Ever Felt Like You Have An Invisible Friend?

(Inspired by Xiaxue and mrbrown)
People, my evil Russian twin brother, Ais ynneK (no relations to Ais Kacang).

I am not gay, but I damn sure love myself. 😉

From Indian standup comedian Kumar (heard it via Sylvester):
“Bloody Germans. I hate Germans. Why? The Germans make Mercedes Benz. Malays sell Mercedes Benz. Chinese buy Mercedes Benz. We Indians? We wash the bloody Mercedes Benz!”

147 Replies to “Ever Felt Like You Have An Invisible Friend?”

  1. you kiss with your twin, you look at each other eh? eyes no pain?
    anyway, i’m either being silly or paranoid, but who in the picture is you? which one is the evil twin? the one who said “like REAL fat” or the one who attempted to scare the other with the carrot?

  2. The mag isn’t cut into half lah. There is another layer on the tabletop so that extra layer covers the other half of the mag. Look closer.
    Anyway, MY stomach is cut into half cos I vomit everything out when I saw the last picture.

  3. oh btw, Mr Lee, that’s because the other smaller circular thing on the table is the a leveled piece of marble where you can turn it around to move the dishes. u don’t know ur chinese dining tables meh

  4. Hey, you should take a photo of your back as you hug yourself.You wouldn’t need to photoshop that.And it’s original 🙂

  5. funny,.. i love spoofs.. hahaha..
    saw the xiaxue initial post but the spoof make it even more funnier…
    but eh.. the right side kenny is bigger size than the left side kenny.
    .. the killer is the coconut.. kissing part is already predicted … (xiaxue kissing is more entertaining) 🙂

  6. Kenny, damn funny la you..this kind of idea you also can think out! Your expression so funny! Really gay le…ehehhehe!

  7. adoi.. the mag not cut in half la friends..
    its the spinning thing i think its called a lazy susan.. you put your food on it then spin around the table.. thats why the mag hidden.. walau eh.. kenny is funny man.. you all appreciate la the humour.. don mock the ‘alleged’ blotch up 🙂
    thumbs up kenny.

  8. Awww, the pic that you held the coconut is so cute! The carot pic is funny too! I like this one more than the one XX put some couples of days ago. The last pic is disturbing though.

  9. Wtf!! Hahahahah! Another good post, kenny! I salute ye XD
    The second last picture was very gay XD you can knock gay guys dead with that stare, even though you’re not gay XD watch out, eh!

  10. 1. continuity error: the magazine is gone in the 2nd to last picture, and reppears at the last pic.
    2. when the twin holds the coconut, he touches the other twin’s elbow, yet in the other pictures both of them are rather far away.
    3. mr brown’s link is invalid.

  11. *reappears
    and wow the carrot is AIS YNNEK’S MAGIC WAND! one point and the magazine floats up for the reader’s convenience! kenny you should totally get one of those magic wand carrots! maybe use another two more coconuts to exchange for one carrot?

  12. wat’s wrong wif nowadys blogger. so bo liao. LOL. it’s reli pretty amusing when the same but not exactly the same copy popped up frm you. u imitate her expressions again, damn funny la

  13. hahaha that was freakin’ funny except that i agree with someone else that your lips barely touched at the kissing part and all…
    omfg, i can barely stop laughing… kenny looks SO CUTE cradling his, urm, coconut 😀

  14. Damn… I never know repeated jokes can be so funny!! Wahaahahaha.
    I normally dun leave comments given that ppl usually have already said what I want to say, but this time.. I can’t control. AHAHAHAHAHA

  15. me spit at kennysia face *puikz!!!so puikz!!!!!dont copy xiaxue ok!!!go copy ur idol mrbrown!!!
    erm..btw..kenny..why ur love donch have arrow… still puikz!!!!

  16. Hey Kenny… That Kumar joke sounds familiar… If my memory didnt fail me, i heard tat “joke” @ my company’s D & D.. (Kumar’s the entertainer of the day) hahah.. Cuz my company makes Mercedes Benz.. -_____-”

  17. You chao turtle Kenny! Mine more difficult ok! Mine background got kettle, fridge, fridge magnets, microwave, and sink!
    And my characters look at each other ok!!! And the hand also got touch the shoulder at the exact correct spot lor!
    You lousy POKE. And traitor somemore.
    *smirks* You better attend cowboy’s wedding or I will come to Kuching to smack you ten times harder than I intend to smack you at the wedding.

  18. Why No Updates

    1. Home internet connection down until the router gets fixed or replaced, and
    2. This guy:
    Readers, meet Matt. Matt, meet readers.
    Matt is down from Chicago on a recon mission to complete his Masters in Asian History, and my family have decided t…

  19. Owkay…i never really like you but i think I like this post. Sure taken long time to do it. Damn,…you really put efforts eh Kenny? This one is good. At least your pic looks like your real self

  20. Oh,………. ewwwww, Kenny. Just ewwwww….. :Z … 😉
    Waassup with this “thing” with the coconuts? I’m still a noobie on your site……I’ll find out in time.

  21. is that my imagination or did u add some airbrush to your cheeks for blush??looks mighty pink when u kissed..HAHAHA..so rock man..
    -fellow kuchingite-

  22. the magazine ist cut in half la =.=
    The table is the type with the spinning piece in the middle, and the magazine is half under the piece. =.=

  23. ha..ha really funny la..It’s good for me sometimes in the moody mood to laugh at the photos. especially one of the twins with the carrot.

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