Fruit Flavoured Condoms

I think we all know why fruit-flavoured condoms are created.

Without getting too specific about it, let’s just say, sometimes mommy decides that she wants her banana to taste like strawberries. Right?
Not just strawberries of course. There are a lot of flavours that condoms usually come with.

But have you ever seen a condom that comes in THIS flavour?

Excuse me but…
Are you kidding me?
Which idiot would want his dick to smell like something that is BANNED FOR A REASON in hotels, airplanes, buses and trains nationwide?
I know we all love the King of Fruits, but seriously this is taking it a bit too far.
Nobody is asking you to make love to durians!

At least have some sympathy for the girl on the receiving end ok?
Poor girl’s punani is gonna suffer from excessive “heatiness” from taking in too much durians.

Maybe you should get her some mangosteen just in case.

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120 Replies to “Fruit Flavoured Condoms”

  1. Maybe they should come up with some other crazy flavour like “pepperoni cheese”, “grilled unagi”, “super hot peri-peri” flavours!!!

  2. haha yea dis is interesting indeed. but it isnt vr surprising d. durian flavoured condoms came out long time ago le.

  3. heheee I’m sure they’ve been around, but thanks for highlighting such a horrendous product!! Durians have been on my mind lately, this was just what I needed to round out a post that had been percolating for a while… do check it out here. I’ve credited u for the photo too, hope that makes my use of it ok? 🙂

  4. Hahaha, in fact Sutra Fiesta from Indonesia comes out with Durian flavor like, 6-8 years ago. Around the time Durex comes out with their limited edition chocolate flavor?
    Yeah… Maybe they soon come out stuffs like, roast chicken or cheese. Or something risky, like hotdog or bratwurst or taiwan sausage flavor. (risky because you might forgot that you’re not suppose to bite it off) hahahahahah

  5. mr kenny, where to get the durian flavor ah? malaysian taste what..keke..
    I was looking for durian flavored condom when i was getting materials for my post, which I can’t find it.
    Anyway, here’s my post: 😛

  6. Dude… where can you get this stuff? I remembered in the UK where we can get curry flavoured condoms. Never thought a ‘punani’ will suffer “heatiness” with that stuff.

  7. dude, did i tell u abt the time i saw this condom-vending machine in the women’s?
    it gives u a randomly-selected flavoured condom if u put in GBP1. to tell u what kind of flavours to expect, there’s a list of it decorating the machine.
    one of them is curry. the other one is fish & another one is egg fooyung.
    so, dont complain abt durian. it’s still a fruit.

  8. I’ve seen this stuff everywhere… but the fragrance of the condies.. are they really there for the TASTE? or just the smell of it during “you know what”…

  9. There’s definitely a reason why they don’t invent sausage-flavoured condoms.. for safety reasons maybe?

  10. I wish you had post the short talk eariler. I failed my Advance Driving Theory yesterday. Nevermind my next test date will be on 2nd Aug 08. I’m going to pass it this time and I will get my driving licence by end of this year.

    Are you kidding me?” – Kenny.
    It’s ONLY for Malaysians durian-lovers-mah…..

  12. the condom vending machines i saw in UK did not have these flavours.. there were just soft, light, tight.. those things la.. ish ish.. Malaysians more creative and flavourful =D

  13. The after-odour is surely gonna stay for a while. Who wants to be walking around tasting like a 3 day old durian? Hahaha … jokers.

  14. You fool, Kenny!
    I couldn’t imagine you really go and bought the durian favor condom home and take picture of it!
    But, make sure you use it bor. LOLz.

  15. It is going to be a rough ride but it is going to be a good hard phuck. Best used when ur manhood is small and puny. It will make yours’ look mightier

  16. Yeah, It’s a regional thing I guess, in France they have cheese flavour, Germany apple strudel flavour, Italians love salami flavour(mmm nice!), Aussies have beer flavoured, Russians have Vodka flavour and as for the yanks, well they have

  17. This is why I read
    It has been some time since you come out with suce short but hillarious entry, because lately, what we all got to see was more on adverts stuff and so forth.
    Way to go and keep these entries coming 😉

  18. Hhahhaa.god! What a marketing strategy. durian? so did u really try it on? better dont kenny, later you might get too heaty on ur ding dong and you get all the polka dots growing on your ermm.. Dxxk.

  19. Hi there Kenny!
    Nice to meet you ya!
    Haha, I saw that Durian flavour condoms in the shops too!!! Wonder what will happen if they create other flavour like Fried Rice, Char Koay Teow, Laksa etc, it would be just fun!

  20. OMG Kenny!!!!
    Who in the world who wants their little “brother” to be covered with durian smell???
    OH MY!!!!!! Are they that desperate to get sales for their fruit-flavoured condoms?
    It amuses me to the max at this moment.
    Gosh…. I am wondering… DURIANS while making love?
    EWWWW…. it is a total CONTRAST… No way!!!!!!!

  21. They should next cum out with watermelon,rambutan and coconut flavours… I’m sure the coconut’s one will go down well with Kenny’s fans….hehe
    If durian’s too heaty, then they might want to consider cumming up with some chrysanthemum or herbal tea’s one too…to soothe the sore throats.

  22. dont be so ignorant la. they wudnt make such thing if there was no demand. im pretty sure they did their survey and questionnaire and they probably found out that some ppl do like durian flavoured condom.
    if it doesnt suit ur taste leave it. dont judge.


  24. i’ve tried it before. it taste aint that bad though. it’s fun doing blowjob with extraordinary flavours *wink

  25. Aiyah.. some people like durians ma… there’s no need to make fun of durian flavored condoms. But then again this is Kenny’s blog and it’s his opinion. Haha… At least I’ve learn something new today.. never knew there was durian.

  26. Oh come on, don’t tell me you’ve never licked your fingers clean after eating some durians? 😉

  27. Kenny, so which flavour do you like best? Did she or he has the thorny feelings when you put on the durian condom?

  28. u shud blog bout gambir sarawak too kenny!…
    go n ask/interview pakcik2 yang selling gambir srwk at kuching waterfront there..

  29. my god~~
    Few years back i got cheeky and joked w my fren about durian flavoured condom..
    And it came true…

  30. if you have the cravings for durians but it’s not the season yet…you know what you should do..

  31. it’s a condom with flavour. obviously it’s not for the punani la kenny. i mean, OBVIOUSLY.
    so only those people who like it will buy it la. apa la you kenny.

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