Cheesie’s Meme

Haven’t been updating at all over the Rainforest Fest weekend ‘cos I was busy playing host to these two lovely ladies.

But more about that later.
As for right now, there are more pressing and important issues to address, such as this incredibly cheesy meme.

Cheesie asked on her blog, “Post up photos of eight different types of hairstyles you have had.”
I hate “memes” and I almost never do them. But apparently I have to answer to this one, otherwise I might die in some cheesy death.
The problem is, I don’t think most guys would have gone through that many different types of hairstyles. Unless your name is David Beckham, how much variations on a guy’s hairstyle can you possibly have?
I had a look through all the photos I have taken in hair salons and I realised that no matter how much money I paid, they almost all look the same.



Alan Salon did try to spike things up a little, but they still look almost the same.



Spiked it up, but still same.
Alas, the only hair salon that made me look different from the rest was my cheap RM8 “Helmet” haircut at Swee Mei.

Definitely not same.

I got four exclusive invites to give away for the Smirnoff New Flavours launch party happening 8pm, 25th July at the Sanctuary, The Curve.
If you wanna get on the invite list, leave me a comment describing how awesome my balls are telling me your most imaginative recipe for a truly Malaysian cocktail. Who cares about vodka orange, when you can have a Smirnoff Sugarcane?
Winners must be above 21 and be able to attend the party at The Curve in Damansara. Best four recipes win.

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  1. The last photo.. you look like a secondary nerd student.. ;p its the look on your face that makes it all different. hehehe..
    By the way… where is the 8th photo? … or do you include the top photo too?

  2. Dear, lol… I can cry and cry myself to sleep over a bad hairdo, it takes me 6 month to grow back the hair I’ve lost to all over again and I have to think many-many times before I go to a saloon… hiew!! man, they just don’t understand what I want. You are lucky to be a guy, same hairstye all the time. The last pic makes me laugh. cute!!

  3. Hilarious!
    It has become ony of my goal’s before I die to meet you.
    If you ever come to SG, let me take you out!
    P.S: I am no stalker.
    Seriously, I’m not.

  4. agree………same all my life….oh…no….when i was a kid my hair side-parting one….ahahahaha
    charmayne….how would you know?

  5. Haha..
    guys hair style not much change lo Kenny.
    if u too over will look like ah beng ah seng liaw..
    but ur last hair style look really different as what u wan lo..

  6. Hey kenny, I don’t wanna go for the the Smirnoff thing (teetotaler, what to do?!?!) but couldn’t resist this…
    Kenny, your balls are so hawt, they put the ball into ball-istic! 😉
    (Corny, but I laughed myself stupid *shrug*…what to do?)

  7. Your balls are quite extraodinary, round but not perfect in its entirety, which signifies the shape of coconuts, now we all know coconuts are cool, so dude it’s fair to suggest that your balls are the epitome of what all other balls should look like…! =)

  8. ure balls are so tough i sprained my ankle tickling them with my toes.
    ure balls are so hairy i’ve got my toes tangled up.
    ure balls sag so much, it hard to tell between ure balls and ure boobs.

  9. The sixth “Same” picture looks nicer than the others. But only ever so slightly. Otherwise, I think you should go all out on the Swee Mei cut. XD!

  10. I missed the Rainforest Fest again this year… Kenny got so lucky hosting two pretty lady in rainforest fest … 😛
    Your last picture looks like a geek… it does not suit you … 🙂

  11. Wahahaha kenny! U managed to make me laugh while I scroll on and on till your last picture!
    I rem. seeing it previously but didnt cause as much impact as this time round. I think this entry really works (:

  12. haha.. no worries all guys look the same after a haircut.. if its any consolation, some girls look the same too after a haircut (they usually opt to trim their hair so that they can keep their hair long).. hope you enjoyed your toni & guys haircut.. the hairstylist in tht photo is my dear old friend who is now currently in the Shanghai branch.. by the way..your blog’s real interesting

  13. i was just about to add my comment, askin u whether u had ur haircut at hairport (first pic) since the bckground is so familiar, for this particular entry before i re-read again the entry for the second time n soon to find out there’s actually a link to ur previous entry- “hairport 86 hairsaloon review.” siblings hav been their customers since years ago. lina’s (still) the best i can find in kch. i think men, unlike women have limited hairstyles. so regardless of how u (men in general) cut it, it’ll still looks more or less the same. so well, u look really funny indeed in the last pic! l0L.

  14. the best combination i could think of :
    2 pint of Teh Tarik (must use Teh-Boh)
    2 pint of fresh coconut water (from Terengganu)
    1 pint of Sirap (extra “kao”)
    *must have alcohol right?*
    2 pint of Tuak (Kenny! You must agree with me on this selection)
    Finally, garnished with “limau”
    I call this drink “BOLEHTAIL”
    I must say, its would be great.

  15. I like the last pic for your hairstyle, i feel you look more natural like that… 🙂
    and for the cocktail, try this, i tried myself, it is damn good!!!
    – first & foremost, 3 pint of Smirnoff
    – lychee syrup 1 pint
    – aloe vera bits 1 teaspoon
    – water 2 pint
    – served with ice (ice must b those blended ice, u know use for ais kacang wan)
    result: massive orgasm….

  16. hey didnt we run through all those funky new cocktails at Cafe del Mar the last time u were here?
    vodka sugar cane, rum chinchow, baileys milo and the works!

  17. Hey Kenny,
    How typically “shallow” of the younger “me first” generation. “How’s my hair? How’s my hair?” Just have a “botak” cut and you will look just fine and less time and money spend on hair care. 🙂

  18. 1 part toddy
    1 part tuak
    3 parts durian juice
    served in a daun pisang layered coconut shell and a hibiscus at the side..
    served chilled.
    Your breath will smell so good, everyone will know you’re Malaysian. *hic*

  19. i agree with the hairstyle…i at most has only 3 hairstyles all my life…only superstars can manage that many looks…and as for the recipe…i feel smirnoff soya cincau, or smirnoff ‘michael jackson’ will be an instant hit!! or the more common ice blended durian with smirnoff! or hey, a whole new flavour of smirnoff, but sold in a pair of yellow and purplish white…our very own king and queen of fruits, durian and mangosteen flavoured smirnoffs!! can i get the invite now? =p

  20. one part sirap, one part bananajuice, pinch of durian and nangka extract topped with a teh o’ ais limau and a splash of tuak.
    served ala Malaysian timing (very late) and by rempit waiters.

  21. Kenny! The last picture of urs with the “spike up” hairstyle, i caught my friend behind you. He is one of the hairstylist with white T. May i know where you cut your hair?

  22. Malaysian cocktail easy-lah, you start with:
    1) Thick Kari Ayam.
    2) Sarawak Pepper.
    3) Kedah cili padi.
    4) Penang laksa.
    5) Vodka.
    One ladle of Thick Kari Ayam, including potaters and a piece of Ayam. Half a ladle of Penang Laksa on top of Thick Kari Ayam (just the juice, no noodles). Throw in half a glass of vodka and twirl it with a chopstick into the laksa-kari mix. Garnish with Sarawak Pepper and Kedah cili padi.
    Toilet down the corridor.

  23. Kenny, try out Kedai Gunting Adik Beradik nearby Central Market Mcdonalds in KL if you r there.They not only cut your hair but also some neck breaking style massage and you feel like you are a 60s Tamil film star!
    At best maybe you go for botak look.make a lot of difference! believe me!
    If you like your hair to maitain that jet black color,use extra virgin olive oil.No hair also can use.Haha cheers to you mate!
    Wah…the lady to the right is so CHUNN

  24. i know the best cocktail.
    1. take kenny’s nuts some rambutans
    2. squeeze out the slimy white juice
    3. save the skin, dry it in the sun till crispy
    4. blend the juice and the crispy skin till u get a thick, consistent froth
    5. garnish with finely diced curly hair rambutan hair

  25. That “I’m trying to be cute by looking frightened” look in the last pic is getting old mate, you use it WAY too often.
    For god’s sake do something different, unless it gets you laid 😉

  26. Best Vodka combination –
    + 1/4 cup of Freshly squeezed and freezing cold limau madu juice
    + 2 pint of smirnoff Vodka
    + 1/4 cup of Ribena.

  27. All but the last look the same because you are wearing the Same smirk and the hair is about same length. In the last one you look SCARED.
    Try letting your hair grow for a month or so. Do NOT use anything except a decent Shampoo. Keep your hair as Natural as possible.
    Then have it Trimmed to Your preferred Style a Little each time so you can Vary the style to Suit your personal Preference.
    Main criteria is: When you Feel good you Look good.

  28. The Malaya
    45ml Smirnoff Vodka
    15ml Malibu coconut rum
    30ml Gula Melaka Syrup
    1/2 fresh lime – cut into chunks
    4 fresh Laksa leaves (usually called Vietnamese mint)
    Fresh sugarcane juice to top
    Place all ingredients in a glass except sugarcane juice. Crush gently with a muddling stick to extract juices and oils from laksa leaves and lime. Add plenty of ice and give it a good shake. Strain into tall ice-filled glass and top-up with sugarcane juice. Garnish with sugarcane stick and Laksa leaf.

  29. well you have the same face / look for each pic, that’s probably the reason.
    try getting some makeup or halloween dressup, you’d probably have more interesting ‘MEMEs’

  30. I love the way you are pimping the fact that you are spending all weekend with these fine young women. They you get invites to a kick ass party!! You are SO FUKIN red carpet right now. You de MAN Kenny Sia! You de man…

  31. 1 shot of procrastination
    2 dashes of hypocrisy
    4 nips of unpunctuality
    3 slices of ill-manners
    7 shots of greed
    Shake well. Add a shot of coffee (duit kopi) accordingly.
    Serve chilled.

  32. I’ll bite:
    ‘Papa-tiri’ (aka The Stepfather)
    25ml lime juice
    2 tsp sugar syrup
    50ml white rum
    1/2 ripe small papaya, peeled, seeds removed and roughly chopped
    1/2 tsp lime zest
    crushed ice
    Put lime juice, sugar syrup, vodka, papaya and lime zest in a blender with some crushed ice and blend well. Pour into champagne saucer. Enjoy!
    Variation on a daiquiri. And lime with papaya is how we like to eat our papaya right? haha

  33. I must say that as a Malaysian Cocktail.. You can’t left out this superdupalicious thing called.. the king of the Fruits, Durian..
    So I have to say, we combine Durian, cendols.. gula melaka, santan.. And last but not least the Smirnoff Vodka!!!
    Here is the recipe…
    Introduce you the Sweet-Duri-Dols cocktail…
    60ml of Smirnoff Vodka
    2 teaspoons of Cendols
    adding 10ml of the gula Melaka..
    a teaspoon of santan coconut juice
    last but not least.. the durian..
    2 teaspoon Durian jam…
    that is my recipe for the cocktail.. Sweet-Duri-Dols!!

  34. x2 shot of vodka
    50ml of Limau Ais
    Half tea spoon of Durian Concentrate
    Garnish with cut slice Chili or Cili Padi on top
    but some how… EWWW~

  35. cocktail:
    half cup of pineapple juice
    blended ice
    1 tsp of rum
    lastly add vodka and mint leaves and shake well…

  36. haha.. kenny.. i dun care whether u will be goin to toilet all the day.. i juz care that i win…haha..
    juz joking.. kenny.. thx for the invites..

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