World Cup Roti Canai

Interesting news in the papers today.

You gotta hand it over to roti canai makers in Malaysia for always managing to come up with creative names for a seemingly simple piece of pancake.
A few years back I’ve only heard of Roti Canai (plain), Roti Susu (milk), Roti Telur (egg). These days they’re churning out new names as fast as Nokia churning up new mobile phones.


An enterprising restaurant owner in Penang has banked in on the World Cup fever and came up with a range of roti canais named after teams in the World Cup 2006. Among them Roti England (potato and butter), Roti Brazil (banana and chocolate), Roti Korea (crabsticks).
What is Roti France? French toast?
That’s all fine and dandy, because these are all popular teams in the competition.
But what about those lesser-known countries? Do they have a Roti Trinidad & Tobago? What about Angola or Tunisia? Who is gonna make a roti canai for them?

See, I don’t like favouritism or elitism. I think the qualifying teams for the World Cup 2006 all worked hard and all deserve to have a roti canai named after them. No one should be left out.
So I’ve taken the liberty to create my own recipes for some of the lesser-known countries competiting in the World Cup.

First up, is a roti named after a first-time qualifying nation from Africa,
Roti Togo!

Delicious and flaky roti canai topped with an ornamental tribal mask, this roti is sure to make the African drums in your tongue beating through day and night.

Next, is my tribute to the richest oil-producing nation in the world,
Roti Saudi Arabia!

This is one roti canai soaked with so much cooking oil, you can build a freakin’ oil rig on top of it.

If that’s neither of those are your taste, maybe you’d like to take a bite at…
Roti Iran!

You’ve all heard of Roti Bom, but have you ever heard of Roti Nuclear Bom?
I tell ya, it’s gonna be such a blast.

Czech lost to Ghana 0-2. Can you believe it? Si beh Ghanasai.

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  1. Roti banana and chocolate for brazil? wonder how that came about… but it sounds yummy!!
    Wow I don’t mind having some now….
    Roti Nuclear bom sounds deadly man..

  2. Then Roti Malaysia = Roti + Sambal?
    Roti Japan = Roti + Salmon?
    Roti China = Roti + Peking Duck?
    Roti Taiwan = Roti + Chen-Sui-Bian…? =p

  3. Actually they have it few years back already but now the enterprise restaurant commercialised it. I remember last time I was just kidding by order a Roti Bosnia satu!!! My other friends did the same thing by order other countries name. And u know what? They really made it! Supprise? The only thing different is the ingredients only, as what I see was similiar concept as Pizza ingredients and they applied it on roti canai.

  4. In Penang, most mamak shop will display their list of rotis such as roti bom, roti tissue roti hong kong, roti san francisco (wonder how they concoct such names) , roti disco. By the way, roti pisang or roti banana taste really delicious.
    Best name so far is roti JANTAN, comes with two egg but minus the banana.

  5. Many years back during the early 90’s, do any of you remember the Mona Fendy trial. She was convicted of murdering a Dato mazlan who was chopped to 18 pcs. Well, during the trial, Mona Canai was very popular – you guessed it, the roti canai was chopped to 18 pcs and served!

  6. give us roti kenny, pls!!!!!!
    Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!!
    Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!!
    Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!!
    Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!!
    Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!!
    Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!!
    Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!!
    Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!!
    Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!!
    Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!!
    Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!! Roti Kenny!!!

  7. Ghana were always gonna win that one – Barosless and Kollerless, Czech had it coming.
    Good blog, by the way.

  8. i dont understand why chocolate and banana. actually singapore has all kinds of roti prata. strawberry, peach, mango, icecream yadayada. (:

  9. > Roti Kenny, made of cheese and ham
    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Now THAT is funny, Cheryl. No offence, Kenny.
    How about Roti Korea, with nice bits of dog inside. RM5 for purebreeds, RM2 for mongrel meat. Yummy.

  10. roti kennysia is made of COCONUT. or with the coconut… those white snow flakes like thing they get when they SHAVE the coconut – don’t know what u call them….
    hmm… Roti Kenny = coconut + coconut flakes.
    take a bite and u’ll go nuts,
    ur balls will turn into peanut size.

  11. Your comment about Iran is distasteful. It is thoroughly insensitive. Iran has repeatedly told the world that it has no nuclear bombs and do not plan to built one. And in one stroke of a pen or a type of a key, you have undone all the hard work of our brothers in Iran. It is not fair.

  12. We’ve already had so many varieties of PRATA (that’s what we call it) until I also scared to try!!! :S
    But creative lah they try to hype up with the soccer season thing, especially now everyone’s out at the kopitiams hogging the tables. Grrrr!

  13. it’s ‘roti PRATA’ lah, dei…! Singapore and Malaysia can’t even agree on what to call this fried-dough, so how to talk about bi-lateral issues? Haha

  14. Roti Japan is synonymous with sanitary pad – jipun loti, ha ha ha………
    To Shifa: Cool it, if you can’t take blatant humour. If you cannot differentiate sarcasm and accusation, duh, retreat to your shell please.

  15. Man, you’re heavily inspired by aren’t you? Your entries are starting to read like his old archives except he doesn’t PhotoShop. I think you plagarize from a lot of different blogs for ideas, but the connection is unmistakable.

  16. surfer, can I write anything these days without being accused of plagiarism?
    Layout-wise mine is definitely inspired by him… as well as 2,841,697 other Movabletype-powered blogs out there.

  17. Cheeky roti photos. Heheh. My friend last month ordered a roti tampal in kl, which came with a medium sized cockroach lying dead on top of the roti but under the telur. Any ideas on the country of origin of such bizaare delicacy? Yum Yum!!!

  18. Mahathir, you better watch out, i’m coming out from my grave to choke you. You disappoint me!

  19. Mahathir, you fucking brainless animal… I thought only people like PAS will say something like that… u really dissapoint me… Tonight I’ll awake from my grave and pinch your face…

  20. Sighs. If you intelligently challenged people want to accuse a good blogger like kenny of plagiarism, you should come up with valid, reliable, concrete proof.
    Not implying vague statements along the lines of,” oh you sound somewhat similar to..”
    Even if Kenny got inspired by many other blogs, he built upon that inspiration by forming his own imaginative ideas, didn’t he? That doesn’t really equal plagiarism. Have you ever thought of the notion that two people, or two groups, might think up the same idea independently?
    Before you want to fling vehement accusations at someone, re-evaluate the facts and remember to be logical in your arguments. *roll eyes*

  21. Actually there is lot of others type of roti canai. it is not just roti kosong, roti susu, and roti telur. But there is roti pisang, roti banjir and so on. sorry la i don’t know how many variety of roti canai in Kuching, but for sure there is lot of variety.
    one more thing, it is not a favoritism as it is upon the person to name their products. What they favor of or not it is depends on them

  22. Eh kenny, i don’t understand why Brazil gets bananas and chocolate. I understand that nuclear bomb one lah, but COME ON. BANANA AND CHOCOLATE?
    Like, MEH?
    And the pictures are lame la kenny… hahaha

  23. haha, maybe because banana is yellow and suits the yellow jersey of brazil. but chocolate.. hmm, maybe like the player’s skin colour ahha..

  24. Sorry for late coming….
    Guess who’s back?
    back again?
    PM’s back,
    to the blog..
    gues who’s back guess who’s back guess who’s back…
    So we got 4 Ex-PM edi rite??
    (Dont have to say the same thing so many times…….)

  25. Hei… You 4 better stop playing…
    Mahathir, I wont give a damn about you…
    The rest, go back to ur grave…..
    Thank you!

  26. it’s been there since dontknowwhen larrr…
    i had roti hongkong and roti england b4
    it;s not nice..
    u try the roti merdeka. it’s super yuks

  27. it’s been there since dontknowwhen larrr…
    i had roti hongkong and roti england b4
    it;s not nice..
    u try the roti merdeka. it’s super yuks

  28. Hey u stupid poseurs making fun of the leaders, can u please stop it? Unless you want to continue looking like childish imbeciles with nothing better to do than write rubbish like that on kenny’s blog. gawd, some people just need to find some brains…
    stupid fucktards.

  29. and cheryl, unless you can say you’ve been in the government and its whatever cabinets and know the goings on THEN you can have your say. if not, just keep your stupid comments to yourself. you’re the loser if you just anyhow say without proof.
    and what the fuck is your problem?!

  30. The roti canai’s all the way from England, Iran, Brazil.. but wonder if they know what roti canai means.. But one thing is for sure.. they surely know what a football looks like..

  31. there was once , during my college days in tarc, in sri rampai, there’s a stall selling roti canai, with roti’s name like roti toyota, roti honda, roti kancil…. never tried them b4 though.. wonder if they still exist…?!!

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