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Did anyone manage to catch me on Channel [V] this week?

Apparently I was on this new programme called ‘Poparazzi’. They called me into the studios to do the shoot when I was in KL before I flew out to Phuket.
It’s about my letter to Osim I did a while back on their weight loss ads. Well, it’s been 4 months now and I never even got a reply from Osim. Blardy hell, those wimps!

Channel [V] wanted to help me out by making a call to Osim direct and asking them to comment on my letter. I don’t think I’m the only one curious to see what their reply is gonna be.
Too bad I didn’t manage to catch the show because everytime it’s on air I’m either working, in the gym, or sleeping. Possibly all three at the same time.
Would someone out there be so kind as to record the show for me? I do have a tape recorder… but it’s been abused so much throughout its 9 years that right now just a very expensive and ugly decorative piece of shit sitting in my lounge room. I think the replay will be on 10:30am today (Saturday), then MAYBE 3am and 11am on Monday, so keep a look out yea?
In other news, you all should really grab this month’s copy of KLue magazine.

Why, you ask?
Not just because hot Kuching lass Stephanie Chai is on the cover, but because yours truly is debuting my first ever regular column for a magazine!

Wow. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that people would actually PAY me for two thirds of a page of my crap.
“Blog Roll” is a column showcasing the best, worst and ugliest blogs in Malaysia. There’s a lot of them here and of course, I’m more than happy to uncover the hidden gems of the Malaysian blogosphere. The lucky first is Jules from, an anonymous blogger who I think writes one helluva funny, intelligent but underrated blog.

There’s a lot to like about this guy, such as his episode living with two gay housemates in the UK, among others.
Anyway, there’s gonna be a lot more recommendations from me in the future, so buy the mag and stay tuned yea? Personally I’d prefer them to have screenshots of the featured site instead of just my mug shot. A bit vain right? That’s something I need to sort out with them. 🙂

I tell you, Steph Chai and Kenny Sia on KLue – that’s a double whammy for Kuching! Hell, there’s so much Kuching in this month’s issue they should rename the magazine KCHue.
Then no one will buy.

Blog Plug of the Day: KLue blog. Don’t read this on an empty stomach.

52 Replies to “Get a KLue”

  1. ur blog gets me laughin all the time! thanks for bein my daily dose of much needed humour!love the way u write and express urself

  2. welldone…your family wish you to come back as they know u will make not only your family but whole kuching proud…

  3. The segment on Kenny was only 1 or 2 minutes long…which makes it easier to record IF i had a video recorder in the first place :).
    Anyway for the benefit of those who didn’t get to see it, it just showed Kenny being interviewed about that post and then him posing for the camera in the usual positions for Osim. It ended with the VJs saying they’ve contacted Osim about getting Kenny as their spokesperson or something but have not received a reply yet.

  4. Hi there! Saw you on Channel [V] 😀 but why did you request Sorry by Madonna? Shake Your Bon Bon by Ricky Martin would do better :p

  5. heya.been following your blog for quite awhile now and I must say, congrats on the klue column!!now i’ll have a reliable source of good/reccomended blogs to read.dont let us down!!
    so no pressure.tee hee.

  6. oh, that kukuciao blogger is u ha…..congrats to ur kukuciao….introduce u a good tune lah, u know Carly Simon and her hit single “You’re So Vain”?? Hai, u kukuciao, go and listen to that song and GET A CLUE!

  7. kenny, i would like to visit kuching in 2 weeks time. Can you help me and brief me where to visit? and also nightlife in kuching? My YM is ashleyjerem. I would appreciate if u can msg me. thanks

  8. Hey, don’t be surprised if they should ask you join their training sessions! Getting you fit and healthy will prove that they weren’t talking nonsense!
    *Imagines Kenny in a fit body*

  9. hi kenny, I just got a copy of KLue this morning. Boy, i was suprised (before i read this entry) to see your column there. I was like, ‘since when kenny have a column in KLue?’
    Anyways, all the best in your new column in KLue! *thumbsup!

  10. Congrats for your new part-time job 🙂 Any chance to have online edition on the net? I live in Sydney 🙁

  11. good news for regular bloggers like moi..
    Seriously. I went and checked out cross eyed vision and yep, he packs enough sarcasm to make his blog as addictive as coke.
    And no offence, thanks to KLUE, I found you. heh. I’ve never heard of a kENNY sia.. Not enough controvresy outside the blogworlg like Jeff ooi kot.. possibly.

  12. Hey Kenny,
    hehe.. my fren just told me u mentioned me on your site so came to have a look, cool blog and congrats on your column! i have a column in vmag so something in common:)
    u must be a popular blogger for lots of kl ppl to be reading it! go kchnites!

  13. It’s ironic how Stephanie Chai is from Kuching considering how Kuching has the worst-looking women in Malaysia (sorry Sibu & Bintulu are only *towns* IMO). LOL!
    Time to move to Sabah, Penang, KL, or even Miri- Kenny you’re too good-looking for Kuching. How can you stand it there?

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