Free Trip To KL

A while back, I went on possibly one of my cheapest trip to KL. In fact, it was almost free.

My airtickets were free.
I had enough frequent flyer points with Malaysia Airlines to be able to redeem a free flight to Kuala Lumpur and I gotta do it before they expire at the end of the month. After numerous times travelling on cattle class with AirAsia, it’s nice to be able to appreciate the frills offered by MAS once again.

My hotel accomodation was free.
I got it as part of a business deal I previously brokered. And it wasn’t just any hotel. It’s the very prestigious and exclusive Hilton Hotel at KL Sentral.
This hotel is so good, it’s even got BALLS.

No kidding.
I thought Swissotel Stamford in Singapore was good. Heck, Swissotel Stamford doesn’t even come close. Hilton KL Sentral is the best hotel I ever had the privilege of staying overnight in without having to pay for it.

OMG! Santa Godzilla!”

I’m saying it not just because the hotel has a fantastic view like this right outside my room window.

It’s not just because it has bathroom walls that can be opened up entirely for couples to enjoy full view of each other bathing if they wanna.

Hilton at KL Sentral is the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in, because it has the Mother of All Toilet Bowls located right in the comfort of my own room.

Check out this toilet bowl. It has two extra taps compared to your normal ones. One squirts at the front. One squirts at the back.
Go figure.
I could sit on that thing all night long and be happy.

My night out partying was free. There’s an event at Zouk KL and I was invited.

Cheesie was there because she was named one of Female Magazine’s 50 Most Gorgeous in Malaysia. Coincidentally, the night that I was in KL was the contest’s Finals night.
Knowing one of the contestants from the event sure has its perks. Not only do I not have to pay for the cover charge to get into Zouk, I was roped straight into the VIP area.

This is Davina Goh. She’s an up-and-coming actress and one of the Gorgeous 50. Davina hasn’t won any Oscars yet, but if I had a trophy in hand I’d hand it to her.
That girl deserves a special award. An award called “The Most Exaggerated Reaction When Meeting Kenny Sia Award”.
Seriously, I had some pretty weird experiences with readers. But NEVER EVER before had I had someone kneel down shouting “OH MY GAWDDD!!!” while waving her arms up and down in a dramatic worshipping fashion when they saw me.
Thanks Davina. That was flattering in a Buddha kinda way.

I’m not gorgeous enough, so I must wear a tag to tell people that I’m gorgeous.

Sexy Sarah Tan is a VJ from Channel [V] and one of the hosts for the event. As it turns out, lots of familiar TV personalities were hanging around the VIP area as well.

British VJ Joey G

As if partying with celebrities and 50 of Malaysia most gorgeous people wasn’t cool enough, the party was sponsored by Bailey’s and Smirnoff – which means free drinks in the VIP area all night long!
I thought it couldn’t get any better than this. I was wrong.

Midway through the contest, the hosts decided to play a little game.
The alcohol must’ve lowered my inhibitions, because when the hosts called for volunteers I climbed on stage without any hesitation. The rules of the games were simple. Along with 4 other players, I gotta find five items from the crowd: a pair of sunglasses, a handphone strap, a water bottle, a watch and a condom.
Let’s just say Cheesie hates me now. All she got for her month-long efforts as a finalist for Female’s Gorgeous 50 was a bottle of perfume and some random shopping vouchers.
I spent 5 minutes on stage playing some corny game and I won this.

Yes, not only was my entrance to Zouk and my flow of Bailey’s that night free, I actually walked away with Samsung’s brand new ultra-slim phone in my hands, FREE! Haha.
The event was pretty alright. Outside the club, I spotted a familiar face bobbing her head up and down to some imaginary music. I looked again, and realised it was FireAngel.

I once revealed her as one of the Girls I’d Date Based On Their Online Personalities. The day I spotted her at the club dancing with some hot guy was the day I was heartbroken. πŸ™
Although what’s she doing dancing outside the club instead of inside the club, I have no idea.

After her thing, Cheesie and I decided to chill at this new place in Mont Kiara called Somo.
It’s a little difficult to find the place since it’s so well-hidden inside Mont Kiara. Then again, Somo is probably one of the coolest outdoor bar-lounges I have ever come across in KL. The drinks may be a little on the expensive side, but the ambience here is fantastic.
I returned to Somo again on their grand opening night and spotted this hot lass mingling around in the crowd.
It’s our very own half-Chinese half-Kelabit model-turned-TV-hostess-turned singer Hannah Tan!

Dang, she’s hot!
One MAJOR downside when you see too much of a model doing her saucy pose in magazines, is that when you finally meet the said person, you cannot help but to automatically picture her in a skimpy white bikini.

It’s a sin, I tell ya.
Anyway, I shouldn’t call her Hannah Tan because she’s repackaged into hannah t now. In Malaysia, it’s a trend that when someone makes it big in the entertainment industry, they had to keep the first letter of their last name and drop the rest.
Case in point: Hannah T, Joey G, Serena C, Adam C.

If I ever made it big in Malaysia, I’d be called… Kenny S?

Sounds like Kenny Ass. πŸ™

JoyceTheFairy obviously likes Somo as well considering how much she’s been shamelessly slutting it out on her blog. I don’t disagree with her. If anyone knows KL nightlife, it’s Joyce.
The cast of kinkybluefairy are often hanging around here too.

Estranged’s Azwin Andy Malik,’s AdamC, Ummm…’s Kenny and every ladies’ man TL.

That’s Azwin Andy on the left.
Even if you don’t follow some of his works, Azwin Andy must have looked at least somewhat familiar to you. In fact, right now you’re probably thinking that you’ve seen him somewhere sometime before, but can’t exactly pinpoint where and how.
My friend, if you think that way, then you are right. Because EVERYONE in Malaysia have seen Azwin Andy before.

Remember this?

It’s alright Andy. We all make mistakes sometimes! πŸ˜›

Blog Plug of the Day: The language is a little explicit, but this video here is so bad, it’s good.

123 Replies to “Free Trip To KL”

  1. Wow I think you just made 99% of the guys here so jealous. So many hot women in one night, booze, slick new mobile phone, and it’s all for free! Hell, even I am jealous.

  2. Hannah T’s hot!
    the only thing captivating enough throughtout this whole entry is her LOLZ

    and the santa godzilla

  3. Wow, congratz on the win.. So lucky.. When I went for another event, didnt dare to go on stage to do the thingy and try to win a phone. Haha..
    Lucky you.. Look forward to your next adventure.

  4. Oh ya..whose condom is it that u won the competition ar…ur own condom ar…wahahaha…
    sunglasses at night also stupid la..always seen that on movies but never thought really got ppl still wearing sunglasses at night INSIDE a nightclub…..

  5. so kenny.. seriously.. did u make full use of that free condom??..and did u bring 1 or some hot chicks into that luxurious room in hilton? hahahahah
    well i understand if ure not disclosing it πŸ˜‰

  6. omg, should have also bought a lottery and a write into some contest..your stars might be aligned to the solar planet ENXUS and now is being orbited that’s why your luck is expending 1000 fold on that day.
    πŸ™‚ sell your old phone and donate the money to charity, they are not so lucky as you are πŸ™‚
    cheers mate

  7. What!!!!!???? So lucky. So many hot chicks in one night. :))) Bet many people wish they were in your shoes that night!

  8. heys, u didn’t mention abt being able to sit down in the shower and watch TV at the same time…
    or watching TV while looking at yourself in that round mirror…
    hilton KL has one of the best toilets so far..

  9. Kenny Ass. WAHAHA.
    You got a brand new handphone for playing a lame-ass (well kinda, it’s SO simple) game. Man, some people get all the luck. πŸ™
    And yeah, those are some HUGE ASS balls. Lmao.

  10. You actually met Fireangel. I would love to meet her.
    After reading this post I kind of understand more why some of my local born colleagues would rather move to KL.
    Actually, right now I kinda feel like moving to KL…
    Kuching can be so dead sometimes. Having said that, it’s still home though I’ll make do with Scoops and quiet evenings at friends’ houses.

  11. yo kenny!
    guess wat i got tickets to big day out 2007 on jan 19 (auckland)!!! duno where u r now, but hey if ur in australia why dun come over and visit ur neighbours. got extra tickets if you’re interested. my chemical romance, the killers, muse are gonna be there! well anyway gtg im flying soon.

  12. I like Cheesie’s long locks!!!So so gorgeous!! he he…just like the theme of the party.
    Kenny, you’re one lucky dude!

  13. envious envious…
    free phone summore..
    and all chicks and hot guys with ur hands on their waist and shoulder…
    i’m envious…
    and happy for u at the same time:)

  14. I’m a first time reader of your blog, just want to see what all the fuss is about. I’m curious, are you separated or divorced? From the way that you are drooling over those insipid celebs, one would have to assume that you are a single. No self-respecting woman would have her husband publicly humiliate their marriage by declaring his infatuations in such a crude way. I know if my husband did that, he would be served with a petition followed by a swift kick in the gonads!

  15. Yowza. That’s one night that’s hard to beat. The only way it could’ve been any better is if you returned to your room to find Keeley Hazell on the bed in a birthday suit.
    But I guess a free phone will do.

  16. LOL. I didn’t know that was Azwin Andy in that poster. I bet that was done during his early days in the entertainment industries. keke… LIke kena tipu ad.. πŸ˜‰

  17. Nice place Somo…sounds like Sumo haha. Being far away from home mean i m a bit out dated on these entertainment or chill out places around malaysia.
    thanks for keep us update…Keep it up

  18. I was reading one of your blog about the “No photo taking in MRT Singapore”. I don’t think there’s any rule or what so ever of no photo taking there because my boyfriend send me his photo that was taken last year, in December in MRT station itself. I can even see the MRT commuter in the picture. Perhaps, you look suspiciously odd to them?

  19. LMAO
    yeah, those sluts are so juicy you should fuck ’em hard rite on the fucking spot!
    Hannah T? LOL.. repackaged? LMAO!!!
    Why don’t you suggest to that shortie cokewhore to suck your fugly dick, so you don’t have to hold back your lust! :p
    Why don’t you strip off those “virgin trunks” on your new album posters?! Your pussy is too wet you should go get some good fuck! You ugly bitch!!

  20. FireAngel, the girl I’d date based on her online personalities. I’ve seen your youtube video. LMAO!!!
    You’re a freakin’ lonely bimbo trying to act cute in front of your pathetic cheap computer screen. Go Ji-Mo yourself better la. You are just wasting your life!
    Kenny Sia, I’m so sympathetic at your bad taste for gals! PTUI!!

  21. Hannah T ?! Muahaahahaa.. you have tiny boobs and a bad Hobbit shape. Unimpressive!
    Please, for fuck sake, don’t show those fake nigga to any man around town again. And on top of that, your voice is abysmal! You cant sing even a simple tune that’s why you have to strip to lure fame. Cheapo!
    Hannah T: You are a shame for M’sian music industry!
    KennySia: Please go find a better slut to blog about the next time you party, u freakin’ dolt!

  22. Heya Kenny…Ages din cya..Did u know that Azwin Andy likes Hannah tan a lot?!!Teehee…Btw,Andy is a down to earth guy ler..Any latest news..or latest pix???

  23. Hey did you know Azwin Andy was the drummer in the late night with Jason Lo at coffee bean or is it star bucks? ANyway, i didn’t know he is malay.Look like chinese.

  24. u think u so great having free trip to KL is a BIG thing ar? NOT EVEN A BIG DEAL YOU LITTLE CHEAPO !!! got free air ticket and free stay at the 5-star hotel doesn’t mean that u have to tell the whole world that u’re the ONLY person get “FREE” things in this LITTLE tiny world !!! Might as well go and tell every LEADERS of the world that u got these so-called FREE things !!!! BALIK KAMPUNG TANAM JAGUNG LA !!!!!!

  25. Kenny, you’re just one pathetic kid trying to seek the media’s attention for that so-called fame when you’re trying too hard to hook up with those celebs.(Probably because you lost your father, you desperately need to show the whole world what you’ve GOT!)
    That makes people think you’re cheapo! Although your friends might pretend to care about you in the public and EVEN scribble good comments in your blog, doesn’t mean you are a likable person.
    Has it ever occur to you that the seam of loneliness purling through your soul as you party among a huge crowd?.. .. .. ..

  26. “Probably because you lost your father, you desperately need to show the whole world what you’ve GOT!”
    That’s damn fucked up. Shame on you.

  27. hey kenny, go check out the toilet bowls at Jogoya Restaurant in Starhill Gallery KL. Those are “grandmother of all toilet bowls”. Just dun bother those green eye monsters with those pathetic comments on ur blog..Karma..

  28. whats wif you guys bombing kenny bout him and his life? although i have to admit that what benevolent said is true bout some frens who pretend to care but the father bit is a bit to harsh
    you need Jesus =D
    p.s- im being serious

  29. Dear Benevolent,
    You’re just one miserable kid trying to seek other blog reader’s attention by giving that so-called critical comment, trying to hurt kenny, which was terribly repugnant.
    (Probably because you’ve lost your father yourself, considering that was the first thought about kenny across your mind.)
    That makes people think you’re a cheapo! But obviously, no one had/will/can EVER give you any good comments so you don’t have to bother thinking if you are a likable person.
    Has it ever occur to you that the seam of loneliness purling through your soul as you very shamelessly post pointless comments/insults on someone else’s blog?
    Shame on you dude. But hey, congrats on getting all the attention you were trying to fish! =)

  30. Kenny should have omitted the part about the trip being free, it only makes him look cheap and crass. To solidify his ‘cheap’ status, later you see him drooling over Hannah.
    Kenny, how more can you go wrong?

  31. What ever that is worth, Benevolent is an asshole who was probably born without a father to have commented that on someone else!
    This is Kenny’s website and he writes what he wants to. If you can’t take what he has written, go jerk off somewhere and not in public here. Benevolent get a life or if you ever have one.
    Keep it up Kenny although I may not necessary agree with some of your blogs but hey, its your website. Write what you wishes !

  32. On your short talk:
    If you are a pathetic kid, then the guy who is reading your blog giving you that sort of comment is even more pathetic as he has nothing better to do in his life too.

  33. Well, in the first place, who asked Kenny to ‘show off’ his personal life to the public and share his sob story to anyone who cares to read it?
    Naturally he will invite harsh critics who will write mean things about him, in a way, you can say, ”HE ASKED FOR IT”.
    If Kenny is a ‘real’ man, than he should be able to take the sting criticism.
    and yes, i do believe that Kenny is an attention and publicity seeking hound.

  34. well well… so much for freedom of speech. sometimes i just dont get people.
    if you find it so annoying that he enjoys “showings off” (though i dun really think so), why dun just get the hell off from his blog and never read it again? why bother coming back, get irritated, and leave harsh comments on someone you barely know because he enjoys “showing off” things you dont have?

  35. To Idiot,
    Why do people get angry when others criticize kenny and they ask his critics to stop reading his blog? Isn’t that ‘NOT A FORM OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH’?.DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS? You contradict yourself.
    And I know there are a lot more people in real life who have got a lot more things (material wise) than Kenny. If he enjoys showing off and getting attention, then he must also pay the price for that attention, and that is called CRITICISM.

  36. anonymous at 1:33am.
    I am NOT trying to show off. Did I ever say “I’m better than the rest of you peasants who don’t get to enjoy the trip like I had”?
    I take offense to you claiming that I’m trying to show off. I blog about this entry NOT for attention. I blog about this entry because it was a memorable trip and I was real happy about it.
    OF COURSE I know there are heaps of people in real life who got a lot more materials than I am. That is why I’m not showing off.
    If something good happened in your life, are you not supposed to blog about it in case you offend people who are gonna say that you’re trying to show off? Should I just blog about the bad stuff and let people sympathise me? What do you read my blog for?
    It is not everyday that I get to enjoy a trip like the one I had, and I was really happy about it and I want to blog about it to remember it. Does that make you uncomfortable? Should I put up little warning messages next time so that you know in advance what my entry is about so you can choose not to read it and get offended?
    Please teach me how to blog.

  37. Your blog entry ”free trip to KL” can be easily interpreted as you showing off; the ACT itself implies that you could be showing off.
    People read between sentences and some will definitely question your motives for putting up that blog entry. You had the chance to blog it in a different way; by NOT mentioning that the trip was free but instead you chose not to. NO USE CRYING FOUL, you brought it onto yourself.
    You may have all sorts of justifications as to why posted the blog entry the way you did. The fact remains that, if had chosen a more ‘subtle’ way, then there would have been less chance of people accusing you of ‘showing off’.
    Word of advice, if you don’t want to be called a show-off, then avoid circumstances where it is likely to happen.

  38. Dear anonymous, you are a non-blogger giving advice to a blogger. That’s like a random stranger off the streets teaching Tiger Woods how to play golf. You think you are a know-it-all but the fact is, you are just a spineless coward who have no idea the concept of blogs.
    Word of advice, if you don’t want to be called a “know-it-all spineless coward”, then avoid circumstances where it is likely to happen.
    NO USE CRYING FOUL, you brought it onto yourself.

  39. hi kenny … hehe so many people jealous of u ha? sorry that some people are trying to create trouble out of nothing…don’t let them spoil ur happiness! πŸ™‚ i blog abt my flights too & the last one i had was also free…but since no one reads my blog they didnt know so i didnt kena i guess…i was surprised that it could make some ppl angry…whoa…anyway my blog is down right now

  40. hey ,Kenny! Don’t care what others say bout you. I believe , they dont even deserve an explaination. Just ignore them. we cant please everybody, and if they haf anything to say bout you, let it be. after all it’s your blog, they haf no right to say anyting. and those whu say , do not understand the meaning of “blog”. a blog is a place whr we’re free to voice our opinions. Remember Guys, Kenny NEVER force us to read his blog. Why must we blame him even if he really did offend us? If u feel that he is offending you, stop reading! I bet Kenny still has lots of readers !
    Keep it up Kenny!

  41. That’s extremely mean of them. Hey, but you know what? What goes around comes around. So lets not stoop to that level, shall we?

  42. To all those who have issues with Kenny ‘showing off’ because his dad passed away, i’ve only one thing to say to you detractors.
    1. Bringing his dad into the equation was despicable. Only a sadist with a cold heart would drag departed family into an issue that has NOTHING to do with the lost one. It’s one thing to stab someone with your irrelevant hurtful comments, and its another to stab and twist it in to rub the pain in. Get a conscience you twit.
    2. This is Kenny’s blog, we are his readers. Ultimately it’s HIS public journal we’re reading. Why must we butt into what he wants to write, in whichever way he wants to write it? Why should he even have to THINK how he’s putting his entry across, such that it doesnt come off as showing off? If you’ve been a fan of Kenny’s writings for as long as i have, you’d KNOW he’s not the type of person who’d even harbour such thoughts of showing off. So Mr annon, however deprieved you are- not just materially, but emotionally from the looks of it- i suggest you flame yourself, and not Kenny. He’s doesnt need to bear the brunt of your own emotional flaws.
    And just as a disclaimer, i am a fan of Kenny’s writings and i dont know him in person. I enjoy what he writes, because its HIS life, & he doesn’t write to please anyone but himself.

  43. Dear Kenny,
    It’s hard to get everyone’s support and love, but I think you’re lucky because you get SO MUCH LOVE AND SUPPORT from your huge reader and fan base. What more could you ask for? πŸ™‚

  44. never new blogging could get so out of hand.
    Kenny, I’m neither a fan nor a whiner. I ain’t gonna get down on my knees and worship you like Davina did (that was kinda cute), but I do enjoy the simple humour in your blogs. Can’t imagine why people have to make everything so complicated.
    Not all bloggers write as interestingly as you do, so keep at it aight!

  45. If u have something bad to say about someone, don’t pull in the family as well la. the family did nothing to u. anyway, there’s a lot of sick ppl out there who’s got pathethic lives that’s why the are jealous and tend to write ugly comments just to make themselves feel better. haha this type of people should seek for professional help. hehe

  46. Howzit Kenny,
    I admire your patience and restraint in dealing with lowlifes like ‘benevolent’ and ‘annonyamous’. Keep it up buddy, I would honestly stab people like that in the jaw. I would.
    But hey, aren’t you glad that you’re actually in so fuckin’ awesome a position that would actually inspire such mindless jealousy and retarded contempt?
    PS Joey is a really wide mouth.

  47. Kenny Keep up the good work and Ignore those losers! You have a right to blog whatever you want to and those idoits can choose not to read. Why do they want to come and read then make noise here? Simply brainless arse people.
    May those dumb ass go have a brains transplant soon as they have ant-size brains now.
    Once again, keep it up and we will continue supporting you.
    This is the first time I am commenting because i JUST CANNOT STAND THOSE 2 LOSERS!

  48. Tell me about people who have no exposure, they should take a hike… Try reading Xiaxue’s blog, she talks about her talk show too.. means she is showing off?

  49. whats with those anonymous/benevolent pathetics… i really hope they will post out their blog add if they ever maintain one. i m sooooooo interested in looking that their HUMBLE posts. dang. if we can post anythg memorable in the most original thoughts, there is no reason for ppl to blog anymore.

  50. Sure Kenny, you can call me saffron. My email add is Let’s have a mature conversation. Btw, just ‘cos I don’t use my real name, it doesn’t make me a coward. How many of your readers use their real name anyway?
    I may reveal my real name later, when i find i can trust you. I’m not stupid you know.

  51. Dear Saffron,
    Wow! You’ve created an email address solely for dear Kenny. So what are you trying to make out of it? You want to ride his fame? I guess thats what you ARE doing.
    Its so sad to have people like YOU around. Why don’t you post a picture of yourself? Probably you can pose with YOUR dad. If he’s still around. I’m not afraid to put my REAL email.
    So step up.
    By the way, If you ever feel offended by other people’s post, feel free to click ‘BACKSPACE’. No punt intended.
    Get my drift?

  52. is belong to who?? Kenny himself la… why people like to comment so much?? Just a simple good things to share it on, but people say kenny is showing off…Please la.. be a mature human la!#~.~#
    Kenny, dont bother those people! So many people out there like your blog…
    many hugzz and muakss..gambateh!^_*

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