arse commie boys – she is super fine WITHOUT any photoshop fakeness like the other chick. Furong is on her way up and the fall-in-line commie crowd can’t stop her no matter how many posts they put up. Send her over here to the U.S. she will get rich a lot quicker.

  148. lol she say like she a sexy women see her size i can tell she like a bull to kenny xia i dun neo lor i only neo he love girl he a women seeker.=p^^

  149. hiya, i’m malaysian working in beijing at the mo and although i dont normally surf chinese websites but this furongjiejie has sort of become a phenomenon. the reason why she is so ‘popular’ is because she’s take a leaf out from ‘YuFa’, do you know? YuFa is that extra in stephen chow’s flicks man dressed up as woman and perpetually picking his nose. i suspect that she or whomever her associate is attacking you guys is probably a prank. blogging is huge business in china although censorship still applies in some ways as blogger and a host of blogging websites are banned in china, e.g. i cannot load a blogsite hosted by blogger.
    i think the biggest blog host in china is planning to IPO very soon. TMT in china is crazy….

  150. CAN SHE GET A LIFE???
    I hardly think she’s below 45kg!
    I’m considerably heavy for a Singaporean girl, and I’m not proud to say I’m at least a 58kg.
    And there’s this WOMAN FATTER THAN me claiming she’s below 45???
    1. China’s scales are screwed up.
    2. She has hollow bones.
    3. She’s FUCKING LYING.
    Somehow, I think it’s the latter, don’t you think? -_-||

  151. i feel so pissed off when that woman posts those pics on her blog.she should go take a look at herself in the mirror,for heaven’s sake.if she thinks pretty,all the other women can be goddesses*rolls eyes*

  152. Oh da poor over-deluded thing – give her a break, liposuction, extreme makeover, boob job(ok in the bum dept). She’ll prob won’t look too bad as long as she stops arching her back, wonder if she gets back ache?
    Come to think of it she’s becoming a “cult figure aka icon” since so many ppl are talking bout her.

  153. Oh da poor over-deluded thing – give her a break, liposuction, extreme makeover, boob job(ok in the bum dept). She’ll prob won’t look too bad as long as she stops arching her back, wonder if she gets back ache?
    Come to think of it she’s becoming a “cult figure aka icon” since so many ppl are talking bout her.

  154. I never heard of FRJJ, but I’ve heard of and xiaxue long before i started reading blogs…’nuff said.
    As for Kenny, to come to the defense of XiaXue under siege is a very noble thing to do. Kenny deserves a Friendship Medal of Honor.

  155. To be frank, Blogspot in China is banned, since God knows when. I spent my whole teenage years in China as a part of the big expat communy there, and amongst us kids, we’ve NEVER everrrrrr got the entry into Blogspot. Simply because, IT’S BANNED. It’s someone else, enough said.

  156. come everybody prepare alot alot of pails than we all vomit together… than we send this Furong a big present from we all… ^^

  157. maybe you guys can not understand.
    she is ugly, but many people are inspired by he brave heart.
    see, after you laugh about her, then??
    i think she have earned mah respect.

  158. Hah! You know why so popular…
    1. Probably the most racist thing allowed through China’s firewall.
    2. Seems like the ratio of women to men in China is like… 600 girls to 1000 boys (i.e, should be 1010 girls to 1000 boys but 2 in 5 are terminated for being female)… so many MILLIONS of men have no hope of finding female. Which means… they latch on to very ugly people like that. Waahaha!!! So bad.

  159. hahahahha!!!!! i couldn’t believe that Furong gal is for real !!! she seems to be famous ( or infamous ) the way that William Hung is. and what is with the pose!!! maybe she’s got a back problem!hahahhahahhaha!!!!!

  160. hahahahha!!!!! i couldn’t believe that Furong gal is for real !!! she seems to be famous ( or infamous ) the way that William Hung is. and what is with the pose!!! maybe she’s got a back problem!hahahhahahhaha!!!!!

  161. Oh come on, give her a break. It’s so lame that fame can lead to the most ridiculous things.
    She’s had enough abusing, don’t you,like, get that? 20 abusive comments should be enough. But you people have come overboard. You know, its not worth it, siphoning your pathetic lives’ hatred into a person who has never done harm to you in real life.

  162. cant believe people actually say ‘nice ass, sister’ maybe she doped their drink and made them say it at gun-point.
    anyways, it is a saddening fact that despo guys do love cheap bitches. and due to the population unbalance[more guys than gals]in china, i suppose guys have started turning blind and acknowledges shit-faced bitches for beautiful babes.
    keep up the hilarious posts~ you rawk more than furong sux =)

  163. cant believe people actually say ‘nice ass, sister’ maybe she doped their drink and made them say it at gun-point.
    anyways, it is a saddening fact that despo guys do love cheap bitches. and due to the population unbalance[more guys than gals]in china, i suppose guys have started turning blind and acknowledges shit-faced bitches for beautiful babes.
    keep up the hilarious posts~ you rawk more than furong sux =)

  164. Ah ha! Ah hahahaha! I’ve been lurking for a while and reading through the backlog. This is HILARIOUS – you should be doing stand-up comedy with Powerpoint slides 🙂
    All the best,

  165. its sad tat sme ppl will do anything to be famous..even to the extend of embarrasing pitiful,i just feel sorry 4 her..

  166. All the mens should geng bang her… then she will realise.. i think long time she had no dick thats why is so desperate.

  167. wahahaha… if she’s the beauty, then i better turn gay… hahahaha… man she’s a piece of shit, not only she doesn’e looks good but the worst is that she believes she is… btw, she’s male or female??? man, ask her to lost maybe 15 to 20lbs, get a plastic surgery on her face, redo her hair, n learn to pose for camera… hahaha, anyway thanks for the jokes…

  168. she look like that chick from resident evil……you know…… that big fat ugly zombie. now we all understand what mutation is, don’t we?

  169. I saw your pictures, then I understood immediately that: you are the same as Furongjiejie: ugly, stupid, and fightly. Go to hell!

  170. what . the . FUCK! furong jiejie! HOW IN THE WORLD DOES SHE THINKS SHE IS SEXY . what a bitch !!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s loke DAMN FUGLY(fucking ugly). OMG! can somebody put some sense into her shitload brain! GOSH SHE’S DISGUSTING

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