Thalgo Seaweed Wrap And Full Body Fish Spa Review

Every inch of my body was lovingly sucked and kissed at Eve Spa.

Unfortunately, it’s not what you think.
I’m talking about the fish spa phenomenom, which seems to be all the rage these days. Three years ago, if you had told me you paid RM40 to dip your legs in an aquarium for some fish to nibble on your dead skin, I’d say you’re crazy.
Other people pay RM40 to go restaurant eat fish, and you pay RM40 to let the fish to eat you?
What is wrong with you?!

But fish spas have invaded day spas across the country. In fact, they are so common place nowadays that people are no longer satisfied with fish sucking dead skin off their feet. Dead skins are found all over the body, so what about them?
Suddenly, somebody came up with the idea of having a full body fish spa.

Eve Spa in Solaris, Mont Kiara is one of the better places in KL offering full body fish spa. It was a hot afternoon and since I had the whole day to myself, I also signed up for their interestingly named Thalgo Seaweed Wrap, which costs RM298 per session.
Ordering a “seaweed wrap” sounded like I’m asking to be made into a sushi. But from what I know, it’s a luxurious spa treatment that normally costs quite a lot in 5-star hotels.
First, for my full body fish spa, I was ushered me into this private bathroom by a lovely attendant named Selena. Inside this room, is a bath tub filled with a bunch hungry Ching Ching fish.

The fish were all extremely happy to see me.
And why not? It is not everyday they get somebody my size entering their bathtub. If I listened closely, I bet I could hear them cheer, “Yay! The buffet is coming!”

Before this, I had only done fish spa for my feet, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. Apparently, or so I thought, I was supposed to strip naked and enter the bathtub. But then, I’m not sure if entering the bathtub naked might bring about some unforeseen issues.
Like, are the fish gonna bite my dick off?
Will I get pregnant if the fish enter my butthole?
And if I fart inside the bathtub, will the fish DIE?

Luckily, all my worries immediately evaporated when I heard Selena said, “Must wear your swimming trunks ok!”
I think my facial expression in the picture above sums up how it felt when I entered the bath tub.
Yes, it was very ticklish. And if you thought having fish sucking on your legs was hard to bear, imagine hundreds of them nibbling ALL OVER your body.

I must have yelled and laughed and screamed so much I lost my all my senses and became numb.
But it was a great feeling. For someone like me who’s prone to mild cases of psoriasis (where my skin gets flaky easily), clearing the dead skin once every few months helps my condition.

With my body fully exfoliated by the fish from head to toe (except the part covered by my swimming trunk), I showered and put on a bathrobe. I was then led by Selena to the treatment room for my Thalgo Seaweed Wrap.
Again, this was my first time doing a “Seaweed Wrap” so I had no idea what to expect. They said it’s for detox and skin-tightening, and God knows I need both of those desperately.

As I lied there on the bed, I wondered if they’re gonna bring in big-ass sheets of seaweed and wrap me up like a sushi.
Thankfully, the reality was more merciful.
A LOT more merciful.

The process started with not just one, but TWO girls simultaneously rubbing some kinda cooling lotion all over my legs, my thighs, my chest, my back. I was in heaven.
Now, most guys in my position would’ve got really excited at this point and umm… starts singing Negaraku. With their head. Downstairs.
Trust me, it was very hard to control myself, but luckily I maintained myself without any incidences.

With four soft hands molesting my rotund body , Selena flipped me over and gave me a back massage so soothing that I literally knocked myself out and dozed off into la-la-land. And I slept.

Now, for all you dirty-minded folks out there, sorry to disappoint you but there was no “happy ending” in this massage.
What followed, however, was a pretty weird ending.

You see, after the massage, Selena disappeared through the door and came back with a bowl of powdery mixture.
“It’s the Thalgo seaweed powder,” she said.
Of course, it didn’t look anything like the seaweed that I had imagined. But after she added hot water, this is what it looked like.

I know, that muddy green substance does not look very appealing. Then again, it is made out of marine algae you see.
To clear up any doubts that the mixture is made from real seaweed, I took a whiff at the bowl and yes, that strong funky smell tells me it can only come from the sea.

I was told to lie down and Selena proceeded to paint the muddy seaweed liquid all over me.
It was the weirdest thing I had ever done at a spa.
At first I thought I looked like a giant sushi. Then I saw I had so much green stuff on my body that I felt like I was The Incredible Hulk.

But that was not all.
As if I didn’t already look funny enough covered in green seaweed liquid, Selena and her assistant wrapped me up with plastic paper. Already alarm bells are ringing and inside my head, I was thinking, “What are you trying to do!? ‘Tapao’ sushi is it?”

At this point I was starting to sweat quite a bit. But that was not all. The whole process just keeps getting stranger and stranger.
After I was covered in green stuff and wrapped in plastic paper, Selena took up this HUGE aluminium-coloured body bag from underneath the mattress.
She then put the cover over me and zipped me up. Like this.

Then she left!
So there I was lying inside the aluminium body bag just laughing to myself thinking, “OI! Is this some kinda joke?”
“What did I do wrong lah! Did I offend someone at Thalgo and this is their way of getting back at me? Or maybe this is Selena’s tactic of trapping her customers so they couldn’t leave without paying?”

It was the funniest thing ever. I was wondering if Selena had anything more up her sleeves. Until suddenly I felt the body bag beginning to heat up.
It was getting pretty hot. With me inside, the body bag continued to heat up more and more, until it was like hotter than THE SUN.
Okay, maybe not the sun. But my body was being cooked inside the bag and for the next thirty minutes, all I did I was sweat.
This wasn’t exactly what I imagined a “seaweed wrap” to be. I was sweating so much I could feel a puddle forming beneath me, and the truth is, I can’t help but to think that they were gonna make me into some sorta Kenny Soup.

Thankfully, Selena and her assistant eventually returned to free me up from the body bag. By then, I must have sweated out like, A TON.
Whatever toxins that was in my body must have completely flushed out. The best part is, I looked like I just disgustingly shat all over myself.

Anyway, shower and a hot herbal tea later, I was finally cleansed and freshened up.
As strange as the treatment was, I actually enjoyed it a lot. No doubt I can feel the difference as soon as I finished.

Getting painted with seaweed mud may sound like a odd ritual to some, but it was also one of the most effective spa treatments I ever had. Who knew being wrapped in seaweed could feel so good?
I know, because after 2.5 hours of pampering, I walked out of the spa completely relaxed, re-energised, rejuvenated.

And reborn as one giant sushi roll.

I don’t always entertain e-mail requests from students asking me to plug stuff, but this must be one of the better-written ones.
Hillary Chan e-mailed me because she wanna raise funds to help bring Singapore’s cyberathletes to compete in the World Cyber Games finals in Germany. She argued that “if ping pong is sports, cyber-gaming should also be sports.” Rightttt.

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  1. It would be very scary for me if I am wrap in that aluminium foil. Feel like lost my freedom. But the last pic is real funny. The third last pic really shows something different. You really look detoxified!

  2. wow, first time got a second here!
    haha, very interesting and funny post kenny, but at RM298 wow….tat is a pretty big amount of money le.

  3. Lolz!!i was pratically laughing my ass of at this blog weh!!!u must be those guys that have not been to spas ar rarely been to before!!Lolz!!the part where they left you there all wrap up is the best la and mind you,all u can thin is sushi??!!r u hungry at that moment!!Lolz!!farnyness!!But that was a great experience huh??

  4. Ahaha! Didn’t expect the giant sushi roll at the end! Good one Kenny! Btw, do you always bring a professional photographer with you wherever you go? Spotted in the last few pictures!

  5. Kenny got himself a BONER! in the 10th picture!!!
    A rather small one though.
    : P
    Immature. Yes yes. I know.
    But funny anyway.

  6. “Now, most guys in my position would’ve got really excited at this point and umm… starts singing Negaraku. With their head. Downstairs. Trust me, it was very hard to control myself, but luckily I maintained myself without any incidences.”
    Ahahahahaheheheheheh I laughed until I cried in the lab, everyone stared at me like I was insane. Posts like this, is what truly makes Kennysia special !!

    classic! I had a massage once where I did start to drift off to sleep, but luckily my first snore woke me right wide awake 🙂 I don’t know if that’s a compliment for the masseuse or not!

  8. HAhahahahahHAhahahahahahahahahaha
    My dear friend, spa and heated wraps are good for you if you want to be detoxified and lose some unnecessary water retention (water weight) in you!!!

  9. It did not look like giant sushi, but more like corpse..o someone suicide and be thrown to muddy field. haha..anyway, being a blogger,why you didn’t get priviledge? can promote for them..

  10. I try the full fish spa before in pavilion KL… Yup! they are not provided me bikini, but only trunk!!
    Here i heard the news about fish theraphy gone wrong recently…

    BY: Hedy Khoo
    THE latest health fad in town involves letting little fishes nibble your legs to get rid of dead skin.
    These fishes are dubbed “doctor fish”, but two sisters who went for the therapy earlier this month ended up having to visit real doctors instead.
    They claimed that that their legs became itchy and turned red and blotchy. They also said they had brown patches and scaly skin after going to a “fish spa” that features the Garra rufa fish, a Turkish spa fish.
    Miss Jas Huang, 22, a manicurist, and her younger sister Min, 20, a hairstylist, went for one session at a spa called Dr Fish in Ang Mo Kio on 3 Aug.
    The treatment cost them $28 each, for a half-hour session. Clients have to submerge their legs in a tank filled with the fish.
    Stinging sensation
    Miss Jas Huang said: “Our legs had turned red after the treatment. There was a stinging sensation on my legs when I took a shower after going home.
    “But my sister thought it was part of the after-treatment process. We didn’t think it was serious until a week later, when the redness and itchiness still did not go away.”
    They then went to see separate doctors who told them that they had fungal infection on their skin. They were given cream to apply to the affected areas.
    Miss Jas Huang said: “I was very upset and angry at that time. It was supposed to be a treatment to rejuvenate our skin, but now our legs look so ugly that we have to see real doctors.”
    She said she had tried asking for a compensation from the spa – $108 each for her and her sister. This is to cover their medical bills ($80 each) and for the refund of the treatment fee ($28 each).
    But the shop declined to pay because she could not produce the medical bills. Miss Jas Huang claimed that she had thrown away the bills – hers and her sister’s – in a fit of anger.
    She added: “I regret trying the fish treatment. It was fun and interesting at first, but now it has turned into a nightmare. I wouldn’t dare try such treatments in future.”
    Her sister Min said: “I usually wear shorts and skirts, but now I can’t. Some strangers who walked past me even commented that my legs look scary and ugly with the marks.”
    Miss Jas Huang said that they did not get any receipts at the spa.
    When contacted, the spa owner, Mr Steve Wong, said that his shop issues receipts only to customers who pay by Nets and those who ask for receipts
    No medical receipts
    He said he was aware of the incident and that he was concerned for his customers’ welfare. “Our treatment is safe because we even have parents who take their children for this treatment,” he said.
    He added that the water in the tanks are changed every two to three days.
    Mr Wong said he had spoken with the sisters and had asked them to go to his shop to discuss the matter.
    But the sisters told him they did not have receipts for their medical treatment and had also refused to tell him which doctors they had visited.
    Mr Wong also showed The New Paper on Sunday an indemnity form that all customers must sign before proceeding with the treatment. It stated that the spa “holds no responsibility for any ailments that arises after treatment”.
    However, the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) said that making customers sign an indemnity form does not absolve the shop from responsibility.
    Mr Seah Seng Choon, the executive director of Case, said: “The vendor is trying to exempt itself from liability against injuries suffered by its customers.
    “But signing the indemnity form does not take away the right of the consumer to sue.”
    Mr Seah said it could be argued that this was not allowed under the Unfair Contract Terms Act, which states that businesses cannot exempt itself from liability for injuries howsoever caused.
    But the consumer needs to show proof that he had suffered injuries that were caused by the business and that he had paid for medical treatment.
    If the case goes to court, the customer may need to get the clinic doctor or staff member to confirm in writing that she had gone to the clinic and incurred a certain amount of medical expenses.

    Hmmn… Dare not the try this out in the moment right now…..

  11. LOL Kenny…
    The last picture of the sushi.. nice one.. u still got time to edit the one on the mirror.. but it’s facing the wrong side though.. LOL

  12. i sit and read this article, the only question going through my mind now is, who took the photos for you?
    If it was taken by a staff, i would like to know exactly how u asked them to take pics of you semi-naked (which could be a criminal offence in some countries) and document their procedure (which is prolly a “trade secret”).
    tell me! coz i need to know how the guru does it!

  13. Your post is great! But i do not recommend this kind of heat-wrapping for men as you’re gonna reduce your sperm counts to a pretty low number if you’re wrap in that kind of heat for 30 mins and some more if you’re addicted to it and do that often.
    Well, doesn’t matter if you’re planning not to have kids in future. Disregard my words.

  14. full body fish spa? You can get it free in Matang river (If u stay still enough, the fish will come). But i guess KL ppl don’t have access to a clean river. But the massage looks good though 😀

  15. For those interested in experiencing the FISH Spa pls do visit for locations and promotions. Or For general information
    Please do take note that we at FISHO take great care and in the quality of the water in our fish spa. We do use high end state of the art system to ensure proper filtering system there for ensuring high quality in water and hygiene.
    That`s why we are the leading fish spa franchise with the most no of outlets.
    There are also 2 different types of Dr.Fish in the market. Some will say there is a fake one. To clear the air yes there are two types
    1. Garra Rufa
    2. Chin Chin
    Both this fish can do the same thing however the Garra Rufa is best for people with skin problems, sensitive skin like eczema, psoriasis etc.
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    So if you choose to go to the wrong fish spa, then you will face with all this problems as mentioned in above comments.
    So visit or for professional fish spa services.

  16. Woohoo Must get my hubby to get eaten by fish too when i head down to M’sia next year!
    You’re a crack up KEnny! God bless your little tuckas and great sense of humour!

  17. I checked out the fish spa that Kenny Sia went to its Fisho . Thanks Kenny. I started with the leg and ended with the full body. What a great experience.
    Yes, on comparing the quality of the fish spa, Fisho has high standards, one can compare from the water temperature, the crystal clearness of the water, no fishy smell, no by products of fish in the pools, unlike many I have seen in shopping malls and many other fish spas, where the water is cloudy, fishy smell and one can see lots of byproducts of fish in the pools.
    On talking to the staff I was assured that Fisho uses imported, high quality filters and equipments. Fisho uses a 6 stage filtering system. The Best part is that they have individual system for the full body pools and the water temperature is about 35 degrees Celsius.I even stirred the water in the full body pool to see if I can find any fish deposits before i go in and there were no fish deposits etc to be found, if you know what I mean.
    The Staff also told me that they are using Ching Ching Dr.Fish. They also asked me if I have any cuts, wounds, sores or sensitive skin. I asked them why? They told me that since they are using the Ching Ching Dr.Fish, people with this conditions are not advised to take up this Dr.Fish Therapy with Ching Ching Dr.Fish but to take the Garra Rufa Dr.Fish Therapy as this Garra Rufa fish is most suitable for people with skin problems and Ching Ching Dr.Fish is best for people with normal skin.
    I have tried a few other fish spas prior to this and they never checked with me on that nor advised me on the type of Dr.Fish. All they say is Garra Rufa and now I Know for a fact they are using ching ching and claiming it to be Garra Rufa.
    Thank You Fisho for enlightening me with the 2 different types of Dr.Fish. Way to go Fisho and with your principles and quality surely you will be a world wide name.
    I was also made to understand by the staff there, that fisho is in the final stages to open outlets in the middle east, US, Thailand, Hungry, India etc.
    For those who wish to visit fisho solaris you can find all the details here or for any other fisho outlets

  18. Did you get erected when they molested your legs? I saw one of your legs putting up like your penis is erected. haha….

  19. lol funny.
    I wonder how the fish must feel like..eating ppl’s dead skin cells..what did they do to deserve this sort of treatment?! I’m gonna start a “save the fishies campaign..” =P


  21. oi kenny ur boner was so obvious when those 2 girls were rubbing u…. n u said u managed to control urself… bullshit la wei… lol

  22. You are one funny man! My hubby and I laugh until milo came out of our nose! Cheers from Perth, WA, Christine & James

  23. Kenny, you are soooo funny! I must have howled out a laugh upon seeing the giant sushi roll photo at the end of the blog.
    I got an idea: what if someone decided that doing a full body fish spa isn’t enough to have dead skin eaten away and pay so much money for it. SOOO EXPENSIVE! What if someone had a brilliant idea and replaced those cutsey little iddy-biddy fishes with….hold your breath…..with PIRANHAs. They even pay you to do it. Muharharharharhar!

  24. the last pict is like TOTALLY UNEXPECTED can!!!!! hahahaha!!!! Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes, abt the pict that u said u looked like u shat all over…so true lor

  25. Ha ha. Chin chin fish is da cheapo fish. It has teeth. People have complained of their skin bleeding after fish therapy with the Chin Chin fish.

  26. Hey Kenny, I loved your post! You were also very brave to pose for those photos in your swimmers! The last photo was a great visual punchline. I also thought that they would wrap you in huge seaweed sheets! There must be something wrong with me, because I’m a girl and I should know that stuff!
    I don’t think that we have the weird skin-eating fish spas in Australia. And I’m not sure if I’d try them if I went to Asia! I like my beauty treatments to smell like strawberries thank you, and not sea creatures!

  27. a good one Kenny!! u make me feel like wanna give it a try too lol…after i win a TOTO…
    but i believe the relaxed and rejuvenated feeling deserves it all!!

  28. Oh my god, Kenny your have chest hair, uhmm, my kind of man. Just lose that lovehandle. You were having a hard on didn’t you?

  29. omaigod this is good lulz before sleepy time. haha! Kenny you rock lah, damn you. when you said ‘full body fish spa’, my condolences went to your didi, but luckily you need to wear your trunks, LOL!

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