Condition Critical


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I didn’t sleep last night. In fact I stayed up till 8am this morning. In another mad coincidence of events, everyone in my family had fallen sick with fever, flu and cough – except myself.

My father’s condition is deteriorating to such a critical stage, I feel I need to be by his side. Things just doesn’t look right. I woke up at 3pm today and all I’ve been doing since then is pray.

I can’t write long today. My family needs me.

UPDATE: I grew up in a Buddhist family, although I admit that I’m the least devout one in my family. Over the course of my father’s ordeal, many kind people of other faiths have approached us and wanted to offer us prayers, but they feared that my family would take offense. Some think that if they were to offer us prayers and my father miraculously recovers that he would be forced to convert into another religion and my family wouldn’t like it.

Personally I think that if my father recovers, then that’s the most important thing. It really doesn’t matter what religion you are. It may seem strange when people pray to have Buddha and Jesus and Allah and what not watch over him. But a prayer is a prayer, and a prayer about the only thing we can fall back on right now.

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  1. Stay strong for the family, Kenny! Your family will be in my prayers. Try to stay cheerful in front of your dad. That helps him, even if he seems not aware.

  2. I’m not exactly the most religious person, at all actually, but a prayer is always good in times like this, regardless the outcome. Be strong. I will say a prayer for your father, your family and you.

  3. Kenny, you are a strong man. I’ll be praying for your father’s well being too. And for yours as well. Do what you can. We’ll be here for you, alright?

  4. I’ve never met you, but I’ve come to know you through Kim. I’ll be praying for you and hoping for the best.

  5. O-NI-TOL-FOR.
    As difficult as it is, try keeping the humor up like your spirited new hairdo without the gel. When the music in you turning blue, think of our inspirational Stevie Wonder and how he makes you feel groovy. When you are bored, try rubbing your balls till they produce a clink-clang-clink.. actually don’t it, it’s bad for now, let’s leave them for other occasions.
    Seriously, hope you all get well soon.

  6. The most important thing that everyone wishes for is that your father’s health improves. Be strong as you have everyone’s support.

  7. keep up the faith keep up the faith keep up the faith keep up the faith keep up the faith keep up the faith keep up the faith keep up the faith

  8. Kenny, i also hope that your father will recover. I can imagine going through all the tough time, it must be very difficult for you. You are a great son, and i believe that god will be there for you.
    For all these while, sometimes i disagree with what you are saying. But for this post, its really emotional, and i sit infront of the PC not knowing how and what to say. I admire your courage and determination. Kenny, do take some rest also.

  9. I’ve just started reading your blog, and right now, I don’t know what to say except take care. I really hope that your father gets better, and I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  10. Hey Kenny,
    We will remember ur family in our prayers. Just keep us updated alrite? Be Strong my fren. God Bless *huGs*

  11. Hey dude, I’ve been in your shoe, at the last stage, we asked the good Lord to hime home, and He did.
    Good luck.

  12. Thanks for all the wishes, guys. This may sound cliche, but as helpless as I am, reading the comments here indeed make me feel less alone facing this very difficult situation.
    To Pope, I sometimes wonder who you are. One thing I know is that I can count on you leaving wacky comments on my blog. 🙂 Thanks for that.
    To Kimm, as much as I like to strangle you sometimes, you’ve been and still are one of my biggest emotional support. I appreciate it.

  13. hi Kenny, came across yr blog from cheeky’s blog and proceeded to read yr posts about yr father as well as about the reminiscing of the years you spent in Perth. I think your dad is really a wonderful person and he (and yr mum) obviously did a great job bringing the three of you up. I am not Christian (and never plan to return to Christianity) but I always feel good when friends offer to pray for me anyhow. Hope that you can find strength in the prayers of those who care and in your own prayers (whatever the religion). And take pride in the fact that your dad has left a legacy through his business but more importantly, that his children have turned out as fine people. =)

  14. Take care.
    To me the religion of the other person does not matter. My parents are not muslims, but I am. DOes that mean I cannot pray for them. I disagree.
    I pray and really hope your father gets better.

  15. (*)-(*)
    here’s a ”bra” –supportive and to lift you up when you are down
    …but then again…
    dun think ur male titties are bigger than ur balls, so screw the idea.
    keep praying kenny & all da best.

  16. Christ says that He came to Heal the Sick, Raise the dead and give life abundantly. If you believe and ask of Him, He will grant you the promises.
    I will keep you in my prayers.

  17. You’re one of the strongest people that I’ve ever met. When the mind is firm, the heart follows.
    May you be blessed with strength and faith at times like this.

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