Avatar In Real Life

Actually, she’s just one of the models at a fashion show over here.

But this one cheat one. I check already.

Her hair don’t have the USB port thing one.

AD: Call me a skeptic, but when Malaysia Airlines launched flymas.mobi, I thought it was just another mobile website that only let you book flights or check-in through your phone. It does A LOT more than that. With flymas.mobi, you can actually check-in to your MAS flight just by using your phone as the boarding pass! No need to even print out anything at all.

I’ve written all about it right here.

98 Replies to “Avatar In Real Life”

  1. then how this avatar mate??!!
    you know when they connect their hair fibre with that bird, its actually animal sex.

  2. hey guys do you know why Asia trend gives more pressure to people…
    because standard salary is not much but material brand and things kept bombarding at people
    say no to material temptation and yes to much soul richness. after all if you drive a Ferrari you still has to stop at traffic light k

  3. the worst thing that can happen to human is … humanity replaced by robotic
    my theory to take care humanity –
    laugh when you feel like to laugh
    cry if you like to cry
    angry is ok !
    smile much
    people first then money
    love someone
    touch each other body touch is good
    listen to your heart not your mind
    dont just focus on science and maths
    (otherwise you only develop your mind)
    be natural la πŸ˜‰
    ok to kek abit sometime to feel the difference but kek one cant be long πŸ˜›

  4. kenny, sad to tell u that i think is the end of ur blogging career… maybe ur fitness centre is ur biggest mistake in ur life. hope ur gym do well but personally i think is dumping money in a endless well. good luck and this would be the last time i will visit ur blog…u r boring.

  5. r u gay so sth CAC?? kenny’s blog is really getting boring dont u think so? i reckon he should retire from blogging if he’s going to continue this short an pointless short post.no offence thou!

  6. hmm…Im actually d model up there n visited this web as per told by frens…its not an easy task gettin paint all over though.. n yes i must say im not any ‘avatar’ as I myself have no time to watch it yet lol. Anyway…I think i really do look weird here n its a far cry from my normal looks. compare it with my facebook n u’d b supprise !

  7. haha…the moment i saw the end of the long hair, i was laughing and whispering to my boyfriend “look at the USB Port!”
    Glad we share the same humour.

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