15 Replies to “Free Wifi”

  1. wow, it’s been 2 years since i last visited this blog. seems you kept up the lame, haha. meant that affectionately, by the way.
    “wi fi” might just be codeword for buttsecks.

  2. A WHOLE 6 Posts. Why don’t you just let this blog die a natural, and move on, make room for some New Blood with a bit of Life in it.
    Ad reminds me of an old joke: Hubby in the line at Airpport spots a perv sitting on his backpack, leaning over to sniff his wife bending down. Strides over to the perv and angrily threatens “If I ever see you doing that again, I’ll rub your nose in it”.
    No Fear baby, let it go, you’ll survive. The day you turn your biggest Asset into a liability, is the day after you took the Wrong turn.
    Better still, “Mentor” someone with a Burning Desire on condition they do the same when their time comes. I couldn’t think of a better lasting Legacy.

  3. Have never been a regular of kennysia.com but i do visit from time to time. readers here seriously need to lighten up. and if any of you doesn’t like what is being posted on the blog, then STOP READING IT! Why leave redundant comments like asking him to stop blogging? It is not like he is wasting cyberspace oxygen or anything. get a life ppl!

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