Bad Logo For A Bank

Al-Rajhi, one of the most aggressively expanding foreign banks, has finally opened its doors in Kuching.

One thing about the design of the new bank fascinates me.
I’m sure I’m not the only person thinking this way, but everytime I stare at the bank’s logo I thought it looked a little bit…

Seriously, look at it carefully. It does seem a little wrong.
Come on. Don’t tell me you couldn’t at least see two balls and one batang sticking out in that picture.

Such a phallic symbol. Imagine you walk into the building. All their male employees would be wearing one of those push-up underwears.
I mean, if this is a logo for a sperm bank, it’d be perfect.
Then again, that’s a TOTALLY different kinda bank.

Uh-oh, looks like the haze is about to come again. Time for us to bend over and receiving our annual ass-raping from Indonesia.
Hey, didn’t they “hold talks with Indonesia”, like since 2 years ago?

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  1. Actually that was what i told my wife when the bank opened with the logo in KL, my Brother in law is working there though…hahaha

  2. Agree. A relative short ‘batang’ some more…. Ha Ha Ha. Saw it many months ago in KL and told my Kuching friend but they didn’t really know what was I talking about. Now they finally saw it.

  3. that was exactly what i thought when i first saw it in kl!!! hahaha!! i told my boyfriend and he didn’t know what i was talking about. finally someone sees it the way i do!

  4. I think this shape is one of the common islamic motifs, and is similar to the floor plan of the Petronas Twin Towers. So better be a bit discreet while cracking joke about it loh. 😛

  5. why lar like that… people got batang and 2 balls enough lo. Still want to say ppl wear that push-up underwear… Shit, is just so disgusting to imagine all of them… wearing… yuckS!!

  6. something tells me you are gonna get this entry as ‘popular’ as your ‘accident’ entry! oh dear….. ahahahaha……

  7. Kenny dear, I saw it when I was in Kuching, but never said anything to anyone even a close friend of mine, my group of friends will think that I am ‘hiaw’ if I point that logo to them and say, ‘hi that looks like LJ…’ LOL for somehow somewhere I knew someone will as a matter of fact, I was thinking then, if only Kenny sees this… Gagaga!!

  8. hi there how are you kenny well that bank in kuching
    suck because make men malu only
    with that logo
    you have a nice day see ya

  9. you are right that bank come out to good but why
    want to make men shame using the penis as a sign board
    what when wrong with standard a bank that never to them
    bye bye just me jeremiah here

  10. When it first came out, me and my friends dubbed it the Lan Chiao Bank. Glad to know someone else spotted it too !

  11. Steve the Ang Moh,
    Al Rajhi Bank first started its Malaysian operations in October 2006. How could you have thought the same thing as Kenny “when you first came to Malaysia in 2005?”

  12. Tasek Cement Corperation ( logo more looks like a testicleless long penis. With dick head some more. Just don’t understand where did these designers get their cert from…. Or maybe it’s purposely requested by the tauke since many cultures believe in the ‘fengshui’ or power of phallic symbol.

  13. yeah believe it most countries believe in a phallic symbol as ‘fengsui’. It’s ‘fengsui’ thing.

  14. dear kenny ,
    better watch out !! Al-Rajhi might come after you after this .. better lock every single windows ..or they might just break into your house then take you away .. and the worst .. send you back to arab .. then only slow slow play with you .. emmm … might be might be …

  15. can’t agree with you more kenny. realised it the from the first day they opened in TTDI, KL. hanging with the gang at the mamak opposite. I was like WHAT THE TOOT!!! looks like a…erm…dong.

  16. You think you very funny? you insult islam symbol! is royal Al-Maktoum symbol, you say sorry now. diry stupid boy

  17. ha, am the vendor for this bank. and have been working with them since like last year. with so many branches opened here in peninsular MY, you are the first person so “think differently”

  18. Your logic and keen eye are impeccable 🙂
    Took me awhile to get it… eventually I had to cock my head to the side to get the picture (:

  19. Ah… now we all know exactly what goes on in this blogger’s head all the time – even while looking at bank logos. =)

  20. Hey Dude, did you open an account yet ? No doubt, the best customer service in Kuching, I was there for deposit last Monday and I took some pictures. The just opened so, the bank clerks were new and a bit nervous, what, but the manager was there , sitting right behind them to make sure all the transactions were handled with care and last but not least,painlessly. It was superb!
    I think I will go again this Wednesday.
    Kenny replies: You idiot. 😛 I almost gonna ask if you’re back in Kuching!

  21. Didn’t mean to criticise you, coz you have the freedom to publish your thought. And, so do I.
    But, apart from being ‘sensitive’ to surroundings, I think being a civilised and educated person, one should also be ‘sensitive’ in another way.
    Being a regular reader, it’s good to find some of your entries were informative and entertaining. But I think there should be a balance in everything we do. Well, being entertaining can be done with dignity and I think responsibility is important even if we have the freedom, rather than abusing the freedom by deliberately ridiculing others and provoking insults.

  22. Honestly Kenny, please have a bit of discretion when you wanna make fun of certain things.
    Some things are best shared among your circle of like-minded friends only.
    I know this is your blog…but it’s also open to the public to view. There are many ppl out there who might be put off by ur not-so-sensitive post.
    i.e. MUSLIMS.
    fyi, i do have a sense of humor and i don’t mind your dirty jokes. but mixing it with something that is sparsely related to religion? hmm…bad joke, kenny.
    Kenny replies: I fail to see how the logo of this bank is a MUSLIM religious symbol?

  23. I agree with journalist. I think there should be a limit somewhere … not to mention among your blog readers are teenagers with minds that are easily influenced. With this kind of observation, I’m not surprised if some of them start looking for signs or symbols that look sexual when viewed in a certain manner just to say “Hah I spotted THAT first!”. I’ve been a blog reader of yours for quite some time and I do think of your blog as informative and entertaining, but –
    I do think you ought to draw a line between pure entertainment and ridicule, isn’t it?

  24. This bank is located at the former Standard Chartered Bank opposite McDonald’s. Where has Standard Chartered gone to?

  25. err…fyi, I never said it’s a Muslim symbol.
    I did mean however, that the symbol is a logo for a Muslim bank. See the connection?
    If it’s not a bank that has strong references to a religion, I would have whole-heartedly laugh at it (the joke is a bit mild by the way, more of a display of your observant skill).
    and oh…your friend above, sayed ahmed, said:
    “You think you very funny? you insult islam symbol! is royal Al-Maktoum symbol, you say sorry now. diry stupid boy”
    I wonder if that’s true.

  26. Actually, it could be a subconscious thing on their part. A friend of mine was supposed to be a voiceover for their radio ad but when they found out my friend was female, they turned her down. They only wanted to use men for voiceovers.

  27. You rock, man!
    I received an sms from Petronas MAS that I received RM14K and some emails claminng that i striked the loterry too!!!!
    but i did nothing..
    so many cheat scam going around..

  28. I jz filled into my boss detail on Al-Rajhi Personal Loan without knowing the ‘thing’ logo…
    If i do realized… a big girls laugh in da office include my bos….

  29. I never realized tat.. This proves my mind still hvn’t corrupted fully yet.. Woohoo..
    Kenny, please stop corrupting people.. AArrgghh..

  30. Kenny, I know you like to entertain ppl. But make sure U dont hurt them at the same time. U see, this is ur blog, and I respect ur opinion. But as a reader,I would be very happy if U respect my religion. I guess, I’m not asking for too much,aite?

  31. Kenny, the bank is an islamic bank. It uses the islamic banking system and operates under the syariah rules. Yes, my religion is not a bank. But when it comes to smthg which has relation with my religion, I would feel for it. I’m sorry if I sound way too sensitive here. As I wrote earlier, this is ur blog, I will always respect it.

  32. Haha…i thought ur post is kinda funny but on the contrary, perhaps u shouldn’t be looking at things from a ‘hamsap’ perspective. Perhaps they designed the logo with another purpose in mind and not like what u would like to think as it is.

  33. one thing i see is …wow….i imagine tat logo in direct hit tat its like a ****…with two balls and a stick….
    dunno such back like tat exist in my place”Miri”
    or not….:/

  34. Kenny, way to go!! I have been in and out of the back since before they launched (PS I helped setup the back-end IT system) however I failed to notice that logo the way you did! Guess I am still not that ‘corrupted’ hahaha
    To everyone else, this is Kenny’s blog. Leave it as it is and stop asking him to draw the line (WHERE IS THE LINE??! WHO’S DEFINITION OF WHERE IS THE LINE??) In my definition this one has not crossed the line (if there is such thing as ‘the line’).
    Grow up. If you are not happy, stop reading, shut down the computer and go read a novel. Just because you are addicted to reading Kenny’s blog doesn’t give you the right to start dictating what is right for him to say. Just leave Kenny alone to do what he like to do best.

  35. hi kenny .. this is my 1st time seeing ur blog … i think it is funny(sometimes i also think like you)… but better dont cross the line bout religion … hack.. im chinese .. .have some respect sometimes..i look forward to reading ur blogs again

  36. Yeah, its a KKC and lil bros. I was on my way to lunch a few months back when it just jumped at me, trust YOU to notice such things…oh well, just as guilty of noticing it

  37. ومن المتوقع أن يجتذب سيكرست المشاهدين، وتحديداً الشباب منهم، نظراً للجاذبية التي يتمتع بها والشهرة الواسعة التي يحظى بها في عالم الترفيه، وبخاصة مع تعليقاته المثيرة للضحك أحياناً.
    وسوف يبث حفل توزيع جوائز “إيمي” التاسع والخمسين في السادس عشر من سبتمبر/أيلول المقبل على الهواء مباشرة، وفقاً للأسوشيتد برس.
    يذكر أن سيكرست اختير في العام 2006 من بين “المائة الأجمل في العالم”ØŒ إلى جانب عدد من نجوم السينما البارزين، مثل براد بيت وجورج كلوني وغيرهما.
    يشار أن سيكرست غالباً ما يتشاحن مع الحكم البريطاني الشهير في البرنامج نفسه، سايمون كاول، ما يضفي بعض الإثارة على البرنامج، كما سبق له أن اختلف مع عضو لجنة التحكيم، باولا عبدول أكثر من مرة، إلى حد الخصام.
    وكانت حفل توزيع جوائز إيمي في العام الماضي قد قدمه مقدم البرامج في تلفزيون NBC كونان أوبريان، واجتذب ما يقارب من 16.1 مليون مشاهد، وهو ثاني أقل عدد من المشاهدين في تاريخ حفل توزيع جوائز إيمي منذ العام 1991.
    كذلك يتوقع أن يستضيف الحفل، المنتجان المنفذان لبرنامج “أمريكان آيدول”ØŒ البريطاني نايجل ليثغو، وكين ورويك.

  38. Haha, great to read all the hamsap comment… You know kenny, why are people keep on saying please respect my religion… yada yada, we do respect your religion, it’s just a joke on a bank logo (for goodness sake, stop yapping). Nothing to be disrespect of any religion, actually in Malaysia where many people are making statement without any thought on other’s religion ie. Christian or ie. Buddha or ie.Hinduism.. Aiyo this people like to say bad thing about other people religion but their own religion other people cannot touch. No fair la.. just my unimportant comment… Vote for Kenny! hahaha

  39. its not fair u giv some comment for islamic bank like that…dunt u think is something indirectly…. insult our religion?

  40. I did not directly or indirectly insult your religion.
    Insult the bank’s logo, yes, but not your religion. Just because it’s a bank specialising in financing according Syariah laws does not mean that when I made fun of it’s logo I would be insulting your religion.
    Just like when I poked fun at a halal burger stall called “Burger Times” whose logo looked exactly like “Burger King”, does not mean that I am insulting your religion.
    I never made any reference to syariah or halal or Islam in my entries, and if you think that I am insulting your religion just because the business entity just happen to follow certain guidelines, then it is not my problem. It is just you being way too sensitive.

  41. ومن المتوقع أن يجتذب سيكرست المشاهدين، وتحديداً الشباب منهم، نظراً للجاذبية التي يتمتع بها والشهرة الواسعة التي يحظى بها في عالم الترفيه، وبخاصة مع تعليقاته المثيرة للضحك
    أحيان translate please , im english-literate only

  42. tats really hilarious…get to noticed it nw everytime i pas by de bank..whr did standard chartered go?
    kenny, i like ur open minded views..keep it up..its ur blog, ur side, ur trepassers can go 2 ur “home” n screw u ard like as if its their business…

  43. i don’t see it that way though. well, i guess only those full of dirty thoughts 24/7 like Kenny would see it that way.Wat a disappointment for someone like Kenny resorting to such cheap thrills to grab attention!

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