Sleep Test

Today, I got admitted into hospital.

It’s nothing serious! But I checked myself into Mt Elizabeth to seek a permanent solution for a curse. A curse that has befallen upon every single man, and their wives/girlfriends, in the entire Sia household: SNORING.

Snoring can be cured. But as part of my treatment, the doctor advised me that I had to do a “sleep study” first.

The results of the “sleep study” will tell my doctor how bad my snoring is, whether or not it is a worse condition called sleep apnoea, and the appropriate steps to take next.

To do the “sleep test”, I have to go to sleep while being hooked up to a machine that measures all the different signals my body emits.


The unfortunate side effect…


Makes me look like Darth Vader! Blardy hell.

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  1. Frightful. My dad went for sleep apnea surgery. Not only is he not cured, he now has to sleep with some strange device.
    Goodluck with you. Hope it goes well for you.

  2. I think that measurement only tells you how bad your sleep quality is.
    Sleep on your side! That helps to keep your throat opening.

  3. i got 1 fren aka my currently roommate in hostel..whenever he start to sleep….beware! a snoring attack will come upon u! haha…blardy hell!!

  4. Hi Kenny,
    You look cute in your apparatus thing. HHaaayyy… It’s been two years of stalking in your blog,.. I really like you.. Hope you don’t mind saying I love you to you….oh, by the way, you have GF?

  5. haha… so apparently it is a Sia family curse… My dad has to sleep with some machine every night for his sleep apnea

  6. I dunno if anyone can sleep with all those wires hooked up… i mean, what if one of them comes loose or something?…

  7. sigh… i am suffering from the same problem too bcoz i’m always tired working long hours and am overweight too. I am worried. Pls update what will happen next after your treatment and all. I’d like to seek medical advise too because I need to share a room with 5 frens for a trip around Nov.

  8. Come one everyone, if you loook at the First Photo in this article, The telephone number starts with 082, This mean Kenny is having the check up in Kuching, instead of Singapore.
    Why So poor observation?

  9. Hi Kenny, I am so desperate to know when will you post the feedback from the test, will you write it in your blog? Because I do snore like Turbo, which everynight people will say, Turbo Timing started

  10. All anonymous comments are chicken ppl in real life – They thought they’re smart but they don’t realise they feed their ego / pride by their comments as if though they need to keep on doing it to fuel their passion

  11. The EEG is the wires at the back of the head on the hair. The wires on the face are electromyogram. Do a wiki on Polysomnography.

  12. Sleep test is available in Kuching, Dr.Soo at 3rd mile. Same as what was done with Kenny, wires attached in order to do sleep study. Need not travel to Spore actually..

  13. That’s so cool of you to get photographed ala Darth Vader even in the hospital. Hope you feel well now. Just dropping by. I stumbled upon your blog as I am drafting some entries related to my recent trip in Malaysia.

  14. Oh yes, Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore, very famous though. Guess that’s one of the best options to go for. Some sharing of my personal experience here.
    I was actually sourcing for reliable and quality medical services available over some illness of my relatives and got to know this Parkway hospitals group from internet and found that there is a Patient Assistance Centre in my hometown (am actually from Kuching.. hehe). I will have to say that the services in the centre are very efficient and helpful. The staff are very helpful and professional. They are able to provide full info on the hospital services, treatment plan and revert on doctors’ opinion on diagnosis with costings.
    I have dealt with one of the staff there, a very cheerful lady by the name of Elsa who really assisted me a lot. Give them a call if you need any assistance from them. They can be reached via 082-343 778. Oh, btw, the above mentioned services are actually FOC. U don’t have to pay a single cent for that. 🙂

  15. i think u are the one who got the idea wrongly. the 082 number is the number of the patient assistance centre in Kuching lah… he still went to Singapore. from my understanding, the centre is established to assist local patient.

  16. How much was your sleep test? you’re leads are placed wrongly. The right eye lead suppose to be on the top and left lower. Your leg leads are not suppose to be on the shin. you lack several leads(like in your chin and frontal leads) which means your sleep tech provider used the old sleep guidelines. you should tell your doctor that the sleep tech or provider should be using the new AASM guidelines to have more accurate readings. The tech should be a registered Sleep Tech (RPSGT). Just a comment for better sleep results.

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