Character Confusion

Am I the only one feeling this way?
I was watching Lord of the Rings: Return of the King on HBO when I realised how I cannot get used to Hugo Weaving as the elf lord Elrond.

I’d already gotten so used to Hugo Weaving playing Agent Smith in the Matrix trilogies that EVERYTIME I watch a movie with him in it, I’d automatically visualise his character in black suit and sunglasses.

But still, I like Agent Smith in the Matrix trilogies a lot more than I like Neo eventhough he’s the protagonist. There’s just something inexplicably cool about a guy in full-on business suit doing kung fu. You have to admit that his facial expression in the movie is simply priceless.
I had fun adding speech bubbles to his photos. Here’s some.

Agent Smith “comparing notes”.

Agent Smith rushing somewhere.

And my personal favourite…

Note to suicide bombers: When you fart, you keep the aroma to yourself. When you detonate, you keep the explosion to yourself. Don’t drag innocent people into this.

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  1. hehehe. funny, when everytime i watch elf lord Elrond, my girlfriends and i, in a sense of matrix coolness, would automatically said,’ so we meet again, agent smith..’

  2. Hehehe i love both trilogy and Hugo Weaving is just too lucky to be in both of it. I mean who else has the chance of being in any 2 trilogies in a certain time period?

  3. Advice of the Day

    Malaysian blogger Kenny Sia with a message to potential suicide bombers:
    Note to suicide bombers: When you fart, you keep the aroma to yourself. When you detonate, you keep the explosion to yourself. Don’t drag innocent people into this….

  4. ROFLMAO!! I didn’t watch Matrix, so I didn’t know he acted in it. So I was kinda used to him playing as Elrond. BUT HELL IT WAS DAMN HILARIOUS! Esp the run to the toilet and the spastic mouth at the last part! I had a good laugh xD

  5. Hey but I still find him to be a brilliant actor. But ya … once you link him up with another show … it kinda messes with your head when you see that same face in LOTR. Same thing for me whenever I see Nicole Kidman, I always remember her as that sexy redhead from Pratical Magic.

  6. I agree with dreamstate. This entry isn’t typical Kenny Sia. It’s rather childish.
    The previous post was really good though.
    Maybe Kenny’s humour needs a little break.

  7. ahahahhaa!! kenny you stewpid fuck! idiot la u!
    on a more sombre mood:
    To whom it may concern,
    You blog critics can go take a hike. who are YOU to tell kenny how to write? CHILDISH? HAAAH. you want childish? well then, go to
    Now. THAT is childish.
    Gosh. I SOOOOO hate it when people tell others how to write or not write. Is this YOUR blog?
    is this http://www.[insert-your-name-except-kenny].com?
    if not, then please keep your fingers to yourself and do everyone a favour by never coming here again and leaving useless comments.
    Thank You and Goodbye.

  8. KENNY! Nnnoooo…You killed Elrond! You killed Elrond!
    You can go and spoof any other movie that you like…I’ll support you and even go ‘har-har’. But, but…NOT LOTR!
    -A True Blue (And Dying) LOTR Fan

  9. I love Smith! and yup elrond reminds me of Smith.
    Smith, not Agent Smith now- he is no longer an agent unless you are referring to him in The Matrix (1st movie)

  10. hehe, i remember few years back i went to local cinema for the premier of LOTR: the return of the king; it was actually movie marathon, we watched LOTR 1, 2 and 3!(930pm till next day 830am) Once the elf Hugo Weaving came out, everyone was shouting ” MR ANDERSON!!” It was really funny. he is really good acting as agent smith~!!

  11. To Whom It May Concern:
    Last I’ve checked, it also not
    I’ve also not found any statement on Kenny Sia’s blog that everyone should only leave their good comments. If Kenny Sia doesn’t like the comments, I guess he can always delete it, unless he has standing instruction from you to wait for you to police his blog. Is there? I mean a standing instruction?
    Anyway, I have reconsidered my position, thanks to your policing. I guess you are right. Kenny Sia’s post is never going to beat your comments as to being childish. I stand corrected.

  12. Awesome, the real Kenny is back.
    Kenny stop with the whining, the pretending you are stuck in the middle and the politics dodging, this is the good shit.
    Great post.

  13. Unlike u… I watched more of LOTR so when I watched Matrix again later … Just weird…
    This entry is more like u… Keep it up… Last pict d best man…

  14. To whom it may concern,
    Tsk tsk tsk.
    I still don’t like it when people tell others how to write, or how to live their life. Each author has his or her own style of writing. Kenny is human too you know. He was not put here on this earth solely for the purpose of entertaining some rather demanding human beings, who, when they realise that they are not getting their usual dose of entertainment (or facing a lacklustre performance, whichever is applicable) start to comment very hurtingly, and with a lame ass excuse to boot.
    Such arrogance on their part… its as if they can do better.
    Oh, don’t shoot me, its just my 0.002 cents worth.
    *runs and hides away in a corner while sticking up the third finger from the thumb*

  15. Kenny,
    This is hillarious.. though I prefer teh running to toilet ones than the last. Couple of my frenz were poking fun of this couple months back.. but you the man…!!!
    Ok… Hokkien reader and fans out there…
    “We meet again Mr. Anderson”
    “Wah lang ko chai kee bin liao, An Ler Sern”
    “Who farted ? WHO!!!!”
    “Si mit lang PANG pui.. Si Mit LANG!!!!!!”
    “Where’s the toilet ?!!!”
    “Chang aik keng tou ka loh? Chang aik keng tou ka loh?!!!!!”

  16. To Whom It May Concern:
    Since you don’t seem to get it, I’ll try to explain. “Sigh… Childish.” is an opinion. It is not an instruction. “The previous post about The Luxurious Restaurant is really good though.” is another opinion. It is also not an instruction. In case you still don’t understand, the following is an instruction: “… please keep your fingers to yourself and do everyone a favour by never coming here again and leaving useless comments.”
    In any case, you are the one telling others what to write and how to live, in this case, what comments to write and what opinion to form. Such arrogance is on you not me. After all, you are the one policing comments in other’s blog.
    I have yet to put any “instruction” in my comments and I’m not about to do so. You can stick your finger as high up as you like as I don’t really have a say. But, I also sure the fan is going to get it one of these days.

  17. Here’s my opinion.
    This may not be Kenny’s best. But you can’t expect every single post to be highly-entertaining, not lame, or serious, or good, or whatever that is you’re expecting. Bloggers are humans. And in this case it’s Kenny alone who blogs. No “best-post aggregated” from “a number of contributors”, whatsoever.
    No instructions there. Ponder it. Yes, an instruction for you to ponder an opinion, in this case. Anyway, I’m sure Kenny appreciates your opinions. To other readers, your opinions are rude in nature. If this post is unamusing, keep it to yourself and anticipate a better one next.

  18. To whom it may concern (in this case that person has identified himself)
    I think you did not read what i wrote. I EXPRESSED my opinion on your COMMENT made.
    Wait, wait let me digress. In the first place, my very first comment was not really directed @ you. Why you take offence i also don’t know. Just to let you know lah. It wasn’t your comment that pissed me off. I read your first comment though, and i respect the way in which you let your opinion be expressed. (unlike some other person)
    That’s why i said: To whom it may concern.
    but, there’s a malay saying: Who eats the chilli feels the heat.
    Anyhoos, I do not go around policing people’s blog. Wait. I can say dozens of things here, but i guess its better if you read the post directly above mine, which are my sentiments exactly.
    Go read, understand then come back and talk.
    And THAT’S an order. =)

  19. LoL! Noodles! I’m so sorry to be such a wetblanket and ruin the happy mood… But some ppl juz make me mad.
    *My apologies to the parties involved*
    Ok. Lets just shake hands and forget about it. Anyways this is a post to be laughed at, and not to be fought over.
    (See,kenny! Fight for your post le! Hurrh.)

  20. Jam,
    I think you are mistaken. That person didn’t take offense, he/she was just trying to make it clear on “commenting”.And, this is no fight lah. Everyone is expressing their opinions. 😉
    What a great post that drew much attention!

  21. Jam,
    Take offence? Not really. I was not mad, not even remotely. I think my tone was more sarcastic than angry. Why I respond to your comments? Well, it’s because the person who post the comments that pissed you off is basically agreeing with me and saying the same thing therefore, your comments is directed at me indirectly. I am well aware who you refer to in your comments.
    Since I’m really not offended, I will go with shake-hands (shake-shake) and you really do need to calm down.
    To those who still don’t get it:
    My initial comment is directed to the post. Not you. If you think it’s about you, then there is only one thing I can say to you “You are so vain.”

  22. Err… for the record, I only commented once. (this being the second one). I felt compelled to comment when I saw rude remarks left by other commentors. I don’t know who’s who, didn’t go through names – only read contents (ie the comments). In any case, here’s a cuppa. Cheers.

  23. haha good stuff… i’m going to use my new graphic as my wallpaper, actually. only that it saves as a php.html file, so people have to change the extension to jpg manually to use it. just so you know…

  24. he plays the coolest characters man !
    he is already embedded in our minds as agent smith ! too bad lord eldoron only played a small part in the whole movie !
    i would mind a pre- LOTR thing !

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