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With things the way they are right now in my life, I’m not sure if I can write with the same sense of humour the way I did before. As a matter of fact, I’m hardly in the mood to write anything at all. The fact that I didn’t even step out of my house these past few days also means that I have very little chance to observe things that I can comment on.
Perhaps for a change, I shall plug some blogs written by people who have been very nice to me.
Kenneth saw my entry on Project Petaling Street T-shirt Ideas and ran wild with some T-shirt ideas of his own.

Not true! Kenneth has never seen my big bird.

How nice… he even made one for me!
I was actually hoping that this would spark some T-shirt designing meme across the blogging community. But I don’t think I’m influential enough.
Maybe Jeff Ooi should kickstart somet T-shirt designing meme since he’s like… Malaysia’s Most Influential Blogger and all that la-di-da. Unfortunately I think Jeff Ooi is not talking to me anymore after I made fun of his little bird.
Actually, designing your own T-shirt isn’t that difficult as it sounds. All you gotta do is photoshop an image, upload it to CafePress and download your T-shirt. Even Singapore’s Mr Brown got in on the act and came up with this.

Strange but true. My haircut led to Mr Brown being criticised for his blog content. Now how many people honestly lay claim to that?

The only reason why I can’t be arsed kickstarting this meme full-scale is because designing a T-shirt isn’t as easy as sticking your tongue out and taking a photo of it. The hardest part is probably coming up with what witty things to put on your T-shirt.
Anyway, for those willing to try, please design your own T-shirt with CafePress , e-mail me and lemme see what you got. 🙂
*cough* Since this isn’t a full-blown meme, I shall call it… mini-meme!

Lame, I know.
Some people have been saying that I’m fast becoming famous, which is silly because we all know that famous people don’t have to pay for anything. I tried asking a chicken rice seller once to give me a free meal and he looked at me strangely like I’m born with three boobs.
At least Rojaks is one of those who think I’m famous.
How famous?
Perhaps as famous as Leonardo Da Vinci’s Monalisa.

Try cracking this Da Vinci code, Dan Brown!

He called it, MonaliSIA.

24 Replies to “Blog Plug”

  1. yes make it bigger (i mean the meme trend, not bird, its enough :P). Maybe i should also start some memeing to cheer you guys up!

  2. Support Kenny’s t-shirt meme!

    Bloggers live as a community We must satu jiwa, satu hati Let’s get Kenny idea’s running Also help PPS 2nd anni loop going OK, enuff of berpantun. Kenny started this. Since he has been providing us a lot of great…

  3. Hang in there Kenny, keeping the “cheer up” definitely helps the ones around you. Hope your dad gets well very soon.

  4. hey bro, just keep the faith and stay strong for your family. this might cheer you up a bit, check out the stand up comedy of russel peters. he does some funny indian/chinese stuff. lemme know what u think.

  5. Don’t worry…just continue with your prayers ok? Hope your dad gets better soon! hrmm….nice monaliSIA pic u got thre….:P

  6. Hi Kenny:
    Keep thy faith in such times; prayers from Buddies are with Thee and Thy Dad, AlWays.
    Humour runs in your blood, I believe, love&faith too. Regards. YLChong

  7. that’s what i respect about you, kenny.
    despite the difficult times you are facing right now, you are still cheering and bring smiles to the faces of others.
    thanks and we are all behind you.

  8. PPS 2nd Anniversary T-Shirt cum Support Kenny’s t-shirt meme

    Bloggers from Project Petaling Street always cheer me up so in return i must meme together with them besar-besaran.
    PPS 2nd Anniversary
    First of all Project Petaling Street Turning 2, we need to juice up some idea to celebrate this. The earliest PP…

  9. reasons why i haven’t designed my own shirt:
    1. at the moment i’m pooped from burning all my 4 yrs worth of uni notes, and clearing up the junk i’ve been accumulating
    2. coz i still got money to go shopping. when i no money to go out and am stuck at home, i will design. =)

  10. hope ur dad will get well soon p/s:just started to read ur blog recently and i like ur sense of humour

  11. Hey there… i know i haven’t been commenting much on your posts.. been busy… glad to see that you still do have some humour left… Have faith and be strong ok… Whatever it is that you face in life, the sun always rises up smiling brightly the next day…

  12. Thanks for the pluG! boy, you pulled in almost half a week’s worth of traffic to my site.
    Hmm, I am pondering now, should I put something on my side banner that says “I’ve been ‘Big Birded’ by KennySia” OR “I’ve been ‘coconut-ed’ by KennySia”.
    Still pondering.. 😛
    Anyway, keep your chin up.

  13. Hope your dad gets well soon, and your family too. I almost recovered from flu, still got the irritating cough…i know it’s a suffering feeling. 😛

  14. I am not too sure if praying helps.. millions prayed for the pope but he died.. so?? better be a stronger man and just deal with it..

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