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  1. how many years these producers gonna use back the same old ideas for marketing uh?makeup:sucks,fashion:sucks,MTV? worst.

  2. Those are some fucking hideous stuffs out there. Especially 1 month before CNY, if you go to Kenyalang, you’ll be strucked by all those shits. Haha. But cny wont be cny without them..

  3. How do you think all those poor buggers in the Anglosphere feel one, or even two months before Christmas? Its Christmas carols all day long, man. And it drives them abso-bloody-lutely nuts.

  4. Oh god….tell me abt it. I just got back last week, and so happens that the first place i decided to go is the music stores – and have those music blaring in the background! Now i’m having some kinda ‘culture shock’…hehehh

  5. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! *running for my life!!!*
    *stopped running….and just realise im not in msia!*
    anyway, still enjoy reading your ‘4 qian jing!’

  6. Hey Kenny…
    been reading ur blog for a year now.. glad u r writing a bit on CNY in Kuching.. hope to see u capture the spirit and atmosphere of CNY celebrations in Kuching in this blog.. it’s really one of the last places where ppl really get into the spirit and have open houses and… er… make noise on the night of the eve..
    Keep it up!
    Kuchingite in Sg

  7. Tell me about it, its supposed to be still in christmas mood and I’m already feeling the CNY mood with all these music blasting at the cd shops….

  8. That was the reason why I had rather spent my CNY in Melbourne alone, for the past 3 years.
    Now that I’ve graduated, I think I have no choice but to work on my immune system all over again.
    Flying for KL in 8 hours.

  9. I thought Xmas is just ’round the corner? Cannot wait kah for CNY? I also want to celebrate CNY. Give way to Xmas 1st la…
    Looks like I will have to full blast my Boney M Xmas Cd in my car should I pass by those shops.

  10. Boy, I’ll be back in KCH for CNY after a 4 year haitus and am already having sleepless nights because of this. [keeping fingers crossed that dad wouldn’t play one of these to usher in the new year]

  11. tell me ALL about it man.
    Having to work at a shopping complex as a cashier, I had to tahan for 2 months listening o the same “CNY songs” over and over again, hour after hour, day after day…..i nearly went crazy…

  12. “See the teacher burn to ashes,
    Tra-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la”
    dats wat we used to sing back in chemistry lab session back in high school during xmas season.

  13. guys, you have to bear in mind…
    there are some people who only celebrate four festivals in a year – CNY, midsummer, mooncake and midwinter. so, christmas, jan 1, and for that matter hari raya and national day are non-events for them. so they like gaudy and cheena – liddatlohwattodo?

  14. haha my father like this kind of music… not my type.. but i do blast this type of music with my altec lansing once awhile.. even on Raya and Depavalli.. not to mention… Xmas..;p

  15. my mum buys si qian jin album almost every year siaz….
    which i totally hate lorhhx
    im totally against cny songs to say the truth
    like…so noisy!
    i listen rock song oso nicer sia…

  16. All these artists are very powerful in the sense that they get to release one album per-year. This is almost as powerful as those HK canto-pops artist you know…

  17. I seriously hope CNY songs get banned forever and ever and ever in Malaysia (while I’m in Malaysia). They’re instruments of torture. They’re the REAL weapons of mass destruction. I hate them so much I wanna burn down any house that I goto that plays CNY songs. And I’m chinese.
    Death to CNY songs! Yay!

  18. KNN these music.. noisy like hell all the ah bengs playing in their modified kancils 1 month b4 CNY… nabeh, now I at work 12 hours listen to jingle balls until wanna puke

  19. ok lar….to be fair…
    the only x’mas songs that annoy the heck out of me is by Crazy Frog. The irritating frog has got a x’mas CD out n its only got 3 freaking x’mas songs on it…
    what’s that i hear you say?? Who ask me to buy the CD? who said i did?? Hitz.fm play it all the time….or it seems to be that way….

  20. TERUUUK !!! this Kenyalang shops.i thought i was the only one tak tahan with their “couldn’t wait for cny to come” mood.people haven’t yet celebrate Christmas and they are there-playing those tong tong chian songs !@#* !!man man lai lah…

  21. Hey Kenny,
    OMG… the Chinese New Year music!!! It seems they just turn off the Mariah Carey Christmas album and replace it with the gong xi… gong xi… gong xi ni crap!
    I live in Australia so I miss out on the shopping centre music this year. Good luck enduring it! I hope you can tahun!
    xox Sarah

  22. Lol.. I hope this time CNY they dont dont remix CNY songs into any techno songs such as Crazy Frog.. bla bla.. ! Remember Vengaboys very hot last time, then.. wtf all the CNY songs ala ala Vengaboys song… beh tahan.

  23. for me . xmas song sux … those who listen to song like that stupid crazy frog is ah beng .. totally ah beng .. going disco everytime also ah beng .. say no to christmas

  24. jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way ???
    huh .. totally crapppppp . and what so funny is .. those deer ? can fly ? muahahaha . so funny

  25. jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way ???
    huh .. totally crapppppp . and what so funny is .. those deer ? can fly ? muahahaha . so funny

  26. well they may b annoying(ok let me correct that…VERY ANNOYING TILL U WANNA PULL OUT UR HAIR)…but they are part of CNY…anywayz happy chinese new year to everyone…=) hope this year the fireworks will b as crazy as last yeah…haha=)

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