Copy & Paste Logos

Times are hard to come up with your own business logos. Remember WWE Engineering?

When I spotted this signboard here at a 24-hour food court here (Siang Siang Foodcourt in 3rd Mile), I was happy ‘cos I thought Burger King has opened up a branch in Kuching.

Upon closer inspection though, I realised something didn’t quite look right.
Heyyy… that’s not Burger King. Since when did Burger King operate out FROM A STALL?

What the hell? It’s a Ramly Burger stall lah!

Work has been piling up on me continuously this past few days. I’ve been working overtime I hadn’t even had time to sit down and watch the World Cup, let alone write a proper blog entry.
I’ll get back into the rhythm once all this is over.

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  1. Even with your tight schedule you still able to put up something like this ^^ Good Job. By the way… BurGer Times SatU!

  2. What did they NOT understand about the little TM on the Burger King Logo? I could well understand BK suing with a ‘cease and desist order’, after all they have spent millions creating a brand awareness around their logo. Is this not the sort of thing that continues to connect Malaysia with copywrite infringement,Music/DVD piracy and the like? Here in New Zealand a small country store owned by a family called Harrod had the dickens legally thrashed out of them for using their family name on their storefront, by that little corner store in London owned by Mr al-Fayed. While this was taking things too far, the signage you’ve posted should go in my opinion.

  3. oops..cross posted with allen’s post??…delete my first kenny…keep up the interesting local photography…regards from NZ.

  4. In Ipoh and Cameron Highlands there’s a fried chicken franchise called KLG.
    Same colour scheme and everything as KFC.
    Escept that instead of Colonel Sanders, there’s a depiction of a chicken.

  5. Won’t they get sued for this?
    Plagiarism leh.. They just change the “King” to “Times” nya.
    Don’t tell me they can’t even figure out an unique stall name.

  6. kenny why oh why do you keep blogging about food and making me feel hungry whenever I drop by here… :P~~~~

  7. there a few stalls of it…i noticed it sometimes ago…
    if you go Point one@Travillion you can notice the western menu got French Fried… 😉

  8. Pamly burger IS nice lah! Nicer than all those…! Try the special with baked beans wrapped in egg…other than the burger and other stuff!!! Had it in Sri Aman, roadside stall! Yummy! U can try when u go visit ur branches in these teeny-weeny places!

  9. ah.. another fast food kopikats
    There’s KLG in Penang also… it amazed me that they dare to plagiarize it up to the point that they open up franchise all around msia…(soon coming to your place… just u wait!!)
    What would KFC do? or burgerKing?
    i doubt they can do anything…can they?

  10. Ah.. intellectual property. I think the usual phrase is ‘infringement of copyright’.
    I have to brush up on that but anyone who’s been to a Burger King outlet will know that the dude isn’t selling no burger king burgers. Who knows man?
    Kenny, do they have the Whuppar? or the Junior Whuppar?
    But if Burger King should find out, they could sue the guy for his profits which wouldn’t be much and the guy would most likely be fined as well. Heck, the legal fees alone would be hefty considering the nature of the subject. But if they sue, it would serve as a example to all ‘wanna infringe copyright’ people.
    All it takes is a person to complain to the right authorities really.

  11. The burgers r better at Burger King! hang on, it’s not burger king it’s Hungry Jack’s! Aiya all the same thing. I like the whopper anyway. hehehe
    Maybe U should have some photos of the Ramly Burgers, I wanna know what the rave is about..

  12. In Malaysia, an idea is no good unless it is stolen. Original ideas are no good. Why? Because they have never been tried out before. Stolen ideas are virtually always already successful ones. That’s why businesses don’t pay for creativity here – its too expensive and too risky.

  13. Hhahaa, dun be surpise… i saw the starbucks logo at friendster cafe(damansara perdana) too… wondering if they will ever get sued !?

  14. Nonnie, HijackQueen, MannyLee, I don’t think he will be sued lah. There’s a lot of other instances of copy and paste logos in Kuching. No one really bothers with it.
    nicholas yeoh, boring comment.

  15. haha, perhaps should change the name to RAMLY TIMES, using the same logo shape and colours. there are indeed alot of fakes nowadays. You guys know KLG? yeah, it’s KFC’s fake too. the outlet and the logo and the colour are exactly like KFC, but it’s called KLG. i first saw it in Taiping, my mum’s hometown, even since then it has been growing. Wait i’ll take a snap wheni get to taiping. Guess what, the chicken from KLG sucks.. yeeeakks

  16. There’s one more burger times in King’s Centre, at MEGA food court or sth, (maybe the place changed ) 😀
    Hahah Is burger king related to hungry jack’s?

  17. eh i think he’ll be sued if they found out, anyhow KLG also have a branch inside Taman Desa off Old Klang Road KL
    Haven’t tried before

  18. burger sing or burger ring rhymes and look more similar. i bet it’s also somewhere if we look hard enough.
    adibas, the brand with three strikes.

  19. u can get sued for infrigement of copyright but u need to think of the feasibility of suing that fella. if he aint got no insurance, who cares abt suing him. he cant pay shit.
    juz a threat to sue is enuf.

  20. coincidence my foot.
    unless you’re the defending lawyer, then thats what you might say…
    geez…burger times…o_O

  21. Ugh,, burger king again. I am eating eat twice a month due to its promotion (cheap sets). hehe. The fries are made of 100% imported Australia potatos and the beef is 100% new zealand imported. Irristable. Just what the heck the fame of burger king being defamed by those nuts @ the ramli burger stalls.. swt =.=”

  22. same shit here kenny…
    have you ever forget that you “kap lui” for 2 hours???
    have been overloaded with work lately… but thank God reading your blog doesn’t taken up too much time… hahhahahah

  23. if ppl likke them were to get sued, i think all courts will be functioning 24/7. Ramly burgers are best compared to BK.
    long time nv eat le..

  24. isn’t that plagrism? how come there are people who are daring enough to copy established companies’ logos? so stupid.

  25. well, hahaha biasalah tu. There’s TENpanyakki in Klang also what. And what about those bakeries: bread story, bread history, bread talk – the similitudes. plagiarism only mar. biasa aje 😛

  26. Kennysia
    I do suggest you try eating at Azza Burger stall outside Star Cineplex. Its the best ramlyburger in Kuching so far. Ask for the ‘semua ada’ burger… damn shiok!!!

  27. hahaha…feel like one of kenny pics…adjusted for fun. If the burger is same as burger king, it will be a potential ‘linked’ chain business. lol

  28. Haiya, you commentors ah, get your legal terms straight. Copyright infringement of plagiarism applies to literature, music, films or other creative works.
    What we have here is a case of passing off or trademark infringement. Sure Burger King can sue, but it’ll be like going after a fly with a hammer. BK will lose valuable PR if it does so.

  29. lol that’s a good one but it certainly hits people attention and wanted to have a bite at them rite. I dont think there’s anything wrong with this.

  30. Visitor – Yes, it’s trademark infringement, and I doubt it’d be bad press or anything. All publicity is good publicity. 🙂
    It’d probably be very quick and painless actually.
    Burger King sends lawyers telling the owner to change his signage or else.
    Owner either changes it, or he consults his own lawyers who basically tell him to change it, as it’s indefensable.
    If the owner is stupid enough to take it to court he’ll lose.
    Newspapers will not use it as a David Vs Golliath type battle, as the owner is clearly in the wrong, as such, any press won’t be for the owner of the stall. It might be a little harsh if it thinks Burger King is being a little heavy handed, but, Burger King wil easily counter act thi by saying the owner is being deceptive, and deception should not be rewarded. End of story, everyone forgets about it after a week, goes back to eatin Burgers.

  31. Well yeah I spotted KLG in Langkawi too! Apparently Alor Star has Starbean -_-“. Kinda sad la how these small towns have to come up with copycat brands to soothe the citizens there for not having the real thing.

  32. dulu dkat kuching ada Burger King.. dekat tepi corner berdekatan dgn tun jugah.. Respon tidak byk.. TUTUP lahhh ahahhaha…

  33. u noe when i saw the BURGER TIMES stall, wat was on my head was…..’wait till kenny sia sees tis man’

  34. i tested the burger myself, is nice they are homemade mayo and blackpper ! there is few burger times stall in town in siangsiang 3rd mile, siangsiang bdc, expert bdc, sin wan jln song, peach garden jln song and times cafe 3rd mile. try it out !!

  35. Hi..I Live In Englad ,,a Ton Called Slough We HAve A Buger Shop Called Buger King! It Brilliant 🙂 x

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