Recently I chanced upon a blog of somebody who referred to herself a “celebrity blogger/model/DJ”.


She’s not a bad-looking chick and from what I can see she’s quite talented. Good for her.

What irked me was that she’s calling herself a celebrity on her own blog, and yet I have never heard of her. Come on. If you are really a celebrity, then you shouldn’t really have to tell people, right? Much less publicize it all over the blog.

I won’t mention any names, but I do know she’s not the only person out there referring to herself as a “celebrity”.

It seems like in this day and age, we seem to have “celebrities” in everything.

Celebrity bloggers. Celebrity models. Celebrity DJs. Celebrity photographers. Celebrity chefs. Celebrity interior designers. Celebrity Feng Shui masters. Celebrity fitness centres.

Heck, even a celebrity octopus!

How the heck did this come about?

Why are people suddenly so obsessed with the tag “celebrity”?

And how could people be so kiasu until even they introduce themselves as celebrities?


Perhaps I have written so far may raise a few eyebrows. After all, sometimes people do refer to me as “Kenny Sia – celebrity blogger”.

The difference is, I have NEVER EVER sold myself as a “celebrity”. If you were to do a search through the entire kennysia.com archives, you will never see me introducing myself as a “celebrity”. Although i do acknowledge that I have achieved some recognition in blogging, there was never an occasion where I self-proclaimed, “Hi! My name is Kenny, I am a celebrity. Give me fame and money!”


If people do think of me as one, most likely it’s because it’s a tag given to me by the newspapers or magazines, and obviously I cannot control what they write, right?

Nobody deserves the tag “celebrity” unless you are so damn famous that you cannot even walk down the street without an army of bodyguards pushing away the paparazzi snapping your photos.

In Malaysia, that does not really happen. Unless it is Anwar Ibrahim when he goes to court. In fact, none of the local actors, musicians or models I know call themselves “celebrities”. They all know they are successful in what they are doing, but they are always firmly planting their two feet on the ground and remain absolutely humble about it.

Maybe I’m a little traditional, but I think humility should not be sacrificed in a person’s quest for success. Just because you got a little bit successful in what you’re doing does not mean you are a celebrity. Just because you appeared in the media from the time to time does not mean you are a celebrity. Just because a couple of people recognized you on the streets does not make you are a celebrity.

And just because you call yourself a celebrity, most certainly does not make you a celebrity.

105 Replies to “Celebrity”

  1. Celebrity is as celebrity does.
    I guess times have changed – the celebrities of today is different from the celebrities of yesteryears. I think you can call yourself or others can call you what they want, as long as you don’t act as though the world owes you because of it. 🙂
    Wouldn’t mind a star on Hollywood Boulevard though! hahahaha 😛 Like you. 😉

  2. That’s totally right. Some people just think they’re good and awesome and famous and good looking and successful, but in fact not many really recognize em on the streets.
    I do know some girls who do modeling, who afterward created fan page in Facebook and bug people to join.
    Anyway, Peter Chao is an exception LMAO!

  3. Is that cindy teh in the last picture? 😛
    Anyway, the tile celebrity is earned and given and is certainly not self proclaimed.
    Those who proclaim themselve celebrity have a serious case of syok sendiri.

  4. I couldn’t agree more., the celebrity ‘status’ issue is more about branding, but I think being a sensible celebrity, doing good will, and yes, being humble makes us love them even more.

  5. There’s this one Malay-woman blogger who calls herself ‘celebrity blogger’ i rmmbr in 1 post she even claimed “my family n i are goin to xxxxxx for a while to escape the paparazzi in KL” oh please,comments on her blog hardly reach 20 per entry,sometimes below 10.she calls herself Diva,alwiz ‘reminding’ readers bout how successful she is in blogosphere n her sponsors etc. i once had enuf of her n emailed her asking her to follow d example of REALLY top bloggers like Kenny Sia, Hanis Zalika n Xiaxue who in my opinion are way more influential but VERY humble.she didnt take it nicely, or so i was implied

  6. Well written!
    And very glad that you are so humble despite your fame 🙂 But to me, you are a celebrity blogger 😀 And I’ll wanna take pic with you IF I do spot you in sg! ^^

  7. If you’re very famous and well-known person, you’re Celebrity. You’re (or maybe your blog)indeed one of Malaysian’s Blog Celebrities. 😉
    Being a celebrity, you’re actually carrying a big responsibilities on your back because people will look at you as a role model.

  8. why get so worked up over it? people can call themselves whatever they want… but they cannot control how others view them….

  9. Hey Dude, I can’t believe you walked around L.A. in that sweat shirt…it’s so not So. Cal….Hmmm, may be back in to 80s 🙂

  10. AMEN TO THAT!!!! So sick of people self-proclaiming themselves as ‘celebrities’ just because a number of strangers know them through their work.

  11. They brand themselves celebrity so some daft dude pays for their entry to Phuture, where they spend 2 hours taking pictures of themselves in front of one lousy bottle of Moet with sparklers. Loser-brity more like it.
    Now a women who can pay for her own drink, now thats a celebrity!

  12. i love this post! So agree with every words. I paling tak tahan ppl going around, telling people they are some celebs WHEN no one, has ever HEARD of them! If you’re a celeb, u don’t have to go around telling ppl you are one. Ppl will know u if u’re a celeb, not a “Who?”.
    Super self-proclaimed celebrity who are desperate for attention!

  13. i dont mean you claim to be one as well, all im trying to say is, why the hate ? makes it sounds that youre envy/jealous of whomever this person is but well i dont know.
    You still rock. just a random thought.

  14. conclusion: technology change the way we live but it will not change the basic human nature– to show off their accomplishment.

  15. this is one blog post i find you being very repetitive. Got your point there with just one sentence. Cheers~

  16. I just wondered what character your hand has covered.. I got to know it’s “G”.
    Hope you have your own star in Hollywood Boulevard one day eh~ You just don’t need to cover the character “G” with your hand on the “X” day… :p

  17. Yo, Kenny, why need to spend so many words talking about this topic? I totally don’t see the point.

  18. why so piss off with ppl calling themselve celebrity. is not tat they have kill ur father and rape ur mother

  19. “Celebrity is as celebrity does.”
    Hey, that quote is derived from Forrest Gump ! Niceee~ 😀

  20. Well written. Recently, I read something similiar..but it wasn’t the word celebrity. It was the word Hero. The word used to be reserved for soldiers etc but now it is used for almost everything in terms of sporting events and such.

  21. u think u can call urself celebrity meh by writing such humble post…anyway every celebrity re the same,fame money money money and fame ……realistic,materialistic…….why people want to bother ur life other than themselve.Kenny stop Making advertisement for urself…puiiii

  22. By explicitly stating one is NOT a celebrity can be seen as saying one IS a celebrity, because it’s like something we use to say in my country, when someone does that, the guilty one will be the first to say: it wasn’t me. Just food for thought 😉

  23. chantelle chuah talented? my ass! i just heard from a good friend who used to be friends with her, that her english is so poor, she can’t even construct a proper sentence. she made her friend blog for her. her blog hasn’t been active for a while now because that friend of hers isn’t speaking to her no more. a celebrity blogger who doesn’t know how to blog on her own? perfect! just what malaysia needs! 🙂

  24. Let me be a true Malaysia by saying this.
    No point calling yourself a celebrity or being a celebrity if you don’t earn enough money! LOL
    btw the last photo, body profile looks like Hannah Tan, isn’t she?

  25. from all the blogs ive read so far, the only 2person who always proclaim themselves as celebrities are Celeste and Nicole Chen. when i saw Nicole’s facebook fan page, that is the exact description,.. “celebrity blogger/model/dj” … her dj-ing skills arent even that great hello ? so yeah totally agree with u on the whole celebrity thing. nobody gives 2hoots even whn she crashes and dies

  26. Everybody wants to be a “celebrity”. Like how ppl think that they are “models”. lol
    *yawns* heh

  27. Stop kenny. Ur promoting some1 from *un*celebrity to a celebrity.
    Dam, she is lucky with a few extra gains to her blog now.

  28. Actually what’s so great abt the term celebrity? Also human and will return back to soil one day.. They also eat and sh*t like the rest of us…
    It’s humility that’s impt in liFe.

  29. I think I know who you’re referring to! Her name starts with N right? Well, guess what, I saw her in a public transport before (train) LOL celebrities nowadays take the public transport? Big joke.

  30. Oh come on Kenny. Stop whinning like a girl. You are not qualified to write this because you are a blogger yourself and admittedly you also want to be a celebrity. Come on, admit it.
    Whether the blogger call him/herself celebrity, that’s his/her choice of words. It means nothing just because one perceive herself/himself to be famous. If 10 people know you, it’s also famous, hence a celebrity what; it’s semantics. Celebrity according to the dictionary means ‘widely known person’. There is no qualification as to how many people need to know you or how many awards you need to win.
    That is why I don’t maintain a blog because I genuinely don’t want to become a celebrity. Geddit?

  31. haha.. Like mark chow the model agency guy. he’s also a self proclaim celebrity..and no one seem to remember him.

  32. hello kenny ,
    UPDATE your blog !
    keep the interesting info coming … i can’t wait for your next post !~!!!

  33. How on earth knowing 10 persons qualify one as “a widely known persona aka celebrity?” Go and get yourself a sense of humour.

  34. aiya girls like to syok sendiri one
    also irritated with those girls who did one time modeling thing for free and start calling herself freelance model etc

  35. Self proclaimed Celebrity status is more a sign of National Personality Deficiency.
    Wannabees have to see some opening to take the chance. That some will succeed in making the tag stick confirms the first opinion.
    I’m merely observing, not criticising. It’s what Consumerism has evolved into. Look around, Entities making the most moolah don’t have any actual Product, starting with Banks and Insurance, they simply Juggle and Skim.

  36. You contradict yourself. If everyone has the right to their choice of words then I wonder what makes you say that he’s not qualified to rant on the subject?
    It’s his issue and this is his blog, so he’s qualified to whatever he wants to do on it, bar anything that may involved legal action.
    So YOU stop whining like a girl and just take it as it is. If you don’t dig his rants and musings, then just take them with a pinch of salt and by all means, don’t return here again.
    Also, please don’t bash blogging for some completely irrational reason such as “avoiding becoming a celebrity.” That’s the possibly the most dense and ludicrous remark I’ve ever had the fortune to read. It’s unlikely that you blogging could garner you celebrity status at any rate. It takes dedication and wit to achieve the status that Kenny currently enjoys.

  37. “Just because a couple of people recognized you on the streets does not make you are a celebrity.”? A bit grammar mistake there.

  38. Some people “perasan” celebrities…
    Let people call you that as long as you don’t self proclaim it.
    As you said, you can’t control what they write about you…

  39. haha, I agree Kenny. I’ve seen models who have done a few ads then call them supermodels on their site :s As the saying goes, if you are – then no need to say. Anyways, the term celeb is so loosely used nowadays.

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